NEW Brydge Max+ vs Magic Keyboard - $100 Cheaper AND Better?
What's the Best M1 iPad Pro Keyboard in 2021? Apple's Magic Keyboard or Brydge's newly redesigned 12.9 Max+ keyboard? Let's find out!
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In this video, we compare the BEST keyboard cases for the iPad Pro, which are the Brydge Max+ and the Magic Keyboard.

We compare various things like the design, weight, thickness, portability, ports, keyboards, trackpads, gestures and more to figure out which keyboard case you should buy for your iPad Pro in 2021!

Timestamps ⬇️
Brydge 12.9 Max+ vs 12.9" Magic Keyboard - 00:00
Design Differences - 00:49
Ports & Charging - 04:30
Setup & Connection - 05:45
Keyboard Comparison - 06:33
Function Keys - 07:16
Trackpad Comparison - 08:28
Gesture Support - 09:35
Which Case Should YOU Buy? - 12:52

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  • Max Tech
    Max Tech

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    • Mac Gamer
      Mac Gamer

      Who tap their iPad like that

    • happycamperjack

      @Tech Fan I really hate how the keyboard flip to the back when holding or face the table top when in stand mode. The keyboard side gets dirty really fast

    • Tech Fan
      Tech Fan

      Try out the Logitech combo touch. It is very similar to the magic keyboard and connects with pin connector. (Very good and maybe better and cheaper than the magic keyboard)

    • Eric Rickman
      Eric Rickman

      $349. Nope.

    • happycamperjack

      I’d go for a proper protection case with stand + a wireless keyboard. Tried these keyboard case, really scared of carrying these in backpacks and pretty much useless at home.

  • essa alansari
    essa alansari

    Have more time on the product before you review them the brydge have a notch on the sides instead on the front

  • Jolene Elias
    Jolene Elias

    Do you know if you could use a clear magnetic protective case and still connect it to the Brydge case?

  • john macdonald
    john macdonald

    Apple fanboy....

  • Faiz Wahab
    Faiz Wahab

    Can you use the magic keyboard to play Genshin?

  • Kalpana Rajkumar
    Kalpana Rajkumar

    I think apple is gonna make an iPad magic keyboard with function rows for 500$

  • Kalpana Rajkumar
    Kalpana Rajkumar

    I got my brydge keyboard last week didn’t like it very much. Got my magic keyboard today. Couldn’t be happier


    I just bought an iPad Pro 12.9 and the seller included the Brydge Pro+ and I really like the design and feel and functions over my previous magic keyboard. The only reason(s) I just ordered the Max+ is because I miss the ability to easily remove the iPad and I can’t have a screen protector on while in the Pro+ because the hinge clamps are too tight.

  • Suleiman

    2:18 That is enough for me to decide not to buy it

  • Mani Dasoju
    Mani Dasoju

    Brydge is way better here and I guess the only thing that would be bad is that there’s no pass through. That just means you have to plug in the hard drive or device into the iPad directly…but that’s not too bad. The size and weight isn’t too bad since it just becomes a laptop at that point…which is basically is with a keyboard case.

  • Mark

    I believe it is laughable when Bluetooth technology is criticized when comparing Apple with Bluetooth keyboards. The issue isn't Bluetooth. The issue is iPadOS. I have used cheap and pricey keyboards and mice for years with Mac and Windows OS without issue. Apple needs to admit that the tablet OS is just that and keyboard accessories are an afterthought. Stop blaming Bluetooth for what most of us know to be an iPadOS issue.

  • Adipose Rex
    Adipose Rex

    The Bridge makes the tablet look like a laptop.

  • SHXDOW6447

    Duuuuuuude the Brydge keyboard looks like a legit MacBook :D.

  • Susan Pratt
    Susan Pratt

    I like the Magic Keyboard, and the I-Pad floats over the keyboard. But I wish they had added a function row, and that you can fold it back. Other than that I like the Magic Keyboard. I am glad that I spent the extra $100 for the Magic Keyboard.

  • John Ramhos
    John Ramhos

    What's a good 30-100 dollar option? I would never buy any keyboard for over $100! That's pure madness!

  • P T
    P T

    Just go ahead and buy the MacBook Pro. The iPad’s trying so hard to be something it isn’t.


    Why do u see apple to be the greatest tech giant u and your brother and sister always goes against other brands especially Samsung or android as a whole I have being watching u a lot but your videos are always base on apple devices be neutral in your videos like other tech youtubers

  • Victor Muthoka
    Victor Muthoka

    Tbh, I’ve looked at every competitor & the MKB is still the nest option for me. I *hate* that there are no top row shortcut keys as when I use my Mac I always rely on them, I wish the angles were more but I’ve come to accept that no one will be as easy to sue as the MKB even w/ the compromise I have to make. It is what it is, sadly.

  • Jay Perry
    Jay Perry

    Bluetooth only connection for the Bridge is a no go for me.. the Logitech Combo Touch is the only real other option that uses the on-board pins for connectivity.. I have little to very no noticeable battery drain with the Logitech Combo Touch, probably equal to the Magic keyboard.. Only downside is the trackpad is night and day better on the Magic keyboard, the Logitech one is serviceable but you know, you get what you pay for.

  • SkepticsR_us

    The lack of function keys on the Apple keyboard is a dealbreaker. How do you quickly turn down the volume? Or adjust screen brightness?

    • Matthew

      @SkepticsR_us would agree with you on that part. I actually ordered the Logitech Combo Touch for this.

    • SkepticsR_us

      @Matthew Not convinced. When an annoying ad appears, mid word in a sentence, I hit ONE key ONCE on my keyboard to silence it. And once again after the ad. I use this all the time on monetized CNhave videos.

    • Matthew

      Control center. If you think about it, it’s faster adjusting brightness and volume from there as you can quickly slide it all the way down or up then pressing keys multiple times.

  • Danny Boy
    Danny Boy

    This guy is just hating on the brydge keyboard bc he wants to justify his stupid magic keyboard thats pricy asf lmao.

  • Pouria Tolouei
    Pouria Tolouei

    Pls also do a comparison video for the new Logitech combo touch 12.9

  • Jacov

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  • Jacov

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  • Jacov

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  • Jacov

    for gaming M1 MacBook Air 7core GPU and 16gb Ram 256gb SSD, or 8 core GPU and 8 gb RAM 512gb SSD? These configs are about the same price!

  • Jacov

    for gaming M1 MacBook Air 7core GPU and 16gb Ram 256gb SSD, or 8 core GPU and 8 gb RAM 512gb SSD? These configs are about the same price!

  • Jacov

    for gaming M1 MacBook Air 7core GPU and 16gb Ram 256gb SSD, or 8 core GPU and 8 gb RAM 512gb SSD? These configs are about the same price!

  • Jacov

    for gaming M1 MacBook Air 7core GPU and 16gb Ram 256gb SSD, or 8 core GPU and 8 gb RAM 512gb SSD? These configs are about the same price!

  • Jacov

    for gaming M1 MacBook Air 7core GPU and 16gb Ram 256gb SSD, or 8 core GPU and 8 gb RAM 512gb SSD? These configs are about the same price!

  • PhoenixWrong

    This was the review I was waiting for before deciding! Thanks for such a thorough review!

  • LinuxHurts

    Logitech is the only CLEAR alternative case to the Magic Keyboard.

    • Victor Muthoka
      Victor Muthoka

      @Danny Boy yup. If this wasn’t Bluetooth, I’d seriously consider it.

    • Danny Boy
      Danny Boy

      no shit. they gave logitech the pass to use the stupid pin connector. give brydge the pass and watch them be the #1 go to for a keyboard.

  • George Senda
    George Senda

    Can you still use the screen protector on the upgraded Brydge ?

  • Tech Fan
    Tech Fan

    Try out the Logitech combo touch. It is very similar to the magic keyboard and connects with pin connector. (Very good and maybe better and cheaper than the magic keyboard)

  • Handy Man
    Handy Man

    The thing about Apple product is most of the time they got it right on the first try (so little to none noticeable drastic design changes). I guess they’re not shy on spending budget for R&D and pricing their stuffs so high.

  • Caden Churchill
    Caden Churchill

    A couple days ago I finally tried the Apple Magic keyboard case at Best Buy and was actually surprised at how much I didn’t like it. Got the Logitech Folio Touch, and while the actual keyboard switches don’t feel quite as good to type on, that’s literally the only thing I liked better about Apple’s case. Logitech’s has a taller trackpad, larger wrist rests, a function row, materials that both look and feel better, protects the iPad Pro better, and I love how I can flip the keyboard around and comfortably watch videos with my iPad in bed beside me or on my lap without the keyboard in the way. Not quite as comfortable as using like a standard tablet, but that’s something I very rarely do.

  • Autel Evo
    Autel Evo

    Please do a vid on the hp envy 15 ryzen 7 2021 model

  • D'Amore Karim
    D'Amore Karim

    Do the combo touch reviewww

  • Jason Boyce
    Jason Boyce

    Do a comparison with the Logitech Combo Touch

  • Hk

    Brydge is crap as usual . I wouldn’t pay 50 for this trash.

  • Samuel Lee
    Samuel Lee

    Pondered between these two (and the Logitech Combo Touch) for a while and decided to go with the Magic Keyboard. I do like the wider hinge angle of the Brydge but as you have also indicated, there were more benefits with the Magic Keyboard. Two key points for me too was I actually don't want the iPad to look like a laptop and the hover design (for me) was more interesting and I really like that the Magic Keyboard uses the Smart Connector (hence why I was also looking at the Logitech). Finally, I don't treat it necessary as a $100 (or AU$150 for me) more at the time of purchase but think about it as $100 over at least 3 years (which would be my minimal timeframe for this keyboard) and that's like a coffee a month!

  • finelinehaven

    Just get the 2021 Logitech Combo Touch keyboard case

  • Unicornboy La
    Unicornboy La

    OMG, spend 100 more, you do get more don't have to worry about the glitch and 2 you don't have to worry about the charging the keyboard

  • mango 305
    mango 305

    Can you do a review for the brydge air max+ for the ipad air 4th gen? Or would the same results apply?

  • JSL Review
    JSL Review

    Spending the extra $100 is way worth it - the trackpad on the Brydge keyboard will become something you wish wasn’t even there over time because of the glitch!

    • Chucky

      Glitch? Something they can fix with firmware release.

    • Danny Boy
      Danny Boy

      what glitch my friend...?

  • Daniel M.
    Daniel M.

    That seems like a horrible product. Horrible.Go away with that monster. Apple's MK is crazy expensive, but also a million times more elegant.

  • AJ G
    AJ G

    Spending a ridiculous amount of money on a keyboard, just get a laptop and use the tablet as a tablet

  • ksh kripasana
    ksh kripasana

    Watch this video in 1.25x or 1.5x. Life is short and valuable.

  • Rami D. P
    Rami D. P

    The keyboard that I use at my office costs 15 $ and is much better than both. (+ it has RGB Lighting).

  • Milo

    compare the MAX+ to Logitech's combo touch pls

  • yo wassup
    yo wassup


  • Marco Molinari Pérez
    Marco Molinari Pérez

    i would absolutely buy the bridge if they made a surface-like solution where you can detach the ipad with the upper part so you can paint or take notes. Is there a solution like that?

    • Nicolas B711
      Nicolas B711

      Unfortunately no, I have an iPad Air 4 and am hoping they release a Combo Touch for it like how they released the Logitech Folio Touch for Air 4 a few months after the Pro version.

    • Marco Molinari Pérez
      Marco Molinari Pérez

      @Nicolas B711 is it available for the ipad air 4?

    • Nicolas B711
      Nicolas B711

      Yes there is, it’s called the Logitech Combo Touch.

  • Vikhnesh AR
    Vikhnesh AR

    Compare the logitech Combo touch

    • Matthew

      I believe they already have a video on that. Combo Touch all the way!

  • Godong gedhang
    Godong gedhang

    Apple fan boys

  • Daniel Springer
    Daniel Springer

    Vadim, as per the comment on this video by the makers of this keyboard, you ought to make a second comparison video!

  • Stephen Miles
    Stephen Miles

    For someone like me who has a majorly screwed-up back and cannot currently lift anything more than 10 lbs (which is just sad, but it is what it is…) that 1/2 lb. does indeed make more of a difference than most might think!

  • numberIII5243

    When old goatee leaves a new one takes its spot and builds on itself

  • muku 200
    muku 200

    pls do comparison of dell xps 15 vs 17

  • VidaGoGo

    Proudly using my iPad Pro 11" 2018 with a new white Magic Keyboard (got rid of the wrinkled Folio). Decided to hang on for a while since the M1 iPad Pro didn't exactly impress me. Right now, 2018 has all I need. I guess the fact that I have an M1 MacBook Air and a 2020 iMac 5500XT is sinking in and finally telling me not to waste money on a rather useless new processor for iPadOS.

  • Robert Chen
    Robert Chen

    Brydge could use USB C to connect with other device, meanwhile magic keyboard sold $100 more expensive with only iPad connectivity. Shame on you, filthy Apple

  • Aditya Misra
    Aditya Misra

    Neither the accessories nor the main product ( iPad) makes any sense to me. If you have extra money and you can't find any place to use it, go with apple iPad, not only iPad is expensive but each and every accessories are expensive, that means their is lot of scope to spend money like water. IPad is by far most useless and expensive products I have seen in market.

  • Youtube Kullanıcısı
    Youtube Kullanıcısı

    Compare the Magic Keyboard to the new Logitech Combo Touch keyboard for the 12.9” which also uses the 3-pin Smart Connector on the back!

  • Colin Wilby
    Colin Wilby

    The Magic keyboard is way overpriced. It is too heavy and far from perfect. Even the Bridge is too expensive, it’s even heavier and not perfect by a long way. I would rather have a lighter touch screen laptop or separate keyboard. It a real shame you cannot get a touch screen Apple laptop.

    • Colin Wilby
      Colin Wilby

      @Theee Chosen One Apple makes a huge thing about thin and light, so .5 lbs or more is a big deal. All that I said is the truth, if you cannot take that and your only response is petty insults, you had just better keep quiet.

    • Theee Chosen One
      Theee Chosen One

      Dude. It looks like you work out. .5lbs ain't going to kill you. Your WWII grandpa would be facepalming himself. :P

  • Year 93
    Year 93

    I was on the fence about this one. Glad I ended up getting the Apple Magic Keyboard, my only gripe with it is that it marks too easily

    • Victor Muthoka
      Victor Muthoka

      Try the DBrand skins for it. Should help protect it though at a hefty fee for what they are.

  • iStudio

    Also, you can still use Bluetooth and do other tasks while using the Magic Keyboard.

    • mmdday

      ? bluetooth is not one device only

  • Lhenz Lim
    Lhenz Lim

    Thanks but no thanks! Ill go for the Magic Keyboard. Less hasstle and looks better.

  • Jacky Haruhiko
    Jacky Haruhiko

    Bluetooth keyboard is no-go. Complete waste of the smart connector.

  • Robbie Vengence
    Robbie Vengence

    Bridge lost me at Bluetooth

    • Unicornboy La
      Unicornboy La

      for real, and you have to worry about charging 2 pieces when you get hte bridge.

  • Darrin Lin
    Darrin Lin

    brydge should have gone with a smart connector instead of bluetooth. they went through all the effort to make it work magnetically but you still gotta pair the darn thing manually which is annoying. And it also means you have to unpair the keyboard too when you take the ipad off the keyboard itself to use touch screen keyboard otherwise it still thinks you're using the physical keyboard

    • Darrin Lin
      Darrin Lin

      @Alexander Stock yeah but it still sucks. If you take the iPad off you have to make sure the keyboard is disconnected or off so you can get the on screen keyboard like you expect. Otherwise it won’t give you a keyboard at all cause ipados thinks you’re typing from the brydge even after you detached it.

    • Alexander Stock
      Alexander Stock

      Pretty sure you only have to pair it once.

  • JustVids

    If the Brydge ever adds the Smart connector and leaves the battery for extra battery life, and add a USB-A, they’ll really have something.

  • Garage Gym Guru
    Garage Gym Guru

    I don’t like the magic keyboard and I’ve had it since it came out. It doesn’t work well on your lap or anything other then a table. Hate the look, key set up and way it “floats”. Looking forward to the new Brydge.

  • E R
    E R

    hmm why brydge even made this case? it killed the purpose of tablet already. I would just buy a MBA if I want that form factor. I would choose the magic keyboard though it's overpriced, at least it serves the purpose of tablet and portable keyboard cover.

  • Jake Kennedy
    Jake Kennedy

    Best part about the new 11 inch is it’s the same Magic Keyboard as the 2020. Bought a new one for $160.

  • xFirst xLast
    xFirst xLast

    Ck your local Costco, I got the prior 12.9 Apple magic keyboard for $200 closeout for my M1 12.9. And they had the 12.9 M1 $50 off and 2y Apple+ care for $115 in stock this week.

  • Etoi Randolph
    Etoi Randolph

    I would rather have the Logitech touch combo than the brydge. They both cost the same but i think the Logitech uses the back connector instead of Bluetooth.

    • Lightning Gamer
      Lightning Gamer

      @Дима Good to know :) I heard otherwise but hey if they got that available that would be awesome. I read they want to see what they can get out of bluetooth which is fine and dandy c:

    • Дима

      @Lightning Gamer SmartConnector is not a closed technology. Brydge can license it from Apple and use in their own products. They decided to not to.

    • Lightning Gamer
      Lightning Gamer

      Correct the Logitech uses the same smart connector as the Magic Keyboard does and I believe that’s because Logitech has either a partnership or connection with Apple to use the design :)

  • Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson

    I like the Brydge for the money.

  • Jokjacks Comp
    Jokjacks Comp

    OMG !!! They definitely saw my comment, thank you for this vid ❤️

  • Hamada

    Watching with m1 iPad feels goood

  • Mark Louie Adame
    Mark Louie Adame

    Brydge need to slim down their form factor they are doing good on the dock like shaved it down to 2-3 milimeter and can go 180degrees angle I am sold

  • Danie Bello
    Danie Bello

    I never really understood screen protectors for iPad. i’ve never scratched mine. and i’m not like throwing bare into my pockets or a bag. I have the otterbox symmetry series 360 elite which has the folio cover for when i’m not using the ipad. I feel like that’s all you need

  • Bill

    Is the Brydge more wobbly than the MK if you touch the screen? The weight is kind of a deal killer vs. the MK, which I think is already too heavy. I have a 2020 MK with a 2021 iPP 12.9". Comparing it to my old/dead 12" MacBook, now that was light (though very, very slow performing) I miss the thin/light weight of that device! Finally, the trackpad on the Brydge looks not to be ready for prime time. That is too bad. At least the Logitech Combo has a connection like the MK.

  • Brian Z
    Brian Z

    Does bridge make the plus for 11 pro iPad?

  • alperen ozturk
    alperen ozturk

    Ipad keyboards are getting more bulky, heavy and large. Ipads should be compact, lightweight and small. Otherwise you have to carry a semi-computer which is heavier and bulkier than your laptop.

    • Christopher C.
      Christopher C.

      That's the usual tradeoff though of something modular vs. something where everything is integrated. It "should" be heavier and bulkier than a similarly sized laptop, because the laptop will not have a removable "screen"... There's also considerably more tech in an iPad Pro vs. a macBook Air at this point (cameras, mini LED screen tech, touch digitizer, faceID, etc).

  • Amir Kavousi
    Amir Kavousi

    I have a video idea for you guys ,compare M1 MBA performance and battery life with low power mode enabled ( macOS Monterey ) and without low power enabled Nobody has done this before

  • Dev Up
    Dev Up

    Logitech combo touch case is the only iPad case you need...and can afford.

    • Дима

      The kickstand on the Logitech keyboard is a big minus. I often need to use iPad in small space or on a narrow tables, the kickstand will get in a way.

    • JustVids

      I was super excited about it and it was just too cumbersome on the 12.9 for me. I’m a big guy and have had no problem using kickstand cases in my lap and the Combo touch on the 12.9 just barely fit. I ended up going with the MK.

    • HellNaw

      Literally only 20 dollars cheaper than the Brydge lol

  • Mamo

    Does the 'click' on the trackpad even really matter when you can just use tap to click instead?

  • venom5809

    LOL this is almost the same price as the Magic Keyboard so just go ahead and get the real thing.

  • micu sorin
    micu sorin

    A 3rd one like Logitech’s would have been nice

  • Dancing Elf Productions
    Dancing Elf Productions

    For 5th gen ipad pros the Logitech is way better then both. Lighter with more options.

  • crspy

    Not gonna lie, for a long time I thought you were just growing and shaving your beard every video.

  • 8654 Zulu Foxtrot
    8654 Zulu Foxtrot

    Buy nice, or buy twice! Soooooo, save $100 and get something not as capable, nowhere near as nice, tips over easily, etc., etc., etc....... Save the extra money for the Magic.

  • Irza Liando
    Irza Liando

    I could buy another iPad for the price of Magic Keyboard.

    • Kadmac

      Buy it used. Just bought mine for the 12.9 for $200 off ebay. Works and looks great.

  • 118 62 Druhin Rathore
    118 62 Druhin Rathore

    I’d recommend the Logitech folio touch or combo touch over the others only because they’re cheaper and use the same magnetic connector. No setup required and so it feels very seamless. Trust me once u ve used it u don’t wanna go back to the Bluetooth process…..

    • zgoaty92

      I’m currently using the Folio Touch on my 11” M1 iPad Pro and my only real complaint is that the speaker cutouts don’t quite line up properly so some of the speaker holes get blocked, but other than that it works just the same that it did when I had the A12X 11” iPad Pro. I definitely agree with you in that having a physical connection to the iPad makes the overall usability of typing and functions on the iPad that much better.

  • SeattleDude

    Trying to make ipad pro a computer is still like trying to make abacus a calculator, at least for now. Only Apple can do it.

  • Fire Snake
    Fire Snake

    Why should anyone buy sth expensive when can't effort accessories Wtf

  • Brydge

    @MaxTech thanks for covering the 12.9 MAX+. Great to see such a detailed side by side. We don’t usually comment on reviews, but we believe there are a few points covered that could be confusing and misleading people. - We strongly recommend not using assistive touch. Just like on the Magic keyboard and the Logi Combo touch, turning this on significantly impacts the experience of a true multi-touch trackpad. We don't recommend using it at all. - We can see in the early stages of the review, there was a perceived difference between iPadOS 14.6 and iPadOS 15 BETA. In reality there is none as long as Assistive Touch turned off. We are excited to see how iPadOS 15 BETA evolves between now and launch. - Pinch and zoom, great pick up! Our testing, while comprehensive, clearly didn't cover extremely fast actions like demonstrated in the video and as a result we did not pick it up. This is an easy fix and one we will address. - Given the MAX+ will be shipping with the latest firmware, updating with Brydge Connect is not immediately necessary. Like Logi, we have our App to enable updates in the future to ensure the experience is always the best it can be. We do not see this as a negative, but a positive. As stated earlier, we avoid commenting on unbiased reviews as we want people to come to their own conclusions on our product. However, in this instance we wanted to make sure the facts were made clear. We hope this clears up some of the questions we have seen coming in.

    • Brydge

      @Max Tech Something isn’t adding up here. re: Assistive Touch. There should definitely be a significant difference. If not, it sounds like you have the wrong FW (possible the engineering team didn’t update it before sending it to you). We’ve emailed you directly to so we can sort it out!

    • Max Tech
      Max Tech

      Ah yes, I tried it both ways, with and without Assistivetouch and it didn't seem to change anything. iPadOS 15 did seem to have glitches for us so we're gonna try it again with another version of it. Glad you guys fixed the pinch to zoom. Otherwise, great job on the 12.9 Max+! Definitely works much better this year. Awesome that you guys made the trackpad larger. The keyboard feels great! Very good job on the hinge and magnetic snap system. Works very well. Good job!

    • Max Tech
      Max Tech

      @Brydge Great job, guys, looks good!

    • Daniel Springer
      Daniel Springer

      Vadim, as per the comment on this video by the makers of this keyboard, you ought to make a second comparison video!

    • Дима

      I would really like to see you using Smart connector instead of BLE5 for your keyboard. I don’t want to remember to charge the keyboard battery; I don’t want extra weight and bulk of the battery; I don’t want to deal with BLE drivers; I don’t want wireless connection when there’s reliable wired connection available. While it’s OK to develop a generic Bluetooth keyboard that will work across devices, this particular keyboard is fitted for only one device, so any advantages of Bluetooth connection are mute.

  • Tom Hardy
    Tom Hardy

    DUDE! It’s “HUNDRED”! You don’t need to say “A hundred”, lol. Man this was an awesome review but that shit kills me every time I hear somebody do it 😂

    • Daniel Springer
      Daniel Springer

      Your Romanian must be great

  • im3sixty

    No smart connector = No magic

  • 15heartz

    The Magic keyboard should have had headphone jack……

  • neu3

    "In that case...". Touché.