M2 iPad Pro 2022: Apple's just getting started.. (LEAKS)
Is it Worth Waiting for the M2 iPad Pro or should you buy the M1 iPad Pro?
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  • Max Tech
    Max Tech

    Did you buy an M1 iPad Pro? or are you going to wait for the new M2 or other iPad? IF you Need an iPad Now DEFINITELY get THIS one (Amazon) ➡ geni.us/gCuX Best Deals on M1 iPad Pros and MacBooks on Amazon ⬇️ M1 MacBook Air ($50 OFF SALE) ➡ geni.us/K5IF7w M1 iPad Pro 11" with 8GB RAM ➡ geni.us/2FHY3Xz M1 iPad Pro 11" with 16GB RAM ➡ geni.us/iNWTMH M1 iPad Pro 12.9" with 8GB RAM ➡ geni.us/7qQN9 M1 iPad Pro 12.9" with 16GB RAM ➡ geni.us/0uyFBye iPad Pro and Air Budget Dock! ➡ geni.us/NMOV Best SSD for iPads and iPad Pro's ➡ geni.us/RPAnFUb

    • suresh vempati
      suresh vempati

      What is the stand at 3:01

    • Naz

      Ima wait til m3 or m4 til I get a new iPad m1 is good for a couple years

    • Gaurav

      Bro,I'm pretty confused should I buy 11 inch or 12.9 ,is that mini-led will edge out lcd in every tasks consumption, is gaming is difficult is 12.9 inch due to its form factor??

    • Nick C
      Nick C

      My M1 iPad Pro literally arrived today 😅🥲

    • Jake

      any news on M1X mac mini??

  • Phong Le
    Phong Le

    I got an 11” 2020 iPad with cellular last year for my bday present to myself. I had the 2018 12.9” so this was my first 11” and totally fell in love with the portability of it. Such power in a smaller form factor of the 12.9” big brother. I traded my 2018 12.9” in for the 2021 12.9”. LOVE the new XDR iPad. However, I do love the 11” size as well, but it’s hard to go back and forth to be perfectly honest. I also have the iPad mini 5, which I gave to my son. I still have my 2017 10.5” iPad Pro and it’s now my dedicated Apple Music Player connected to my ifi ZEN DAC connected to my ifi ZEN CAN headphone amp. Like you, Vadim, I am a HUGE iPad enthusiast, so your videos are great to me. Keep them coming!

  • Subhan Ali
    Subhan Ali

    Basically My thoughts are the same as yours, (That we rather just buy the iPad Pro 2021 (M1 chip) rather than buying the 2022 iPad Pro (M2 chip)). Now I had done some research and it feels like that apple just named the chip as M2 as they included the pencil and magic keyboard when in reality you are getting the same speed and performance as the 2021 iPad Pro (actually Less), that is because whatever you are getting from the M1 chip you are getting it in a low performance from M2 chip even though it has the same 8-core CPU & the 8-core GPU. My final words regarding the 2022 iPad is that it doesn’t matter buying one as there are no high specification that can convince us to buy one. Well that are my thoughts. Thank you I got my research a little it from this website.(if you wanna refer to it) *www.macworld.co.uk/news/m1x-mac-3801943/* And also i got a little bit form the help from this video.

  • bledzone231

    I was expecting to be OLED display on the 2022 iPad Pro all models…M1 already a powerful chip..

  • wulla

    Will there be a third camera?

  • Mad Maniac
    Mad Maniac

    If apple doesnt limit the ipads, there would be no competition, right?

  • Tom Diffley
    Tom Diffley

    Holding on to my 9.7’ iPad Pro/Smart Keyboard until it is no longer supported in iPadOS latest release.

  • NeerOfficial Gaming
    NeerOfficial Gaming

    Should I buy the current magic keyboard or wait for other one

  • Jonathan Chau
    Jonathan Chau

    It depends if the new iPad is only able to use the new keyboard or not

  • Morax พ่อทุกสถาบัน
    Morax พ่อทุกสถาบัน

    I’m wait for mini led on pro 11

  • Alex

    Treat your 2020 version like a baby. This sucker is gonna cost $2000.00 +

  • Miski salah
    Miski salah

    Is there will be anew colors for 2022 ipad pro

  • Cameron Hetzler
    Cameron Hetzler

    Apple handicaps itself and then pretends to remove the handicaps for the next product, only for customers to find new, manufactured handicaps. Just go with Samsung. They respect customers more and the hardware / software is more than enough for the vast majority of users.

  • So Lime
    So Lime

    I would be happier if it doesn't come🥲just few days back I got one 11inch ,if It comes it will pinch me 🥲

  • JF Designs
    JF Designs

    M1 iPad Pro = $2000 stop gap.

  • FunLightFactory

    Wireless charging consumes between 39% and 80% more energy than its cable equivalent and it's much slower? What happened to being carbon neutral? That's a lot of wasted electricity.


    Am I the only one who’s so over all these leaks? After the wwdc situation I don’t believe any leaks. They talk about all these leaks come the actual events nothing they said is accurate.

  • Pain Boy
    Pain Boy

    i honestly think apple will only bring wireless charging to 12.9 inch so ppl buy that instead

  • A. S.
    A. S.

    Not interested in having more more electromagnetic waves be around me... 😒

  • Marco D'Elia
    Marco D'Elia

    I'm waiting for thinner bezels

  • Miden Topno
    Miden Topno

    It doesn't feel like a tablet considering the 13 inch screen size

  • Swan AMP
    Swan AMP

    I literally had the 12.9 ipad on my cart, after watching I decided to wait for 2022. 🥲

  • SlayMode

    Isn’t it too soon to be talking about the iPad pro 2022

  • Seet Wei Siang the gamer Seet
    Seet Wei Siang the gamer Seet


  • John Dell
    John Dell

    The M1 iPad Pro is plenty powerful, but it just needs software that doesn't act like a boat anchor.

  • Thomas Janssen
    Thomas Janssen

    Necessary hardware updates for an iPad PRO: 1) Move the front-facing camera to landscape position 2) 2 Thunderbolt ports e.g. one on each side) 2) Return of the headphone jack (esp. for lossless music) The iPad Air can live with one usb-c port but the Pro device has to offer better connectivity

  • Aaron Worsnop
    Aaron Worsnop

    With the strength of the iphones magnets there is no way I'm attaching my iPad to any stand with just the magsafe connection

  • Michael Cothren
    Michael Cothren

    Or the 2023

  • Dragonstar13

    I bought the 12.9 5th gen version, and I plan to mainly use it to draw on when I'm away from the computer. So the magic keyboard doesn't interest me. The wireless charging and glass back would of been nice though.

    • com299

      i really like the current Ipad design and dont know if it can become better with glass on the back

  • Larry Holder
    Larry Holder

    Would have been nice to see the glass back show up on the next mini as well.

  • Hato

    Your fucking perspective is Apple fanboy leaks shit!

  • Peter

    The M1 iPad Pro is out for few months and has very negative feedback because lack of support on Ios15….now you guys talk about the next gen 2022!! I guess you guys are really addicted to have people watching your videos…what’s the added value of these waste time videos because we all know that Apple has its own expensive products agenda…

  • Brian Lockett
    Brian Lockett

    Boy, Apple sure loves keeping their consumer base in a constant state of buyer's remorse. 😅

  • Worldshaking!!!

    Here we go again if those leaks. Lol


    I'm planning to buy ipad air 4th gen, this is my first apple product. I can get 2021 model or wait for 2022

  • FutureMedia

    I agree. Just bought a 2TB WiFi 6 Space Gray 12.9” iPad Pro despite all the software problems you’ve explained in your 8 problems video. I’m not into the whole MagSafe charging idea. I’m hooking a hub to the iPad Pro then keeping it charged all the time with PD pass through charging. Love you guys and your sister. Fantastic reporting chops.

  • Tom’s Video Collection
    Tom’s Video Collection

    I just bought the new magic keyboard in white lol. Now, I need this new one. Dam you Apple!!

  • Tom’s Video Collection
    Tom’s Video Collection

    I want a 15inch iPad! Lol

  • BabYoda

    what about the Samsung tab S8 ,S8 plus and S8 Ultra?

  • KevinJohn556

    I’ve decided that I’m waiting for the next Air model. Cheaper will still be 5G and I’ll have my Touch ID which I love.

  • Commentary Talk
    Commentary Talk

    I don't trust Apple when they do things like: Selling gimped hardware and controlling support cycles with too tight (and short) a leash. The tablet market is decreasing for a reason: It's limited and size/form factor means it competes with laptops not phones. Thus 2:1 detachable ie tablet + laptop is logical progression with full OS to save people having to buy 2 devices and use 1 device for both work and "play". Microsoft understand this with their most recent Surface Pro X + Win11 advert. Albeit they're far behind on hard/soft-ware for ARM device that is very light (to handle and carry) but superior batter/perf/pow/price combo. This whole stubbornness hence massively reduces my trust in Apple.

  • James Creaney
    James Creaney

    Would you tech youtubers stop spamming the same content over and over. Start a band, invent something. Talking about products is a lame career. Easy money but it's pathetic.

  • Heidi Smerek
    Heidi Smerek

    No don’t wait

  • Jay White
    Jay White

    I’m going to wait to get next year’s iPad pro

  • Dalia Mohamed
    Dalia Mohamed

    Why are you really chained

  • Gaurav Ahuja
    Gaurav Ahuja

    I love this channel but I’m never going to believe any Rumours relating to apple products. No matter what their source until Apple officially release the product no one can guess what the specs are going to be.


    Can’t wait to mirror my 2022 iPad Pro screen.

  • Steve Sun
    Steve Sun

    IPad Pro’s product cycle is 2 years, hence, the next generation of iPad Pro will appear on 2023!

  • Sean Liu
    Sean Liu

    What is point the IOS can’t use full potential of M1, and get M2 iPad Pro. It doesn’t make sense.

  • TimBo

    It's pronounced L-E-D. It starts with "L"

  • malokey7

    I got the m1 because my friend is doing an internship with apple and he got a great discount

  • rikudo sennin
    rikudo sennin

    Just bought a 2020 pro 11" brand new from Amazon for 643€, so for now i'm happy with that lol

  • Saint Kenny
    Saint Kenny

    Here you guys go again spreading the rumors on the IPad’s after spreading the same rumors of the IPad Pro 21 that all you people got frustrated with that didn’t happen and in frustration returned the New IPad Pro 21. Somehow I can’t help holding you guys responsible on getting people’s hopes up and you and many others spreading BS rumors that never came true. Rather early to go rush to believe this crap all over again. Try waiting for facts and not BS rumors so it doesn’t back fire on you next year. Whatever it takes to make a video I guess?

  • Eva Prevost
    Eva Prevost

    I just by the 12,9 m1 ipad pro and you told me that a new iPad pro will arrive 😭

    • Eva Prevost
      Eva Prevost

      @Mamiizo _8 you right

    • Mamiizo _8
      Mamiizo _8

      Don't be sad bro enjoy what u got, by the way what u gone do with that m2 ?


    Why not just have glass Apple logo on the back while retain strong metal aluminium chassis because such big and heavy iPad make the impact force higher and hence higher tendency for the glass to crack.

  • RiXx

    let me first convince myself for 2021 ipad pro pls.

  • FA Gaming
    FA Gaming

    I got the M1 and it’s great I’ll get my next iPad in a few years

  • carlo

    There's the rumor that Apple might go oled on the iPad, I think most likely on the Pros or maybe the Air.. but it's weird as they just went with the mini-LED display on the 12.9

    • com299

      its just so sad

  • LordWolf91

    Oh I’m definitely waiting, but that’s mostly because I won’t be able to afford a new iPad Pro until next year anyways

  • namit parashar
    namit parashar

    Wait bro ,we have just bought the m1 pro You are too fast😂😂

  • Old Scribe
    Old Scribe

    Why are you yelling?

  • Gnr Zepol
    Gnr Zepol

    Hardware is already fine, we need a better software update

  • Gnr Zepol
    Gnr Zepol

    Just got the ipad pro 11" M1 😅 not really missing out not having the miniled. It is not as Good with the OLED panel with my Samsung tab

  • noomy 663
    noomy 663

    confident to say that's the best choice among the high-performance models available now while I can't still imagine using this without utility brought by i Mac.

  • Sentu Bhai
    Sentu Bhai

    My 12.9 inch is coming but I'm waiting for next magic keyboard. I knew they'll Launch more flexible keyboard so I'm saving my money now. Currently the m1 is way too powerful for hardware so waiting for next ipad will be a waste. Plus i dont like glass, it will increase vulnerability

  • Arunpandiyan Veerapandiyan
    Arunpandiyan Veerapandiyan

    Completely agree

  • Neil Bobadilla
    Neil Bobadilla

    It would be very funny and frustrating at the same time if they release a new wireless magsafe charger that is only compatible to the ipad wireless charging receiver with a “patent” then charges people 399 for the charger alone 😅

  • m. SARV
    m. SARV

    No wayyyyy think people apple never do iphone magesafe style and even glass back andddd are you forget smart connecter and dataaaa + power


    i'll wait .

  • Piotr D.
    Piotr D.

    There's no use case on tablet for anything more powerful than A12. Unless you couple it with proper OS and whole set of professional peripherials and I/O.

    • Apple_Guy SL
      Apple_Guy SL

      @Piotr D. sometimes I take my iPad(Air 3 with the A12 chip) with me instead of my pc laptop to sleepovers with friends(before Covid of course) and the export time on LumaFusion is slightly painful to wait for(although it’s not *too* bad) and when I fire up a game like genshin impact it lags SO MUCH(with framedrops down to 20 fps sometimes and average frame rate of 45 fps). M1 is very good already, but it throttles a lot in the iPad. My friend often plays games on his M1 iPad Pro 11” and on genshin(for a fair comparison) it runs at 60 fps for 15 minutes or so and then the frame rate drops to 45 fps or so. Therefore, the more powerful an iPad gets the more apps will use that power, making lower end iPads like mine not adequate for some tasks. Even the highest end iPads will also thermal throttle(but to an acceptable performance because the raw power of the chip is already very high) until apple decides to offer better cooling for the iPad by increasing the thermal mass of the heat sink.

    • Piotr D.
      Piotr D.

      @Apple_Guy SL Why would you do that on tablet and why is A12 inadequate, exactly?

    • Apple_Guy SL
      Apple_Guy SL

      Yes there is… HDR video editing, gaming, etc

  • Tommy Texter
    Tommy Texter

    What’s the point….iPad OS is shit

  • Robert Spinks
    Robert Spinks

    Not having mini led on 11 pissed me off so I’m probably going to hold off and buy the iphone 13, next Air or see what these new pro’s look like .

  • brojohnmcd

    AND: the software updates that make the next gen iPad better will also make the current gen better too

  • brojohnmcd


  • 张峰

    it will never happen.

  • Emil Saren
    Emil Saren

    I don’t think that ipad would work with glass back. Personaly I use my ipad mini 5 with smart cover that doesn’t cover back. I know that newer ipad smart covers protect back as well but if you use it without the case its pretty risky

  • Adithya Meda
    Adithya Meda

    Youre Videos will be very good and clear bro big fan of you

  • GetReadyToDie -_-
    GetReadyToDie -_-

    Omg its the STUPIDEST thing. Glass back is just soo risky for durability. Imagine you hit the corner to your desk, the glass could crack.

  • Daniel Springer
    Daniel Springer

    Any rumors on Macro photography improving in iPhone 13?

  • John Wade
    John Wade

    I have an iPad Pro 2018 version. It seemed a waste to ditch this for the 2021 model; SO, you are saying that the 2022 model will be practically the same - speed wise… My 2018 model will still be going strong I guess… Incidentally, I actually was forced to reboot my iPad today cos of RAM limits - first time ever. I had GarageBand playing a drummer track in the background and when I tried to open a PDF editor I own it told me that there is no more Ram on the system. 1st time ever! I guess that16GB of RAM on the 2021 model would be good then;-) But over all, aren’t we still hitting the same barriers as before; that is, the current iOS limitations….. I think I will wait for a new iPad Pro until that gets sorted out. Great video BTW.

  • marife labawan
    marife labawan

    You Should Also Look At The New Tab S8 Ultra Leaks. it seems Like Samsungs Upcoming 14.5 inchTablet Might Just Destroy The M2 iPad Pro. But Even So The Apps Won't Be As Great I Guess So iPads Will Still Win At That

    • andyH_England

      @marife labawan AMD will be GPU related so on tablets unless you play gamess this is not nearly as important as the CPU single and multicore performance. The AMD Radeon (xAMD) is said to throttle badly (30% after two benchmark runs) so sustained graphic performance may still be below the new Snaapdragon and A15 (as well as the M1)?

    • marife labawan
      marife labawan

      @andyH_England hmm I Guess You're Right. But Do You Think If It Had The AMD Chips Would It Make The Tab s8 just As Powerful As The M2 Or No, This Is For When It Is Available In The Galaxy Tab lineup, Because If it Is As Powerful, I Might Choose It Over The Ipad.

    • andyH_England

      @marife labawan I heard that the AMD GPU will not be in the Tab S8 line. It will be in the S22 first? I suspect with the chip shortages this is to be expected? So it is either the SD888 or the SD888+ (overclocked cores). Nothing to come close to the M1 in native ability but fast enough for most!

    • marife labawan
      marife labawan

      @andyH_England From What I Heard Though, Samsung Is Working With AMD And Such, You Know, That Chip Company That's Beating Up Intel? If this is true, With Those Chips, The Tab Might Actually Be As Powerful As The M2. Not Sure if this is true though. but The Other Reviewers Were talking About It So it Is Really Likely That It's Not False

    • andyH_England

      I heard that the Tab S8 Ultra will jusst be a slightly larger Tab S8+ with maybe higher base configs. It is rumoured to be $1200 for the 5G model so very niche? It will have an SD888 that will be benchmarking 50% lower than the M1 iPad.

  • Arav Hitesh Shah
    Arav Hitesh Shah

    I think they keep a 18 months gap so it should come in 2023

  • Kranthi Epuri
    Kranthi Epuri

    whwn samsung tab s4 came with glass back everyone hated it...... don't keep your hopes up apple will only give what they want to...

  • Mesatallic

    Hope they get rid of the edge shadowing and bloom on the iPad Pro 12.9” Mini-LED Display. Maybe OLED or Micro-LED next?

  • xd911

    The shear fact that they think magsafe is the future makes me laugh, that bitch heats up to 90 c even when only my airpods are on it

  • Rice

    Display = Galaxy tab Proscecsor = Ipad

  • wojwoj06

    iPad 2022 is so passe... I hear iPad 2025 model is supposed to make a REAL difference! :D :D :D

  • Anuj Khatana
    Anuj Khatana

    will pencil 3 be compatible with m1 ipad pro

  • Dan Zajaczkowski
    Dan Zajaczkowski

    Who would wait 8+ months to buy a new iPad. At some point you just have to bite the bullet.

  • JackBelle's Photography
    JackBelle's Photography

    The limiting factor is software and not hardware so why is all the focus on new hardware developments? Pro users requiring "Pro Apps" with the need to efficiently access eternal storage will have to use MacBooks or iMacs!

    • JackBelle's Photography
      JackBelle's Photography

      @andyH_England I think they will come eventually but I'm not holding my breath! When travelling is OK again then I will buy an M1 MacBook Air rather than an iPad Pro, since I use Lightroom Classic, Final Cut Pro and external drives to manage the large files. 2023 or 2024 looks more realistic!

    • andyH_England

      They are coming but it is a slow process to get apps to work well with iPadOS. They have to be rewitten from the ground up (onetime job) and then they have to have UI and design changes to optimise for iPad. You have to be patient but by the time the M2 iPad arrives, maybe 2023 (no need for one next year?) there will be many pro apps.

  • Lee Lanzini
    Lee Lanzini

    XDR display on the 11 inch will make all the difference!

    • com299

      yes i also think that. So sad its not on the current model. than i would take it

  • Yelynnko XT7
    Yelynnko XT7

    Yesterday i order M1 11inches It's wrong

  • Brian Stone
    Brian Stone


  • XxMsrSzprzxX

    MagSafe isn’t coming to the iPad, it makes little if any sense. Cross compatibility between the iPhone and the iPad’s magnetic charge stands? Absolutely not, the iPad is several times heavier and the magnet would be either the size of the iPhone itself or so strong that you couldn’t even detach it. Charging while having the Thunderbolt port free for accessories? That’s the gap that the Magic Keyboard was made to fill, because at that point you’ll be using a stand anyway, with a need for a keyboard and pointing device.

  • LBNY Rider
    LBNY Rider

    Maybe we just wait for an iPad that doesn’t corrupt external hard drives and the software isn’t purposely limited. All we want is basically a touch screen MacBook. I will continue to hold out as many years as it takes. I have a basic iPad that I received for free for grad school. I will never purchase one until they actually make it a true computer replacement.

    • andyH_England

      Windows and Macs (plus Linux and ChromeOs) are desktop machines, sounds like that is what you need? iPads are tablets first so touch and pen support are the target audience. Using a keyboard is a bonus feature. For 400 million sales of the iPad it has clearly replaced many people's laptop or complimented their laptop. You do not have to buy the Pro, the iPad 8 is $300, the iPad Air $550! It is a tablet and not meant to replace a laptop per se!

  • DJ Solo
    DJ Solo

    I think you should take an iPad break buddy, wanna go on a cruise? On me fam

  • Som Pattu
    Som Pattu

    Im more interested in how apple will screw people again next year in wwdc

  • maans le roux
    maans le roux

    A second USBC/TB port would have been more usable to me than wireless charging or mafsafe. But then again even the one they have is still limited. Heck can't even format a USB thumb drive in 2021 Ultimately this will be another amazing device hardware wise but will still be intentionally crippled by the OS making it nothing more than a accessory for other apple devices. Until the OS gets a massive upgrade it's just not worth buying a iPad, or at least not the pro versions. Get the cheapest you can because that is about what the software is good for

  • Robert Kozak
    Robert Kozak

    having the pencil inside the hinge means the front facing camera can move to the top when landscape.

  • toobalicious

    I’m hoping for 32GB and 64GB RAM options for the M2 IPP. This 16GB M1 IPP is just so…constrained. KIDDING!