M1 MacBook Air Long-Term Review: The Truth after 9 Months!
Is the MacBook Air Still Worth buying after 9 months? Here's EVERYTHING that's changed since its release!
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In this video, I talk about my real-world experience with the Apple Silicon M1 MacBook Air after 9 months. We did a 3 months review and a 6 month review of the M1 MBA but getting closer to 1 year I wanted to cover what has changed in the market in terms of windows laptops as well as Apples other devices and upcoming M2 MacBook Air and M1X MacBook Pro's and M1X iMacs.

Apple Also released the M1 iPad Pro and that has also affected the MacBook Air. I also touch on whats specs you should buy like 8GB vs 16GB RAM and 256GB vs 512GB of SSD space which to buy.

Another big topic is Battery life and 7 core vs 8 core graphics GPU which are big questions for those looking at M1 MacBook Air vs M1 MacBook Pro. I own both of these and I cover which Macbook you should buy in 2021.

I also touch on M1 MacBook Air vs 16" MacBook Pro in 2021. If you watch this video all the way throgh you will know which if the M1 MacBook Air is for you.

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  • Max Tech
    Max Tech

    Our FINAL REVIEW of the M1 Air with juicy new findings and tips! How much do you like your Air?? Make your MBA perform like a MBP (Amazon) ➡ geni.us/XBlp Best deals on M1 Macs & Accessories on Amazon ⬇️ M1 MacBook Air $100-$150 OFF ➡ geni.us/1mJ41T iFixit toolkit ➡ geni.us/p8JVj0 OWC Thunderbolt Hub for M1 Macs ➡ bhpho.to/37SIff7 Thunderbolt 3 SSD that we use ($100 OFF) ➡ geni.us/zWdO Thermal Pads for better performance ➡ geni.us/XBlp

    • Ben Hendricks
      Ben Hendricks

      @Om Singh but windows is an awful experience… I lost a potential client because it decided to update during a critical zoom meeting. Never again.

    • Max Powers
      Max Powers

      @Joe well I’ll tell you what still people don’t tell you enough definitely get 16gb of Ram

    • Juan Giraldo
      Juan Giraldo

      I switched from my MacBook 15” to 13” M1 and OMG 😱 love it! Battery 🔋 💪 Performance 💪 sound 💪. Now when I see using their 15” or 16” I’m like ewwww that’s a huge inconvenience 😂

    • Murgiii

      @Shot through a lens I use TG pro

    • no name
      no name

      fun watching this fanatic 🤣🤣

  • Carlos R
    Carlos R

    With student code and Best Buy’s Apple event AND AFTER this video, I bought the M1 Air for 749.99 with no tax because student deals. ENDS TOMORROW SO GET ON IT!!!!

    • Carlos R
      Carlos R

      @Vizuboy just wanted to let you know that I signed out made a whole new profile with random name and school and it gave me the option again. Once you sign up for the deals and it gives you the options for some ie: headphones earbuds etc. then go search MacBooks and under the 849.99 it’ll say take 100 off with discount. Once you click MacBook then check the box that says it. It may take a few seconds to pop up as it is a pop up not normal on that page. After that enjoy your MacBook for 749.99 as I did and just picked up from best buy while typing this!

    • Carlos R
      Carlos R

      @Vizuboy so I did that process and the second I finished, I went back over to the laptops and whenever I clicked on one it had a box that needed to be checked and next to it said apply 100 student discount. Im going to sign out and see again as if I was someone else

    • Vizuboy

      @Carlos R I do that but it only brings it down to 849.99 not 749.99

    • Carlos R
      Carlos R

      @Vizuboy literally all you have to do is type in your full name and maybe address and then type in a college. There’s no verification or anything it’s that simple. I’m sure you could say your John smith who goes to Harvard (make sure the name matches the account)

    • Vizuboy

      Where do you get student code?

  • Matthew Luna
    Matthew Luna

    I just want it with a better webcam.

  • Kody

    Just picked one up, I built my own overkill Windows desktop and I have always had Windows machines. When it comes to laptops I've been very impressed with my Mac Air M1, I don't have any drawbacks to comparing the speed of my desktop to my little portable Mac. Definitely a prime option for an on the go machine even for Windows fan boys! My desktop has Ryzen 9 3900x, 32 gigs of 3200mhz ram for reference. I don't game on the Mac as that's not why I bought it so GPU comparison is not important to me, but I hear it can even render 4k videos. Solid little device. I have the entry level 8gb of ram and 256gb of storage, an external hard drive solved any draw backs I'd have with the Mac. If you can pick it up for ~$850 like I did (BestBuy sale) definitely do so! (Hell I'd even pay the grand flat after I've used this machine)

  • Carlos Zavala
    Carlos Zavala

    I got this computer last week and I love it, watching this video just make me feel even better about the purchase

  • Baconface McGee
    Baconface McGee

    My brother in law has the 2TB, 16 GB M1 MacBook Pro.

  • Joe McCann
    Joe McCann

    I bought a refurb version for my daughter two months ago for $849 and it has performed flawlessly and just recommended that my girlfriend get one to replace her old intel laptop. She bought it today for $750, for a brand new device, not a refurb!! That’s an amazing bargain that no intel laptop can touch at this level of quality and performance!

  • Barbaraanne Burket
    Barbaraanne Burket

    The equable trigonometry briefly trace because novel neurologically scrape minus a succinct spade. hateful, incompetent music


    I'm looking forward to buy my first laptop It will be this if available for 750$ at student offers

  • CanadaCarlos

    Just bought one. What’s best software for video and photo editing?

  • Danijel Turina
    Danijel Turina

    My experience with the M1 air: Drawbacks: wifi is slow to wake and reconnect, 8gb RAM is a bit tight Strengths: everything else

  • Melanie Helene
    Melanie Helene

    Mine is coming tomorrow, replacing my Macbook Pro mid 2012 ♥️

  • Kristina Braly
    Kristina Braly

    Just an FYI your captions don't match with what you're saying , at all. Maybe you uploaded the wrong script?

  • Kevin Vernal
    Kevin Vernal

    is it worth to get one? its $750 now in best buy with student deal…

  • Ashish Gurung
    Ashish Gurung

    give us those devices if its work is just getting dust.

  • Daryl Davis
    Daryl Davis

    A MacBook Air will be going into my Wotancraft Pilot camera bag. For $850, it's almost a no-brainer. I recently purchased a base model Microsoft Surface Go 2 tablet for ham radio field use, because some apps (e.g., Winlink) are available only on Windows. It's dedicated to that purpose and carries little else by way of software. 73, Daryl KN6NPZ

  • Simon Shin
    Simon Shin

    Just bought the m1 MacBook air for $740 plus tax...came out to $800... so stoked on the upgrade from my 2014 13" MBP, loving the crazy crazy price drops!!!

  • Lyn Mairesse Abenio
    Lyn Mairesse Abenio

    can we use office tools or excel using macbook air or pro?

  • Fahim Zahir
    Fahim Zahir

    I wonder how Apple will combat this product cannibilization

  • Jona Adams
    Jona Adams

    Get the 512Gb model. More storage and 8 GPU cores instead of 7.

  • Paul Diehm
    Paul Diehm

    Is there any benefit to getting the 8 core gpu over the base 7 core gpu? If so, what would the benefit be?

  • S Gill
    S Gill

    256gb??? min should be 512 and they want $250 just to add another 256gb.

  • I'm Ana-chan
    I'm Ana-chan

    You have many macbook, I wish I can just have the macbook air for digital art 😔

  • Jude Bautista
    Jude Bautista

    I’m so happy to have bought this as my personal laptop. My high end Dell work laptop seems very slow compared to this. The only downside is the compatibility I guess. I can’t install Bluestacks on it. Well maybe in the future?

  • Arjun Ambarnath
    Arjun Ambarnath

    This is still not as cheap as the Macbook Pro. At that price range, paying a little more for the Pro or not makes no difference. Apple should price this even cheaper. At around 700 dollars. That is the correct price for this machine. There are still some heating issues. Performance is flawless though.

  • Just a guy
    Just a guy

    Simply put ARM is just better than X86. It's a shame that it took this long for a major manufacturer to give it software support.

  • Tuấn Anh Phan Đỗ
    Tuấn Anh Phan Đỗ

    You said "why Im always comeback to pick up the M1 Macbook air" then you explain the reason as "its cheap" at first, such unreasonable, you own everything from Apple then why? such straight sponsoring for this device

  • OrionTheHunt3R

    Now do I get the 8GB or 16GB if I do some video editing tasks?

    • Max Tech
      Max Tech

      Get 16GB

  • Jonathan McIntosh
    Jonathan McIntosh

    Me watching on a M1 Macbook Air: *Interesting*

  • Sam Lee
    Sam Lee

    Thanks! Very informative. I recently got an M1 MBA 16GB. Coming from a chunky gtx 1070 windows laptop. Loving the MBA so far. Did take some time to get used to the mac os, but I see why people love it.

  • Hugo Jozwicki
    Hugo Jozwicki

    Hello ! What about gaming ? What would you suggest to go for, M1 air or the pro with 16gb? How is the fan situation with the M1 Pro 16gb while playing ? My MacBook Pro 16” drives me crazy and I’d like to go for something more quiet :)

  • Akshay Kumar
    Akshay Kumar

    Good one 👍👍👍

  • Jon L
    Jon L

    Personally I bought the m1 MacBook air, as my first Mac ever. I bought it because of the m1 chip and because it had no fan. Well, I ended up not using it for 3+ months. My favourite operating system is some distro of linux. I really dislike Windows, but I'll use it now and then (when forced to). Anyway, I stopped using my gaming PC so much, because it was hot, loud, and power hungry. So I wanted a new PC that was colder, quieter, and less power hungry. I do game, but most of the games I play are not very demanding, so I was looking to replace my current pc with something more efficient. After several days of searching I re-stumbled upon the MacBook Air. I found that it could easily run all of my games and software and do it within 10 watts. (I measured the power draw from the wall to be something like 8 watts while gaming, so long as the battery was already charged). It's funny, I already owned the "perfect" computer for me, and it had been sitting in my closet for 3+ months. The other thing I like about Apple, is that they at least pretend to care about privacy (unlike google and Microsoft). That being said, I will one day switch back to an arm based linux system, when high performance versions of those systems are available. For now, the m1 MBA seems to be serving me well.

  • Wedge Antillez
    Wedge Antillez

    I have the 12” MacBook. I only use it for novel writing. Wish I had a reason to buy this awesome machine. I’ll instead be buying an iPad Air with the magic keyboard.

  • weissmannrob

    Just bought one. What a great piece of technic (and so quiet, and so fast, and pretty cheap)

  • Michael Cobarrubias
    Michael Cobarrubias

    Can you check the battery health and battery cycle? I have a macbook pro m1. Battery cycle 97, battery health 94%. Is this normal for 4months use?

  • Apple Tips
    Apple Tips

    in Norway a MacBook air costs $1100 the pro is $1400 and a iPhone 12 is $1000

  • Matt Chan
    Matt Chan

    Any advice is it worth updating my MacBook Pro 2016 i7 16gb to futureproof myself. I do light 4K editing will the be a performance boost with a M1 MacBook Air? Thanks

  • Max Tukana
    Max Tukana

    Awesome video, helped me choose which MacBook to get

  • Devadattan faryan
    Devadattan faryan

    How much is apple 🍏 paying for this promotion

  • Kep

    Just purchased the M1 air from Best Buy at $799. Insane price.

  • J G
    J G

    I have the pro m1 and my friend has the m1 air and my pro consistently gets better battery. 20% to 30% more with the pro. the pro also doesn't struggle as much to play games (for me and my friend its Garry's mod and Liftoff) and his air throttles down to and he loses frames sometimes. The only real world main difference if you aren't playing gpu intensive games then the air is more than enough.

  • J G
    J G

    what about playing gmod lol.

  • fiko hugh
    fiko hugh

    my huawei d15 is much much and its half the price 😂

  • Gerydome

    In a future chips will be so energy efficient that the screen would drain battery the most

  • Yevin Yevin
    Yevin Yevin

    I just unboxed my air and it is awesome it didn't over heat like my old MacBook Pro i7

  • Joseph Lin
    Joseph Lin

    Should I wait for the upcoming macbook release or should I get this edition?

    • Archer Sully
      Archer Sully

      My rule is that if I need something now, I'll just get the device and not worry about what's coming up. The corollary is that if I don't really need the device, I forget about it.

  • Shane

    Not upgrading because its fast enough is exactly how I feel about my m1 Mac mini. Ive actually just installed it out of sight under my desk. Dont have to worry about thermals, turning it off or on, it just sits there cool as ever, sipping power. Its exactly what I need it for.

    • Gerydome

      I can only dream of a computer that doesn't yells at me when i do basic stuff

  • Rodrigo

    I upgraded from my 2013 15 inch macbook pro to a 13 inch m1 16gb ram macbook pro and it has been crazy, as a dj it helps a lot in many ways when im doing this on the fly, photo and video editing is great, and i sold my old pc and still got good money :D

  • Matt Granger
    Matt Granger

    Awesome video Max! Can it handle 4k 120p?

    • W. Frank Mulder
      W. Frank Mulder

      Yes it does

    • uhtrippy

      first reply and like

    • uhtrippy


  • martino so
    martino so

    First time mac owner here.. Resizing a window is super laggy on mine m1 mba .. my 2013 pc feels more smooth witch is sad

  • Natalie Hà Phương Vương
    Natalie Hà Phương Vương

    should i buy the 16gb ram MBA M1 for better editing ?

  • Paul Zhang
    Paul Zhang

    The only issue is 2 external monitors. I had to pick up a displaylink dock that I never heard of existence.

    • Paul Zhang
      Paul Zhang

      @Archer Sully MBP does not "natively" support 2 external monitors either.

    • Archer Sully
      Archer Sully

      Remember that's it's an entry level machine. Now imagine what the pro oriented machines will be like.

  • Christoph Daniel
    Christoph Daniel

    One more advantage the MBA has over the Pro: NO TOUCHBAR!

  • TUUK2006

    The cheaper model is for people who "can't afford" the better model, rather than just thinking it suits their needs? The typical mindset of the average idiot Apple customer. "It's better because it's more expensive"

  • Tom Arnold
    Tom Arnold

    I just bought this maxed out and it was only 1800. I traded in my 2016 MacBook Pro, which was the worst laptop I ever spent 3000 dollars on. The credit was 715, bringing a fully loaded Air to 1100.

  • Francis Rebosura
    Francis Rebosura

    I'm planning to get the MBA M1 256GB, but still confused how much ram to get, 8GB or 16GB. I'm a college student, occasionally doing heavy video editing for projects and planning to have the laptop for 7 years max. How much ram can you recommend? :> Thanks

  • Aryan Athalye
    Aryan Athalye

    Hey man we love your reviews keep it up

  • Isaiahisnotonfire

    I have the M1 Purple iMac & this thing is a beast 😍😍😍😍 it runs super better then my original Xbox one & can do way more, the chip is outstanding

  • Storm Guy
    Storm Guy

    The reason why the M1 Macs are cheaper than the Intel ones is because Apple doesn't need to pay intel a percentage of their profit.

  • Zac Forbes
    Zac Forbes

    Bought a base 16GB RAM M1 MacBook Air and I’ve been blown away by the battery and performance. It’s just ridiculous. And the price… stunning for what you’re getting. It’s damn near the perfect laptop.

  • Aswin S
    Aswin S

    Clearly price is not the reason why you are using M1 MacBook Air!!

  • Tadas S.
    Tadas S.

    Put more thermal pads and you kill you battery faster ... Battery dont like heat....

  • aurangzeb zeb
    aurangzeb zeb

    I m using macbook pro m1 chip and its outstanding

  • nick gratton
    nick gratton

    13” air is simply too small. Needs to be 16”

  • péter cserkuthy
    péter cserkuthy

    I like the air, i think it is a good price/value( rarely seen by apple) but asus rog flow is my favorit, you have ryzen r9 5900hs with a 1650 wich is super fast compered to the integrated graphics ( like m1 or intels) and you have dock to use a real op graphics card ( 3070-3080?) and you can plug in the external graphic card an ethernet (RJ45) connector for gigabit lan ( and a few USB A too) so this laptop is a portable kinda fast laptop and at home( or wherever your external graphic card are) a complete desktop ( with a slightly slower cpu compered to the very high end desktop cpus ) I hope you will try this too @Max tech

  • Pepello

    Would you wait for the M2 Air? How long of a life do you think the M1 will have? Because I was going to buy one next month, but now I don't know if I should wait a couple more to get the new model :/

  • Cheeky Piggy
    Cheeky Piggy

    Would this be suitable for programming/software development? Or should I just get the MacBook Pro?

  • Kenny Tay
    Kenny Tay

    I agree with the reviewer here. The MacBook Air basically covers all the important points for me, i.e. good screen, great battery life and good performance. Heck it is even fanless which was even better for me since there is no noisy whiny fan, and I can use it on any surface, even on my couch or bed. What was originally just a try because of all the rave reviews, ended up in me selling my Windows laptops away after a day of trial run with the M1 MacBook Air. The battery life and performance just blew me away. It also went on to replace my tablet.

  • Andrei Dincescu
    Andrei Dincescu

    I have the base Pro model and it is good for video editing BUT only for the light stuff. I recently had to edit a ~3 minute clip shot on an iPhone 12 Pro, in 4K @ 60fps (HDR), and it took like 5h to export. The library was set to Wide Gamut HDR, the project color space was Rec 709 and it was rendered with the HEVC codec, with the encoder set to "Slower (Higher quality)", "8-bit color" profile and "Web publishing" data rate. I edited the same clip in the same manner (color grading, logo, conversion from HDR to SDR) on a PC (AMD Ryzen 7 3700X + 16GB RAM + GTX 1080 Ti), in DaVinci Resolve Studio, using the GPU for rendering and it finished rendering in around 17min. Now even though the Macbook was way slower in rendering time, the timeline playback was perfectly smooth compared to DaVinci where I got some ocasional dropped frames. Don't get me wrong, I really like the Macbook, but when we are talking about video editing the details need to be more specific otherwise saying that is it's good for 4K video editing does not really mean anything.

  • R MacKenzie aka MsLadyMack
    R MacKenzie aka MsLadyMack

    Does the M1 chip allow for EXTENDED DISPLAY... I don't need to see the same thing on EVERY SCREEN...I need to extend the display... One site said M1 Air only allows you to mirror the main display...HELP PLEASE...

  • BitBurdd

    It’s $799 right now at Best Buy with a student discount! I’m going to buy one for college next month

    • Desiree

      @xThomas how? It’s popping up for $849 for me. Is it In store only ?

    • Queena sterns
      Queena sterns

      @neutrinoxicin however much Apple is offering you in trade in value. :)

    • neutrinoxicin

      @Queena sterns say, if I get a M1 MBP this day and I used for 2 months, how much I can sell it?

    • Queena sterns
      Queena sterns

      @xThomas I saw that! It’s expiring in 3 days sadly. At least that’s what mine said. Do you know if next month, they’ll do another $50 flash sale? Or did I just miss it for this year?

    • Queena sterns
      Queena sterns

      @neutrinoxicin I wish I could wait around for that version but sadly I can’t because of school. Honestly, if you can though, it’s your personal decision. You can always trade in your newest MacBook to get the one that comes out. But also beware that it’ll probably take forever to ship and get to you. Good luck!

  • T.S. Bye
    T.S. Bye

    BestBuy sells Open Box - Excellent in Silver color for $749 when they are available. You just have to watch the website for them. 👍

    • T.S. Bye
      T.S. Bye

      $674.99 now when they are available...

  • game.different

    Even though I really like my M1 Air, the lack of I/O continues to be a PITA for me. A hub did improve things, but it's awkward and occasionally storage devices just disconnect for no discernable reason.

  • vb collections
    vb collections

    Hi, any chance you have experience Unexpected reboot? Freeze > Pink box > Reboot.. I found in apple community that this is a common issue with an M1 processor.

  • Harrysound

    Must be horrible being a CNhaver and having to fill space between Apple products

  • shrikanth s.y
    shrikanth s.y

    Its just pathetic how apple prices it so high in India. The base version is $1200 here.

  • Koshy Thomas
    Koshy Thomas

    Bruh they don't even pay me for this stuff... xD

  • Koshy Thomas
    Koshy Thomas

    Woke/revoke.. dint even finyy the vid yet

  • Duohzy

    i currently have a 2017 macbook pro 13 inch and im starting college late august should i upgrade to the m1 macbook air, wait till they announce another laptop which they usually do around sept and oct or just stay with my current laptop thoughts ?

  • A Rahat
    A Rahat

    Just ordered one 8gb RAM 256GB SSD for $800 + tax from Bestbuy. Looking forward to using it. Great review.

  • ferry155

    I see this m1 macbook as a perfect machine, but I still have question about laptop in general, because my personal laptop is collecting dust in the drawer. 1. Why do you need all these processing power? not everyone has the knowledge of video editing, and gaming industries had been shifting towards mobile gaming 2. Why do you need over 9 hour of battery life on a laptop that sits on a desk most of the time? Ipad or tablet with over 9 hour of battery life, make more sense. 3. I don't use my own laptop because I use company laptop that come with certain software to support my work. The way I see it, most company use Windows OS because many technical softwares exist on Windows or Linux. And people only use macbook to make apps for iOS. So, do you really need this macbook to support things that You do?

  • Ammar Ahmad
    Ammar Ahmad


  • TzzSmk

    1928$ for 16GB/512GB MacBook Air M1 here in Central Europe...not really that affordable yet

  • bb singh
    bb singh

    Which is better? Bigger ssd or bigger ram?

  • John Hudson
    John Hudson

    i built a pc with a 3900x last year. wonder how the M1 compares to it.

  • Arav Hitesh Shah
    Arav Hitesh Shah

    Bro ur 16 inch has been used for 2 years so it’s slow in ur other comparison it’s not fair because ur 16 inch has been used for 2 years so it doesn’t make sense

  • Anonymous Commentator
    Anonymous Commentator

    How can he do that video and not mention intels 1100h series a single time??

  • MorningLightMountain

    Sponsored by Apple. Thank you for wasting my time.

  • RemekTek Media
    RemekTek Media

    I bought the top MBA, 16GB ram and 2TB SSD. It is great! Prefer NOT to have the Smart Bar or the fan.

  • Matt Curr
    Matt Curr

    so you pick up the Air rather than the Pro because of its price?? And shorter battery life. Damn, you are hungry to pad out a video. Or to make one in the first place.

  • Christopher Vierrether
    Christopher Vierrether

    Spot on take!!

  • ev3goddess y.o. Chandler
    ev3goddess y.o. Chandler

    Yes thee secret weapon🗡♨️ ahahalo

  • DavidFish

    I was about to think apple made a good value laptop Then you showed it only has 256GB storage and 8GB RAM. (that's what my $290 phone has) And upgrading either costs +$200. +$200 for +8GB ram is just insane. M1 still sick tho

  • scott devitte
    scott devitte

    Odd for a video editor you never mention the decreased black level and brightness In MacBook Air vs. MacBook Pro.

  • Fred Hermanns
    Fred Hermanns

    Can you upgrade or replace anything on this? Or do I have to buy a new laptop after two years????

  • MEGA _07
    MEGA _07

    Play at 1.25x thank you

  • georgyj111111

    The M1 MacBook Air is a blast. I've done the thermal hack and it's perfect. But software is waaaaay behind. Some of my music plugins still don't even work.

  • Thechainlard

    Shame this came out after I graduated, would've been awesome to see its battery life in action like this. Still, the pandemic would've prevented me going to campus anyway 😂

  • The Aztech
    The Aztech

    For $800 on sale from Best Buy and apple at times I always recommend it to anyone looking to get in to a new laptop