Why Apple is REVIVING Ports & MagSafe on the M1X MBPs!
Apple's Master Plan in preparation for Apple Silicon Macs is FINALLY Complete, and now they can bring back the Ports & MagSafe that they once SCRAPPED! But Why? Let me Explain!
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In this video, I explain why Apple pushed USB-C as the main port of choice for so many years on their MacBooks, even though it put Apple through a lot of pain.

I then explain why USB-C needed to be mainstream for Apple to bring on their latest Apple Silicon Macs, including future Macs like the M2 MacBook Air.

And finally, I explain why Apple is only now bringing those old ports back to the M1X MacBook Pros!

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  • ewetoob blowes
    ewetoob blowes

    When all this doesn’t happen of course it will be apples fault. Again.

  • Erbil forever
    Erbil forever

    Not convincing.

  • Daan R
    Daan R

    You have the cadence of a morning tv show presenter

  • Oliver Hawkins
    Oliver Hawkins

    Still using my 2015 15in MBP with all of these features they took away. Might buy the new 16in when they graciously feature them again

  • Milkshakespeare

    Complete bollocks. The USB Consortium created the USB-C Port and all of its predecessors and standard, Apple is 'part' of that consortium. This guys couldn't suck the Apple Corporate £$%^ any harder if he tried. A demonstration of loving the sound of your own voice.

  • tony

    For what it's worth, it makes sense since they've been rumored to bring the apple silicon laptops and desktops for a while and to make that transition smoother they'd make with usb-c only macbooks and as fewer ports as needed mac mini, and then bring more ports back little by little in the second gen apple silicon chips. I hope so much that you are correct.

  • Nish Jha
    Nish Jha

    USB c was developed by USBc Implementation forum, which was created when 700 companies including Apple, Dell, Hp etc came together. It was designed to go universal. Apple did not needed masterplan to make it universal. Yeah, apple could not make royalty charges. So, they try to earn from their own propreity port. But nobody gave a damn, so now they come to their senses.

  • Daryl Phuah
    Daryl Phuah

    That USB-C narrative is ridiculous. Most apple products were late in getting it, while other companies adopted it much faster. It didnt require apple to push for it, its a great connector and would have succeeded without apple.

  • Mike Kennedy
    Mike Kennedy

    apple is not that smart, they make people want thinner when thinner is not better

  • Cesar EP
    Cesar EP

    Apple have to work those screen bezels, they give it a look of 10 years ago notebook

  • Bill

    The back orders and wait times for the new MBP will be nuts!

  • Felipe (Mollkiller)
    Felipe (Mollkiller)

    trading a usb-c for an hdmi is sad

  • Mangokp

    Are they going to revive SD and other ports on MacBook Air as well??

  • Quan Le
    Quan Le

    Without USB-A port, I will stick with my MBP 2015

  • Otter Formosa
    Otter Formosa

    without multiple monitor support, it's useless. I mean support up to 5 or 6.

  • Alien

    There are a few more important things for gaming - the gaming API like Direct X. Even taking into account the fact that mobile gaming grows fast, it's not the same in comparison with desktop gaming. Therefore they should push the industry to ARM architecture and make the same great plan for "metal API".

  • SunRayBee

    USB C to imac theory is so hilarious. You're using way too much brain.

    • ITXEl1teSn1per

      the usb-c was made by the USB Implementers Forum which is a group of companies like intel and Microsoft not just apple. Apple does not deserve all the credit

    • Surya Teja Cheedella
      Surya Teja Cheedella

      Now that Apple has succeeded in their masterplan of making USB c mainstream, they are bringing back all ports again. 🤡

  • M jerez
    M jerez

    2 + 2 = 4 and Apple invented maths to be able to make their laptops thinner!

  • Dan Valdivia
    Dan Valdivia

    I kind of like my dongles… ngl… After spending so much money I have come to like the flexibility of dongles.

  • TheVikingRaid

    This video was awesome but the one thing that always gets me is the "Gaming industry will have to take Apple seriously". As an owner of a mac, that's something I'll never believe til I see it

  • Angry Reviews
    Angry Reviews

    Don’t think Apple will do that (regardless of the leaks) USB-C the one port to rule them all, is powerful enough to rid all the other ports now. The vision of a unified port is more important. Real question is: when are they USB-C-ing the iPhone?!

  • Special Projects
    Special Projects

    So.... are you telling me they basically guinea pigged me this whole time?

  • clemens blaas
    clemens blaas

    I am sure this will all happen within a decade.

  • Jeremy Neish
    Jeremy Neish

    I thought it was common knowledge USB-C was an Apple design for Thunderbolt 3. Of course Intel is involved in both.

  • popukon

    I don'ty particularly like the MagSafe connector. First versions wouldn't come out easily, so if you tripped over the wire, it pulled the laptop down. Then it became so weak that you had to buy a sleeve for it so that it stayed in place. I have a number of these adapters and they are not compatible. So, my first version of the MagSafe doesn't fit or even work in my current MagSafe and vise versa. Additionally I have one more MacBook Pro that doesn't work with either. So, I am in possession of three different MagSafe connectors. While I understand that as a content creator, that you like the SD slot, I don't use it that often. My most common use is that I format it FAT32, no matter what capacity, even a 512GB Micro SD card, download the Raspbian OS and just copy it on to the newly formatted (Miceo) SD card and it boots and loads in the Raspberry PI. No need to use Etcher. But an adapter is just fine. I have a PD USB hub and it has SD and a Micro SD slots. It has 3 USB A connectors and HDMI and a Gigabit Ethernet, a little over US$30. I also have one without the SD and Micro SD slot for around US$25. I also have multiple 100W GaN power bricks that have one or more PD USB C. My son has one of mine and has the USB C PD Hub with the card slots and since WiFi is spotty in his room, and the RJ45 is in a weird location, he has my Ethernet over power line adapter and now his wired Ethernet is rock solid. So, even if you had no hub, he would still need a RJ45 connector which hasn't existed in a Mac laptop for years. More full Thunderbolt 4 ports are needed and must be at least 4 ports and add in GPU cores then, you can drive more monitors. I don't like plugging HDMI cables into my laptops. I always use an adapter cable. If you are going to listen to any lossless audio format, whether is Apple lossless or other provider, you need a DAC and amplifier and high quality headphones or speakers, the headphone jack or Bluetooth just doesn't cut it. It sounds better but you can't beat an external DAC. Now if Apple put in a DAC then you would really have something. But for casual listening and background music, then Bluetooth and the headphone jack are useful. I want 4 Thunderbolt 4 ports, always. MagSafe, no are not safe (either pull out before you need it for a big presentation or pull down the Mac) and yet would add to the cost of the Mac. I actually don't anyone that likes the MagSafe, most think it is a pain in the butt. They can't be shared with anyone that doesn't have MagSafe connector of the same size. A USB C power system can be used by more than just Apple people. I don't like proprietary connectors. Micro SD or SD that I've used about 7 times in the past decade, is one more thing that can go wrong. Even in my laptops that have SD slots, I still use an adapter.I understand if you are a content creator, I understand, I am an avid photographer and yet I still use rarely use it. I just use my camera to my Mac or iPad. My iPad doesn't have an SD slot. I have had the adapter for years. HDMI on the Mac, or any laptop, no. I leave my monitors connected to my hub. One connector to disconnect and I'm off with my laptop.I don't need to disconnect multiple connector, just one. I know of a lot of people who are on the go often, love the one connector idea. They are not Apple people either.

  • Marc Ricōs
    Marc Ricōs

    Also, how portable is a computer when you have to be carrying dongles all the time? If it was not a master plan it was a really, really dumb decision that I’m sure costed a lot of sales (that they are gonna get back with the return of ports)

  • Marc Ricōs
    Marc Ricōs

    I don’t know if it was a master plan, but most of us did not get a 2018 MBP because just didn’t seem comfortable for a lot of uses (nobody likes carrying dongles all the time, and ‘dongling a dongle’). I think even Apple guys were tired of using dongles hahahah

  • René Casaña
    René Casaña

    This is just ridiculous apple just care about money. This is straight corporate scam

  • Paul D
    Paul D

    the only port i miss is the hdmi port...i dont understand the magsafe - laptops last much longer on a single charge...also being plugged in often gave you a boost in performance in older laptops - not the case now...so why do you need to be plugged in all the time. The usb c info -- dude...that is ancient news -- when it came out it was very open information that apple used their lightning tech to create the usb c...they did work with others to create a universal standard. i honestly wish they'd get rid of the touchbar...maybe move it to the spacebar or somewhere esle if they really want to keep it

  • nukesean

    I swear this guy fake-laughs more than anyone else on CNhave.

  • Peter Olofsson
    Peter Olofsson

    Overanalyze 🤦‍♂️

  • Andrew Posner
    Andrew Posner

    This seems like quite a bit of a stretch. Phones were starting to use USB C at the same time, and Samsung alone could have created the need for a lot of the cables that are out today. I always saw usb-c as a way of bridging the mobile with the computer.

  • Mike Fiend's ASMR show
    Mike Fiend's ASMR show


  • Saplingseedsac Crew
    Saplingseedsac Crew

    8:20 Idk about this picture, isn't the ports digging into the speakers?

  • Saplingseedsac Crew
    Saplingseedsac Crew

    I think I have grown to respect Apple as a company more than ever. They basically do whatever whenever and It always works. They have 50% or more marketshare of iPads, iPhones, And now are rapidly gaining marketshare with 50% increased sales from Macs with M1 and it seems like they arent even trying. They invented and own the marketshare. And. are more important than just another big company.

  • Realist915

    This dude is just a fanboy

  • sealinski

    I don’t think the MagSafe ever needed to be taken away, for any reason.

  • Fatkul Nugroho P.
    Fatkul Nugroho P.

    Amazing explain 👍

  • Storm Guy
    Storm Guy

    It's weird to thing a year ago apple laptops couldn't open up the calculator app without hitting 100c and now they can play triple A games at 40c with 30 hours go battery life

  • Richard J Neo
    Richard J Neo

    There’s no way in hell the next MacBook Pro will have a HDMI port! 😂 look at your own 2015 vs 2019 comparison video. A HDMI port would not fit in the current model let alone an even thinner one. Those renders are pure fantasy.

  • ValentineCrescent

    dude if you get this right, youre going to become a legend and I'm going to get a little rich lol

  • Xavier Breath
    Xavier Breath

    Apple isn't difficult to figure out. Every move they make, every thing they do, every product change is all about generating as much profit as possible. This is at the expense of EVERYTHING including product quality and user experience. Apple is a company with GREED as their primary driving factor. The switch to their own silicon is no exception to this, nor is a potential change to the ports. The company lost the plot a long time ago (around 2012). They used to be able to figure out the things that people didn't know they wanted. Now, all they are doing is looking at past successes and trying to replicate them. It's pathetic.

  • Hummelsbusch

    I don’t really like Apple as a company. But they are very innovative and continuously disrupt the status quo.

  • ludicrous

    The reason why I know this is going to succeed is because everyone thought the M1 leaks were way too good to be true. But now we have it, and it’s insane compared to the competition. Now just imagine the brand new M1X…

  • Myron Bennell Carroll
    Myron Bennell Carroll

    Apple has never reintroduced ports. Don't look for it to happen now.

  • Farhan KHAN
    Farhan KHAN

    The title of the video must be like: "The USB C port and the Apple having everything on top of that"

  • Justine-Paula Robilliard
    Justine-Paula Robilliard

    It is not that hard...Apple do the eight thing, and what is that??? 1-17 inch screen, not 13 inch, 17 inch screen is a PROfessional size... 2-6x RAM Slots for RAM 6x32GB each, for future proofing 3-SD Card, USB, HDMI 4-2 Slots for user replacebale SSD upto 2TB each 5-User replacable battery 6- MAGSAFE 7-A reliable eGPU for FCPX/Logic pro users [please] Video editing is brutal when you don't have enough heavy iron under the hood, we need 32GB or more of RAM, laptops easy last a decade, mine is 2013 and still in daily use, and think about the income stream from users buying more RAM and SSD's, eGPU. Batteries from the istores??? Not that hard...

  • Falgmer

    this guy is high,very high,ultra high,super high,extra high optimistic

  • TankQ

    Everyone is waiting for m1x, what if the next macbook pros runs m2, 10core, iMac pro & mac mini pro runs m2x, 20 core, and Mac Pro runs m2z, 40 core. Of course macbook air runs a less than perfect m2 some disabled cores or graphics. What about the touch bar, heard it’s going too.

  • Dharmik Kothari
    Dharmik Kothari

    My thoughts are different.. Apple will never go back with ports 1. I dont think they will provide HDMI port. 2. SD is thin yes they can for sure fit it in new thin design. 3. Mag Safe is most welcome 4. They will also not provide any USB A port. 5. I would love to see glowing logo back with mini Led if possible. 6. They will also not update battery as 20 hours is more than enough for most scenario. 7. M1X is for sure and needed for powerful operations. 8. 64 gb ram would be overkill , I think 32gb would be max. 9. Hope storage starts from 512gb 10. Base price should starts with 1500$ for 14” and 1800$ for 16” 11. Basel will get thinner 12. I dont think touch bar is going anywhere and it should not go. Reply if any more suggestions Thanks 🙏

  • lejmerlin

    Is actually Apple and Intel develop the USB C is called Thunderbolt 3 shared to PC as USB-C as connector format.

  • Jeffrey Tucker
    Jeffrey Tucker

    Great video. I wish Apple could advance their processor past the “entry level” M1. So I continue to wait. The silly colors mean nothing to me, I would rather have ports that disappeared for years.

  • Tamas Terjek
    Tamas Terjek

    BS... they never gonna use other ports then USB C... no SD card reader either...

  • Billy Vatcher
    Billy Vatcher

    As long as I can charge with an external battery with usbc its cool

  • Will Grant
    Will Grant

    Dang mang. You went straight Q mentality. TRUST THE PLAN

  • One1enO


  • djaesy


  • Jona Ramos
    Jona Ramos

    HDMI & SD Card slot in an 2021 "Pro" device? which Pros use HDMI (modern displays all have usb-c too) and wich Pros have cameras without a highspeed USB C connection? Its like adding back the home button for touch ID (at least the rumor says UHS-2 SD card slot; but bro, please not … I'd rather get a cheaper Macbook than useless ports)

  • brian hilligoss
    brian hilligoss

    I really doubt they are going backwards lol. Be good if they did but I just don’t see them doing that.

  • David Alin
    David Alin

    It doesn't add up. They kept lightning on the iPhone, if they really wanted to push USB-C, clearly they would have added it to their best selling product.

  • _

    Yeah - the base 2015 Pro has almost the same performance as the 2018 pro ... This, the lack of ports and the horror stories of "Apple charged me 700 bucks, to fix one button on my keyboard", Kiiiiiind of made me stick with my 2015 Pro up until 6 months ago.

  • satvik chowdary
    satvik chowdary

    7:45 is that tim cook in cod?

  • Diavuno

    Please work on audio... You have an echo and clip on your mic

  • Jack Feder
    Jack Feder

    Are you saying Apple made crap so when they fixed their mistakes we would then buy the less shitty crap and that was their plan all along so it wasn't really a mistake? How about when egotistical designer left Apple they could supply features their customers wanted? That doesn't take a masterplan conspiracy theory

  • Jack Feder
    Jack Feder

    "thin" is a feature which adds NOTHING to the utility of a desktop but which comes with great cost in convenience and serviceability.

  • Royce Holmes
    Royce Holmes

    I disagree...I think Mag safe wont be implemented in the newer macbooks. Youll find USB C around a bit longer until they come with a newer generation.

  • Don. Timeless
    Don. Timeless

    I love USB C tech but what bothers me is when it will be enough ports of it? 2 or even 3 is not enough!! & MagSafe is very important to make use of the USB C ports!

  • Ahmad Naufal
    Ahmad Naufal

    This is the best controversy theory

  • The AJ Kid
    The AJ Kid

    I don’t think they’re trying to make “the ultimate laptop”. Pro users are a smaller percentage of their base. I think Apple is obsessed with simplicity. They just want it to work efficiently and work flawlessly for new users and old. Most people haven’t used an SD slot since the early 2000’s. If u want sleek, buy the MBP or iMac. If you want ports and some juice, go M1 Mac Mini, they have better cooling and USB. Get used to hubs. That’s just how it is now 😂

  • Jose Leonardo Dos Ramos
    Jose Leonardo Dos Ramos

    Apple: *replace all ports by usb-c* Me: *buys a lot of new connectors* Apple: *replace usb-c ports by the old ports* Me: "oh"

  • Ricerous

    I Would wonder if Apple doesn't pay you. You don't see some of their actions as wrong moves but an explanation why it is so. Also Apple never invented 'type c'. otherwise they won't be using lightening chargers up to date for a reason that is has sense because they could have made more money than lightening licences.

  • CatholicTraditional

    Once the CD/DVD drive was removed from Macbook Pros ca. 2015, it became a $2000 ripoff. Better-off buying used and learn to upgrade HDs to SSDs et. al. Now use an iPad Pro, best downgrade I ever did (because I had to). Until Apple 🍏 makes a touchscreen version of the Macbook, it’s not going to make a much of a comeback.

  • Jeffrey

    All I really needed was a USB A, that's the port I think most people wanted. I could live without the SD card reader most new cameras are moving away from that card anyway. The magsafe is really good but given the long life of the M1, plugging in and tripping over the cord is now non-existent. 90% of peripherals are usb A why put all these ports and don't add the most important one?

  • Mac Man
    Mac Man


  • Mac Man
    Mac Man

    Also they Kept it a secret because when they came out with thunderbolt it was made by apple and intel and not many manufactures implemented it.

  • Michaela Ruth
    Michaela Ruth

    You know, I'm not one for conspiracy theories, but this makes a lot of sense.

  • Raphael Bellepeau
    Raphael Bellepeau

    From what I've heard apple was part of the team designing USBC (but because it was too slow to create they couldn't put it in the iPhone which is why it still to this day has the trash lighting cable) so yeah they helped design it but they are only bringing back the other ports because of the backlash. Yeah they made wide spread but putting only USBC was a bad idea so they are finally making a logical thing ... Bringing back the old port not some big brain move or some stuff like that

  • ll y
    ll y

    what a stupid video. stupid contents padded out to 10 min.

  • Brian Williams
    Brian Williams

    If Apple really brings everything back, I will tell you where I think you are right and wrong. I 100% believed that Apple had a lot to do with USB C and genuinely wanted to push things forward by removing all the ports… That and Jony Ive’s obsession with going thinner and smoother with fewer ports, buttons, etc was all about making the Mac an everyday consumer device. But, I think we all need to remember that the state of the Mac, especially the MacBook between 2016 (not including the 2015 MacBook) and 2018 was in the toilet and that the whole “Back to the Mac” resurgence came out of that. Butterfly keyboards, “flex gate” screen issues, and issues with the motherboards, all of which still aren’t ironed out fully with Macs during those years despite extended service plans and such are a black eye in my opinion. Now, Jony Ive is gone, Apple has their own silicone, and they are potentially reversing course on things like ports, MagSafe, and the Touch Bar. I think they know they screwed up but instead of some master plan that began in 2015, they are seeing an opportunity to make people happy despite their screw ups and have the best of everything. Basically saying they were wrong without saying they were wrong and listening to their loyal customers. Now whether or not they will ever get gaming? I will believe it when I see it.

  • Samurai Chef
    Samurai Chef

    Integrating an HDMI capture card would be much more interesting than reviving HDMI out. A lot of people get equivalent video out performance with either WiFi or Thunderbolt/USB-C. Today, a lot more people are doing video production than were doing video production when HDMI output was abandoned. An SD card slot would be also be welcomed by photographers and videographers.

  • cabc74

    OMG, so Apple mistakes are not mistakes but a multi-year master plan with the aim of...

    • Desmond Bosire
      Desmond Bosire

      Making new mistakes that continue into another masterplan that....... a loop

  • Richard Getz
    Richard Getz

    must be a slow news day

  • Znari Znotsj
    Znari Znotsj

    very good analysis.


    Max Tech is now proper fanboy channel with these hilarious thumbnails

  • gkoknok

    ur crazy.

  • jkristia2011

    So, Apple invented and opensourced a new port, then switched to this new port - just so the industry will follow, Only to switch back to - really ?. My first encounter with USB-C was my Windows Lumnia phone, and since then I wished USB-C would be the standard, and we are finally getting there. But giving Apple full credit and calling it their Master Plan is just - sorry - a bit too much fan boy talk (I'm a big Apple and Windows fan)

    • Ji mi
      Ji mi

      They don’t switch back, they will keep these ports too of course!

  • xpeterson

    You know what really pushed usb-c ports into mainstream? Smartphones…. Just saying…

  • David Moreno Belmonte
    David Moreno Belmonte

    Space Bar = the most useless tool ever....


    But why then did they hold off for so long? Why hold back when they cold easily just provide what we need?

  • Nic Christie
    Nic Christie

    hope you didn't jinx it. lol - what do you think the pre-order's going to start!

  • Caleb Grayson
    Caleb Grayson

    the problem with the USB-C is thinner fit the new MBP is HDMI is not. so not following the logic here.

  • Ross Wilson
    Ross Wilson

    When your dad is a conspiracy theorist and your mum is a gypsy fortuneteller you get this next level nonsense.

  • Matt Lord
    Matt Lord

    Just look up Lightpeak... Apple created TB with intel.... Think about it... what do you think USB3.1/TB is..... Apple had its finger in many pies... Many their own.

  • NONE

    So much water....

  • Vidnition

    Perhaps you could address the issue of many SSDs not being compatible with M1 computers.

  • Tobias Michel
    Tobias Michel

    If “the ultimate laptop for everyone” is the goal, well great! …. I usually buy those. 2006 first generation Intel MacBook was at the time the “ultimate laptop” which was cheaper yet more powerful than the best Apple PowerBook and made Magic Trackpad with gestures and build in webcam the norm. Than 2012 first generation Retina MacBooks where “the ultimate laptop” with the best screen, the best keyboard and hdmi and sd card and SSD drives. Not much good has happened since except M1 chips and yeah it is looking like Apple is building up to another massive “the ultimate laptop that is faster and cheaper”. So I’m looking forward.

  • Justiziero J.
    Justiziero J.

    I love your videos but I think you are wrong. Why doesn't apple use USB C on iPhone? And giving a lighting USB C wire with no charger? So people have to buy a usb C charger instead of using the old USB A chargers that almost everybody have at home. Basically : money! Apple doesn't want to put USB C on iPhone because iPhone accessories are so expensive and work really well for Apple cash. Pay, pay and pay more, that's why Apple is so rich, becasue they make people go mad and buy tons of expensive things instead of buying generic brands for accessories. Yes, they use USB C on MacBooks, new iMac, and iPad pros...but not on iPhones and base iPads...crazy!!!

    • Advait yerragunta
      Advait yerragunta

      We will find out a few years later tbh

  • uday krk
    uday krk

    Apple will not be Apple if they does exactly as these analysts expect. It's no secret.

  • polyphony89

    Man, this is gonna be expensive

  • Zento Ki
    Zento Ki

    24 hrs battery life if ture ... power man ... I'm gonna get my whole family all mac books ... bye bye window

Dear Apple.