M1 iPad Pro - Top 8 Real-World Problems after 1 month!
We found 8 Issues (Plus a bonus) that are seriously wrong with the new M1 iPad Pros!
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Timestamps ⬇️
M1 iPad Pro - Top 8 Real-World Problems - 00:00
Problem #1 - 00:51
Problem #2 - 02:29
Problem #3 - 04:11
Problem #4 - 05:22
Problem #5 - 06:25
Problem #6 - 07:43
Problem #7 - 08:50
Problem #8 - 09:33
Bonus Finding - 10:09

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  • Max Tech
    Max Tech

    Whats the Worst issue with the M1 iPads that you can't believe Apple let happen? DEFINITELY Buy THIS iPad Pro model (Amazon link) ➡ geni.us/gCuX Best Deals on M1 iPad Pros Accessories on Amazon ⬇️ iPad Pro Budget Dock! ➡ geni.us/NMOV Best SSD for iPads and iPad Pro's ➡ geni.us/RPAnFUb M1 iPad Pro 11" with 8GB RAM ➡ geni.us/2FHY3Xz M1 iPad Pro 12.9" with 8GB RAM ➡ geni.us/7qQN9

    • Shaurya4 Ssvb
      Shaurya4 Ssvb

      please give us that video

    • Erin Thor
      Erin Thor

      @Mike Sheets - Looking into doing that, but it’s harder and more expensive than you might think.

    • Mike Sheets
      Mike Sheets

      @Erin Thor take the bastards to court

    • Erin Thor
      Erin Thor

      @Rafa Pérez - MacOS is history, it now runs in a shell that runs MacOS under iOS.

    • Rafa Pérez
      Rafa Pérez

      The one thing keeping me from buying an iPad Pro is that it doesn't run macOS. Maybe not everyone wants it, but for me it would just be wonderful, as I could do all my work on a single very portable computer.

  • Ganesh Karhale
    Ganesh Karhale

    Yes. Point out more problems so apple will have to fix it.

  • Marlon Guan
    Marlon Guan

    Thank you for you and your team's hard work, you are helping a lot of people!! Keep up

  • ytlfv

    Thank you so much for this video! Please keep updating us if you find any further information or updates on existing problems.

  • John Zaruba Jr
    John Zaruba Jr

    What makes your video a little bit “click bait-y” you never seem to mention the fact that iPadOS 15 is a PUBLIC BETA. I would take your observations a little bit more seriously if this was a release version of the OS…

  • The Regiverse
    The Regiverse

    38 seconds is slow? Damn. Waiting for a burrito to heat up in a microwave for two minutes must be an eternity for you

  • techmaester

    M1 isn’t well supported compared to Intel, and the device is too thin and bends easily. This new iPad has much on common with Nintendo Switch, which is overpriced and the display quality is terrible.

  • Ruvik Ferrer
    Ruvik Ferrer

    I can remake your logo better than what you have just using an iPad with no ISSUES. I can edit also your video content better than yours with just an IPad, again no ISSUES. Publish or perish!

  • Ruvik Ferrer
    Ruvik Ferrer

    Issues? Nahhh! Procreate, Affinity Designer/ Photo etc.


    It is ipad You can't except to it for replacing laptops so all at end it is only a tab from apple ( basically a big screen with upgraded version of ios )

  • CODEX919

    And in a surprise to no one, running ios on a mac hardware won't make it do the things that a mac does

  • MrCoffis

    I have found that formatting the SSD into apple format the write speeds are better.

  • Rauf Iqbal
    Rauf Iqbal

    I just want to add a huge thank you and appreciate the time and effort you've taken to compile these flaws/limitations in iPadOS vs MacOS this is exactly what I was looking for!❤️😁👍 Great content, keep up the great work!

  • R Lilik Andrian
    R Lilik Andrian

    Nice info, i think i won’t upgrade my ipad 2018.

  • Dan Strange
    Dan Strange

    It seems like Apple is advertising all the hardware capabilities but intentionally having their software only allowing a fraction of their uses that people can get on other devices. When you pay for the additional keypad this costs more than their lap tops, as it should if their software was maximizing everything to their potential. Sense they are charging a premium price for the hardware features they owe it to the users to give them what they are paying for. I’m hoping that these things are just the result of rushing to get it out quickly and they are planning to maximize the software to the hardware’s potential ASAP, otherwise this is simply using dishonest business practices to keep people needing to buy a laptop as well. If that is the case then they need to be honest about what they are doing and lower the price of the iPad Pros.

  • Tana Chai
    Tana Chai

    Somehow I dont know a single person who would count everything mentioned here a problem at all... just some stupid first world problems...

  • Bright Lee
    Bright Lee

    Thank you. Best video about the new iPad.

  • Craneos Gamers
    Craneos Gamers

    i just got my new ipad😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Z-Mack Dos 6 Echo
    Z-Mack Dos 6 Echo

    Okay you had issues using an external SSD drive, and you kept repeating the same process with the same results. Had you even considered using a hub? Did I miss you saying that you gave a try as well? Another reviewer said he did have your problem, so maybe it was the brand of SSD drive you were using, which was NOT supported by the M1 iPad Pros. You can’t just use any device on everything just because it work on device. Had you checked which SSD drives are supported by the iPad Pro? They may have limited which brands can be used by this gen’s iPad Pro. It’s different and limited in so many way than the rest of the M1 line up you probably should do a bit more research on it prior to making it a flaw on this product, because I’m sure you just ASSUMED it’s a one size fits all. Not when it come to Apple, and definitely not on this iPad Pro model either. Your desires and unmanaged expectations and Apple’s business plan are not aligned, then once you figure that out then tell your followers what to be aware of and why. You made some strides in that direction, but had you exhausted all avenues available to you to try? There might me a work around, but only if it’s feasible and realistic would that be an option to pass on. I hop you got the device that best suits you needs.

  • Pradeep Selvan
    Pradeep Selvan

    ❤️❤️❤️ WOW, Very Honest review ❤️❤️❤️ Tnx

  • Retro Floyd
    Retro Floyd

    So basically it has software problems, not hardware...


    Well... in the end it’s still an ipad not a computer :)

  • Babar Ali
    Babar Ali

    Hey IPad M1 pro is good but Apple should've installed a lidar in the Apple M1 Ipad pro

  • Brian Eaves
    Brian Eaves

    Has anyone done the download speed test using a SD UHS-II card reader with a UHS-II rated card with the M1 iPad and a non M1 iPad? Or a USB-C SSD download/upload with a M1 iPad and a non M1 iPad? Just to check to see if the interface USB-C/Thunderboldt as speed bottleneck or the internal storage in the device. As a photographer download speeds from the SD cards and transfer a speed to a portable SSD like the Samsung T5 are important to me currently

  • Eren Jeager
    Eren Jeager

    I’m getting the 12.9 inch with the Brydge 12.9 Max + in a few days! I’m coming from the iPad 6’th generation, so I don’t think I will really notice these problems. 😂😂😂

  • elmedin

    I don’t know when I was so extremely pissed about an update from Apple as this time. Because of the lack of external monitor support. I love my iPad and I’m using it for maybe 70% of my time. Because it’s really easy to use and it never lags. Writing eMails, sketching, creating to-do-list, notes, brainstorming, working in Illustrator, accounting, creating keynotes, reading books, attending to video calls, online courses, etc. … for the heavy work I’m using my maxed-out MBP 16” (connected to my two LG 5K Ultrafine Monitor) because it’s easier to use some of this apps on bigger screens Illustrator, Adobe XD, Photoshop, InDesign, Webflow and Excel. I think there are a lot of “pro”-apps and really great apps for the iPad, it’s not Apples fault that Adobe, Microsoft, etc. … create just “baby-apps”, but its getting better. Illustrator and Photoshop is really good on the iPad and it gets better. Microsoft Excel is a great example for an app, with just a “light” version of Excel. For me it’s really useless and I’m a heavy Excel-user. For example Affinity, Pro Create, Luma Fusion Are great apps. And I also think the iPad Pro (and Air) could replace a lot of Windows-pcs. Especially for users who writing eMails, creating notes, using web-apps, creating presentations. Many of my clients also love to work with the iPad and they would replace all of their windows-pc, but they say: “External monitor support is just s**t!” And that’s the reason why I’m so pissed! The external display support is useless. It would be enough if they would start with just mirroring and the apps would scale. For example Safari, there is no reason why Safari shouldn’t be able to scale. Same for the files-app, calendar, notes, reminder. Makes no sense. Really disappointing. Some of my clients also were really pissed about this and they don’t care about Apple. They just want a great device.

  • III R87 III
    III R87 III

    You raise valid points. And Apple should listen. But is anyone entirely surprised?! They know every aspect of their software. Nothing appears unless it’s deliberate. Throttling the ram? It was entirely intentional. Throttling the aspect ratio for external display? Entirely intentional. Everything Apple has done to ipadOS is what they wanted to do with it. They present the allure of a pro tablet. But in reality they CHOOSE to limit it. No one limits a pro device. They should make the most of every ounce of power. If Apple choose to do that with the iPad Pro it would blow the world of computing apart. But that doesn’t sale MacBooks 😉 At best is false advertising, at worst is intentional deception. And I’m an Apple fan! 😂 .

  • Pavan

    I read the title as Mi Pad pro 😅

  • Anthony Madden
    Anthony Madden

    I hate to say it, but for some reason I like the sound of your voice.

  • Kyle Miller
    Kyle Miller

    I don’t think it’s a problem that the iPad can’t do the things a MacBook can do. Other wise if the iPad can what a MacBook can do, they wouldn’t be no need for the MacBooks 🤷🏾‍♂️. It’s an iPad not a MacBook at the end of the day. But I agree with some off what saying though

  • Metal Craft
    Metal Craft

    True ReView, Superb work, i preferred iPad 11" bcoz it is usable for notes, draw, handling

  • Star CollectorCards
    Star CollectorCards

    Blah blah blah. You are comparing laptop to tablet. Blah blah blah. Boring this is not world problems for everyone or every single users. Most power users will not use your idealism

  • Terry Clark
    Terry Clark

    #firstworldproblems 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Ali Shahzad
    Ali Shahzad

    Nah mate you are wrong about the read and write speed on iPad Pro M1. I got the 11 inch version. The read speed I get is 3094 Mb/s read and 2302 Mb/s write as per Antutu Hard drive speed test.

  • Nathan

    Ah yes my 16gb file takes only 38 seconds the calamity This is a joke

  • Saito Reona
    Saito Reona

    Not being able to use Chrome extension is a big deal

  • John Dell
    John Dell

    This really makes me wonder exactly what criteria Apple uses to define a “Pro” user. Because iPadOS isn’t very “Pro” at all at this point.

  • Will Lewis
    Will Lewis

    Leave it up to Apple to make a beautiful product while forgetting something as important as an eject button to protect your data.

  • Neel Mistry
    Neel Mistry

    Mayb i am going think more before upgrading.

  • Neel Mistry
    Neel Mistry

    How come no one taking about all this??? Thanx dude for sharing

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay

    Yes I disagree I never had any of them of the problems you are having

  • Hasan Ismail
    Hasan Ismail

    Really great content. 👍🏻

  • Ak Aag Fitness
    Ak Aag Fitness

    The problems you are telling don't matter to me at all. For me these are forced issues

  • Abhishek Ranjan
    Abhishek Ranjan

    ipad os should be improved as macos. Then we don't need MacBook. Then iPad becomes only computer ..

  • Ruben Lopez
    Ruben Lopez

    I'm want it , but no have money , only have a iPad 6

  • Gary McCaskill
    Gary McCaskill


  • rav

    U tested ur ipad on an unstable ipad os beta? Lol

  • Noel Avila luna
    Noel Avila luna

    For me, I literally don't care about any of the things you noted here.I just ordered one for the awesome display.My buddy just purchased his and the blooming is not bad.If anything I dont even notice it.All I know is that I'm upgrading my movie watching;)

  • Eagle

    Bragging with the M1 Chip then producing a rubbish usability product, backed with huge marketing and silly fanboys... This is Apple

  • B NA
    B NA

    For a total new owner of an iPad, would you suggest IPad Air , Pro 11 or Pro 12.9 ? I want something that’s future proof for the next 3-4 years at least

  • umkc73

    Steve Jobs is rolling in his grave. R.I.P.


    So most of your complaints are that an iPad Pro can’t do what a MacBook can do. Then buy a MacBook. 🙄 Why do all of these CNhavers think the iPad is meant to be a laptop replacement? An iPad has its place and so does a laptop. They aren’t going to turn the iPad into a MacBook replacement and destroy their MB sales. Besides, most people that buy an iPad aren’t wanting to use it as a laptop.

  • TheOwnHero

    I see only one problem, which is making superior overkill tablet and limiting it so you can't use its power... It's like making the fastest production car and limiting it so you keep selling your other cars... What is the point..

  • ThePhantomdrifter

    Apple accidentally built a killer product then broke its legs

  • ThePhantomdrifter

    I had the same issue with Sandisk 500gb SSD. I left the SSD connected to the iPad for a while it detected the SSD.

  • josh3326

    I returned my worthless M1 12.9. I ruined my Samsung T7 drive by unplugging it from the iPad M1. My 3yr old iPad Pro is still just as good for my workflow.

  • Green Rose
    Green Rose

    Those aren't problem

  • White Stripe
    White Stripe

    1. There’s no apps… seriously, not even Xcode, Final Cut Pro, pixelmator or logic, and that’s only Apple’s “pro” apps, which means Apple just doesn’t want iPad to be “pro”

  • Fri zee
    Fri zee

    Well I'll stick to my 2020 ipad pro

  • Joe Lemire
    Joe Lemire

    Not sure if anyone else is having this issue, but my 2021 M1 12.9 iPad Pro 1tb model is having charging issues. A few times I noticed it didn’t charge all the way and figure the case popped open causing it to drain… well I charged it all night with the included charger and had 13% battery the next day… I then tried an ankle portable charger and it would not charge even after trying three different cables… I then used a friends charger some as the included one and still no charge. I am now at 1% battery and attempting to charge via my car USB port with a GoPro cable… after 30 minutes I’ve made it back up to 8%. This was after a power cycle… perhaps it’ll fix the issue but I’m still curious how many other are having this issue. I may ask for a replacement since I’ve had it less than a month.

  • Ramtej Varma
    Ramtej Varma


  • Samir Kamal
    Samir Kamal

    The selfie camera is in its right place

  • Anjan Lal
    Anjan Lal

    I want to see a comparison test between the Apple iPad Pro 12.9" - 2021 M1 Chip Against the Microsoft Surface Book 3. Hopefully, we'll see a few more upsets for Apple against its arch-rival, Microsoft.

  • Chandana Ponna
    Chandana Ponna

    Should I go for...ipad air 256gb or ipad pro m1 128gb?

  • Đorđe

    Nice and useful, like and subscribe for that :) Have you thought about testing SSD wear and tear in M1 ipads? Asking since there's a lot of macbook related heat on that matter... I assume ipads will have same/similar problems? Or maybe because of the OS limitations that won't be as dramatic. Anyway, definitely something I'd like to know.

  • New Shiro
    New Shiro

    Your video just saves my 2,300$ 😂 In the perspective of Ipad pro user, or I should go for Macbook Pro M1 instead? 🤔

  • Your Pinoy Fraghead
    Your Pinoy Fraghead

    To be honest, I’ve been saving money to get myself a 1TB version of this so I could use it as my daily driver for personal and professional use. However, whenever I dive in to purchase, I always seek your review cuz I think you’re one of the most reliable CNhavers out here who spit facts and none other than the truth. With the problems being said, I think I’m giving this a pass cuz I think iPad Pros are meant to be pro’s but the problems are making it look less like it and it sounds like a regular iPad to me. I’d say, it’s a pass. Thank you Max Tech

  • Slobodan Obradović
    Slobodan Obradović

    Mine is already broken, screen is not working only 4 days of use, CNhave still running in background on speaker I can’t turn it off screen is dead, typing comment from iPhone, can’t wait morning to bring it back to apple and get my 2000$ back, what a garbage, peace of junk overpriced, and they lie so much on their marketing speed is much slower and they claim it as fastest ever, apple always represents their products as best ever ever other hi-tech companies are few years in front off apple.

  • Jayb

    his voice sound like he's going to cry.

    • Abhi Jeet
      Abhi Jeet


  • Randy Fournier
    Randy Fournier

    wow! terrible, not worth the money

  • Yesterday’s Picture
    Yesterday’s Picture

    Does he know iPad OS 15 is in beta?

  • Richard Bullwinkle
    Richard Bullwinkle

    Great take. Well-researched. I hope Apple understands that we expect more.

  • Chris B
    Chris B

    Since Apple permits unlocking the iPhone with an Watch, they should also permit the iPad to be unlocked in this way (when someone is wearing a mask)

  • Ilestun

    there is only one probleme : ipadOS

  • Cam Scouller
    Cam Scouller

    Where do you get this animated sunset wallpaper?

  • Rue Dela Ruine TG
    Rue Dela Ruine TG

    Nice review, keep it up

  • Molly Cutpurse
    Molly Cutpurse

    I use mine just to play music. I can’t create anything on it.

  • Bill

    I should have purchased a MacBook Air! And just buy a new iPad Mini when they come out.

  • SeattleDude

    Probably 3-5 years away to when Apple fixes all the 8 issues in your video. So I can just buy then. I believe the performance is still overkill at that time.

  • dave jones
    dave jones

    Why is it being compared to a Mac ? Dumb video

  • Dark Angel
    Dark Angel

    Me: smiling while watching this video and downloading a movie to my USB drive in my Samsung S7😁

  • Nostalgic Recordings
    Nostalgic Recordings

    Apple thumbed this video down 231 times

  • José Mardon
    José Mardon

    I 'am ot shure I 'll upgrade my 2017 IpadPro! With the M1 I was expecting a similar revolution in the software.

  • Peter Bizik
    Peter Bizik

    Why there is an assumption that HW on ipad should be identical to one in the macbook ? Is it ? If not, why there is an assumption that all aspects of performance should be same in the ipad and macbook? OS's across different platform will eventually came closer and closer, as seen in latest wwdc. All other could be bugfixes and patches, question is ,if the user can form huge enough mass to be listen. Imagine company doing what they are doing and having revenue/profit in green, without the need of perfectionism of all aspects for each and every platform. Don't' know but I assume that ipad pro is not the biggest dealbreaker for apple. I do really admire how the youtubers can create a video from thin air. You are really magicians of the 21st century. At the end, YT wins because of those stupid commercial every other minute.

  • K Finesse
    K Finesse

    So no external drive works for the M1?

    • andyH_England

      I run several external SSD's and they all work great and am getting about 350Mbps for a single file transfer which is pretty good!

  • BC J
    BC J

    Problem Number 3 reminded me of an issue I had using Files on my own iPad. I remember getting a mess of songs to play at church put onto my iPad. All PDFs of chordsheets. I couldn’t type a single one of them in search. None of them would appear. After messing around with it a while I discovered that the items in question couldn’t be found in search until I had opened EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE FILES. So I had to flick through like 400 PDFs in order to be able to search for them. Absolutely ridiculous. You’d think Apple, the highest valued company in the world, would have the manpower to iron out these basic minuscule everyday annoyances. They need to get with it. I’d consider my predicament to be a bug, but to them it’s probably a feature.

  • Al Thepal
    Al Thepal

    Those are the specs of the iPad Pro NOT problems. Maybe shortcomings for some people but not problems, click bait.

  • N1C.K

    I doubt they ever want the ipados to be an alternative to the macos, why cannibalise when they can convince a quarter of the community to buy both before youtubers can put out reviews like this. How many of us actually have both the ipad pro and a macos device? 😅

  • Raziya Rafi
    Raziya Rafi

    Legend 👑

  • Kevin Hartzog
    Kevin Hartzog

    At first I was ready to buy the new iPad Pro. But as I learn more, this device is not worth it!

  • phamcangam nguyenganga
    phamcangam nguyenganga

    The acidic employer macropharmacologically ignore because earthquake family succeed towards a cooperative cricket. complex, selfish ox

  • E R
    E R

    i returned mine and got Macbook Air m1 16bg ram instead. Happy Ending.

  • Milo

    Good points for those looking to use it as a laptop replacement. Nothing affecting me much for my family use cases.

  • jspunk

    I think someone is still mad he was wrong and had to shave his peach fuzz. The iPad Pro just got M1 this year and everybody’s nit picking all the things it CANT do.. Really? If it was meant to do all the things the MacBook does then Apple would have to consider making it obsolete and that is not going to happen. MacBook isn’t going anywhere. Regardless of bitter nit picking, this new iPad is above all others in any industry. Chill out a bit. You don’t want to feel silly pre judging Apples short comings when they fix these minor nit picks. I’m sure Apple knows what they are doing..lol

  • TLT Addme
    TLT Addme

    For the iPad M1, we clearly see there are many things Apple can do but they try not doing. I’ve never think one day I, myselft wish Apple will return to the state when they almost die, so they can introduce “another iphone”. I am happy with what MS did with windows 11 and with the moving out of Apple eco system trend, lets see if it can move Apple a little bit. I am a big fan of Apple and I have to say, i get bored of all Apple events for 3, 4 years, they lost their innovative, now I just see Apple is at the state of Microsoft of Steve Ballmer, lost its spirit and just try not doing what they can do by finding reason and ask people to follow. Before I think Apple wont be in that situation but I was wrong.

  • chetan Naik
    chetan Naik

    9th problem still indian apple stores not getting 12.9 m1 models, but they launched here months ago 😒😔

  • Jarolím Žáček
    Jarolím Žáček

    I returned iPad PRO 12.9 due to these stupid issues, it is not suitable for me. I always ended up doing serious work on my PC. Great video, you described same issues and I had the same experience. Seems I will end up with Microsoft Surface Book, when they finally manage to provide better hardware :-D

  • syliviana morel
    syliviana morel

    None of them is a real problem actually , it would be nice if those " problems " were solved , but they aren't significant at all

  • Alfamonk

    There must be something wrong with your iPad Pro. I'm getting 2015MB/s Write speed (and 2800MB/s Read speed) in Jazz Disk Bench.

  • Ranit Dholey
    Ranit Dholey

    Great stuff guys, honest as always. Cannot take the Apple fanboy youtubers (you know who I’m talking about ) hyping iPad OS 15 like it’s best thing since ever, while completely ignoring basic issues like external hard drives.