Sony WF-1000XM4 Earbuds Review - How Sony Topped Apple..
After a week of use, should iPhone users buy Sony WF XM4's instead of AirPods Pro? There are big benefits but also multiple issues..
Surprisingly, I would buy THIS one (Amazon) ➡

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Our Long-Term review of the Sony WF-1000XM4 Earbuds with Noise cancelation from an iPhone Users perspective. I cover everything from sound quality in various music as well as ANC and comfort!

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  • Max Tech
    Max Tech

    Which ones would YOU Buy? AirPods Pro or Sony WF-XM4's? Let us know below! Surprisingly, I would buy THIS one (Amazon) ➡ Best Deals on these Wireless Earbuds on Amazon ⬇️ Sony WF-1000XM4 Earbuds ➡ AirPods Pro ($60 OFF SALE) ➡ Like our wallpapers? Find them here ➡ Support us by buying an Apple Product Mask ➡

    • Cem Tokgoz
      Cem Tokgoz

      @Danarism i didnt measure or compared them side by side but roughly i can say overhead lasts longer.

    • Danarism

      @Cem Tokgoz how about the battery performance?

    • walnut boy
      walnut boy

      Bro I can’t use the left earbuds by it self

    • Cem Tokgoz
      Cem Tokgoz

      As an android user,looking forward to switch from XM3 to XM4 which will be big upgrade. - Smaller case - Better anc - Wireless charging - Better call quality - Better sound quality On the overhead earbuds side i don't see a reason to switch to new model because it has no single issue with usage.

    • RH K
      RH K

      I had the Airpods Pro and the Sony xm1000-3. Sold the Airpods Pro which paled in comparison on many levels. And now I got the xm4, final nail in the Airpods pro's coffin.


    Love your content guys , i try to watch every video you guys upload but do you think apple's OS devices are better than all windows , linux or android devices?

  • Pelilin

    I have mixed feeling with TWS. Expensive TWS can easily be beaten by 30 dollar iem since i try many iem and TWS including airpod pro until previous sony wfxm3 and many others. I hate them for charging me a lot of money since the sound is so bad, but i also need them when i work on the go or doing high instensity sport. I dont know man.

  • [Pz] chiu
    [Pz] chiu

    I thought gear iconx was the first true wireless earbuds? Needless to say, airpods is the pair bring the trend

  • 銀河ちゃん大好き


    • 銀河ちゃん大好き


  • Markus Scott
    Markus Scott

    I wanna pull the trigger and buy these but I don’t wanna leave the apple ecosystem 🥲

  • demon6937

    sony would be great but I think that will hurt my ears after few hours specially when gaming it is like stretching your ear due to round shape. battery life is great but I'm still torned between airpods pro which looks more comfortable but has smaller battery capacity.

  • Nik Iman Aizat Iskandar
    Nik Iman Aizat Iskandar

    I'm know he a apple fanboy but he should mention samsung gear iconX. Because it's the first true wireless earbuds. What I'm remember they launch 3 month early before airpod launch.

  • Noorani Khadaroo
    Noorani Khadaroo

    Sony is way better than air pods pro

  • Lee Melvern
    Lee Melvern

    Have been using the xm3 and have non issue at all, the casing might be larger but it certainly feels more premium despite easily scratch up. The pricing for xm3 should have drop and would be a good buy right now

  • Ryan Scougall
    Ryan Scougall

    Can you grow another pair of you plant them in nice rich soil?

  • ElChapOHNO

    The xm3s always fell out on me

  • Aki Nishi
    Aki Nishi

    Sony is the best! I have all! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Helios Animations
    Helios Animations

    Sorry but I can't take seriously when one of your videos bashed them to the floor and the other one praises them, I know it was initial thoughts but you went out of your way saying "we've tried everything with different settings and they're still trash" in a nutshell, very inconsistent guys.

  • Terry H
    Terry H

    Are you going to benefit/hear the difference between standard vs high-def/fi streaming services with the WF-1000XM4? Thanks

  • Trucker RollinThick
    Trucker RollinThick

    I’m a trucker and I got the Power Beats Pro. Sounded good and good battery life. But after a few days of several hours using them, I had had actual blisters on the inside of my ear. About the time I was able to tough it out long enough to get use to them? I lost one. $200 down the drain. I just ordered a pair of these. Crossing my fingers

  • Kingu

    Review starts at 3:49

  • Amirul Aiman
    Amirul Aiman

    Are these good for ios user? I dont have any android device. Any advice before I purchase?

  • redwiizard

    Sony and about every other serious competitors (bose, senheiser, jabra,...)

  • Andres Rivera
    Andres Rivera

    Comfort is the #1 thing when buying headphones/earbuds for me. Sound quality is second, and everything else goes after and isn't weighed as heavily.

  • Joe Longo
    Joe Longo

    Does the noise canceling work while on phone calls?

  • Akshay Chaturvedi
    Akshay Chaturvedi

    I love sony logo in earbuds 😆

  • bankoji

    Apparently not the best for calls.

  • Lilith_Crysis

    SPoken like a true apple fanboy

  • Phantom Dream Fall
    Phantom Dream Fall

    Ik it's most likely not intentional, but your tech history is wrong...Apple was not first in truly wireless earbuds

  • Obinna Bigg
    Obinna Bigg

    Samsung first launched a true wireless earbud

  • Mohit Gupta
    Mohit Gupta

    This guy is not made to use comply ear tips! Sony definitely did better than apple pal.

  • PY

    3:40 straight into the review

  • Emadh Sayed
    Emadh Sayed

    Man, this has been the best review so far! Keep up the good job.

  • Omar Ikhrais
    Omar Ikhrais

    And I have a question, what updated recommendations have you got for solid multipoint wireless (noise cancelling) earbuds?

  • Omar Ikhrais
    Omar Ikhrais

    Firstly well done on this beautiful video always useful info and precise details. secondly I am very interested in these Sony earbuds but the only down part of them is the absence of multipoint connection. not really sure why in 202q with this price tag they don’t support the multipoint connection!!

  • HTRR Springs
    HTRR Springs

    Dam. These gotta be GOD level for Max not to give the bs of, "well for IOS gotta go with Apple product x" And I just got the Galaxy Buds Pro.... smfh!

  • christopher rodier
    christopher rodier

    Awesome review and comparison. I just received my sony wf-1000xm4 and I'm blown away with not only the sound quality but also the anc. Thanks Max

  • GRAFicContnt

    Dumb question.. can you connect this to a PC and would they be alright for gaming for sound direction?


    This video is equivalent to those Indian ones with 43 views … :/ man is speaking out of his ass 😭😭

  • Adam

    Really stuck between these two🤔

  • Z M
    Z M

    Got these 3 days ago, they sound awesome, ANC makes me feel scared to be by myself, and the battery lasts forever…but I'm still returning them because they have literally crushed my ears with how much pressure they put in the ear canal and after about 2 hours MAX of listening, I'm literally unable to put anything back in my ears because of how much they hurt. Definitely not for comfort which is a shame cuz for the price and quality, comfort should have been top priority.

  • klgc

    Any touch volume control?

  • Jotjotzzz S
    Jotjotzzz S

    Do these still stick out like a pole on your ear 👂?? Because I saw the older ones and when people wear them it looks horrible.

  • G.O.A.T James
    G.O.A.T James

    This guy has taken a few leaves out of MKBHD's book for sure!

  • martin

    I've been using some silicon tips for when I don't need the extreme noise cancelling and it's much comfier, I actually take a normal silicone tip and I cut the rubber gasket in half which gives me a much better fit as it's not trying to go so deep into my ear canal

  • Ben Angel
    Ben Angel

    imagine if you actually used a good phone to hear how good they really are. iPhone won't give you LDAC

  • Karlovia

    I still find the AirPods Pro the best allrounder in the true wireless space. It’s really impressive how well Apple did with their 1st attempt, and it seems like still no other buds can compete when it comes to ambient/transparency mode and consistent call quality.

  • Luis Camacho
    Luis Camacho

    There a lot of software issues with them that Sony keeps pushing updates and breaks ANC

  • Jacob Johnson
    Jacob Johnson

    Samsung came first. You didn't mention the iconx truly wireless

  • Nightharmony

    Now that you betrayed Apple for liking, another company's product. Hand over your Channel and Your Ass.

  • Mihai Delea
    Mihai Delea

    Well, battery isn't important anymore if comfort is a problem

  • Delos Santos Noel
    Delos Santos Noel

    Oh, they’re reviewing it again. 🙄

  • Robert Kelly
    Robert Kelly

    I used WF 1000xm3 in rain and sweeting and no problems.

  • Robert Kelly
    Robert Kelly

    Apple fanboys are idiots lie to themselves about Apple products bring best when Apple not no 1 selling brand smartphones where get most money from.

  • Jeancarlo Santolalla
    Jeancarlo Santolalla

    How Sony SURPASS Apple...

  • khabeer salaam
    khabeer salaam

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but I care for more about the ambient more than about the noise cancellation for wireless earbuds. I’ve tried a bunch and the AirPods Pro are the only ones I’ve ever found that let me wear them without feeling like I’m wearing them. When I do use the voice cancellation, It is good enough but feels like a secondary future. I use the ambient mode almost every single time I use the AirPods. Very convenient especially when I’m listening in one ear

  • Jerome Scott
    Jerome Scott

    I have to disagree with you on this one. I’m not sure if it’s your brother that you do the channel with, but I agree with his review. These are uncomfortable for my ears, the foam tips are a pain to have to mold every time you put them in. They don’t sound any better than the Beats Studio Buds to me. I bought both and returned the Sony’s after one day.

  • Muki EX
    Muki EX

    Damn just straight-up obliterated my comments about bias XD

  • popsicle stick
    popsicle stick

    I'm Sorry to say this to u but the best earbuds are the Jabra 185t n my Opinion day sound so good but that's not even the best the best way to listen to music n my opinion is with woojer speaker's connected to it dual Bluetooth man once u listen to these u dnt want to listen to anything else

  • walnut boy
    walnut boy

    Anyone can’t use the left one by it self?

  • Antonio Salazar
    Antonio Salazar

    You should try sennheiser momentum true wireless

  • Crusaderhun

    Not understanding this video. Last week you guys posted the same comparison without the Samsung and complained on the Sony how heavy the bass was, it was quiet, and overall not as good as the airpod pro. This week your opinion or hearing changed?

  • enfuego buddha
    enfuego buddha

    I'm buying the Sony buds to try them out... I don't see how people can call then the best buds though if they're not comfortable. That should be a disqualification imo.

    • enfuego buddha
      enfuego buddha

      @Chongyun ThermaFrost I got mine. So far i prefer the large foam tips over the silicone ones i have. I'll probably order different ones to test them out.

    • Chongyun ThermaFrost
      Chongyun ThermaFrost

      You can just change the ear tips if you don't feel comfortable with it but you can't change the sound quality of airpods pro if you don't like it.

  • Alonso Sotomayor
    Alonso Sotomayor

    Sony always tops Apple in terms of audio. But Perhaps Sony’s naming department should be more like Apple’s.

  • ITT - Itamar Tech Time
    ITT - Itamar Tech Time

    I will wait till they go on sell like 200-240 bucks

  • Aleksandr Verteev
    Aleksandr Verteev

    Not needed without multipoint function

  • cooluser23

    Please compare to Bowers and Wilkins Pi7, not Apple

  • stephen thorley
    stephen thorley

    Such a wast of time these Sony xm4/ xm3 vs Apple AirPod pro comparisons… seriously those that have invested in the apple ecosystem are going to buy AirPod pro regardless. Sound quality is such a subjective thing from one person to another. Most people invested in the apple ecosystem will buy the AirPods because of the super compact size and convenience. Sony xm4 chunky case means inconvenience and humans love convenience. If your going rabbit on about sound quality compare the xm4’s with the bowers & wilkins pi7’s etc.

  • Cem Tokgoz
    Cem Tokgoz

    I like when he said im apple biased,suppose even he ditches airpords pro for sony imagine the sound quality and noise cancellation.That review was totally honest and true,i don't see any biased comments like all apple fanboys do in their videos.

  • CK K
    CK K

    All apple need to do to the existing AirPod is offering form tips to achieve the same ANC as Sony

  • Watch On Wrist
    Watch On Wrist

    Thanks for the video. I faced the same issue with comfort but now I'm using it everyday and I must say I am getting used to the fit and happy with it. I might disagree with your views on being the best ANC, Bose is still the king for a wide range of frequencies. Great video though!!

  • BB

    Shit microphone has blown me away

  • Kasz Brown
    Kasz Brown

    Every reviewer will tell you that there is a new champ. If you have an iPhone, you already know what’s up. If there is an alternative for all else… great! The AirPod pro cannot be any better in terms of form factor, performance, or value at this point. These guys will tell you every new product is the best(?). Listen to all the factors. In my opinion, 🍎 makes the best once you’re in the eco. All else… it’s try and error.

  • Ti Bi
    Ti Bi

    Best option : airpod pro 2

  • Pejman Sehatpour
    Pejman Sehatpour

    Great review as always. Yes, I know Apple is a great company, but when it comes to audio-visual technology Sony is in the master class.

  • Os

    So, in short, Airpods pro is anyway, better.

  • Os

    I hate silicone or foam inside my ear canal. Thats why I don't like Airpods Pro... and I prefer Airpods 2. there's no chance of sony for me. No way, no how. "And on top of that.."

  • EnEm Gee
    EnEm Gee

    But Bose QC Earbuds are still KING, with Apple and Sony still 2 decades behind

  • JC

    I do understand the market share or "size of the company" argument... But just to be clear: NO, the AirPods were NOT the first TWS, and NO, the iPhone was NOT the first smartphone either.

    • eppsislike

      I remember using the LG KS20 back in 2007. I felt the shite back in high school 😆

  • Pave_Way Wiz
    Pave_Way Wiz

    This dude has never accepted that other brands surpass apple 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Michael Fung
    Michael Fung

    I agree the sound is awesome, but comfort sucks....I have the xm3.....extremely difficult to get into my ears, very uncomfortable always falls out bcoz it doesn’t fit well.........also strange how no one really talks about the comfort.....if I had known I would not bought them

  • Bahaa Chazbeck
    Bahaa Chazbeck

    To be able to understand the buds i had to study the history of wireless earbuds... come on man you don't have to over complicate ur reviews like that .. are you actually convinced that people need to spend that much money on earbuds? This is the million dollar question.

  • Pratik

    You forgot the Senheisser wireless headphones given free with Nokia 5800 in 2009 or 10.

  • Dharmik Kothari
    Dharmik Kothari

    What about spatial audio , Auto connect to multiple apple device, and some apple special feature?

  • Konrad Benz
    Konrad Benz


  • Mr.Q

    Hi, whats your equaliser setting for sony wf 1000xm4?

  • Johannes Pfendt
    Johannes Pfendt

    You guys keep telling, that the ambient mode of the airpods pro is so good like in real life. This is simply not true. Its good. But its definitely not the same quality, its a bit quieter, less clear and it doesnt sound like in real life. I use them for a long time now. Its just not true. Please dont tell that any more.

  • RaVaGer

    Just saw the video you made 1 week ago u were like shitting mx4, and now you are prising them, this really shows how ridiculous you are. Oh and by the way u should've said they are made for iphone, pathetic.

  • Alisina 14800
    Alisina 14800

    Review Beats Studio Buds please

  • noomy 663
    noomy 663

    It's nice to be fair on the rating like this while realizing the possibility that a sense of biased viewpoint sometimes makes it reliable and fun to browse.

  • Abdul Rauf
    Abdul Rauf

    doesn't look good, shave that again 😅

  • Emmanouil Filippidis
    Emmanouil Filippidis

    If only they weren't the most uncomfortable earbuds ever! Yes yes tried replacing the air tips with silicon ones, yes it's more comfortable but then they don't fit as well and the ANC and sound quality are worse, so what's the point?! Better luck next time, Sony

  • Res Les
    Res Les

    I think comfort and lightness of the EarPod pros are more important then anything else. Still got a good noise cancellation and good battery life. The audio quality is good, too for an inear Bluetooth headphone. If I want the best quality I use the chord mojo worth Dan Clark’s aeon closed headphones

  • Will Baker
    Will Baker


  • Thoti

    Gladiator sound track by Hanz Zimmer 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 great max!!

  • Tadgh Smith
    Tadgh Smith

    All ear buds make your ear holes sweaty. Bone conduction is the way to go.

  • Sergiu Petra
    Sergiu Petra

    For me the airpods are perfect. Easy to carry, perfectly working with my iphone, decent sound quality, Transparency mode. I use Noise cancelling max 2% of the time.

  • Micah Grauel
    Micah Grauel

    Hey their Max. Remember that things like ambient sound mode can be updated via software updates. also, try different tips to get a comfortable fit.

    • Chelsea Asio
      Chelsea Asio

      “Never. Ever. Buy a tech product based on the promise of future software updates.” - Marques Brownlee

  • danny w
    danny w

    None of these reviewers are talking in depth about the variations in sound quality options now with different music services. The Dolby Atmos feature on iOS 15 makes the Pros quite a bit more competitive now. I have both and trying them on Apple Music and Tidal gives a good comparison. Sony 360 is cool but I don’t know if it’s game changing. Dolby Atmos might be game changing once they get the mixing down.

  • Stephen Miles
    Stephen Miles

    “…that little mini-pocket that comes on most pairs of jeans.” Also known as a WATCH POCKET. Because, you know, people actually used to wear pocket watches. Try explaining that one to young ones.

    • Stephen Miles
      Stephen Miles

      @Alex Lopez From a retired professor, I say Thank YOU!!!

    • Alex Lopez
      Alex Lopez

      @Naymul Islam also he’s just telling you what its called, idk why you’re so defensive just because you didnt know what it was called. Its just information not a attack on the younger generation.

    • Stephen Miles
      Stephen Miles

      @Naymul Islam Levi’s still causes it a Watch Pocket.

    • Naymul Islam
      Naymul Islam

      @Stephen Miles ok but people don't call it a watch pocket anymore. Language evolves and changes. It mightve been called a watch pocket back then but because its use is now scarce people call it something along the lines of a 'mini pocket.' Young people haven't been exposed to your old boomer technology so of course they wouldn't know what it is.

    • Stephen Miles
      Stephen Miles

      @Naymul Islam - Neither does the DASHBOARD of your (or any vehicle, but we still call it that. Dashboard didn’t become that place where i throw cigarette pack and shit just because our transport isn’t pulled by horses. Which brings to mind horsepower, now that I think of it. Why still use that term? Maybe I’ll ROLL down my electric windows and think about it for awhile.

  • 羅以翔

    do you think they will give an update to let the xm4 can do muti connect ?

  • Waiyan Win
    Waiyan Win

    I love Sony's customizable EQ feature. But Apple still not supporting this feature.

  • Dennis Weng
    Dennis Weng

    wait i remember that you said the xm4 was underwhelming in the last video where you compared it to the airpods pro

    • Perhaps

      Yeah I’m done with this channel.

  • Finder Keeper
    Finder Keeper

    Key words: "...destroys the competition..." 'Nuff said