Why I'm waiting for the iPhone 13! - New Apple Fangirl..
No iphone has EVER made me want to upgrade, until now with the upcoming iphone 13 release in September, and here’s why.
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In this video, I go over new leaks and rumors that have to do with the upcoming iPhone 13, as well as things that have changed and why I didn't want to upgrade int he past but will be buying the new iPhone 13!

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  • Max Tech
    Max Tech

    Will you be buying the upcoming iPhone 13? Why or Why not? Only $13 for a Fast Charger on Amazon➡ geni.us/LO5hy7 Amazon Links to best deals ⬇️ iPhone 12 Pro ➡ geni.us/7wYG iPhone 12 Pro Max ➡ geni.us/DQnKJqE Anker 20W Fast-Charger ($17) ➡ geni.us/LO5hy7 Apple MagSafe Cases & Accessories ➡ geni.us/ErI1kH6

    • Jaynath Basumatary
      Jaynath Basumatary

      Yes! Definitely... I'm buy an iPhone 13 pro max

    • Xavier George
      Xavier George

      I'm perfectly happy with my s21 ultra lol I won't be getting a new phone until sombody literally buys me another phone lol.

    • Woody Contact
      Woody Contact

      I want to see what the iPhone 14 will look like.

    • Qween T
      Qween T

      Yes I will be upgrading to the 13, I have the Purple 11

    • Hasanur Rahman
      Hasanur Rahman

      Most probably not, since the upgrades doesn’t seem worthy enough. This year’s upgrade is going to be very insignificant with little more boost up to the A15 with GPU upgrade to counter Exynos collaboration with AMD, maybe some sort of cooling, 120 hertz alway on display (battery hungry) eh okay also 6 elements ultra wide camera probable astrophotography mode, which Google Camera had in the past. Maybe 2022 or 2023 with in house apple 5g modem chips, under display selfie camera and Touch ID and possible optical zoom. Who knows probably a foldable like the Z fold 2 5G. Apple fans really don’t care about 120 hertz display or any gimmicks. In fact these upgrades really don’t mean shit. Except faster chip, ram, gimbals like camera sensor and HDR Dolby an iPhone X or XS still stacks up in 2021 and possibly for the next 2 years. So answer is maybe NO


    Any video with a girl talking about tech just makes the video that much better..theres never a dull moment whrn angelika takes the spotlight

  • Rich D-Oliveman
    Rich D-Oliveman

    You can unlock phone with face mask. No watch needed.

  • roopesh Patel
    roopesh Patel

    Love form india ❤🇮🇳❤

  • Sukhneet Singh
    Sukhneet Singh

    You’re looking so beautiful and cute 🥰

  • Nº Gimmicks
    Nº Gimmicks

    Dude your sister is cute seriously

  • King Unanimously
    King Unanimously


  • Chee hwee Ong
    Chee hwee Ong

    All this is this is the basic ! Apple is left with is a 13 chip much more secure better e d system small notch all this other phone company is doing it better

  • Chee hwee Ong
    Chee hwee Ong

    I phone is stick to the old ! Reason where is 120hz 2 where is fingerprint sensor 3 where is the alway on display ! All this is the

  • Tengku Hafriz Nazrie
    Tengku Hafriz Nazrie

    I’m still using my iPhone 6+ that I bought 6-7 years ago and choose not to upgrade until now this is the time for me to upgrade to IPhone 13 Pro Max 512GB, why I’m waiting for this long? It’s because 13 is my birthday number

  • Khloe Thorson
    Khloe Thorson

    Apples turning. Into Samsung with the 13 lol

  • SatuHati Official
    SatuHati Official

    Kemungkinan iphone 13 akan pakai iris scanner deh, soalnya iphone kan menjunjung keamanan yg sangat baik

  • Shibo Kumar
    Shibo Kumar

    Touch ID is good 👍👌

  • Shibo Kumar
    Shibo Kumar

    Please give me iphone 13 free after lunch Please please

  • Akshay Abhang
    Akshay Abhang

    U r poor girl

  • zul fadhli
    zul fadhli

    iPhone companies are stingy🐌

  • Shane Yoo
    Shane Yoo

    you guys speak in the same tone and rhythm haha


    The punch-hole cameras on other phones only use a 2D Facial-Recognition system whereas iPhones use a 3D FaceID system that uses advanced technology that took 3 years of development before its official release in 2017 plus it comes with way better security than those with 2D-based systems with a flaw of an identical twin can unlock their twins' iPhone. I remember a report that Apple might be working on a sensor that could detect the unique patterns of our veins on our faces for even further security protection.

  • Marvin Yeap
    Marvin Yeap

    To setup Face ID, I scanned my face with my glasses on and i can unlock my phone or do anything with Face ID with either glasses on or off. Weird that you couldn’t.


      I don’t understand why she can’t do that.

  • Marcel Hricko
    Marcel Hricko

    iPhones with 5000 mAh battery would be nice and for me new iPhone SE 2021 with 4500mAh, Oled display , no 5G I don’t need.


    sadly UDFID is not coming on 13, gotta use my 6s for another year

  • Pearl G
    Pearl G

    Bc most phones on the market don’t have Face ID

  • Uther

    iPhone 7Plus represent!

  • Ryan Weddle
    Ryan Weddle

    Whats her CNhave the narrator

  • Adam Macias
    Adam Macias

    I wish my siblings would jump on board with a CNhave channel. lol

  • Abey Khun
    Abey Khun

    Idk where to focus the explanation or her😂 she's really damn cute tho

  • BPO

    I’m only getting the iphone 13 because my iphone 7 needs to retire (camera keeps shaking, batt don’t last as long, charging outlet is loose).

  • Pranav Singla
    Pranav Singla

    Woah! I was waiting for such content as I am using Xs Right now and was confused whether to upgrade to 12 or wait for 13 series!

  • Farra Elena
    Farra Elena

    Max, is that you? In disguise..?

  • richv77

    Great job! Thanks.

  • JędrzejF

    I'm almost 100% sure these as*holes will not reintroduce touch ID this year... Well I kinda got used to FaceID (which is great in some scenarios) with 12 pro, but it still is forced switchover. Fingerprint reader will ALWAYS be the best biometric authorization method for touchscreen devices. PERIOD. It is so easy to implement in screen now, every other manufacturer has no problem to do so. Personally I don't care as much about always on display or even 120 hz refresh as I want to see TouchID in iPhone again. Substantial camera upgrades would be nice too, but it surely will be only a minuscule evolution. I had Galaxy S21 for a few days some time ago - the camera was clearly better, and night mode is miles ahead.

  • Aditya Narayan
    Aditya Narayan

    Had a 12 Pro Max in May which I gave away in June to Upgrade in September- hopw all these rumours + everything else comes true so that I dont feel bad for having waited a few more months...

  • A F
    A F

    I plan on upgrading if it has uts fingerprint sensors and cooling. If not, I’ll stick with my 11 pro max.

  • Jason Mays
    Jason Mays

    John prosser said it’s the 12S lol jk

  • s lewins
    s lewins

    Untrue Face ID recognises me with or without glasses on ! Very poor review with a lot of untrue statements !

  • Balck Dragon
    Balck Dragon

    Can I know her social media account?🥰

  • Carlos Mencey
    Carlos Mencey

    The iPhone 13 will have 120hrz, touch id for those who do not have a watch can unlock with the muzzle, always-on screen, larger focal aperture, larger 5500ma battery, 120x zoom, better stabilizer, reversible charging and under-screen camera. It will not have a touch id, that will be for the year ... I have left the warch at home and having to use the code every so often is a big annoyance, I have always liked the touch id

  • trscsaeg

    Hopefully that cooling system cools the battery and the processor instead of just the processor

  • Wojtek Mazgaj
    Wojtek Mazgaj

    I think it is more likely to see Touch ID in power button

  • lokesh for you
    lokesh for you

    I have a question for you that i can get iphone 12 pro max or any iphone for free

  • Nurse Mark Joseph Girao
    Nurse Mark Joseph Girao

    I love your voice 🥰😘

  • Andrea Caisutti
    Andrea Caisutti

    just buy sony xperia 1 mark 3 xD

  • Neno

    Definitely upgrading from my iPhone 11in September to the Pro line.

  • Nick

    You will probably only get those features in. The iPhone 13 max


    Im with you girl! Lmao im also stuck with an XR (thats cracked :/ ) so they better give me atleast 120hz.. cant wait, literally! Im so close to getting a 12 pro but i know it'll be worth the wait :)

  • Riley EN
    Riley EN

    Wow she is breath takingly beautiful...

  • Shiftqr

    I dont see how the iPhone 12s is different from the 12.

  • jevaries bumatay
    jevaries bumatay

    Android has a frist have a Fingerprint in thier future smart phones

  • Roit Henry
    Roit Henry

    Til this day in 2021 i still have my iPhone XR and ima keep this phone until it no longer works ❤️ ….it’s paid off so why upgrade? ITS THE SAME PHONE! 😂 Lol They jus adding more stuff to it! Lol but wht iPhone really need to do is, is let us customize our own text messages where we can change colors and backgrounds and etc lol I’m tired of texting in blue!

  • Nour Moghrabi
    Nour Moghrabi

    It’s going to be iPhone 13 mini

  • Abdelrhman Mohamed
    Abdelrhman Mohamed

    This angelika is so pretty

  • Daniel Knight
    Daniel Knight


  • Matthew Maneri
    Matthew Maneri

    just think how good the 14 will be... wonder what the big upgrade will be from 13 to 14? better zoom? what else does it really need at this point? oh- true multitasking would be nice... since.. Android has had it.. for what feels like a decade.. baffling.

  • srohowsky

    Definitely upgrading. I’ve been upgrading every year since the 3GS. I would consider myself a Pro user, so I like to stay at the cutting edge of Apple. Great job by Angelika!! Laid out very well and super cohesive!! Definitely has a strong future in front of the camera.

  • Michael Reif
    Michael Reif

    What I want is to be able to attach my iPhone via USB-C to my iMac and have it act as a separate window/app as if part of MacOS.

  • Anna Lai
    Anna Lai

    Family Q&A would be so fun to see - once you hit 1 million subs!!! Or sooner…. Love having Angelika’s fresh perspective on things.

  • Blue Seven
    Blue Seven

    I actually love the notch on my iPhone XR but I will be upgrading to new 13 or 13 pro it depends but the notch gives it personality

  • Anbu Grimm
    Anbu Grimm

    Apple already said touch id wont be on iphone 13

  • csyd22

    Whats her instagram

  • Center Point High School Marching 🦅Band
    Center Point High School Marching 🦅Band

    It's not upgrade it buying buying the Same phone with a different design

  • J

    Still using the xs max but think I’ll upgrade to 13 too

  • Tanbir Outdoorsman
    Tanbir Outdoorsman

    It will be a very minor update. May be called 12s instead of 13. Most of the things you said Definitely won't be there

  • heypussy

    So you basically want a samsung

  • Jan Elmore Ando
    Jan Elmore Ando

    Touch Id will be available in 2022.. Apple has confirmed it

  • Nado  [WR]
    Nado [WR]

    It’s good that we will get Touch ID back with the current pandemic situation


    Dayum, you're sick of that notch? It don't bother me any.

  • The Red cheek
    The Red cheek

    Finger Print ?? Is that supposed to be something new !!?? Lol 😂 it was there back in iPhone 7. Samsung truly is the Giant Innovator Not Apple.

  • Ali Fatourechiani
    Ali Fatourechiani

    She thinks she doesn’t upgrade I have a iPhone 6 a normal one😂😂😂😂😂

  • yawning alex
    yawning alex

    at least you don't have an iphone x

  • creativeorstrange

    I love TOUCH ID and that would make it an instant buy

  • Siddharth Samel
    Siddharth Samel

    Can someone please tell me what her name is ?

  • John Ludwig
    John Ludwig

    Of course your name is Angelica.

  • Dess Beppche
    Dess Beppche

    To be honest, no new feature is a real gamechanger to the average customer, so I will stick to my iPhone 11 (128GB) with iOS 13.6 which runs long & fast 💪😎

  • Mohammed Rameez
    Mohammed Rameez

    Most of the features samsung has already . Iphones users still waiting 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Jack Dominiak
    Jack Dominiak

    You techies keep harping on about the notch, I have just got a 12 and don't really notice it, but I do notice how much better Face ID is compared to touch! Neither do I need a 120mhz, I have it on iPAD and you guy's are just talking crap 😏 You're not a Fangirl, you're a BS girl like the other 2 on this Chanel 😡

  • 吳魁元

    iPhone 13本來就是12的小改款叫12s或12plus比較適合!了無心意的想用加厚機身升電池安培數等等還,這些都是在騙粉米的前,去買一台同樣用5奈米製程的CPU,GPU,A15晶片跟本提升不多,不要在奢忘屏下解鎖了!要等就要真正等明年2022年Q2量產,使用了3奈米製程的iphone14直接跳過4奈米製程技術的晶矽,用3奈米製程晶矽,一隻手機最重要是CPU,GPU,3奈米製程的晶矽手機是比12,12s,12plus要強的效能的處理器,不要買,不要再讓費錢的買無用的手機,要等才值得,我也在等3奈米製程的晶矽的手機可能是iphone14。 目前消費產品最先進的晶圓製程是台積的5奈米科技,iPhone 12處理器全數採用5奈米製程生產。 台積表示,和5奈米相比,3奈米的運算效能提高10%~15%,能源消耗降低25%~30%。 英特爾也與台積合作生產至少兩款3奈米晶片,包括筆電CPU和數據中心伺服器晶片,想藉此收復過去幾年遭AMD和Nvidia奪走的市佔。 台積電宣布未來3奈米(nm)製程晶圓廠,落腳台灣台南市的南部科學工業園區,預計最快2022年量產[1]。台積電於2020年第一季宣布3奈米製程將在2021年試產,並在2022下半年正式量產,其3奈米製程將繼續採用FinFET(鰭式場效電晶體 台積電的3奈米晶圓廠,才是「宇宙中心

  • Mohit Attri
    Mohit Attri

    Love you ❤️ Bebe

  • Kim Fischer
    Kim Fischer

    A smaller notch would be nice, but I still hate the notch!

  • reuploud

    Where you come frome

  • Benny Ng
    Benny Ng

    Am I the only one that wish they bring back 3D touch? It brings an additional layer of control. That's the main reason why I'm still using the XS.

    • Ghailan Alsheibani
      Ghailan Alsheibani

      With you buddy

  • Αντώνης Δρόσος
    Αντώνης Δρόσος

    The thermal solution for iphones is extremely important. Iphone 12 is loosing from a 200$ poco x3 pro, because sure it cant handle max settings 60 fps, more like 40 but is doing so without dimming the screen....

  • XoPanda

    Meh idc

    • XoPanda

      I’m only here for the free content an donuts

  • Thura Moe Aung
    Thura Moe Aung

    Wish Has iPhone 13 OMG(MGOMG

  • Denis Kolaric
    Denis Kolaric

    BS. Upgrade on rumors

  • Austin

    I actually only think 120hz is a big deal to tech youtubers. I turned it off on my iPad Pro because battery life was awful with it on. Sure it’s nice but it’s not a game changer. What I would like tho is if the 60hz screen was able to actively change its frame rate to save more battery.

  • Bruce Kennedy
    Bruce Kennedy

    If we even get half these upgrades I’d be happy. Touch ID top of the list for me

  • Stefan Müller
    Stefan Müller

    she´s soo sweet :(

  • WordToYourMother

    plz cooling it always gets too hot

  • Greg

    The one thing I am most interested in is the Touch ID and cooling as many times when using the GPS when driving esp on a hot day it will dim to where I have trouble seeing but this may not be enough for me to upgrade. I have upgraded every year to the pro max but this year I may just keep paying the loan as I am on the apple upgrade program and when I see my dad next may gift it to him as he is currently using an iPhone 6 which can’t go past iOS 12. If I do gift it to my dad then I will upgrade to the 13 but probably not day one like I usually do.

  • Anthony Craig
    Anthony Craig

    OMG!!! I can see the family resemblance.

  • Graham Morgan
    Graham Morgan

    Monotone and slow. Not what I was expecting

  • Explained by DP
    Explained by DP

    Love the similarity of y’all three’s intonation. Hoping to see Max’s parents on the show hosting next 😂

  • AngryPenguin 505
    AngryPenguin 505

    Watching this on my xr, I’m looking to upgrade when the new iPhones come out.

  • Papa Doc
    Papa Doc

    I have XS max i will be getting the iPhone 12(s) especially for smaller notch, 120hz and the vapor chamber cooling system i hate it when my phone get hot for no reason lol

  • jkb462

    This is Apple we’re talking about here. Literally only one of these features will be available on the next iPhone. Either a smaller notch, Touch ID, or Pro Motion. Remember it’s not about the actual feature, it’s about the narrative about it’s perceived usefulness.

  • 狄杰Deejay Wong
    狄杰Deejay Wong

    Angelika, u r Beautiful

  • Shisyo YTV
    Shisyo YTV

    Please don't try this again. You are not IJustine, you are a tech youtuber

  • Golf Shaped Joel Skull
    Golf Shaped Joel Skull

    I don’t know why she’s having so much issues with Face ID. It works even when i have sunglasses on. Also criticizing Face ID when you have an older iPhone is silly to me.

    • Golf Shaped Joel Skull
      Golf Shaped Joel Skull

      @Tennis Files i wasn’t talking about the mask

    • Tennis Files
      Tennis Files

      FaceID doesn't work with a mask regardless of what iPhone you use right now so that's a valid point.

  • Antigua Paradise Island
    Antigua Paradise Island

    At first I thought Max and Vadim was the same person now it’s like max as a female

  • Renjith Menon
    Renjith Menon

    Watching the 3 hosts, you feel like you’re playing with different looks for the same memoji

Dear Apple.