Why Apple's M1X Macs Don't Need 64GB of RAM!
New Leaks are saying that the new M1X Chip 14" and 16" MacBooks and 30" M1X iMacs will only come with 32GB of RAM. Should you be worried or actually Happy!?
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In this video, we will talk about RAM usage in intel MacBooks compared to Apple Silicon M1 MacBook that use Unified Memory architecture and what is so different between them as well as all of the hardware and software optimizations that make it possible.

We Also go over real-world tests that show just how well 8GB Macs work compared to 16GB or 32GB MacBooks and why even if Apple does sell 64GB M1X MacBook Pro's I won't be buying one anyway, and why you shouldn't either!

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  • Max Tech
    Max Tech

    Did YOU buy 64GB in your Intel MacBook, and How much will You Buy with your M1X Mac? The best Value ARM Laptop right now.. (Amazon) ➡ geni.us/1mJ41T Best deals on M1 Macs & Accessories on Amazon ⬇️' BEST SSD for M1 Macs ($100 OFF) ➡ geni.us/zWdO M1 MacBook Air (CRAZY SALE) ➡ geni.us/1mJ41T OWC Thunderbolt Hub exclusively for M1 Macs ➡ bhpho.to/37SIff7 M1 Mac Mini 2020 ➡ geni.us/Atm1 M1 MacBook Pro ➡ geni.us/7lb3Gn

    • Travis

      I had a 2010 macbook pro with 16GB. Unless you need 64GB (large data sets, programming, virtualization, large video files, etc), 32GB is probably enough for a while. 16 is an OK amount. 8 is just crazy low.

    • Greg

      @Sreekanth T7 is very fast with m1. It’s thunderbolt 2 speeds as it’s usb 3.2. I am not sure if your expecting thunderbolt 4 speeds with a usb 3.2 drive or is it just slow. I agree when I connected an iPad Air 4 to my m1 MBP I couldn’t get faster than usb 2 speeds when connected directly to the mac even if I used a thunderbolt 3 cable.

    • Nick Collins
      Nick Collins

      I did buy the 64GB of RAM in my 16" Intel MacBook, and likely will with the M1X if offered. It really depends on what you're doing, but when coding using virtualized environments (e.g. Docker, Kubernetes), or doing 3D content production where you need to store many large texture maps in memory while rendering, there is no such thing as too much RAM.

    • Wong Kyo
      Wong Kyo

      Don’t need 64GB…? 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 For KOL / casual daily user : Yep For Pro / 3D creator : Suck !!

    • Sreekanth

      Hi Max, Why are M1 mac even with thunderbolt 4 not giving full speed when we connect external hard drive. I tried with Samsung T5 and T7 and we can only get 60% of the full advertised speed. On checking it seems its a problem / limitation with M1 mac. Will the same issue be with M1X too that they are limiting the I/O?

  • TheVikingRaid

    As a developer that works for a company that gives macbook pros to workers, we usually get bottlenecks with 32GB of ram since we have a lot of projects open, docker containers running, etc. Especially when we have to test the software locally running all projects at once uses massive ram

  • Gmon750

    Power users will always have the need for more RAM. 64GB RAM on a MacBook Pro is still a relatively recent option so it has me wondering what these people where doing when the maximum option was 32GB. I think it's great that Apple had offered such extreme configurations for a laptop, but it does leave me wondering why these folks aren't using desktop machines instead? I'm playing the wait-and-see approach with what Apple does with the new ASi MacBooks that are coming out later this year. I'm in the market for one and looking forward to what comes!

  • Baconface McGee
    Baconface McGee

    Very good information.

  • Jeremy Andrews
    Jeremy Andrews

    This guy is completely wrong. If you require 64gb of ram for the workloads you process, then guess what, you need 64gb of ram. The CPU cannot influence the amount of data you are juggling.

  • Michael W. Perry
    Michael W. Perry

    Given the screaming speed of even low-tier M-chip MacBooks, Apple needs to find ways to offer more with their Pro models. Better screens would make some difference, but they would do well to offer new and more iPhone-like features, including built-in cellular data and GPS.

  • Metria Kerens
    Metria Kerens

    What a dumb statement

  • incorrect

    The developers who developed the software you use will disagree with you. They need more ram to develop effectively.

  • Mike Rydstrom
    Mike Rydstrom

    The MacBook Pro also targets devs. Devs may need VMs that easily consume 48GB of ram to just get everything started that they need for their test/dev environment. Now you have only 16GB left for the project itself and myriad of Chrome tabs even with 64GB of ram. With 32GB you would be swapping all the time, certainly less than ideal, no matter how fast it is 🤷‍♂️

  • Travis

    YOU may not need 64GB but plenty of people do. Sure the M1 architecture has fast swapping, but RAM is RAM and Apple didn't re-invent what RAM is.

  • Tim

    I am a chrome tab psycho, I need all of the rams, give me 128 lol

  • Jonathan Bruce
    Jonathan Bruce

    Love watch your content, great stuff! . I mainly use my iMacs for audio work and they're on average 2-3 years old now. Personally I'd like to see an option for 64gb, just being greedy! My 16" 2019 MacBook Pro has 64gb, 2tb, 5600M 8gb,.. My iMac Pro also 64gb ecc ram, 2tb, Vega 64... so I hope there is an option for 64gb. Most of the software I use is porting over to Apple Silicon anyway, such as Cubase Nuendo, Capture One Pro, Affinity Software and even Microsoft so I can see myself using my iPad Pro more and using a better iMac Pro (30/32") later on. Especially since I've just set up a new company and need to design a new Website.

  • Steven Austin
    Steven Austin

    Virtualization. So yes people do need 64gb of ram. Your use case of video editing is not the only thing people use their MacBooks for.

  • DocNo27

    There is no substitute for RAM - if you have applications that demand it, then Apple needs to deliver it. I tried an M1 MacBook Air - and nope, app that requires at least 32GB of RAM still required it. Took it back on the last day of the return window - sadly. Hoping they release a macbook that can at least take 32GB soon!

  • Rob Ram
    Rob Ram

    Remember when these apple $hills said 8gb is all u need because the m1 uses ram differently.. If that were true apple wouldn't need to bump up to even 32g... 16gb would be more than enough forever..

  • Zhen Yao
    Zhen Yao

    comments on rumors, how nice to see on this M1 specific channel.

  • incorrect

    This efficiency he keeps talking about doesn't apply to virtual machines, Docker, Kubernetes and other software development. Software development on Mac is horrible compared to Windows and Linux since on Mac you tend to need more ram to get the same level of performance.

  • Karl-Alfred Römer
    Karl-Alfred Römer

    If 8GB RAM ist enough in M1-Macbooks, 32 GB will be enough too.

  • megatis222

    A simple logic, you don't need a lot of rams if CPU and SSD support enough speed. Those slow Windows hardware needed a lot of rams since CPU and SSD didn't offer a crazy amount of speed so that the rams had to be used to store all the data waiting in the dark storage to be loaded. Faster CPU and SSD require fewer rams because it doesn't need to store data. Apple silicone works fast without rams!

  • Fel Camp
    Fel Camp

    iPhone: 6gb goes BOOM BOOM BFRRR Mac: I need somm MOOORRRRE!

  • Ergin Demir
    Ergin Demir

    2020: Intel Mac is great, 16GB is more than enough. 2021: Intel Mac is crap, 64GB is not enough.

  • Jimmy J
    Jimmy J

    Definitely a great video, lots of great info. But I do wonder.... - On the older macs they tended to use a discrete gpu with ram soldered on (4 or 6 gb) so I'm not sure its an apples to apples comparison... - On the new M1, there are 8cpu cores and 7/8 GPU cores, and initially (not sure if its still an issue) we were seeing the CPU reach into the SSD to make up for a lack of ram... -16GB models were the recommended version for heavier work loads... - Based on the rumors, the new ones will have 10cpu cores and 32gpu cores... which is a very significant increase in the power, but also the potential system usage.... - If that is the case, I'm left wondering whether 32gb would be the minimum you would want to have on the system, or risk ending up with unusable power as there is insufficient ram to engage all the cores.....

  • Stephanie McKaskle
    Stephanie McKaskle

    My Intel MacBook Pro has 8GB of RAM. Twice what my Air had. I’m waiting on the 14” Pro to come out. I’m getting the base model.

  • Perris Calderon
    Perris Calderon

    It's either short sighted, or (more likely) marketing strategy to get power users buying twice, now and again when there's the 64 gig ram box, Apple exploits this strategy often, ie crippling ipad M1, when they can get you buying two devices rather than two they do it, (this isn't criticism, it's excellent profit strategy) The actual reason you want more ram once you have a working amount is file caching, (which doesn't manifest till you're working a while), The more ram you have, the more MAC OS caches keeping data resident in ram, (obviously). if you only have 32 gigs ram, you can only populate 32 gigs of your hard drive. (obviously). If you have 64 gigs you can have 64 gigs of data residing in memory. (obviously) It doesn't matter if "it runs fine" with less ram", if you're working a long time it will run far better with double that ram. Doing benchmarks or tests after a re-boot is counter productive, you find the real difference the longer you work, especially after days and weeks using sleep. On the other hand, if you benchmark after working hours, days and weeks going to sleep, and then there's no difference with double ram, that only indicates the operating system needs a file caching update to accommodate the better chip

  • Andy Li
    Andy Li

    I dont care the performance on these compatible apps. My needed apps are always slow....Many people said it can do programming, actually....not at all. It can be used as a daily use laptop rather than developers laptop. I still do not know why it changed to ARM chips. It is good, but it will lost some specific users quicker than apple think. Developers, mathematics, computing, these are also pro users.

    • Andy Li
      Andy Li

      When i want to upgrade my MacBook, I always can find the new ARM version are just good on some specific pro areas. For many pro areas, it is a garbage.......

  • Willz

    This video is only after CNhave algorithm gains and is misleading and misinforming! This is not how memory usage actually works, Max Tech does not have enough of a technical background to be giving such technical advice. You should only take this video as an opinion and not fact! If you do intensive Pro level work, the more memory you have the better for the applications that need it.

  • Ted Yue
    Ted Yue

    10:53 finally some one has mentioned pcie gen 4 ssds on apple silicon macs

  • Arpit Agarwal
    Arpit Agarwal

    If you want to see what real power is .. check out intel 12900k. I really doubt that Apple is going to catch up with it with M1X / M2 in next few years to come.

    • XtraDreamLantern17

      If Apple wanted to increase the power envelope and make a chip that matches the performance of i9-12900K, they easily could.

  • Emma H
    Emma H

    Ok, but my work code regularly uses 42 Gb... I could do constant gc but that's a hassle in my programming language. I also frequently need to do work in Illustrator while it runs. That's genomics for you. I will not buy less than 64 Gb or I might as well stick with my Chromebook and continue to remote into my desktop. Guess I'll wait.

  • Jay Brown
    Jay Brown

    Take it from a long term industry professional. RAM should always be maxed out at time of purchase if the system is not upgradable. One does not invest in a toaster, one invests in a tool. One invests for the long term and one wants their investment to last as long as possible. Do not think about today or tomorrow. Think about what you may need 5 years from now. 32 GB is the *minimum* investment today. 32 GB may likely be okay 5 years from now. People expect Macs to last longer than 5 years. High end users will require 64 GB to realize te full potential of their investment.

  • Corby DeMeis
    Corby DeMeis

    Can you do a video on Premiere Pro speed advantages now that it runs natively on M1 Macs? M1 vs Intel Mac vs PC

  • zakeller

    Love your content, but I am SO tired of all tech CNhavers treating video editing suites as the penultimate benchmark. Yes, Apple provides third-party developers the keys to success for better optimized software that will utilize less RAM, but some operations just require large data sets. Some developers won’t optimize for macOS as much as they should. The difference between my 32 GB Mac mini and my 16 GB MacBook Pro is night and day when concurrently running modeling software with damn near anything from Adobe creative suite. Does that mean that 64 GB M1Y “pro” Mac will benefit my workflow? no not necessarily; but it wouldn’t surprise me that I’d be able to regularly saturate that over the 4 to 6 year expected lifecycle.

  • CV Hawkeye
    CV Hawkeye

    Someone did say 640k was enough as well. Total crap! It depends on what and how many apps you are using at the same time.

  • Marcin K
    Marcin K

    Mac is not only for video editing.

  • Will Grant
    Will Grant

    5:53 - the highlighted lines are refuted by the comment below them as well as the image shown immediately after regarding memory latency. We are talking nanoseconds here, but weird flex making a point based on flawed numbers.

  • Thomas Smet
    Thomas Smet

    I bought a 8GB M1 MBA in December and I can vouch for how amazing this thing is with 8GB of ram and the swap file. My MBA only has a 256 GB SSD and so far I’m only using 1% of the write cycles. It’s incredibly fast and I never notice any ram issues. Most of the write cycle concern with the swap file was due to badly optimized software running through Rosetta. I realize some still have a concern even though the actual flaw only lasted a few weeks. The larger the SSD the more write cycles the trim can use. Since 16” typically came with 512 GB in the past that means that storage will have even more write cycles for its life span. On top of that but 16 GB and 32 GB will use much less swap file compared to the 8 GB. So a 32 GB will use a fraction of the swap file and the SSD will be larger. That essentially means what little the system actually uses swap past 32 GB will have little to no impact on the SSD lifespan. I was concerned about the SSD swap on my MBA but I keep checking and after six months of rather heavy use editing photos, video and developing mobile apps it’s still at 1% usage. Even if it crawls up to 2% in the first year that means the SSD will last me 50 years. Pretty sure I’m good. I could increase my usage by 4x and still get 12.5 years out of it. Longest Mac I ever kept was a 2011 17” MBP which I sold last year. Again I’m good. I’m not likely going to start using this SSD fir swap 4x more. That’s just not physically possible.

  • Tony Wong
    Tony Wong

    This doesn't address the reality of full workloads in a multiple application system. Having a browser with dozens of tabs open while doing a render operation or RAM sucking database set still requires a lot of RAM available to prevent the OS from swapping in and out of VM and reducing system responsiveness. M1 MBP with 16GB RAM is super quick but my 2010 MacPro sometimes is more responsive because it can have way more open files and apps with 128GB. M1X with 64GB please.

  • Ptah Asar
    Ptah Asar

    What ever in the world is this man talking about? This makes No sense! SMH !!! We use Virtual Machines in the real world! I love how we are in the everyone just make stuff phase of so-called social media.

  • Gyan Prabhakar
    Gyan Prabhakar

    10 yrs ago My PC have 3GB ram Now I've 16GB of ram 5 yrs from now may be 32GB I guess

  • M R
    M R

    I do not agree. Actually, I run out of my 32GB RAM EVERY working day - and we're talking IT / office work. Also, for the other half of my business / workload (audio editing) I need loads of RAM to cache hundreds of files for millisecond instant access. RAM needs doesn't come down to what platform you're on.

  • CaptainDuckman

    Very limited thinking. It all depends entirely on what you're using the machine for. I'm memory limited on my current Macbook Pro because of the software I run are among other things a database engine, an application server (if not more than one), and several message brokers. All are RAM hogs, as are the large file text editors I need. Different CPU won't do much for me, faster SSDs so the CPU can page more information faster is far more important. 64GB I don't need, but 32GB would be nice for my next laptop.

  • Johnny Car
    Johnny Car

    Doesn't it also use the Solid for additional Memory when needed? So it's best to get more storage...

  • CallousCoder

    These are not great arguments! I pushed in 64GB back in 2011 in my (still running) i7 6 core 12 threads . Because RAM is also used to cache, when you can cache a ton of often used files that aids in speed (not going to the SSD is still faster). Also I have 64GB in there because I need many 3D frames in RAM (using Blender for example) or importing MASSIVE OpenEXR files. Although 3D on that 'cripple' GPU that the M1 has seems to be a longshot anyways. And another reason I have 64GB (and in the next one probably 256GB) is that sometimes textures don't fit on the GPU (only 11GB) then you need to render with CPU. Also when you do a lot of data processing, then you want that data in RAM. You don't want to page it in and out. And as a software engineer I love a lot of RAM, the more code I can cache from disk and push into the compiler and the compiler can use to compile stuff, the faster it is. So 64GB is a requirement for some and it's ludicrous that anno 2021 that isn't even the second option. Start with 32GB and then 64 and then 128/256GB. We have 64 bit CPUs for a reason.

  • wonabe

    My M1 air with 8gb struggles with editing just 1 single photo in standard MacOS photo application editor. One iPhone photo, using retouch tool throws in the system 6gb of RAM load, hanging the application and significantly slowing OS all together. No other applications are running in the same time, no safari with 60 tabs, neither Davinci Resolve, Illustrator, Photoshop, that could be running in the background due to the workflow(I could've been editing a photo for a video, that I work on). Not impressed with this SoC so far. WiFi problems. Ram problems. If Ram overloaded it freezes when you insert/remove power chord for like 20-40 seconds, making Kernel Task CPU usage skyrocket. Switching languages button problems. "WindowServer" process problems(hight CPU Usage) once you connect external screen to this machine. And obviously overheating if used at direct sunlight (even thru the window) at this years summer temperatures. I've got it to test it out in reality. Too many CNhavers praised it. Either most of them don't feel lags/stutters/bad performance. Or they have never used what is a powerful PC, with SSD Raid system. Or, obviously, they actually get paid for those videos to promote Apple products one way or another. Also my clients struggle to find compatible 120+hz display to work with these machines. They end up returning products like Benq monitors because those refuse to work at 144hz, making them go for more expensive displays like Dell. So far it feels just like an iPad that had been stuck in Air shell, and MacOs installed on it, with 2 TB ports instead of 1. Every moment of use feels exactly iPad'ish. Applications going to sleep on the background, constant SWAPing memory between SSD and RAM, and performance in simple browsing. My 5 cents. 🤷🏽

    • wonabe

      @XtraDreamLantern17 I plan to do that, And it certainly is under warranty still - after all they released them late 2020.

    • XtraDreamLantern17

      If your M1 Mac is even having an issue with editing a single iPhone photo then there's clearly something wrong with your unit.. Many of the other behaviors you're observing clearly don't seem normal either. You should probably take it to the repair especially if it's still covered under warranty.

  • agony

    The Mac don't need it, the user maybe could. I don't give you the option because you don't need it it's a crap vendor's excuse.

  • Apple UK
    Apple UK

    I am Hearing You…

  • Matt Lord
    Matt Lord

    Film scores using large orchestral sample libraries and templates with all instruments accessible REALTIME = the more RAM the better. Video and mostly contiguous single files, are not the same a small files needing accessibility... per Part, per Sound, Per Note, Per sample........again REALTIME....Fact. (Buffer options are there, but thats still a way to get around lack of available ram)

  • Michael Stal
    Michael Stal

    You are right that maximizing the amount of resources might be inferior to optimizing the software for the specific hardware. However, there are different factors which might require 64 GB of RAM. First of all, CPU, GPU and Neural Engine share the RAM which is different to systems where all types of cores get their own memory. Secondly, some applications need a significant amout of memory such as developer tools or other resource-hungry applications such as 3D design and simulation tools. Last but not least, sometimes we need to provide server hardware with multiuser support. Thus, an option of having 32 GB or 64 GB makes more sense, unless Apple is postponing 64 GB to the M2 architecture to make M2 more attractive.

  • Moonbeam Arcade
    Moonbeam Arcade

    I've been rendering 4k video for over 7 years with 16gb of ram no problem. Having said that my wife uses 64gb of ram because her job requires her to run multiple virtual machines, so use case will vary.

  • Alice TheAlien
    Alice TheAlien

    The size of your RAM make not your computer automatically faster. More important is how fast the RAM works and how many you have. Two or more RAMs can be used simultaneously, means double or more maximum speed. So, a faster CPU will run on less RAM better as slower CPU with many RAM if the process doesn't need more than the smaller RAM have. Even an operating system like macOS with less bloatware will be needing less RAM power than a Windows. If I wanna using Windows 10, I 4 GBs because by default, Windows occupied 2.6 GB of RAM. A Linux, f.e. can run the half without performance issues because it occupied (Arch with XFCE4) less than 500 MB by default, with i3wm less than 200 MB. But this doesn't mean, more RAM would be useless. If you do something with many processes simultaneously, you will need more RAM like in Gaming, especially if you have to use an additional software for making Windows games running on another operating system (32 GB is now what you need here just for Borderlands 3 in Proton). In Future (and hopefully you don't use your PC just for one or two years) it couldn't be enough. Also, if you develop software, you need maybe more RAM for virtualization or package building. And you have to remember something, a x86 PC can use a dedicated GPU with their own RAM like my Laptops NVIDIA card with additional 4 GB for graphic processes. The M1 have only the build in RAM for both, CPU and GPU.

  • Samine Kunis
    Samine Kunis

    You might hype everybody People about the new M1 X but the true test will its GPU have encoders for Video rendering up to 8 K and for CPU and GPU heavy VFX software like Houdini and so many more. My maxed out M 1 Macbook Pro sadly can’t even handle the 4 KHQ from the R 5 or 6 K from the Black magic Pocket Camera 6 K……i can only honestly say that i won’t wait until Winter for an M1X that is still not powerful enough to do these things and yes the Brand new 14” Razer Core with RTX 3080 can do these things as far as you can expect it from a Laptop and the i 11900 Advanced Racer Core Book 15 too…..if the M1X will be able to match this performance is at least questionable ?

  • Kian Meng Lee
    Kian Meng Lee

    This may have to do with Control over their product life cycle. The world is leaping into 360 VR. I am in VR processing (Apple knows that, what do you think LIDAR is for?), and I can tell you without Max. Ram on your system is just a waste of time to edit 360 video footage. If it this true, so long apple and hello PC again. Apple refuses to have more useful ports until now, they may bring it back. It is nice to say that they have a "masterplan" - hahahaha - statistics may have shown them to increase revenue with more users on Macs - they have to give what the market is asking for! No Corporation is bigger than the Market. Those that fail to listen to the market will eventually be punished by the market. Simple. Apple is all about Max profit so they can provide very posh places to have their sales office in any strategic place in the world. As a customer, we need to exercise patience and be fluid with our workflow. Not to hold ransom from big corporations.

  • Nic Foster
    Nic Foster

    Computer programmer here, I need just as much RAM on Intel as I would on the M1X. The reasons you gave here may work for your specific examples but some power users truly will need 64GB of RAM. Thankfully 32GB is just enough for me so I’m looking forward to the M1X.

  • Cristian Baluta
    Cristian Baluta

    Maybe you don't need now, but you will in the future. Just look at every iPhone that flies in the beginning but over the years it can keep only few apps in memory.

  • cr1m203

    Windows is like Android. Since Apple controls the operating system and hardware they can program for it. Don't take my word for it, Look at the specs of an Android phone or a gamer PC running windows. Windows and Android does not control the hardware. macOS runs on unix with a pretty user interface and unix does not take much to run. So with hardware control and operating system control you can program both products to run faster with each other.

  • Glen Allan
    Glen Allan

    I hear you, but i can stress the 16GB Mac Mini with only 3 programs open. Sure it hangs on, but these aren’t CPU heavy apps. They just need more RAM. We’ll see i guess.

  • Christopher Field
    Christopher Field

    As a 3D user, I haven't come across projects which genuinely operate without issues, using anything less than 128GB of ram. 64GB is passable, if the laptop is not your main work station. 32GB, and Apple have made it impossible for anyone in the Architecture, 3D animation and 3D rendered visualization professions, to be able to even consider this as an option.

  • Anwar Cadena
    Anwar Cadena

    just because your workflow doesn't require high ram usage doesn't mean there aren't professional who will. having the option for high ram is essential for those looking to keep and work on their mac for the coming years.

  • ManCraft

    You don’t need ram until you need it

  • Ben Jiro
    Ben Jiro

    You need to wonder how many video's Max can keep making based upon rumors and rehashing the same information dozens of times over... Topic: Repeat same rumors/information + 2 min new stuff. Next video: repeat same rumors/information + 2 min new stuff...

  • Peter ama Goch
    Peter ama Goch

    32GB RAM is a dessert in moderate 3D modelling projects.

  • Luiz Campos
    Luiz Campos

    Yep, don’t need memory, just keep frying your nvme till it dies and turn your Mac in e-waste.

  • Carlos Castillo
    Carlos Castillo

    In many professional workflows (I can speak from a developer perspective) you don't purchase the laptop with the most RAM because you are looking for speed, instead you are looking for actual RAM capacity. Imagine loading big datasets or running a bunch of virtual machines.

  • Daniil Chubiy
    Daniil Chubiy

    I think Mac don't need RAM at all. I hope they will replace the RAM with SSD in M3, so after a year of surfing the web with Google Chrome it'll become a permanent readonly backup media.

  • Music Production
    Music Production

    Try your Logic test with an orchestra’s worth of articulations loaded into Kontakt and see what your results are. Typically, this needs 64-256 GB of RAM. I think you’ll find that some of us still need far more than 32 GB, even under the new paradigm.

  • Eliezer Otero
    Eliezer Otero

    For Data people, we need the RAM as much as possible

  • VPWedding

    It is clickbait having a thumbnail that says you have an M1X now, and are doing a speed test against an i9. Deceptive.

  • D.I.D. CHOI
    D.I.D. CHOI

    64GB is 64GB. Don’t care about speed. I need that for streaming orchestral samples for large music projects with over 300 Kontakt tracks. They better make a 64 option

  • Daniel Frappier
    Daniel Frappier

    You do if your application use it. Stockfish will use all of the 64GB and will have much better performance than with 32GB. Stockfish M1 benchmarks numbers are poor anyway compared to Intel.

  • Aravind Nair
    Aravind Nair

    This video is stupid. I'm a great fan of M1 and personally daily drive an M1 MBP. But this video is like a toddler describing how a combustion car works....broom broom....

  • Kaseem Booker
    Kaseem Booker

    I don't agree It depends on what you are using your computer for

  • miguel romero
    miguel romero

    How much will cost eh Air M1x?

  • FigTreeCinemas

    While I agree for the most part on the efficiencies and optimization of M1 compared to x86, I still have workloads that shut down programs on my M1. Even if FCP is the only program running, it’ll say “Insufficient Memory” then force me to restart the machine. It’s not common, but I have tasks that can replicate the issue if you would like to investigate further. If 32 is the max, I’ll get it. If 64 is the max, I’ll get it. I want my machine to sustain whatever workloads I may be running regardless if it’s today or 4 years into the future. Great video as always Max!

  • René Villela
    René Villela

    I use more than 100gb of ram for my physics calculations. I need those 64 hb

  • Fred Dunaway
    Fred Dunaway

    To be clear: this is 100% speculation and hearsay because M1x macs are not available and the specifications are pure guesses at this time.

  • binyamin livshits
    binyamin livshits

    I just admire how you can just talk your talk for the required 10 mins

  • David Dias
    David Dias

    More RAM doesn't mean More Speed!! Unless you are using it all, and it starts to cache it on the SSD. Think like this, if you need an 8K video file, weighting about 500GB, but you only have an 256GB SSD, you can optimize it the hell you want to fit inside your SSD, but you are going to lose time and in this case, quality, and sometimes you aren't going to be successful anyway. So if your workflow doesn't need 64GB or more, great!! And maybe the argument can be made if running a job on a laptop requiring 64GB of ram is the right place, but having the option it's always nice!

  • Robert Leidner
    Robert Leidner

    I’m a photographer and I’ve had no issues with 16gb ram on my M1 MacBook Pro.

  • Arun Sadasivan
    Arun Sadasivan


  • Michae Thompson
    Michae Thompson

    I use >90% of 64GB ram with VEP and EWQL orchestra

  • O_O

    apple is not the first ,console was the idea behind unified m1 chips

  • Jeffrey

    Guys what do you think about the new video by Chris and Jordan?

  • Hans Dampf
    Hans Dampf

    Max Tech or Why Apple does always everything right. You are talking BS. Not everyone uses Computers only for video editing. If you use it for audio production, 32 GB can actually be not enogh, no matter how fast it is. If you use a lot of virtual instruments, sample libraries and FX plugins, each plungin will "reserve" a certain amount of memory. It doesnt care how fast your memory is or if it could be loaded from the ssd, it says: this is mine and if all your memory is used, your'e f**cked. Then you need to start "freezing" tracks to continue working and if your want the change some EQ or anything else on those tracks, you have to freeze other tracks and unfreeze the tracks you want to change and this goes back and forth, massively disturbing your worflow and taking up 5-6x the time you would need with just a bit more ram. And yes there are audio producer, who say 8 GB is enough, but that's because they mainly record real intruments, like rock bands and so on. But you won't do a 128 track Orchestra production with only virtual instruments on 8 GB nor 16 GB Ram. 32 GB may be enough or not, would you take the risk on an 3000 Dollar PC? or would you rather go for a 64 GB High End Windows PC to be SURE that it gets the job done?

  • nadrile

    I can work with 32GB RAM, 64GB would help a lot so I can skip a lot of memory optimization in testing. Ideally 256GB would give pretty much free hands allows upscaling and would be awesome and good enough with non-supercomputer speeds. That all being said, I’ll likely get a 32GB 16” as Apple has high premium on upgrades. Memory heavy things are memory heavy, if you need to store huge arrays of data with each element being certain size it’s easy to approximate the total memory requirement. Currently the intel MBP would be a better option for me (even if M1 is faster in some instances), but I am patient. If the next AS 16” is not “good enough”, I’ll get a better value for used beefed up intel one that someone wants to sell for next to nothing.

  • mmdday

    this is like bill gates saying "640k of ram is enough for anybody".... not going to age well


    Fuck Apple гавно. Я купил IPhone 12 pro за 1000 $, к которому не могу подключить клавиатуру и мышку, поскольку Apple закрыла доступ периферийных устройств к Touch Screen после прошивки 13.3.1. и невозможно играть в игры. Браво Apple. Лучше куплю Asus Rog 5 или Redmagic с которыми нет никаких проблем❗️👎

  • Javier Esteban
    Javier Esteban

    I'm a 3D Artist and I can assure you I'd use 64gb. CNhave video editing is not the only job

  • Child Of Light [ZEOS]
    Child Of Light [ZEOS]

    After one month my M1 MacBook Pro with 16GB of RAM has SSD life on the 1TB drive of 98% due to swapping

  • Dan Warne
    Dan Warne

    Have to say, I think you're the best tech reviewer/commentator that I've ever come across. Amazingly well demonstrated arguments. 👏

  • Antosha Benish
    Antosha Benish

    It's M2!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Antosha Benish
    Antosha Benish

    you fall

  • Antosha Benish
    Antosha Benish

    haha fake you no again M1X noooooo

  • tim becker
    tim becker

    when using sample based instruments in audio, would be a fix to adress HD space or the SD cardreader vor more virtual ram? or is this to slow?

    • wonabe

      that's not the best idea. So to say...

  • Shivesh Mishra
    Shivesh Mishra

    Your experience explains like a pro.

  • dr0alhagan

    15 min video to drill on unconfirmed spec on unannounced product !! Reallty??

  • Prashanth B
    Prashanth B

    Very good explanation, thanks.

  • Pillutla Radha Krishna
    Pillutla Radha Krishna

    Although the video makes sense to most of us. There is a niche category for 64GB ram and Apple can never deny that it's not needed or 32GB is enough for it. Especially given the fact that Apple doesn't allow any upgrades in the future and MacOS supports for 5+ years minimum. I was using 16GB ram on my HP laptop and now shifted to 32GB and use AI and PS widely. Right now I am maxing out at 28-29GB with multiple chrome and firefox tabs open and AI and PS open. 64GB is definitely a welcome option (given 8K video will become available to a large set of users in a few years of time). 16GB ram on current M1 machines is just way too little to run PS or AI and even though I wanted to buy a mac for on-the-go usage, I would never buy a 16GB option... 32 minimum, 64GB if I can afford it. Also in the future, if we can run Windows on such systems, 64GB ram would be definitely helpful.

  • MK Mute
    MK Mute

    Internet: 32GB RAM is not Pro. Me: Sadly looking at my 16GB Intel based MacBook Pro.

    • MK Mute
      MK Mute

      PS. I'm a software dev, having 16GB is not "Pro" enough then?

  • Ryan Lennox-Bradley
    Ryan Lennox-Bradley

    I can edit 5 streams of 4K in the m1 MacBook Air, 7core gpu model as well, 8gb ram Yeah I can’t have music in the background cause it glitches after 3 streams 4K but still And this is the CHEAPEST laptop Apple sells.

  • Craig Best
    Craig Best

    I got a 2012 iMac new in early 2013, loaded it with the most RAM it supported, 32Gb and it worked well for over 8 years, but a main board failure forced me to update to the new M1 Macs. I got an off the shelf M1 MacBook Pro with 512SSD and 8Gb RAM as an emergency while waiting for my maced out M1 iMac. Only thing I've noticed is right now with daily use including Photoshop its yet to use all its RAM, I have no doubt if I launch iMovie and PS along with Safari and a few other things it will start using swap RAM but I'm happy knowing I don't need 32Gb of RAM in the M1.