AirPods Pro vs WF-1000XM4 vs Galaxy Buds Pro: Best Buds?
We compare basically EVERYTHING between the AirPods Pro, Sony's New WF-1000XM4 and Galaxy Buds Pro true wireless earbuds to see which pair is the BEST in 2021!
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AirPods Pro vs WF-1000XM4 vs Galaxy Buds Pro - 00:00
Prices Compared - 0:17
Case Size & Portability - 0:57
Design & Build Quality Comparison - 1:23
Battery Life of Cases & Charging - 2:11
Fine Details/Battery life/Weight of Earbuds - 3:12
Design of Earbuds Compared - 3:56
In-Ear Comfort Comparison - 4:22
Sound Quality Comparison - 5:54
Active Noise Cancellation & Ambient Mode Compared - 7:40
Extra Features & Software - 8:20
Touch vs Stem Controls Compared - 9:18
Which Truly Wireless Earbuds to Buy in 2021? - 9:43

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  • Rahadil Pp
    Rahadil Pp

    I am using buds for many months i dont feel any issues only you have best earbud is Samsung you don't know comparing things

  • Rahadil Pp
    Rahadil Pp

    Only aipods

  • Rahadil Pp
    Rahadil Pp


  • Rahadil Pp
    Rahadil Pp

    You support only airpods what man🤬

  • Rahadil Pp
    Rahadil Pp

    Samsung best

  • Farzad Fotouhi
    Farzad Fotouhi

    Hey I'm considering buying a pair of earbuds. I looking for good sound quality, good bass, comfort, extra features. My options are galxy buds+, galaxy buds pro, Sennheiser CX and Sennheiser CX 400bt. which is best for me? or you might think of another option (under 200$). please help me to choose the best earbud. best regards.

  • Amir Torhan
    Amir Torhan

    Sound quality on Airpods pro is completely garbage imo, completely lacks low end, and mids are decent but most music sounds terrible with them.

  • Yuv Boghani
    Yuv Boghani

    This is some biased bullshit

  • Desert

    Last year only earpods pro had wireless charching? I have the 1.gen Galaxy Buds and even they have it.

  • KenshiKensei

    Short summary of the video : Airpods pro Airpods pro Airpods pro Airpods pro Airpods pro Airpods pro Airpods pro Airpods pro Airpods pro Airpods pro Airpods pro Airpods pro Airpods pro Airpods pro Airpods pro Airpods pro Airpods pro Airpods pro Airpods pro Airpods pro Airpods pro Airpods pro Airpods pro Airpods pro Airpods pro Airpods pro Airpods pro Airpods pro Airpods pro Airpods pro Airpods pro Airpods pro Airpods pro Airpods pro Airpods pro Airpods pro Airpods pro Airpods pro Airpods pro Airpods pro Airpods pro Airpods pro Airpods pro Airpods pro Airpods pro Airpods pro Airpods pro Airpods pro Airpods pro Airpods pro Airpods pro Airpods pro Airpods pro

  • KidIDub

    L Video

  • Dr1zzy Gaming
    Dr1zzy Gaming

    This guy is an obvious Apple fanboy. Lmao. He literally researched deeper on the Airpods.

  • Jussi Mattsen
    Jussi Mattsen

    I love my buds pro but the fit on them is awful and the fact you can't get 3rd party tips for them is a major con.

  • Lukas Rohrmoser
    Lukas Rohrmoser

    Airpods pro feel the most comfortable because they barely hang on to your ear and tend to fall out. Comfort doesn't do much when they don't do their job at staying in the ear. Galaxy buds pro get in there and stay there, with the airpods pro i always found myself adjusting then because they got loose or felt like they are about to fall out

  • Helios Animations
    Helios Animations

    God this is disgustingly biased, the galaxy bud line has had wireless charging for years, not just the airpods, real bad

  • PREECH Avangelist
    PREECH Avangelist

    Wow, that was the most accurate best review ever bro

  • Mouad Jmari
    Mouad Jmari

    Really really bad comparison with false informations. Biased.

  • KickAssets

    I hate Apple, and the XM4s suck for i guess im stuck with Samsung....wonder what their weakness is.

  • DiverseIZ

    When I saw the iPhone and the Mac computer I just washed my hands from the video and said Airpods is the airport here. Crappy iSheep Apple fanboy!

  • Demacoy Walters
    Demacoy Walters

    I have both the Airpods Pros and the Buds Pro and the Buds Pro is faaaaaaaaaaaaaar superior to the Airpods pro When it comes to sound😂. As for ANC, they're both comparable, at one point I thought the Buds Pro had better anc after the first update that fixed it's terrible out of the box ANC...... The only negative part of the buds pro is the iffy fit... and you didn't even touch on that...... as a Samsung user the Airpods pro cuts out on me often and it's soooooo annoying it's not even funny; it feels weird when that happens. Also..... the call quality is a little better on the Buds Pro than the Airpods Pro. I don't trust your opinions.... delete this video 😐

  • Demacoy Walters
    Demacoy Walters


  • Ken Kondo
    Ken Kondo

    omg, this guy🙂

  • Julio Moreno
    Julio Moreno


  • Ishan Singh
    Ishan Singh

    This is easily one of the fakest, most biased review I have ever seen.

  • robert hodges
    robert hodges

    Idk why I clicked on this video, never seen such a blatant apple fan boy.

  • Mohammed Rameez
    Mohammed Rameez

    Its already proven by other youtubers thats samsung buds pro r the best. I dont trust this review

  • John

    Bro. Airpods pro aren't even in the same league as the other two brands. A solid 75% of what Apple is using came from those other two brands as well. Obvious biased reviewer crapple trash.

  • DH Wardani
    DH Wardani

    This dude shouldn’t be reviewing tech, I don’t think he understands the diff between actual good tech from overhyped crap

  • Colridge Chestnut
    Colridge Chestnut

    You did not mention microphone quality at all. This is an important factor for people too.

  • ItzSebas

    If you want to know which is better, watch out Oluv Gadgets for a better review. I don't trust any of these CNhavers anymore 🤷🏻‍♂️


    This is the most biased channel i have ever seen

  • Swifty Lab Apps
    Swifty Lab Apps

    This has to be one of the worst review channels

  • Mark Anthony
    Mark Anthony

    Airpod pros arent great for the price you pay for. They are the most convenient out of the 3 for sure. I have and tested both of them. Sony is by far the best sounding. AirPods loudness/quality falters within a year forcing you to buy more. Sony's foam eartips arent for everyone also everyone has unique ears. If the foam eartips are an issue buy some other ones they are inexpensive. If your looking for AMAZING ANC and SOUND QUALITY go for the sony, you get what you pay for.

  • You know me...
    You know me...

    How come Air Pods pro are so terrible sound no one takes about it?

  • tommy lee
    tommy lee

    Galaxy buds live is the best So comfortable in the ear


    Hey! Whats up . Have you paired apple air pod pro to Android device? When you are comparing try to compare with both ios and Android to know which works perfect with both . And let us know . We'll I already done with sony and it work with ios and Android perfect

  • DoMiNiC AYCH
    DoMiNiC AYCH

    I'm a Galaxy Buds Pro owner the Magnet is way too strong and didn't even fall from case

  • Lutfor Rahman Emin
    Lutfor Rahman Emin

    Do you take money from apple???🥴🥱

  • Salar Sali
    Salar Sali

    i dont trust this channel ... its fan baised from the very start i noticed that he wants to raise the airpod pro.

  • IB S
    IB S

    Report them as well

  • IB S
    IB S

    Please guys "comments readers" don't continue watching the video, so they can't earn money from us watching.. cuz they're biased and liars

  • IB S
    IB S

    Liar as always .. galaxy buds have always supported wireless charging even before Apple.. biased liar deceiving Chanelle

  • Arquell Eastland
    Arquell Eastland

    I've always preferred your brother's videos, you've always been biased towards Apple. It's ridiculous.

  • Lokesh Chauhan
    Lokesh Chauhan

    @Gamesky is the Best TWS reviewer on CNhave from last 5-6 years straight.

  • Lokesh Chauhan
    Lokesh Chauhan

    Feels like I have to unsubscribe you now

  • Lokesh Chauhan
    Lokesh Chauhan

    Day by day degrading content with Honesty.... Your greed is destroying your reputation.

  • Lokesh Chauhan
    Lokesh Chauhan

    Not Honest Review👎🏻... Totally biased ....What else could we expect from a person dependent on Apple products paid review & sale comission.

  • Kiki

    Been awhile since I've seen such a biased review channel. An active one at that

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy

    I don't care about cases the music matters

  • Randon

    I had both sony wf 1000xm4 and galaxy buds pro, and galaxy buds pro to me was way louder and richer. Coming from an android user. 💯💪🏽

  • Chris Kelly
    Chris Kelly

    This video gave me the impression it was reviewed from a predominantly Apple users point of view, rather than a balanced one.

  • Howard Davidson
    Howard Davidson

    I’m a musician and singer guitarist who has had a home studio and have used professional cans.In my opinion out of my stock of a dozen pairs of earbuds the The Apple EarPods are absolutely rubbish, sound is week you have to keep pushing them in your ear as they work there way out of the ears they also have those stupid stems that are easy to knock out your ears.Out of all the earbuds I’ve tried and owned the Galaxy Bud lives have the most complete rounded sound and feel comfortable in your ears.The Sony’s are not bad but on some tracks are not loud enough and they are not that comfortable.This review is so biased towards all Apple products it’s laughable.In fairness the noise cancellation of the Galaxy buds is not great but not much different from the Apple pros.I don’t use these on an aircraft or a bus I listen to music in a quiet environment but with the TV on in the other room I still don’t hear it.It depends how you listen to music and how you listen to the vocal balance and the nuance and balance of the instruments.

  • Average Joe
    Average Joe

    Samsung has trouble, or cannot connect, with iOS. Thats a big problem if you have a Apple phone.

  • Aaron Cabalo
    Aaron Cabalo

    Wait, Sony WF-1000XM4 has the longest battery life compare with the 2 even with ANC on. Just a correction. 🤙

  • Michael Smiler
    Michael Smiler

    Your channel is the worst review channel on CNhave dumb... did you see the force u used to shake the buds pro and the light shake u gave to the air pods and also samsung always had wireless charge. Did you research your video at all.. I'm never watching ur channel again...😅😅😅 You are a disappointment to youtube reviewers...i hope your account gets banned 😆

  • Leonardo Emmanuel Torres Diosdado
    Leonardo Emmanuel Torres Diosdado

    Yo tuve los airpods pro y con ninguna gomita me senti comodo, después de una hora me dolían los odios. En conclucion: no se dejen llevar por las reviews, todas las orejas son distintas y no vas a saber si se adaptan a ti hasta que los tengas

  • Rhys L
    Rhys L

    Got the buds pro free with my s21 and think they blow the airpods away on pure sound. Amazing to me that you think the opposites. Not even close as the airpods sound hollow in the mids and weak in the low end in comparison. I have just got the sonys and agree they are the best of the 3 but I'm returning them as my melomania touch beat them easily on pure sound which is most important to me.

  • BibleMission Office
    BibleMission Office

    Fact:- He's an apple fanboy, so he particularly supports airpods pro even that galaxy buds are best in sound quality and it's the industry leading buds.

  • bennie morris jr
    bennie morris jr

    I notice he did cover the app for the samsung that make them sound amazing since I see he a apple person.

  • Dadams

    this man reviews like all he did was watch other reviews then make them more negative to sony and samsung. like my dude, all i gotta say is half your compliments to apple were things that are horrifically untrue

  • 지나가는 사람
    지나가는 사람

    i had the gala xy buds pro but ive recently lost the earbuds pro so i'm thinking of buying the new earbuds pro or the sony m4 please let me know

  • IlPaandalI

    And Samsung also has the same as Apple if you have a Samsung device and open your headphones they pair automatically 🙄 get you information correct

  • IlPaandalI

    You have alot of settings for the buds so if you really want more mids you can change some settings

  • Chris Azzara
    Chris Azzara

    Your old video comparing Air-pods pro with Galaxy bud Pro you advise the sound quality is better on the Galaxy Buds Pro. In this video you have changed your mind and now Air-pods Pro are the better sounding buds..... seems you don't come to the same conclusion why is this ?

  • MrPiootr81

    We can talk hours about buds..but where audio examples ??? we can talk ..but listen half minute and know everything.

  • Jeancarlo Santolalla
    Jeancarlo Santolalla

    Is this an Apple channel? lmao

  • Dheeraj Sharma
    Dheeraj Sharma

    iPhones users should go for AirPods Pro only....

  • Mentendo Power
    Mentendo Power

    Dude's full of shit. The sound mix on the Buds pro have neutral mids, as anything that forms a seal in or on your ear would. Airpods just sit in your ear, don't confuse their open nature for boosted vocals, anything would sound like that if it had a weak seal as it's the most forward sound in a flat EQ.

  • chethan hn
    chethan hn

    What a baised review dumb review

  • Nipun Sharma
    Nipun Sharma

    The galaxy buds pro I have are the worst earbuds I have ever used. They hurt my ears and I can't wear them for more than an hour at a stretch. It has been a week and I haven't yet managed to make them not hurt my ears. Secondly, the bass distorts at max volume on these. I listened to Boom by Tiesto and the driver felt as if they let our air. Thirdly, the sound is only enjoyable at ANC toggled on. At ANC off it becomes weirdly narrow and the bass disappears. Despite all these negatives, they get universal praise. Samsung has some really deep pockets and reviewers are too happy to oblige.

  • Jason Ramirez
    Jason Ramirez

    I don't know what you're talking about because galaxy always had wireless charging from day one. Get your facts right

  • Monkey Guy80
    Monkey Guy80

    Apple Airpods Pro are still the Best.

  • LegendaryAndi

    The Buds Pro have better ANC than Airpods Pro

  • Capital Cabs
    Capital Cabs

    Airpods pro gang ✌️👍 👇 push it

  • Elric G
    Elric G

    This review was paid by apple👀

  • Evan Rodgers
    Evan Rodgers

    The Sonys looks and sound great, but I doubt they’d be comfortable to wear for 8 hours straight. Memory foam ear cap is a major disappointment.

  • speedybullterrier_123 1
    speedybullterrier_123 1

    I think apple paid him to say these

  • speedybullterrier_123 1
    speedybullterrier_123 1

    This guy kinda stupid ngl

  • Sanazlol

    I have the first generation AirPods and honestly i can feel the quality difference between them and my regular earbuds,and they’re super convinced.pretty much one of the best purchases i’ve ever made.


    I had a premonition that when I started this video..I'm going to hear airpods pro all the time...

  • Bamaboy Burns
    Bamaboy Burns

    I have the AirPod pros they are decent just wish they had a few more options

  • Udit Tewari
    Udit Tewari

    Galaxy buds pro are better than airpods pro in sound quality,Anc is not that good.

  • Jiamie Kori
    Jiamie Kori

    The review sounds biased towards Airpods Pro

  • Barbary Lion
    Barbary Lion

    Waiting for the airpods pro 2

  • Darky

    What do you suggest for buds for conference/vocal calls ? So having them for a long time, while being sit (long term comfort) but good sound restriction to not have to much high to not have headache after a while

  • Desmond miles
    Desmond miles

    Can i have the airpods pro?? Pleeeaaase…😁

  • iTech Lover
    iTech Lover

    Sony xm4 has come 1 year after airpods little improvement may come. It's not a big deal. Airpods pro still impresses by every angle.

  • Shaurya Kedia
    Shaurya Kedia

    in my experience AirPods Pro go for 5 - 5.5 hrs not 4.5

  • Shaurya Kedia
    Shaurya Kedia

    lightning is a good port not bad also for iOS users it is superior as tht means they only need 1 charger for phone and earphones

  • Gamingjustforfun

    galaxy buds had wireless charging 2:40 🤔 in 2019?

  • Crytra

    I've got iphone and I purchased the Sony WF-1000XM4 and they sound not as good compared to the normal Apple airpods wired I have. And Sony's hurts my ears which is not comfortable because it is hard and bulky. I will return the Sony and go for Apple Airpod Pro next and I already got the feeling that they will be much more comfortable and high sound quality than the Sony's. So my conclusion is: If you got iPhone stop thinking just buy Apple airpods for your iPhone.

  • NKChannel

    The only reason your saying samsung worst because your apple and trying get rid of samsung

  • Fred Mertz
    Fred Mertz

    Whiny and just a Apple fanboy. Damn shame he is such a girly man and the Sony's hurt his precious ears. What a punk

  • TheLillee00723

    Wow. Who would have known they would recommend the AirPods. LOL!

    • Crytra

      Ofc if you got Iphone + sensitive ears => Airpods win.

  • vishal kandwal
    vishal kandwal

    Sony: your payment has been cleared 👍 You may start with the review now


    An absolute eye opener & the only unbiased video of these headphones so far !

  • Niggle W
    Niggle W

    The XM4 are the best!

  • Heidi S
    Heidi S

    Airpods pro are not comfortable the older galaxy buds plus feel he most comfortable

  • Humzah Salman
    Humzah Salman

    I love my buds pro they are very comfortable because I'm used to them

  • Jason N. Miller
    Jason N. Miller

    Another excellent comparison video that I’m sure Money will appreciate. A few of my experiences are different, however. The Sony WF-1000XM4 definitely have the advantage when it comes to sound quality and configurability with the EQ. Undoubtedly, the noise cancellation on the Sonny’s is absolutely superior to anything that Samsung offers right now, and certainly more capable than the AirPods Pro. The transparency mode on the Sony’s is surprisingly good. I really feel that Sony has matched the transparency mode on the XM4 to that of the AirPods Pro. For battery life, it is not even a contest. Wearing the Sony earbuds from 6 PM yesterday until 2am I hit the 20% mark on the Sony headphones without slipping them into the charging case a single time. Even the microphone came on the Sony has improved enough from the last model but I’m using them primarily. The AirPods Pro are still better for a phone call quality, their microphones are simply better, but the Sony‘s are now good enough that I receive no complaints. With the impressive app features of the Sony buds, they are the go-to earbuds for me now. Make no mistake, the AirPods all require an app just like any other high end earbuds. The difference is that the AirPods app is integrated into iOS such that it’s effectively hidden. Plus, it doesn’t even exist for Android users.