iPhone 13 Major Feature changes - BAD News/Leaks!
Apple's iPhone 13 is now less than 3 months away from being revealed, but UNFORTUNATELY, we're getting more and more leaks and rumors that are quite disappointing..
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In this video, I go over a bunch of leaks and rumors that have to do with the new upcoming iPhone 13, as well as the supply chain, the release date, the general expectations and these new reports that kind of ruin everything.

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  • Ippe Phil
    Ippe Phil

    It was so sure that there will be no great upgrade at all

  • Erbil forever
    Erbil forever

    Sheeps will buy anyways

  • Kiran ForUnity5
    Kiran ForUnity5

    First, I think Apple is but revamping unsold iPhone 12’s. Second, the touch screen is so necessary that it “guaratees” we’re kept on tenterhooks ‘till some of us crave for it even more and sales are also guaranteed.

  • Mohim Rahman
    Mohim Rahman

    At least they should give a fingerprint sensor...

  • Nick G.
    Nick G.

    If there’s no Touch ID, I’m 100% not upgrading. No thank you.

  • Truth 7
    Truth 7

    Superstition on the number 13 so childish…..

  • Es Momo
    Es Momo

    Waiting for the 2022

  • gabbii torra
    gabbii torra

    Yes, 13 is a badluck number 😄😄😄 its a very common belief

  • Giulia Barberi
    Giulia Barberi

    Then if you want a larger display rather than “pro features “ why are you buying Apple then? If it’s called “pro” and “pro Max” and have no “pro”features is only and iPhone 3 cam and 3cam plus. No point.

  • Isaac White
    Isaac White

    Billions of dollars and Apple is innovating so slow. From the looks of it, there seems to be no incentive to upgrade.

  • BootifulLilac

    If people don't have like 1 million photos why do you need 1 tb of storage

  • TheLillee00723

    I'm waiting for the iPhone 15. 120hz display, always on display, touch id usb c and a bigger battery. Fingers crossed

  • Robert Louise Baker-Hyde
    Robert Louise Baker-Hyde

    I’m also stalling on upgrading this year. It’s up to you, Apple.

  • whizzard blizzard
    whizzard blizzard

    Hmmm, will we see the Iphone 9 & 13 in our next life then🤣

  • Danny phantom
    Danny phantom

    So all the stuff that should have went into the 12 they try to hold it for a new upgrade. I spent 1000$ for my phone the glass and case and I’m gunna hold it down til they have a self flying iPhone not worth spending that much not when a year ago to upgrade

  • ZTZ Explorer
    ZTZ Explorer

    I’ve been saying 12s all along. Why call it a 13 when most customers don’t like the number and it’s only a small upgrade anyway?

  • Victor Oller
    Victor Oller

    Apple, always one step behind.

  • Buddhist Peace
    Buddhist Peace

    The ‘only’ major update is smaller notch, under display scanner and 120hz….only? That’s pretty big upgrades if you ask me

  • Phoenix King
    Phoenix King


  • Suvo Bairagi
    Suvo Bairagi

    So battery won't get bigger battery !

  • Ghost Mane
    Ghost Mane

    How is Apple still years behind?

  • Albert Speier
    Albert Speier

    There's a lot of good phones out there that feature better specs at lower prices like half the price of the iPhone and the thing is it's just a Colt following and people think that they're important that they have one which is overpriced phone sorry to say people but that new iPhone coming out isn't worked upgrade wait until they go to the 14 it's not worth it

  • Justin Wilson
    Justin Wilson

    Wow that sounds ... boring haha.

  • The300Mexican

    13😂 is gang related thought it was a number lmfao


    1tb ahahah that’s the storage my Xbox has got

  • coleride

    all I care about is using it as a film camera, and a mobile voice dictation writing machine. Should I wait for the 12S? Thanks

  • Ktryn Dschrs
    Ktryn Dschrs

    Good news! It mean the iPhone 12 was a good one to buy 😄

  • Christy Marshall
    Christy Marshall

    I’m keeping my 12 pro maxx for 2 years

  • Gautam Sanyal
    Gautam Sanyal

    No point upgrading this Yr w/o a glucometer🙁.

  • Mohammed Adel Syed
    Mohammed Adel Syed

    I use iPhone 6s Plus and its battery sucks now, its upper left part of the display is blacked out, the speakers won't work, I always have to plug in my headphones, so should I upgrade to iPhone 12 Pro Max, or wait for the iPhone 13 Pro Max?

  • Csanad Barczy
    Csanad Barczy

    For the new iPhones dissapointmenta are listed as features. Imsure at the keynote presentation Timmy will mention it.

  • Linnea Carlsen
    Linnea Carlsen

    I have a question for y’all. I have to buy a new phone soon. Should I upgrade my iPhone 11 to a 13/12s or just buy the 12? My guess is that it will probably be cheaper and not much of a difference from the 13/12s. What do you think?

  • Godswarrior 4ever
    Godswarrior 4ever

    Thats why I'm still with Samsung all Android phones have tiny punch hole cameras way better cameras and they have finger print scanners apple is going backwards while everyone else is moving forward !!!!

  • Mark Christian Balan
    Mark Christian Balan

    "Apple will skip iPhone 13 because 13 is unlucky" iOS 13, iPadOS 13, Macbook 13": 👁‍🗨💋👁‍🗨

  • Nikola Georgiev
    Nikola Georgiev

    Not interested

  • Reek Chatterjee
    Reek Chatterjee

    I don't think apple is going to add in display fingerprint to the new generation iPhones. They do offer mask id with apple watch and they're gonna stick to that because they want you to buy more, it's just the most Apple thing to do. I wouldn't even be surprised if they limit the 120Hz display to only the pro models, judging by the Pro Motion name that they use for the technology.

  • CJLucas

    they should do a 13 13max 13pro and 13promax

  • carlos o
    carlos o

    What a bad one… might switch to Samsung!!

  • Tourettes0

    lmao why can they not just do touch id..... literally makes me not want to upgrade til 2022.

  • Godswarrior 4ever
    Godswarrior 4ever

    You have to ask yourself why is Apple so far behind Samsung and many Android phones!!!

  • Genesis45

    And here I am still expecting usb on those iphones, and I know it wont come true. But the 120hz by itself is worth it as long as it comes with a much needed better battery or else it'll be a skip

  • seanmcelroy47

    No touch ID? Are you kidding me Apple? Looks like I will in fact be sticking with the S21 Ultra.

  • Andres Rivera
    Andres Rivera

    Insane how something that's being advanced through science and logic has to be named based on emotion about old superstitions that have no place in 2021. I guess that's why the R&D department is completely separate from the marketing department. The R&D area is where logic rules and stuff makes sense and the marketing department is where it's all about feelings and finding ways to psychologically entice you into buying the product.

  • Karl Burkhardt
    Karl Burkhardt

    I am not thinking that it will be called the iPhone 12S: 1st).Apple named lots of things with 13. iOS 13 e.g. 2nd) iPhone 12S Pro Max sounds horrible 3rd) it could lead to misunderstandings during orders 4t) it would give to consumers the impression that this only a very small upgrade and though not worth to buy it. Better tu buy the iPhone 12 still? This would be bad publicity for the new iPhone

  • Jonathan Hoffman
    Jonathan Hoffman

    It seems like 13 mini and 13 are going to be almost pointless upgrades from the 12 mini and 12, like going from iPhone 7 to iPhone 8.

  • Necron023

    Why would u need more than 512gb? 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • cloudsfever

    i lost my 12 in the ocean yesterday

  • Arif Ramzan
    Arif Ramzan

    Better to have no expectations, that way you won’t be disappointed.

  • Sprayter

    Will they still include always on display for the pro models? That’s the biggest thing I will miss from my pixel.

  • Fatman TheGod
    Fatman TheGod

    I’m stay with the 12 pro.. 5G and 120z battery killer

  • Jonathan

    Me putting a fake case to make my 12 like like a 13 My cameras: Some of you may die, but it is a sacrifice I am willing to make

  • nacanieli nalewabau
    nacanieli nalewabau

    Want people want are bigger batteries, 120 hz, more zoom like s21 ultra, macro camera. That's what people want.

  • nacanieli nalewabau
    nacanieli nalewabau

    Apple don't want to give out more cause it's their way of making money. It's all about profits. It's all business & less about what customers want.

  • מִיכָאֵל Ríńkima
    מִיכָאֵל Ríńkima

    And once again Touch ID on the screen will be impossible to repair if someone broke the Screen! facts

  • HausOfMontague

    Get ready for all the “I was wrong” videos to flood our CNhave feeds. 🤦‍♂️ I wonder if someone will start a “I was right” trend for iPhone videos??

  • Pranav SR
    Pranav SR

    but they had iOS 13 .... so maybe they are calling it Iphone 13 ...

  • M A
    M A

    I have a 12 pro Max and I’m not upgrading until they completely remove the notch!

  • Aman Soni
    Aman Soni

    5:44 definitely likely ?? 🤔

  • kastrfz

    Totally getting my hands on one of the 12s/13’s when it comes out :)

  • Strpljen Spašen
    Strpljen Spašen

    Disappointing? No. I'm planning to upgrade from my iPhone X and the leaks pack some important things I'm looking for: 1. Bigger battery/more efficient chip. 2. Smaller notch (4 years owning it and still hating the notch) 3. Better camera for low light photography

  • Jesus Villasenor
    Jesus Villasenor

    Why ppl buy iPhones is beyond me. Paying large sums of money for outdated tech features. Features that have been available on other phones for a while now.

  • John Nemesh
    John Nemesh

    I just want 120hz and better cameras...everything else is fine on the current version. I am tempted to buy a 12 Pro Max right now, but hate thinking that i can have a better phone if I just limp along on my crap Android phone for just another 2-3 months.

  • Tom G
    Tom G

    I'm not Christian, not even religious, I just don't like the number 13. The iPhone 12s Pro Max sounds alright, maybe a bit long, but alright.

  • boardljausn

    „The budget 900$ version“….

  • Terrence Walker
    Terrence Walker

    Awe man... I want a "13" phone. I like bad luck numbers.

  • Eric Rickman
    Eric Rickman

    Iphone 12s

  • EibonTech

    Smaller notch, 120hz, under display fingerprint sensor. Sounds like major changes to me. What more were you expecting?

  • Francisco Zamora
    Francisco Zamora

    I’ll be upgrading my 7 plus model only if Touch ID is available!

  • Marlwan Tugusan
    Marlwan Tugusan

    when did 900dollars become budget 😂

  • whateversclever

    I think I’m the only one that doesn’t care about 120 hz

  • Marcus Vincent
    Marcus Vincent

    I'm totally going to snag that iPhone 13 mini this year. Apparently it will be available in 512 GB too

  • Online_Now

    Where is the usb type C?

  • Brandon A
    Brandon A

    I thought the mini would be a hit for people with small hands. That was the complaint in years prior that phones were getting too big

  • Peter P.
    Peter P.

    I want mini pro

  • gerallison

    LOL, That is why I switched 2 years ago to Samsung. What you wish to have I have in my Note 20 Ultra! Apple is apple, and what they do best is disappoint people year after year! But there are hard core fans sticking to it. Go on. Not me, very happy with my Note 20 ultra and wife with S21 ultra!! Amazing phones.

  • Carlos De Leon
    Carlos De Leon

    Does anyone care about iPhone drops lol

  • Paully.G

    Just landed the 12 pro off Amazon for £800 brand new. Great steal now its gone back up not even 6 hours later. Yh I will use the 12 pro for another 2-3 years probably I mean I have been using the original SE for years lmaoooo its finished.

  • cherry lore
    cherry lore

    I will keep my 12 pro max till something really innovative comes out. It is a nice phone 👌😎

    • Michael Daniels
      Michael Daniels

      I agree

  • Shield Hero
    Shield Hero

    If they put an in display touch ID, then they should remove face ID.

  • rahman tuan
    rahman tuan

    lesson learned: don't expect too much unless you wanna be disappointed

  • Average Joe
    Average Joe

    I anticipate having my iPhone 12 Max Pro for many years. It was expensive and fills all my needs.

    • Keith Ford
      Keith Ford


  • Sus Wanto
    Sus Wanto

    Every news from Apple are bad news and disappointed, but people keep buying it

  • John Knox
    John Knox

    Why do so many people think it sucks that big tech can't take your fingerprints yet through your phone? Licking the boots of big government and big tech never ends well and yet you want to voluntarily give them all your data including biometrics. Sad Sad Sad!

  • Velosoph

    Number 13 doesn’t have negative connotations in American culture? In Germany it brings bad luck…

  • Bboy rosski
    Bboy rosski

    So… I’m all for the 120hz…. But as for the notch I mean really I think it needs go completely do you not agree? I’m used to the notch we got and I think it will look weird so get rid completely…!! Also the Touch ID under the screen isn’t a big deal I think 🤔 I like Face ID… I like the 12s idea i’m not superstitious or anything but I actually did used to like when they released an S model… but guys are you really that surprised that we have to wait another year to get what we want and I think waiting another year for a smaller notch is stupid man like I said I like the iPhone as it is either keep the notch the same will get rid of it completely let’s put a camera under the screen and go one better than Samsung;) peace & love ❤️

  • Murph

    smaller notch and 120 hz are major changes...

  • JC12

    Somewhat disappointing but 120 hz display was a must for me. Just makes for a better experience. After having 120 hz display using a 60 hz display is a little annoying

  • Shahar Rozenbloom
    Shahar Rozenbloom

    Apple Will buy New Chip Start Ups Under The Rader for iPhone RAM, Memory and A16 and Cellular Chip and Even W Chip and Even For Mac for Apple, Test Every Good One in Many Ways. Work.

  • Mike Julien
    Mike Julien

    As long as the new mini has Touch ID (don’t care if in screen or button), I’ll get it. If it weren’t for the fact the last ones relied on Face ID while we all had to wear masks, I feel like the mini would have done a lot better.

  • Shahar Rozenbloom
    Shahar Rozenbloom

    The 2 Cameras are A Stupid Gimick. Like Uneraction... only like iPhone 12 Shape in Back for 13R. Work.

  • Diamond Hobbs
    Diamond Hobbs

    120H is not something that will make me upgrade I will just wait till next year

  • Nowhereman JK
    Nowhereman JK

    90Hz only in pro max... patetic

  • Tommy

    Are they ditching PWM on the 120hz screen?

  • Leo Delos Reyes
    Leo Delos Reyes

    We want usb C

  • דניאל פינטו
    דניאל פינטו

    So apple like….


    Love Russia lol

  • AlexGetting

    No Touch ID means no upgrade from me

  • A

    This video is so clickbait. None of this info is new 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • abhinav sunku
    abhinav sunku

    Stop taking names of predictor's, have your own prediction, everyone's gonna fail anyway........!

  • IBAX Network
    IBAX Network

    I'm only upgrading my iphone when it gets a bigger battery. Stupid Apple finally makes it right.