How Apple will FIX Gaming with M1X MacBook Pros!
Apple's M1 Macs have been KILLING IT, with the only current flaw being gaming performance.. But the M1X MacBook Pros are gonna CHANGE that! Here's how Apple will FIX Gaming!
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In this video, I discuss how Apple's upcoming M1X 14 and 16" MacBook Pros are gonna be KILLER gaming laptops, even right when they launch.

I also discuss the current problems we have with gaming like the lack of bootcamp Windows support and DRM-level anti-cheat systems, and I give an explanation of how those issues will be dealt with.

I then show you guys the potential performance of the 16 and 32-core GPU's on the M1X MacBook Pros.

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  • Flash

    The reason why Apple will be able to match this extreme level of gaming performance without an excessive power and cooling system is that Apple's M-series chips are dramatically more efficient (like, really really dramatic). To understand why this is, a basic knowledge of electrical components and electricity is generally required, so I'll try to explain it as best as I can in simple terms. The M-series chips have the highest performance per watt rating in any CPU, meaning for every single watt of power it uses, the performance outputted is greater than any chip out there. Think of it like a garden hose filling up a 1000 gallon bucket, VS those firefighter hoses filling up that same 1000 gallon bucket; clearly the firefighter hose is bigger in diameter, so that will allow water to be accumulated in the bucket faster, but the part that makes it efficient is for every second or minute that goes by, that firefighter hose fills up the bucket by around 4x-6x more than the regular garden hose. Coming back from the analogy, this is what essentially allows the M1 chip to remain cool, unthrottled, and have such long battery life. Does it thermal throttle sometimes in a fanless enclosure? Very rarely, because the chip is so fast and efficient that its CPU can process the task quickly enough that it won't be running for an extended period of time to allow thermal throttling in the first place. Now imagine Apple doing all of this on a larger scale for the rumored M1X Chip; it's a genius move, and we have the iPhone and iPad to thank for all of this because those devices started Apple's relentless focus on packaging extreme power in a mobile and efficient manner. (Really proves the haters wrong when they used to say "an iPhone isn't fast enough to handle games.") With all of that said, the M1X will likely be able to handle RTX 3070 games thanks to its efficiency, raw performance, as well as instant unified memory access. However, one issue remains, as developers will need to start bringing their games over to the Mac, allowing for users to simply download and get right to playing them. I think that if Apple invests a ton of money into gaming, markets these Macs for their incredible performance within popular games, and can demonstrate just how much consumers love the new Macs through market share, then game developers will have no choice but to begin developing native versions of their games on M-series Macs. If you think about it, this truly is a MASTER plan. Apple has an entire ecosystem of devices, so if a few developers bring their games to the Mac, that will trigger a snowball effect of other developers doing the same. In a blink of a moment's notice, you'll have Triple AAA gaming available not just on these Macs, but on iPads and iPhones too, as they all share the same Apple Silicon ARM architecture, with hardware and software also being integrated across the board. Genius, and it'll take years (I mean YEARS!) for other companies to challenge this. Making chips as efficient and powerful as Apple's is hard by itself, now imagine having to duplicate Apple's tight integration of diverse hardware products with extremely mature and polished software. That's not even mentioning the market share and brand perception of consumers, which by itself takes years to create.

    • Daniel Virrey
      Daniel Virrey

      @Peter Edwards bro stop the cap already 😐

    • Youtube Kullanıcısı
      Youtube Kullanıcısı

      @Emmanouil Filippidis Your second mistake is to compare desktops, consoles, and laptops. Consoles will always offer way better price/performance than desktops (for the first few years) and *especially* laptops. A laptop will always see overpriced if you compare it spec by spec (which, even if it is “spec by spec” it’ll still be slower) to a desktop. So it’s not really a fair or valid comparison there. We’re talking about a laptop that offers the most polished experience out there, with all the creature comforts that I’ve listed in my comment above, and has power that will let you most AAA games at their max settings, everywhere you go. A Razer Blade with similar but still not on par overall build quality will probably cost more, because Razer has to pay the Intel and Nvidia tax, while Apple only has to pay for the R&D (which they can spread the cost of it by putting the M1X inside across a lot of other Macs) and pay TSMC for the manufacturing cost. And I’m not making all of these up, that’s exactly what happened with the M1 Macbook Air and Macbook Pro, both of them going for cheaper than their *real* competition. So no, if you compare these future Macs to what you really should compare them to, other laptops that try to match them in terms of general build quality, they won’t be overpriced, and if you do call them overpriced you will be a blind hater.

    • Youtube Kullanıcısı
      Youtube Kullanıcısı

      @Emmanouil Filippidis Yeah but you also have to acknowledge that you won’t be getting the other creature comforts on that $2K Mac on the Acer Nitro 5. The super large and comfortable trackpad that clicks anywhere on its surface, the awesome Dolby Atmos speakers, the Spatial Audio, the M1-enhanced (and probably soon to be 1080p) webcam, the great microphones, the stiffest aluminum chassis on the market, way better keyboard, way more color accurate and brighter (and soon to be 120Hz ProMotion VRR) screen, the more polished UI, etc.

    • Hans Moran
      Hans Moran

      @J L fool doesn't mean crazy I just meant it as "you're wrong," since the chip is not going to be that powerful. Have a good day aswell

    • J L
      J L

      @Hans Moran oh ok u right it might not be that good But why u using such harsh language I’ll be happy to to argue on a fun topic like this-tech But you don’t have to make it sound like I’m a crazy person or something lol Either way I hope you’re having a good day And If not i hope it becomes amazing Much love brother

  • AmanDeep

    But still gaming tweaks , customizations , rgb ... Nah I'm on windows :)

  • elitelong

    Even 2000$ would be too much for me

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Pls stop that fake laugh every few seconds its very annoying

  • Mark Valdez
    Mark Valdez

    What a great time to be alive!

  • Mein Deutschkurs
    Mein Deutschkurs

    Please reduce redundancy!!! I like your vidz once a month,

  • Reviews Now
    Reviews Now

    We need good GPUs

  • Jeremiah Bromell
    Jeremiah Bromell

    Power isn’t the issue. It’s content. Companies don’t make game for Mac because typically people who buy Macs don’t game.

  • Louis Broomes
    Louis Broomes

    And cue disappointment in 5…4…3…2…

  • Kim Jun
    Kim Jun

    all i need is red dead redemption on macbook with good performance. then i buy it

  • Thuan Nguyen
    Thuan Nguyen

    this makes me so happy!!

  • PurushaDesa

    Sorry but this particular carrot has been dangled before me too many times. Apple already has a gaming platform in Arcade and it demonstrates their complete disinterest in this sector, not even creating a separate UI fully decoupled from the App Store. They just don’t consider gamers part of the Apple customer base. If they did, they would’ve pursued those deals with devs and reoriented their marketing long before now.

  • Rodrigo Ruiz
    Rodrigo Ruiz

    Why would I by a Mac if I'm to switch it to Windows OS? The main reason we love Mac is the OS... Better off just buying a cheaper Windows PC.

  • frosty_shark

    This channel is a snake oil salesman for Apple fan boys. These dudes will literally tell you every fantasy an Apple fan boy has ever had but people living in the real world know is total horse shit. Apple community are fucking clowns LOL 🤡😂🤣

  • Gerydome

    Apple could really make suprising products and at the same time disappoint people

  • Tyler Lobos
    Tyler Lobos

    On one hand, I have never expected macs to be able to do gaming well, but on the other hand, I also never expected that dollar for dollar, macs would be competitively better than windows computers in the same price range. With m1s, I've at least seen that opinion change

  • Luciano Davidson
    Luciano Davidson

    Well researched, It's amazing how Appe thinks long term

  • Hoa Mai
    Hoa Mai

    Apple needs a 120 hz laptop monitor.

  • Joe Ferreira
    Joe Ferreira

    They need to fix egpu support on M1

  • mospidas

    AAA game in laptop? nah fam. pipe dream

  • Eduardo Rodriguez
    Eduardo Rodriguez

    nice that you mention notebook chips. M1 doesn't beet desktop chips

  • SHXDOW6447

    Will a franchise called need for speed be there? I’ve been looking forward to playing that on a MacBook Pro cuz I can’t install windows on it

  • Max Beech
    Max Beech

    Yo everyone play this at 2x speed

  • Rocketman

    how do they handle cooling and battery life

  • Jerry Ruiz
    Jerry Ruiz

    I’m only watching because I find this guy very attractive

  • binyamin livshits
    binyamin livshits

    Crossover is basically a proton, its valve who pushes innovation

  • Prajwal Banait
    Prajwal Banait

    I like mac laptops very much but not mac's boring

  • pyrytheburgeri

    I still can’t buy macs cuz I absolutely hate macOS, and the IO just fucking sucks

  • Furious

    It's blatantly obvious that all these people who are hating on M1 Mac are just haters you don't need to know that much about computers to know that you just need a brain to know that the M1 Macs are insanely good for how much it cost. Apple's M1 processor often surpasses the graphics performance of desktop GPUs, including the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti and AMD Radeon RX 560, according to a new benchmark submission spotted by Tom's Hardware. How can you say it's not a good deal. At the same price as the M1 Macbook Air base model you can't find a Windows laptop with the same great screen as the Mac and you cannot find one with a camera and design as good as the mac at the same price. Don't forgot the M1 Macbook Air isn't even using that much power and it can run so well. Apps that run natively on M1 Mac run so darn well. There is a $20-30 thing that you can mod for M1 Macbook Air that makes it as fast as the Pro model. I heard about it recently just search M1 Macbook Air modded on CNhave and you'll see. It only cost like $30 to do that and it's performance gets as good as the Pro model which is more expensive. M1 Macs just came out obviously they aren't going to run all the apps natively lmao obviously

    • Evacody124

      🤦 those are GPUs came out in 2016 and are budget GPUs. Beating those GPUs was not going to be hard.

  • Алексей Иванов
    Алексей Иванов

    With twice geekbench score and ray tracing, macbook still will be useless for games.

  • yash patil
    yash patil

    What will be its price? Of m1x macbook pro

  • CremeDeLaChaos

    I paused the video when he said "based on my own calculations" 😅 ... thats all too speculative for my taste ... Honestly I think Apples issues with MAC Gaming on the M1 is not neccessarily the missing power, it's the missing support by developers. The whole power M1 provides is eaten by some weird translation and emulation layers with not much left for the actual game. Sure, financially it is more than a risk for every dev to invest into making M1 native versions. I think the best chance we have is that devs start looking into the architecture of the M1 (and successors) when those became the majority of the used Macs. So far I am happy to have nice little games in the arcade and a few big ones that will have M1 support. For all "hardcore" gaming needs I will stick to my console until perhaps the situation changes

  • Vikas Kaintura
    Vikas Kaintura

    Only problem is to bring game developers to this mac segment

  • Jonathan Connell
    Jonathan Connell

    you guys literally make the BEST videos. so much valuable and relevant information that we actually care about. thank you x3 🙏🏼💯

  • Kyle Bend
    Kyle Bend

    But can it run Crisis?

  • MeZmeriZe

    Does this guy do a weekly video on the M1 Macs?

  • KinglyGamingPro

    If m1x or m2 can run decent tripple A game titles im sold because i do want a decent gaming laptop but they don’t last long for example razer blade would last for about 6-8 months msi prob like 1-2 years macbooks i hear with great care it can last for at least 10 years and they have decent battery life too.

  • vidstasher

    16 core GPU, if your calculated metrics would scale 100% 1:1 to the actual hardware, would beat the 5600m, meaning it would be marginally slower than a mobile RTX 2060 115W ~ almost on par with the upcoming RX 6600M, and marginally faster than the RTX 3050Ti. So, it would be slower than an RTX 3060 @ 90W. Let's see how Apple prices these new devices, especially if it does want to compete with these GPUs with gaming as a primary product, which is still pretty awesome performance for an iGPU.

  • Sasha

    1:01, wait, why did he add "cooling" as a good attribute to the macbook air while Geekbench have proven that after several benchmarks, the CPU gets throttled...

  • Frankie steve
    Frankie steve

    This channel has made false claims many times before, all 🧢.. Unsub😤

  • sausyyy

    Wow so, the m1x will outperform the already dated generation, over priced gpu in the 16'' MBP??? amazing. This video is presenting it like they reinvented the 3080 and shoved it in a thin laptop. the benchmarks make it look only a little better, and that's comparing it to a 5000 series gpu.

  • Michael B
    Michael B

    BTW I do buy the full priced games but sit on them until they are either cracked, or publisher releases a DRM free version. I may trial before. But nuke the VM when it trys to install malware.

  • Michael B
    Michael B

    DRM is still the biggest malady in software. And just trialling the last 2 games tried to install malware, viruses, worms and keyloggers. Be very very aware that DRM is malware that slows down your PC and will try to introduce viruses, worms, keyloggers and monitoring software, so put these in a virtual machine, with firewall and antivirus software. Then nuked that virtual installation when it tries to install malware.

  • Michael B
    Michael B

    Your enthusiasm for DRM is actually very very very disturbing! I buy about 6 full priced games a year, 60£ but wait until the cracking scene have their DRM free versions, or original publisher releases the DRM free version. I get at least 50% normally 100% and occasionally 400% boost without DRM. I will wait for an actually playable game.

  • Hand Powers
    Hand Powers

    Bottom line: Apple is so late when it comes to gaming.

  • Seb T
    Seb T

    As long as we Cannot repair any iMac ... PC are not in trouble at all xD

  • Michaelsoft binbows
    Michaelsoft binbows

    Apple won’t get serious with gaming pcs because they know by the time 6G network arrives all PC gaming will be dead. And game streaming aligns very well with Apple’s style of product service. Gaming on all apple products through the appstore is what they would aim for.

  • Gambit

    I crave an Mac-Mini for gaming! That would be damn awesome.

  • Sohel

    Now I’ve got my eyes set on the 32-core model 😭 I pray for it not to be way too expensive

  • Syed Vikhar Shah
    Syed Vikhar Shah

    You are expecting way tooo much from Apple , Pal.

  • Chris Dillon
    Chris Dillon

    Take a mac. Install windows on it with bootcamp. FPS goes up. It's the drivers. I wish I had numbers but someone ask Nvidia how many people they have working on windows vs mac driver teams. It's gotta be way more eyeballs on Windows. You can't even install your own drivers on mac, it's sent to Apple afaik. Mac has many strengths but it's never been gaming. Do they even want the market?

  • Kengiara

    AAA gaming coming to the mac...Apple will dominate the laptop gaming space...right...most of games are not supported on MAC OS and Windows 10 or 11 are still needed to game. What's the point of buying expensive Apple hardware if it is to install Windows on it and ruin the Mac experience? For having tried Crossover for Years, the results are unpredictable and the compatibility is very average to say the least. Plus, Crossover does not support DirectX 12 yet so how AAA games are coming to the Mac? Parallels in not a viable option neither as its performance are very variable and your machine is running 2 operating systems at the same time. How such configuration can compete with a real gaming PC? Well, it cannot obviously. This video is a beautiful utopia. I would love to be able to game on my iMac but unfortunately I came to the realization that a gaming PC did the job way better in terms of graphics (4K at 144 Hz) and compatibility (100% of the games work). Gaming to the Mac is not coming any time soon, no matter how powerful the M1X or M2 or M24 (in a few years) chips will be.



  • Daniel Henry
    Daniel Henry

    As soon as Apple and Microsoft work out the Bootcamp / Windows on ARM debacle, you guys will be in a pretty sweet place with gaming on these SoCs.

  • Professional Potato
    Professional Potato

    When Apple gives users the option to turn off mouse acceleration then we'll talk about gaming. I don't care if it has the performance of a super computer. Mouse acceleration is the worst computer feature ever created.

    • Terry D
      Terry D

      @Professional Potato It works on my M1 mac big sur. I've been playing dota 2 and csgo with no issue.

    • Professional Potato
      Professional Potato

      @Terry D I tried it on multiple machines and it never seems to work. The only alternative I've found that works was to use some SteelSeries tool, but it locks the mouse sensitivity and you can't adjust it. It gets even worse on office Macs since they're so tightly restricted I can't even run the code on Terminal.

    • Terry D
      Terry D

      Use this code: just make sure if you change mouse speed, use the code again otherwise it will be over write by the system "defaults write .GlobalPreferences -1"

  • Amitava Pushilal
    Amitava Pushilal

    I feel like now this is becoming a apple fanboy channel. Don’t make too many videos saying “ apple is very good “ or “ apple will dominate the market “ because it then feels like you are being paid by Apple.

  • gnryushi

    You'er putting out false hopes. This is apples to oranges comparison. Comparing the CPUs to Intel's is one thing. GPUs are a whole different matter. Apple isn't breaking the laws of physics, here. That measely little package SoC on the M1X won't compare to the graphics processing ability on AMD's or Nvidia's offering. Apple's unified memory architecture can't catch up to the massive bus paths on stand alone graphics solutions. Especially compared to something like GDDR6. Not gonna happen.

    • Hephaistos33

      Exactly. I keep hearing about this "unified memory architecture" and low latency like they are the absolute key to performance. They aren't, at some point better hardware with more resources will just win. AMD proved it with Zen 3 managing to win in games even if Intel still had an advantage in latency, AMD's CPUs were so much faster that it didn't matter. The same with dedicated GPUs, they will have more resources and more power allocated to them and they will just be faster. Rumors already say RTX 40 will double Nvidia's current performance and AMD will most likely move to match them.

  • Mas X
    Mas X

    if apple want to optimize gaming experience they should add the bootcamp again

  • Jacob freed
    Jacob freed

    The problem is they have the power, and have for awhile, but they are too concerned with their walled garden. They lock out developers, especially modding etc, and that’s why I’ll say “I’ll believe it when I see it. If I could play my WHOLE steam etc library and have it be supported on m1x I’d be all in. Sadly I don’t see that happening on Apple natively anytime soon.

  • Elijah Hua
    Elijah Hua

    Feel so bad cuz Mac doesn’t give shit to engineering students.

  • Harsh Patel
    Harsh Patel

    Loving my macbook air m1 :D

  • Geffá Oliveira
    Geffá Oliveira

    If developers would make triple A games to MacOS, Windows would lose a huge share imo. I'm one of those. Only have a Windows desktop because of gaming, otherwise would jump straight for a MacBook Pro.

    • Evacody124

      They won't lose anything.

  • Bloody_Nine

    I hope Apple does get serious about gaming. It's the biggest downside of Macs...but if they remove that downside, then I'd have zero reason to own a PC.

  • Geffá Oliveira
    Geffá Oliveira

    Sorry, with 30% cut on the Apple Store.... no, no major triple A titles are coming to MacOS. I haven't seen no interest by major studios to do the jump.

  • Duane Locsin
    Duane Locsin

    Max Tech is always the very hopeful when it comes to Apple and gaming. 😄

  • vishal

    Game lover apple should improve huge gameing performance and price near to macbook air M1

  • Muhammad Ahmad
    Muhammad Ahmad

    There are two problems associated with the Apple ecosystem: 1. Most of the apple users are from a niche market and they are not keeping these devices for gaming. 2. Secondly, Apple devices are not cheaper to buy so why should someone invest a hefty amount to get a handful of AAA gaming (which is also a dream today) I think since Apple has the capability of developing its own in-house chips with integrated graphics, therefore, they should first launch a cheaper console (something like Apple TV), this will bring new users to their ecosystem and also bring some AAA games first before launching such console.

  • albundy06

    You have no damn clue what you're talking about. You drink enough apple bs Kool aid I guess this is the result.

  • vshnv_c

    I really don’t give that much shit about gaming because lets face it, no matter what the soc will never match the performance of the new rtx 3000 series cards, and that’s okay. I use Macs as productivity powerhouse, and if they’re focusing on Graphics, they need to bring back support for Nvidia and OpenGL. Apple’s Metal API is not taking off, and it barely has any support. Blender with Cycles does not have a gpu support what so ever. And you have to use cpu to render the files. Thats just crap.

  • MrHirenP

    This might be wishful thinking. Performance and capabilities has always been there. And while marketshare might rise with the vastly improved performance of M1, the Apple vs Epic fiasco is not particularly inviting to game studios.

  • aRP5671

    Guys you see there is Tim Cook's head in the thumbnail 😂

  • Henrik D. Ragnevi
    Henrik D. Ragnevi

    They will launch the next iPhone in August or September. That will have the new A15 chip. Why in the world would Apple build their new computers on an extended version of the M1 that is based on A14? It is more probably we will instead see an M2 chip in their computers this fall. Will Apple release an M2X (when the M2 basically are an A15X), who knows? But one reason they could keep their prices so low and still have a huge profit is that it is cheaper to have the same chip in a lot of computers.

  • Scott C
    Scott C

    The only game I’d REALLY like to see is Anno 1800 without having to go through Parallels and Windows. Been playing WoW for years on my different macs.

  • MissyMalaprop

    you are getting your hopes so high (and many others too)... you're going to be in a very bad mood when they are released and miss out on so many things you were expecting.

  • Eddie Chuang
    Eddie Chuang

    I have a question about battery life. Are Apple silicon GPUs more efficient than RDNA or Ampere architectures and why? If not then will the more powerful MacBooks still have great battery life? Like a gaming laptop is 45W CPU and 100W GPU so essentially the ARM aspect of Apple silicon can only save like 30% of the total power draw for power users. And what about cooling?


    The games you mention that run on the 3000$ mbp also run on my smart fridge

  • Team inT
    Team inT

    Apple is going to fix gaming like they fixed the iPad. They will have their own take on what gaming is and try and change the marketplace while keeping some of the best hardware locked down to their platform. I have no hope for how gaming will look on the Mac. It's been 10 years of not caring only for them to do some weird take on what gaming is supposed to be.

  • Yoesoef Cahyadi
    Yoesoef Cahyadi

    seriously ? only apple fanboy can do video like that... Apple will never focus at "real games" not apple arcade....

  • Paco

    Don't make me laugh

  • falando Badheeu
    falando Badheeu

    Keep dreaming gaming on a MacBook will never become real no matter how powerful the hardware Apple will use !

  • ⚬Mellow Michelle⚬
    ⚬Mellow Michelle⚬

    The M1X MacBook Pros are going to destroy the new razor blade 15 the new ROG Gaming laptops the alien ware gaming laptop When the M1X MacBook Pros are released its gonig to kill every single living gaming laptop and also it’s going to be considered the ultimate gaming laptop

    • Evacody124

      @Furious 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 dude my rx5700xt is more powerful then a 1050ti and rx560. The PS5 and Xbox series X are more powerful then the 1050ti and rx560. So what are you getting at?

    • Furious

      It's blatantly obvious that all these people who are hating on M1 Mac are just haters you don't need to know that much about computers to know that you just need a brain to know that the M1 Macs are insanely good for how much it cost. Apple's M1 processor often surpasses the graphics performance of desktop GPUs, including the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti and AMD Radeon RX 560, according to a new benchmark submission spotted by Tom's Hardware. How can you say it's not a good deal. At the same price as the M1 Macbook Air base model you can't find a Windows laptop with the same great screen as the Mac and you cannot find one with a camera and design as good as the mac at the same price. Don't forgot the M1 Macbook Air isn't even using that much power and it can run so well. Apps that run natively on M1 Mac run so darn well. There is a $20-30 thing that you can mod for M1 Macbook Air that makes it as fast as the Pro model. I heard about it recently just search M1 Macbook Air modded on CNhave and you'll see. It only cost like $30 to do that and it's performance gets as good as the Pro model which is more expensive. M1 Macs just came out obviously they aren't going to run all the apps natively lmao obviously

    • Evacody124

      With no triple A games any one wants to play. 🤣😂 Keep dreaming.

  • Christoffer

    1:26 "with great performance" yet you notice two obvious stutter-lags on the WoW video alone ^^

    • Hans Moran
      Hans Moran

      man tells you to buy a 144hz monitor to game on a Mac. lul. As if you'll be able to use the extra responsiveness while the game is being quite poorly emulated in windows.

  • Child Of Light [ZEOS]
    Child Of Light [ZEOS]

    Just give me an 32gpu-core M1X Mac mini with 64GB RAM and 2TB SSD and I'll be happy :)

  • Vegan Viking
    Vegan Viking

    The difference is between iOS games and "real" PC/Console games. Apple has had huge success in the first category but their company is just not in a space to ever make a sizable dent in the second category.

  • Vegan Viking
    Vegan Viking

    Macs are never going to be gaming machines. It's just not the Apple market. Apple is much more interested in making money in the channels they already have a huge customer base in like iOS games. Real gaming is not in the Apple customer base.

  • Sai Bhosale
    Sai Bhosale

    NVIDIA & AMD be like :- We are god of this universe 🔥🔥🔥😂😂😂

  • Vegan Viking
    Vegan Viking

    Mac gaming is a joke

  • SizzerX

    Will Windows give full arm support after watching this video? Developers may take 1.5 years minimum to make games for M1X. Are there games that are decent enough to make people buy the m1x and leave Microsoft. If yes then that snowball is gonna get too big and crush the competition the developers are the nail on the coffin

  • Manoj Kale
    Manoj Kale

    Till then all this happen in reality Alienware X series is way to go..

  • Mohammed Ansari
    Mohammed Ansari

    If games started being developed for Macs then there’d be a change. Hoping old and newer games will be developed for mac as well.

  • Izzuddin Fakarudin
    Izzuddin Fakarudin

    Aren't you tired by keep hyping and harping on M1 this and M1 that? Apple's getting boring nowadays.

  • Dave Walters
    Dave Walters

    I hope so, but the EA’s and 2K’s of the world have to be on board with Metal support. They won’t. It’s a lot of work, with limited return on their investment. Microsoft is showing no evidence of allowing Macs to run ARM Windows on Boot camp. If they do, we’re in business. Will Microsoft allow Apple to take Market share from their Surface notebooks, now that Apple is finally making awesome Hardware? I doubt it, but I really hope I’m wrong.

  • Bubukiki1017 Games
    Bubukiki1017 Games

    Gaming on m1 air is insanely good what do you mean?

  • TwistedOracle

    Press X to doubt

  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith

    50-60 FPS in MW, yawn!!

  • Fri zee
    Fri zee

    Nah I prefer pc laptop. I want to play a lot of cool games like resident evil. Macbook need parallel to play those and it’s kinda annoying cause the performance will be lower. Also I can buy 16gb ram and 521gb PC with the same price as macbook air 256 gb(?) however I love my ipad 2020. That’s the only apple product that I like

  • RC 675
    RC 675

    Now they just need to actually release some games…

  • Adrian Halaburda
    Adrian Halaburda

    Dude, again. If Apple doesn't accomplish asap, is just another promise from them.

  • A Moore
    A Moore

    Hope this is all true! Not being serious about gaming has been one of their biggest misses.

  • Nelson King
    Nelson King

    Yeah, Apple doesn't play well with third party hardware so I don't see them ever being competitive in gaming. Not to mention, manufacturers will eventually catch up to Apple's M series chips. Nobody is gaming on Macs bro. Think about it, Microsoft owns many gaming studios and in terms of architecture are blurring the lines between PC and Xbox. Where would Apple fit into that story?