Galaxy Book Pro 1 Month Review: Why its the BEST W10 Ultrabook!
Only 1 Major Issue with this laptop, but overall Samsung Galaxy Book Pro is one of, if not The Best Windows Ultrabooks!
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Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 15.6" Laptop Computer:
Samsung Galaxy Book Pro:

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  • Max Tech
    Max Tech

    Are these the BEST Windows Ultrabooks or would you buy something else? Let us know below!! Get a Free pair of Wireless Bluetooth Headphones at Micro Center: Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 15.6" Laptop Computer: Samsung Galaxy Book Pro:

    • Jessie Wang
      Jessie Wang

      Hi Max Tech, would you PLEASE PLEASE do another comparison for the 8-core M1 moded MacBook Air Vs MacBook Pro?

    • Fauzaan Ahmed
      Fauzaan Ahmed

      Hi wich laptop should i buy hp specter or galaxy book pro

    • Highnin Uchiha
      Highnin Uchiha

      @mohammed faraj ye but galaxy book pro is super light and thin, noted

    • mohammed faraj
      mohammed faraj

      Could u please include the Lenovo laptops in your future reviews, e.g. Lenovo Thinkpad X1, nano or the yoga i9 ones, since many reviewers showed a great performance with the high build quality, very nice speakers ..etc?

    • Mohammad Emam
      Mohammad Emam

      Did you ever tested a hp envy x360 13 ?

  • jj sc
    jj sc

    Bad resolution,

  • Nikolai Harhai
    Nikolai Harhai

    Bought the 15in i7 16GB version in Navy yesterday. Express shipping says I should have it tomorrow!

  • TMavC5

    I have a problem with a guy wearing an Apple watch and reviewing competitor Samsung. BIAS!!!

  • Andres Agredo
    Andres Agredo

    did you mentioned is touchscreen, ? if they offer the 4k and the Windows Hello, will be the perfect machine

  • MrTiJackSH

    Nice Muse video @7:02, La Cigale gig probably !

  • christos christou
    christos christou

    Dogecoin to the moon 🌒🌚 🚀🌝

  • Julio Rios Huerta
    Julio Rios Huerta

    do you guys recommend this laptop for a college student?

  • Steven Munoz
    Steven Munoz

    does 15" have LTE?

  • Timothy Au
    Timothy Au

    I think Lenovo Slim 7i Carbon is better, similar weight more durable and ventilate better

  • My Reviews
    My Reviews

    If these laptops had 1440p screens, I'd literally buy one now. I just can't stand 1080p. I can see every pixel, and that drives me crazy.

  • ThePowerslave77

    Samsung's PC product strategy is a hot mess. Every year a different mish mash of chips and tech. With Windows 11 being more ARM friendly, they need to introduce a proper successor to the Galaxy Book 2.

  • Dire Tech
    Dire Tech

    The lower the price the more i interested

  • Robby Elliott
    Robby Elliott

    You need to review the lenovo flex 5. Both 14 and 15 inch.

  • Raj Pawar
    Raj Pawar

    Let's see what Samsung does in 2022.

  • Natanel Richey
    Natanel Richey

    You said 400 nit screen. Its not even 300

  • Adrian Patena
    Adrian Patena

    Can it play 4k hdr 60fps videos if i plug it in an. external 4k monitor?

  • CHR

    16:10 is the best

  • ZenshoSUCKatGacha

    just wait apple, will change the 2 in 1 laptop market.

  • Karol Babinski
    Karol Babinski

    I wish the 13" model had 3:2 display. Maybe next year with newer SoCs

  • Lau

    As long it is a microsoft its not energy efficient lots of virus and it will slow down and battery less than a year will wear out hehehe

  • gbessone

    Put a 4k panel and 1tb ssd option on this and would be amazing

  • Sana Shy
    Sana Shy

    Windows 11 will look fine with this.

  • Trish Lee
    Trish Lee

    Love your editing 👏

  • Sun Li
    Sun Li

    the 1080p resolution is what turned me off,,,

  • Nakul Kumar
    Nakul Kumar

    When apple starts disappointing you need to move to other product videos. Good.

  • Young-Sun Teh
    Young-Sun Teh

    Great review would love to see a review of dell inspiron 2 in 1 7306 black edition vs the iPad Pro or m1 MacBook air

  • Josh Laboy
    Josh Laboy

    Galaxy Book 360 has touch screen & sPen tho! Good review tho!!!

  • GamesCell

    And GPU? What GPU does the laptop have?

  • Phillip Pugh
    Phillip Pugh

    Does this guy realize that windows has 85% of the laptop market just saying

  • Royal Boyle78
    Royal Boyle78

    I have a 2014 macbook pro that is specked out to the max, just bought the 13" galaxy book pro, love this machine, the screen is beautiful, the case is built well, all around a great windows laptop. I went with the 13" because I think the build quality is a little better. I love it thus far.

    • camilo8cheryl

      Never regret about price/performance of M1 macbooks?

  • Autel Evo
    Autel Evo

    Please do a vid on the hp envy 15 ryzen 7 2021 model

  • TechAndy

    Thts is a review…stop favouring Apple bro u just selling them products they don’t even pay u anything Be fair to all products and people who view ur content

  • Obi Dean
    Obi Dean

    This review perfectly sum up what I feel about this laptop. Finally the most competent rival from Windows side to MacBook M1. I just wish the screen is higher res with 16:10 ratio and the speaker is better, I guess waiting for the next year model ...

  • FreakOfNature

    Does this feel like an iPad alternative?

  • O_O

    xps and gram kiiller

  • SuperMX

    Intel !! Nahhh not interested…

    • Jeerd Ace
      Jeerd Ace

      Could you elaborate please?

  • SuperMX

    We wanted AMD choice though 😷!!

  • Shaurya Kedia
    Shaurya Kedia

    Battery life is not great it’s ok not good

  • Ani2ruddha

    Samsung galaxy book go video please


    Waiting for Exynos x AMD laptops and tablets. 😎

  • obsera

    Nothing can beat xps 13

  • AliAwwad 2
    AliAwwad 2

    Bro like I RARELY watch a review til the end cz they are boring and talk to much but your's are PERFECT 💪

  • Thomas Raffestin
    Thomas Raffestin

    Watch out the charts, you wrote « higher is better » for times comparaison tests, it should be written « lower is better » because you also mentions the MBA is better because taking less time than others😉

  • Y HA
    Y HA

    10:16 "Higher is better" in a clocked test? This review is a mess of misleading half-truths. What about the battery test? On the Control Panel you can change the unplugged performance so the processor, fans and battery don't try to save energy. Where these options changed or handled through a for example a Samsung's smart software or what?

  • Sagar Das
    Sagar Das

    Why you never compare any ryzen CPU notebook with M1 macbook ?

  • Phua Meng Thong
    Phua Meng Thong

    Hi. Can assist to review Samsung Book Pro 360 (13 inch and 15 inch) too? TY.

  • gudlu tripathy
    gudlu tripathy

    When these stuffs shall be available in lndia...

  • 

    Samsung sucks

  • Jason Dranoff
    Jason Dranoff

    I watched every review on the 360 there is and there was so many complaints and I don't agree with most of them.. I got it in the bronze which I'm returning because it's more pink, and I'm going to swap it for the blue. but the only issue I found was when it's on your lap if you squeeze the bottom like picking it up you can click the trackpad from the bottom which then makes the trackpad not usable under normal use. but everything else I found to be fine.. screen brightness was great the speakers for me I don't care cuz I use Bluetooth earphones 99.9% of the time. I love the laptop I just hated the color definitely not bronze if anyone reads this it's pink, so get the blue if you're on the fence unless you want a pink computer..but overall it's a fantastic machine and super powerful and fast lot of the reviews out there are skewed!!!

    • Hussam H
      Hussam H

      Do you have the 13-inch model or the 15-inch model?

  • Victor Emanuel
    Victor Emanuel

    That OLED screen is fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Daniel Castro
    Daniel Castro

    This review was absolutely perfect.. it is good to know that there is a good PC laptop in the market and it is also beautiful.. I hate windows but I could use it with Ubuntu

  • Abir Ahmed
    Abir Ahmed

    Everything was fine until I saw the intel chip. Also, the trackpad is really important as I don't use any mouse anymore since I bought a mac.

  • Vikramaditya Karnawat
    Vikramaditya Karnawat

    Even at 9:58 higer is better is wrong

  • Jessie Birax
    Jessie Birax

    " Higher is better" I guess Apple never lose ?

    • Phua Meng Thong
      Phua Meng Thong

      Did u or anyone managed to use imac 24inch? If yes, can assist to share your usage experience? TU

  • Jessie Birax
    Jessie Birax


  • Daven YT
    Daven YT

    Im just into touch screen

  • Prince L
    Prince L

    Wish Microsoft invested in arm. For some reason only Apple sees arm as the future and they proved that good programs can be made on arm if devs aren’t lazy

    • Prince L
      Prince L

      @Daniel Gutierrez arm on windows sacrifices performance for battery. Apple didn’t wanna do that so they focused on performance alongside battery

    • Daniel Gutierrez
      Daniel Gutierrez

      Excuse me, Microsoft has been trying with ARM for years now. But is the people and devs that were not willing to help. Apple really has it easy, many followers who would follow them blindly and being the only option to your own os... there's your answer

    • Ryan Fraley
      Ryan Fraley

      I am not sure what Microsoft can do other than buy an ARM processor maker like Qualcomm and drastically speed up and fit ARM development for Windows, and in doing this cut Intel and AMD out of the loop. Even if Microsoft decided to do this that bet would take years and years to pay off.

  • Client Inbox LLc
    Client Inbox LLc

    I watch content on it besides doing graphics, the screen is pretty incredible. It's one of those things you have to see before being mainly a spec junkie about screen resolution. It's like watching a high resolution TV. I see no difference, I'm on the 13 inch.

  • Client Inbox LLc
    Client Inbox LLc

    You people need to start washing your hands more often. Fingerprint magnet? I jus spun mines around and am not noticing any fingerprints on my lid and have been touching it all day. My touchscreen is what I have to keep wiping. I use clorox wipes on all my laptops regularly that may be why, I can't use it on the screen though.

  • Jimmy Garcia
    Jimmy Garcia

    Love the look of these compared to my M1 mba. And having the extra ports are nice without having to us my dongle. But why 1080p?

  • Mossien Awadh
    Mossien Awadh

    Think they lost an opportunity to make this a stand out laptop by not slimming that bottom bezel

  • Starcraft Editing
    Starcraft Editing

    why are you not reveiwing the galaxy book pro360

  • Richard Mandona
    Richard Mandona

    I'm not productive 😔

  • Mr T.
    Mr T.

    Thanks for the infomercial - Max Tech's real review is here (full comparison against the M1 macBook Air) 🥳

  • Varnit Bhise
    Varnit Bhise

    This guy is die hard apple fan

  • Niklas Gs
    Niklas Gs

    You tell us we won't see any difference in sharpness, you should say you don't see any difference

  • Samrat Chaudhari
    Samrat Chaudhari

    Please review Asus ROG x13 laptop, for a student.🙏🏽

  • OXIR

    Next year they're going to use the (possibly) same chipset as the S22 series. The Exynos 2200 with AMD GPU (including Ray Tracing capabilities). Now that would make it so interesting and will definitely make Windows on ARM better. If it has good optimization with that Cortex X2 core and brand new AMD graphics, it has chance to be so good at both work and gaming.

  • Honest Reveal
    Honest Reveal

    Could someone who understands Apple computers please help me answer this question. I would like to buy a 27 inch iMac. I am not interested in buying the M1 chip Imac until the M1 version is released on a 27 inch. I will be using it mainly for music production, video editing with Final Cut Pro, and some animation stuff. So my question is this, Will have 2015/2016/2017 iMac be good enough still? Also, will any of these imac be good enough to run big sur? Any help would be appreciated :) Thanks

  • Rr 1509
    Rr 1509

    make a comparison between m1 macbook air and hp spectre x360

  • Eken 8
    Eken 8

    Conclusion: Buy a M1 Mac

  • RbH2Na

    AMD APUs would be way with this laptop in tearms of performance (not only iGPU but also CPU).... Intel just sucks

  • nobodynemoq

    Now that's something fresh. Good to see, that there is something else apart from M1 Macs to buy :)

  • Drishtant Rai
    Drishtant Rai

    Man ultrabooks are so good looking now a days that I wanna switch from a my crazy powerful gaming laptop. But sadly my work does not allow me to do so. Blender neural network training and lot of other demanding tasks are barely possible on mac (requirement of nvidia cards) and windows ultrabooks considering it will be my only computer. Maybe when I grow old enough to own a proper desktop setup I can replace my gaming laptop with these shocking looking ultrabooks.

  • Tech with Nipun
    Tech with Nipun

    The DaVinci resolve and the photoshop tests should be lower is better

  • Divyansh Maheshwari
    Divyansh Maheshwari

    Will you ever test the galaxy book pro 360 ?

  • Raghav Seth
    Raghav Seth

    love ur content, can u do a gaming test with the 13 inch one, pls?

  • Alric Samuel Godfrey
    Alric Samuel Godfrey

    For the same price as the 13” you could get way way better performance, double the battery life and display resolution on an M1 MacBook Air. I don’t think I’d even want to consider this.

    • camilo8cheryl

      Just got an M1 pro and air for the has higher re-sale value just in case M3 shows up in 4 years

    • Highnin Uchiha
      Highnin Uchiha

      Yes. The Macbooks may have more horsepower on its side but the Galaxy Book is thinner, lighter and has a distinctly non-Macbook design.

    • Highnin Uchiha
      Highnin Uchiha

      "this is smaller, thinner and lighther" again it depends on people

  • Amir Kavousi
    Amir Kavousi

    that glossy bezel looks so distracting

  • Amir Kavousi
    Amir Kavousi

    I love that your reviews are honest waiting for 1M subs 👍

  • Xander Veal
    Xander Veal

    The m1 of MacBooks just with 5/7 of the power

  • VED VIR Hariharan
    VED VIR Hariharan

    is this thinner than M1 MacBook Air?

    • Phua Meng Thong
      Phua Meng Thong

      @Mushaf Zarrar I See. Thanks:)

    • Mushaf Zarrar
      Mushaf Zarrar

      @Phua Meng Thong it might be a different app with slight changes, but all your data is linked to Ur Microsoft account, so if u log in with that in the imac, it should sync!

    • Phua Meng Thong
      Phua Meng Thong

      @Mushaf Zarrar Thanks Bro. For confirmation, can the Microsoft Office in Window laptop run in Imac 24 inch and mac book air or is it a different Microsoft Office software?TY.

    • Mushaf Zarrar
      Mushaf Zarrar

      @Phua Meng Thong yes.yiu can run Microsoft office easily and it's actually very optimised too! Windows can be done to buy parallels and all that stuff like a virtual machine but it's not all that easy and seamless. So if u need windows directly then u can get the galaxy book/ XPS 13/ razer book but MacBook is more reliable and well made.

    • Phua Meng Thong
      Phua Meng Thong

      Hi. Can Windows and Microsoft Office run on Imac 24 inch as well as M1 Macbook Air ? Thanks.

  • C C
    C C

    Those mobile chips will LAG like hell. Out of the box its good but when you install work related stuff it begins to lag the more stuff u install the laggy it gets. Its good for just browsing.

    • Coffee gamer
      Coffee gamer

      Ok I will buy the m1

    • C C
      C C

      @Coffee gamer no m1 is well integrated with its own OS. windows is not.

    • Coffee gamer
      Coffee gamer

      Are you talking about m1

  • DarkPa1adin

    No matter what M1 blows Intel out of the water in mobile computing space. Nothing shocks any more.

  • Daniel Springer
    Daniel Springer

    Please compare Xcode on M1 Air 16gb VS M1 Pro 8gb And of course any other benchmark on those two machines They are very similar price, but who wins: fan or RAM? Thank you!

  • Verne Arase
    Verne Arase

    No hardware assist? Did Intel drop QuickSync?

  • Derrick Ma
    Derrick Ma

    I love it but im not buying a goddamn 1080p laptop in year 2021.

    • Client Inbox LLc
      Client Inbox LLc

      Dude you don't even notice it and somebody did a side by side with the HP 4k and their screen looked like crap next to it. Stop being a spec junkie and use your naked eyes to see if it works for you. Not saying it should but get out the box.

    • No Name
      No Name

      lol. that's the fun and true comments i search for when samsung things are reviewed.

  • World Renowned Productions
    World Renowned Productions

    Eewww windows

  • B TheGawd
    B TheGawd

    Samsung should have went with amd's new mobile cpus. Intel is pure yuck.

  • xaratemplate

    Looks like it is limited to 8gb ram not a good thing for video editing.

  • Kelvin KMS
    Kelvin KMS

    In 2021, 1080P is not acceptable !!! I want 4K screen or not worth to buy.

    • Kelvin KMS
      Kelvin KMS

      @Royal Boyle78 and don't forget gaming can drain much more battery than 4K screen itself. I can see Galaxy Book Pro is not for gaming. so 4K screen will not impact battery life. and I rather sacrifice few hours battery life than 1080P screen.

    • Kelvin KMS
      Kelvin KMS

      @Royal Boyle78 not really. iPhone 12 Pro Max has super 400+ pixels per inch. It can be last for over 10 hours. As a laptop which has much larger battery capacity. so I expect even 4K can be last for over 10 hours too. You can see new M1 MacBook Pro with retina resolution can last over 20 hours !!!

    • Royal Boyle78
      Royal Boyle78

      With a 4k screen, your looking at a worse battery life.

  • KytZu 2
    KytZu 2

    Mind from 2016 in 2021: Galaxshitbook lol.


    What kinda people gonna buy this kinda expensive piece of sh*t?! If you can get better keyboard, performance, display, thermal, build quality, webcam, trackpad, speaker, software update, etc on MacBook Air for the same price.

  • Michael

    You lost me at 400 nits….

  • garvin thomas
    garvin thomas

    Hey max can do a comparison of the galaxy book pro and pro 360?

  • Hiznardo Diaz
    Hiznardo Diaz

    *Hears the word "intel"* Ight, Imma head out.

    • 劉奕彤

      @Ka Chun Ho M1 trades compatibility with performance and x86 trades performance with compatibility

    • Ka Chun Ho
      Ka Chun Ho

      M1 is so much better in terms of power efficiency and pure performance. Yet ARM soc is still a big headache, x86 windows is just so versatile to run every shit you want

    • George Robinson
      George Robinson

      Can't beat the sleek bro

    • Matheus Martins
      Matheus Martins

      @George Robinson yikes

    • George Robinson
      George Robinson

      Eh ima stick with the galaxy book.

  • lolSnowball

    does it have 360 degrees flip?

    • NobodyCaresaboutTheusername

      Yeah There is A version Called galaxybook pro 360 Its Also has touchscreen And S-pen Support

  • Claudiu Serban
    Claudiu Serban

    Do a M1 comparison please!!

    • Bill Gates
      Bill Gates

      @Alric Samuel Godfrey ye no shit

    • iGALAXY

      @Alric Samuel Godfrey Ofc lol

    • Alric Samuel Godfrey
      Alric Samuel Godfrey

      He already did that, watch it till the end. Spoiler, the M1 beats it by a lot in a lot of areas especially in performance.

    • Claudiu Serban
      Claudiu Serban

      @NobodyCaresaboutTheusername you're right.

    • NobodyCaresaboutTheusername

      They have Already Done it

  • Mr2pint

    OLED screens are so yesterday's tech ☠️

    • Mr2pint

      @Royal Boyle78 there's a thing called research, invest in it 🤣

    • Royal Boyle78
      Royal Boyle78

      @Mr2pint Mini Led still can’t touch OLED. Even when it comes to TV mini led can’t complete still.

    • Mr2pint

      @Cameron Bosch Mini LED 👍

    • Cameron Bosch
      Cameron Bosch

      MicroLED isn't here yet, so you're wrong.