Is Apple's MagSafe Battery Pack a FLOP? Everything Tested!
We Test Apple's MagSafe Battery Pack in the Real World with our iPhone 12, 12 Mini, and 12 Pro Max to see if it's a failure like the Specs Suggest..
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We Test Apples iPhone 12 MagSafe Battery Pack in every category such as size, convenience, magnetic strength, charging speed, real-world battery capacity, and more and I compare Apple'ss MagSafe Battery Pack and see how it compares to other options!

Stay tuned for the Apple Magsafe Battery Pack vs Anker PowerCore Magnetic 5K Wireless Charger and my ultimate review and comparison to third-party Chinese Magsafe wireless charger.

And we'll be testing how much charge percentage an iPhone 12 gets from Apples MagSafe Battery Pack, as well as iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

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  • Max Tech
    Max Tech

    After More Testing after shooting this vid, it's getting even more disappointing than the tests show in this video.. Subscribe for the full detailed Review! Buy THIS instead (Amazon SALE) ➡ Links to Best MagSafe Battery Banks on Amazon ⬇️ Apples Magsafe Battery Pack ➡ ANKER 5K Wireless Bank ➡ Big Grey MagSafe Battery Bank ➡ HYPER Power MagSafe Battery Bank ➡ The Mini Blue EWA MagSafe Battery Bank ➡

    • Nox Next
      Nox Next

      Question: if I would use anything other than original Magsafe products like these battery packs that are only ordinary magnets, don’t they damage the phone/battery in the long run?

    • Do's Don't
      Do's Don't

      It looks like a birth defect and apparently it behaves like one.

    • Deangelo Guiliams
      Deangelo Guiliams

      Sad :(

    • Damian S
      Damian S

      Hard pass Apple, without much consideration.

    • Joe3D

      Can the iphone charge the magsafe with and without cable power?

  • Geoffrey Goldberg
    Geoffrey Goldberg

    Try attaching to the back of an Apple MagSafe case and you will see it sticks like glue

  • Prince Bhandari
    Prince Bhandari

    Too much negativity for apple products you always say, that’s not fair at all. Looks like you are being paid by apple’s competitors🤣

  • tejinder seera
    tejinder seera

    Its a pathetic product. 99bucks for a small battery pack!

  • Michael W. Perry
    Michael W. Perry

    This battery is an ugly wart. Apple needs to create EL models that are a bit thicker but offer considerably more battery life.

  • Gavin Durbin
    Gavin Durbin

    The battery pack is meant for powering the phone processor and screen not charging the battery. It is so that then your internal battery drops to 5% for example then you put the battery on the back to power the phone however it is not going to charge the internal battery. Hope that makes sense

  • Avel

    You tested EVERYTHING for this video but I have to watch another video for the actual info? Did I just watch an advertisement?

  • Michael Munroe
    Michael Munroe

    I have the smart battery case for my 11 pro max. Wish they would of kept that going… hopefully they go back to it for newer phone models. They could just add reverse wireless charging for AirPods and the watch and the smart case would be perfect, it’s really all that case needed for the 12 model. No need for this MagSafe gimmick stuff, or just have MagSafe on a smart battery case just to wirelessly charge an Apple Watch since the watch charges via magnet anyway. I guess I’m just not enthusiastic about MagSafe. Just a way to sell more accessories, IMO. Not really that big of a feature and such an inefficient way to charge your phone. It’s okay for a watch, not a phone ATM.

  • Sambit Halder
    Sambit Halder

    Whyyy why this even product exist …..???? A case with a battery pack that product is super practical….But I don’t how this MagSafe thing could be useful ….

  • Floki

    I have 12 pro max Which is better and faster for me please ? Also Im using official case from apple it will be work fine ?

  • Gerard Rosales
    Gerard Rosales

    A number of other reviews I've watched noted that the MagSafe Battery Pack has to be plugged into power before you use it. This explains why when you guys put it in the back of the phone, no charge was detected. And around the 5:54 mark where you guys said it was already half-full after half an hour or so.

  • Tony F
    Tony F

    it was only able to charge my 12 pro max from 50% to 85% lmao

  • Norman Goldstuck
    Norman Goldstuck

    Apple is a 2 trillion dollar company. They achieved this by making products you think are rubbish. i don't think so.

  • Käse Krainer
    Käse Krainer

    If I only watched this video 5 days before ☹️

  • Peak Proof
    Peak Proof

    Any thoughts on the third party packs being qi only and the iPhone going into mains mode? Doing a bunch of indexing etc? Seems like Apple have an efficiency advantage here. But no reviews have talked about the discrepancy.

  • James The great
    James The great

    The thing is you did the slide test with out the case that it’s supposed to go with people seem to forget they made a case with the exact outline for it and everything try it out with that please

    • Ed Venture
      Ed Venture

      Lmfao thats just stupid, Apple went from making a battery case, to somehow separating the two and charging you for each part

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  • Joseph John Bauer III
    Joseph John Bauer III

    What charger test app is that you are using?

  • rhonin11

    Your testing pretty much confirmed what I thought and observed: isn’t worth the money both in capacity and versatility.

  • Sreekanth Reddy
    Sreekanth Reddy

    Yes, it’s waste of money 100 💵

  • Freddy6210

    All this „battery testing app“ can do is measure the time it takes to charge your phone a 1%-step and extrapolate that value using the design capacity of the iPhone model. This is unreliable and imprecise on so many levels that it is basically a pointless test.

  • ProGamusian

    Glad I have a 12 mini and that it works best with the mini

  • Mark's Tech
    Mark's Tech

    This thing is embarrassing to be honest. $100 and cant even charge the 12 mini completely. Also my iphone was overheating like crazy yesterday while I was using 5g outside with this charger on. It got suppper hot

  • Adam Kowalski
    Adam Kowalski

    This is great here are the pros that I found: 1. It will charge my mini from 10-79% it’s a lot for me because the mini has a very good battery👍 2. I can charge it faster and more convenient then QI while sleeping. And It will be charged everyday (that’s not the case with my other battery packs that I forgot to charge) and I know it’s a little slower then regular MagSafe cable 3. I have a regular phone mount in my car and I wanted a MagSafe one with charging enabled I can grip the battery pack into the old mount and then clip the the mini via magnets 👍👍👍 4. The battery pack isn’t as slippery as they say when you have a case on your iPhone. So let’s talk💰 MagSafe Charger - 39$ Car Mount (there isn’t a official one with charging so this price is without this function) - 39,95$ 99$ - 39$ - 39,95$ = 20,05$ and this is the cost of this battery bank for me. Peace out! ✌️

  • DSN 1
    DSN 1

    We all know Apple sucks the big fat hairy meatball

  • Bob J
    Bob J

    I love it myself, feels nice and works well. My generic one overheated my iPhone 12 Pro Max using the Apple silicone case. Put a pop socket on it for more comfort !

    • Vedant Rana
      Vedant Rana

      Wireless chargers produce heat therefore it becomes very hot while charging w a case on. Totally agreed, if they expect us to use this battery pack without a case then they should provide a pop socket too

  • Chuck Brown
    Chuck Brown

    Hey just save $ let’s go back to that mini brick they used to include in the iPhone XR and lower older hahaha 🤣 what a joke I’ll keep my100$ and get a real hardwire full speed wattage They mess up after they stop including that 5W Charger and now Apple won’t even include that charger nor the 20W charger . Come on apple what’s up Samsung is beating you 😅

  • Amr Mustafa
    Amr Mustafa

    What about the reverse wireless charging?!?! Does the phones have it now?!?!?!

  • Jeremy Dee
    Jeremy Dee

    Here’s an idea...why doesn’t apple build batteries big enough to last for days like other cell phone companies so we don’t have to contend with this...

  • Vaporjoes

    for 99 dollars are can get far better wireless chargers.. that magnet is complete shit and everyone knows it. Everyone is making a big deal about it because its from Apple.

  • scj643

    The battery pack is supposed to increase the life of your main battery.

    • scj643

      Also having a full battery is not a good thing all the time

    • scj643

      So TL;DR most of these claims are BS

    • scj643

      Also when charging the phone with MagSafe makes the phone not enter plugged in mode.

  • blackcoffee T
    blackcoffee T

    It is better for apple to just increase battery capacity inside the phone, make it between 4500-5000 mAh depending on model) without increasing the overall weight of the phone, just like android phones

  • John Viescas
    John Viescas

    I use Anker chargers exclusively when I’m traveling. They also make great nearly indestructible wires. If I thought I needed a spare power brick, I would go with the Anker. Here in France, the price difference is even greater - 39,99€ for the Anker on Amazon vs 109,00€ on for the Apple pack.

  • John Sterling
    John Sterling

    But, the Apple battery pack isn’t intended to be a charger at all. It is meant to be a supplemental power source. There is a distinction between a product meant to charge as a charger and a product that is meant to be a supplemental power source. The Apple battery pack is meant to be a supplemental battery but you are testing it like a charger.

    • Jamie Wierzbicki
      Jamie Wierzbicki


  • MrMilkyCoco

    Its a battery pack…its not meant to charge your phone completely BUT its also $99. I expected it to cost as much as half of that price so $49.99 or at most $59.99. But for $99 without a charging cable either for the battery pack? Thats even more bullshit than no charger in the phone box lol

  • Maria Turner
    Maria Turner

    I wonder if there’s a reason for the trickle charge….🤔 I wonder if apple will make a second version of this product or will they somehow update it through iOS updates….maybe they know something we don’t to make this product worth the price tag… 🤔

  • Luca Wolf
    Luca Wolf

    It costs 99 euro in my country without a cable lol

  • Ze Shu
    Ze Shu

    Funny how they say they aren't putting chargers in boxes cuz of plastic but they made a brick of plastic

  • ಠ_ಠ

    99$ for 1460mAh ?

  • Swag Goku
    Swag Goku

    Apple has at least 45 geniuses at the lab

  • Eliezer Moses
    Eliezer Moses

    $99 for that smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • BigJames83

    Doesn’t seem worth it for the price tag.

  • Dj Pyromania
    Dj Pyromania

    I might need this soon, I've used my 12 pro ma for 7 months an the battery health is already at 89% 😭

    • Daniel Pacheco
      Daniel Pacheco

      I used my 12 pro max for a little bit more than 6 months and my battery health is 100% do you constantly charge your your phone?

    • Mista 300c
      Mista 300c

      A yoo mines is to using a magsafe charger only since day one of the 12pro max release

  • George Scripcariu
    George Scripcariu

    From where can i get those amazing red and black wallpapers that you have on your phone. Thanks 🙌

    • Random guy
      Random guy


  • Fiji Will223
    Fiji Will223

    I use an amp pak, it’s pretty slim and charges decently fast for a wireless charging pack

  • Joao Felipe Moradei
    Joao Felipe Moradei

    Can you please also test the efficiency with cases on the phones? Does it get reduced? Thanks.

  • Suyash Adkar
    Suyash Adkar

    Which app did you use to get wattage of charging? Please reply

    • Vishal Shah
      Vishal Shah

      It was this one!

  • Kevin Campbell
    Kevin Campbell's a flop. It's a gimmick for people who will buy anything with an Apple logo. Not judging but I just don't see the point.

  • AK Chicago
    AK Chicago

    Slips out of tour pocket because of weak magnets. Just like the little wallet.

  • Amal Joe
    Amal Joe

    with that kind of low wattage, will it be even able to charge iPhone mini by even 1% while filming videos and stuff? 🤔

    • Rachidun MK
      Rachidun MK

      No. I learned it the hard way. They battery drains even with the MagSafe battery on the phone. It’s useless for me.

  • Paladin Grande Pelotas
    Paladin Grande Pelotas

    Exploit report, Grapeshots ban and unbanning may be specific to identification or may be being used for identifying a Apple classifieds.

  • sealinski

    Good info. My Mini wants one.

  • sealinski

    “If you’re using it as a wireless charging base station, it doesn’t give you that full performance” - that’s because it’s not a wireless charger.

    • Oscar Ramirez
      Oscar Ramirez

      lol right? This video is trash..

  • Daniel Bonilla
    Daniel Bonilla

    worst apple product for sure

  • Jimmy Chan
    Jimmy Chan

    How much does it charge a iPhone 12 mini? Why do all reviewers forget to test this important thing?

    • NeonFlavouredDuck

      @Jimmy Chan he didn’t cover any of that - he’ll probably do that in his full review. He did say he was doing another one I think

    • Jimmy Chan
      Jimmy Chan

      @NeonFlavouredDuck That's how fast it charges, not how much.

    • NeonFlavouredDuck

      He didn’t forget? He said it charges at 5W lol

  • Mike A
    Mike A

    I will be holding on to my iPhone 11 Pro for as long as I can so I can use the battery case. This iPhone 12 MagSafe gimmick is not for me. Big mistake.

  • Yan kambo
    Yan kambo

    Anker is better in every ways

  • Tezryy WC
    Tezryy WC

    Flop or cop????

  • Mr. Panda
    Mr. Panda

    This seems to be the same thing with apples battery cases, they’re not meant to charge your phone. The case and phone have to be fully charged and when used the phone will automatically use the battery cases charge before using the internal battery itself.

  • Rawkfist1501

    “Apple promised 5w and it’s only 4.6w” I see you have learned about thermodynamics and energy loss due to heat

  • Sean T
    Sean T

    I’m confused, why does the charging speed “need” to be over 5w when it’s used as a magnetic battery pack?? Are you forced to only leave it attached for 15 minutes at time by some American law???

    • DAKHD

      @Ibrar 5W is more efficient, more power is more heat and that is a power loose

    • Sean T
      Sean T

      @タイ no one has explained why it needs to be charged faster when the battery pack will be on the phone all day. Wind your neck in kid.

    • タイ

      Apple shill detected lmao keep defending that worthless 5w charging speed.

    • Sean T
      Sean T

      @Hidden Leaf you do realise it’s a magnetic battery pack to use on the go. You may be looking at the wrong product.

    • Hidden Leaf
      Hidden Leaf

      @Sean T I don’t want this attached to my phone all day. I want it on there the shortest amount of time while getting the maximum efficient charge.

  • Rawkfist1501

    I didn’t love ankers. I’m waiting for the apple one to come in to compare. Anker barely charged an iPhone 12 from 20% to 50%

  • Thomas Holaday
    Thomas Holaday

    If the system is working as ideal, the Battery Pack power will go first to serve the demands of the iPhone’s electronics. If there is any power left over, it will go to recharging the iPhone battery, depending on heat and how full the iPhone battery is.

  • Marcos b
    Marcos b

    12 pro max is an oven.. there are induction stoves that heat less…

  • Do's Don't
    Do's Don't

    Apple may not have heard of battery cases, which would look better and be more practical. Apple should be embarrassed putting out this birth defect looking crap

  • Brian 001
    Brian 001

    Is anyone using the MagSafe battery pack with the iOS 15 beta? I am, as far as I can tell, it should charge the same as in a supported version of iOS except it doesn’t give the proper icon in the battery widget, or the animation when connected, yet I’m getting very bad performance on an iPhone 12 Pro. The iPhone charge level actually goes down while I’m using the phone with the MagSafe pack attached, at only 30% brightness. iPhone battery is around 10% and I would expect it to be slowly charging, not losing charge. The MagSafe pack is fully charged

    • andyH_England

      IOS 15 has not received the software update for the battery pack so it will be flaky. Best wait for the update as betas are notorious for issues and a fix may not arrive soon?

  • WassellThatAbout

    The fact you can’t wirelessly charge the battery pack and phone at the same time like you can with a smart battery case is a huge deal breaker, i don’t want to be plugging it in constantly.

    • WassellThatAbout

      @andyH_England Yeah definitely agree there! That was also a factor for me as well as the removal of 3D Touch, which is something I use a lot moving the typing bar etc. I’ll likely upgrade to the 12S if 120hz gets added but I’m not sold on it just yet at the XS Max is still faultless.

    • andyH_England

      @WassellThatAbout That is very good, 88% so Apple's battery optimisations doing a good job! I did not buy the iPhone 12 due to no smart battery at launch and will now wait and see how good the iPhone 13 is? I am sold on smart battery tech so that drives my purchasing decisions going forward.

    • WassellThatAbout

      @andyH_England My battery health is at 88% but yeah to be honestly it’s a testament to iPhones in general that my phone even turns on. I look after it and it’s never had any damage on it but I use it ridiculous amounts!

    • WassellThatAbout

      @andyH_England Yeah I can understand about the heat, it does get on on mine especially when I’m using maps to drive 40 minutes and it’s wirelessly charging and charging the phone! 😂 Yeah 100% it’s a nicely made case too, I’d normally buy the Silicone case in white and leather case in black on previous phones, I actually used the iPhone 7 Smart Battery case for the lifetime of using that phone also! 👍🏻

    • andyH_England

      @WassellThatAbout I might have had a dodgy wireless charger then. But the heat def put me off doing it this way. The reason I like the smart battery pack is that I can also use it like the case as a secondary battery to use before I need to touch my iPhone battery. I am not a power user like you so the XS Max smart battery case gets me through 1.5 days on its own! My iPhone battery still has 95% capacity after 2y10m!

  • Eco Goose
    Eco Goose

    Why not testing reverse charging ability with 12 pro iPhones?

  • SuperCwindows

    The tests were kinda half-baked.. where's total battery capacity? what are the charging times (not benchmark voltage), etc? It also would be useful to know how's the real-world experience: is it comfortable to use while charging (the total thickness, the heat)? I understand it was done for a quick update, but I was hoping for total review, esp. seeing the "Everything tested" label..

  • TechAndy

    This product is useless🤷🏽‍♂️and thts Facts

  • Riding Limitless
    Riding Limitless

    Apple fanboys will be defending this piece of crap even if it sucks. Rather put 100 bucks in a power bank

  • Crafter 89
    Crafter 89

    It‘s meant to stay on your Phone the whole day, so you don’t need more than 5W charging!

  • Crafter 89
    Crafter 89

    They could make the aligning magnet stronger in the iPhone 13.

  • Wojtek Mazgaj
    Wojtek Mazgaj

    for the price of an apple, you can just buy a new 3rd party if it breaks

  • Akshay Mathew
    Akshay Mathew

    Classic example of convience defeats purpose

  • Zichen Qi
    Zichen Qi

    this should be called lightning to magsafe accessory

  • iamone

    Please make a 30 second video with exact facts. How much percentage does apple battery pack charge from 0% to on all iphones. That is the only question i need to know.

  • Jo Zh
    Jo Zh

    If Apple include a bigger internal battery in the first place, we don’t need this crap product that cost $99. As usual, they are milking the isheeps..

  • iamone

    This is going to be perfect for my "mini" :D

  • Rowen Chumacera
    Rowen Chumacera

    Seems like you forgot iOS' optimised charging feature. If an iPhone doesn't think it needs to charge fast (maybe when battery is almost full), then it will slow down charging (wired or wireless). You're only supposed to start charging batteries when they're almost empty, not almost full. So if you're going to do some tests, make sure the iPhones you will use have the same (or close enough) battery charge.

  • GG EZ
    GG EZ

    It’s a flop like LeFlop and CPflop

  • Snorty McGout
    Snorty McGout

    I'm not sure If I understand the hype around wireless charging right now. It's slower and a lot of energy is wasted as heat (inefficient).

    • mikldude

      It is nice not to screw around with cables mate , And if you have wireless charging stand on some devices it can also be your always on clock ( not so much on apple at this moment ), it saves wear and tear on your ports and cables too. I have been using both sorts of charging on my phones since 2012 , both have their good and so so points .

  • Derek Jones
    Derek Jones

    Thnx’s, I won’t be buying it

  • The RoadRunner
    The RoadRunner

    1460mAh?! I have a 5000mAh battery pack which cost me less then £20, yes it’s a conventional battery pack that you have to plug in to but this thing is still a rip off, then again this is the same company that sold a £1,000 display stand and £700 wheels for a computer 😂

  • AndroBoy17

    Most of the people use cases. You should make same video comparison with added apple cases

  • ricky v
    ricky v

    Good video and I can see you all at 1 Million soon.

  • Vinit Mittal
    Vinit Mittal


  • InDan _Ger
    InDan _Ger

    What‘s the name of that charge monitoring app?

  • POH

    These are only meant to extend battery life people… omfg

  • Omar Nuñez
    Omar Nuñez

    anybody know if the battery case of iphone 11 fits or works for the 12? this battery pack seems disappointment to me

    • Perla Figueroa
      Perla Figueroa

      Then why are you asking if it works for the 11 if it’s disappointing

  • Michelle Medici
    Michelle Medici

    Can you put any of these over a phone case?

  • Quân Trần
    Quân Trần

    what app are you using at 0:05 ? thanks

  • Sammy M
    Sammy M

    I’ll be treating this just as I treated the Smart Battery Cases. Take it off the charger in the morning & leave it on during the day until it dies. Then I can pop it off (or leave it on if it’s not in the way) when it’s dead. I don’t really see it as a portable charger. It’s more of a battery extension in my eyes. I love this product

    • Yves Azurdia
      Yves Azurdia

      @TravelBlAdE If that is the case, I can afford it.

    • TravelBlAdE

      @Yves Azurdia maybe when you pay for a battery change every 2 years. 😅

    • Yves Azurdia
      Yves Azurdia

      @TravelBlAdE Really? I have some Apple products that are still working quite well 15 years later.

    • TravelBlAdE

      @S. Davis that's called planned obsolescence and Apple is the king of it.

    • Sammy M
      Sammy M

      @Eric Sanman exactly!

  • Tricoro

    What's the app to measure battery wattage?

    • Vishal Shah
      Vishal Shah

      Found it! Looks like it’s this one!

    • Vishal Shah
      Vishal Shah

      I want to know as well

  • Damien Lambert
    Damien Lambert

    I can just imagine my battery health going down by using this thing wirelessly 😭😭

    • Fandistico Traveler
      Fandistico Traveler

      That’s for sure

  • Noo_ Worries_
    Noo_ Worries_

    It’s not about pricing to battery size, It’s about the pricing of tech that goes into the battery itself. It’s optimized for iOS rather then just charging your device and degrading your battery overtime. Do you want to spend less money for more battery which can degrade your phone? Or Spend more money for a little less of a battery which will be optimized for your device and good healthy long term.

  • Jerry BOESE
    Jerry BOESE

    What a flop $100 is a total rip off

  • Jerry BOESE
    Jerry BOESE

    What a flop $100 is a total rip off

  • Daniel Saldierna
    Daniel Saldierna

    apple abusa de sus compradores, ese producto es una basura, tonto el que pague 100 dólares por esa cosa

  • Vegito //
    Vegito //

    You should be using the pack with the case. A silicone iPhone case would compare stop it from sliding

Dear Apple.