12.9" M1 iPad Pro Ultimate Review after 1 Month - No More Excuses..
5 Things that are shockingly wrong with the 12.9" M1 iPad Pro. My Honest Long-Term Review..
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In this review, we talk about exactly WHY people are so upset about the new M1 iPad Pro, and then we take a look at it from realistic expectations.

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  • Max Tech
    Max Tech

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    • That Gamer Lad
      That Gamer Lad

      @aurangzeb zeb ok 🤣

    • aurangzeb zeb
      aurangzeb zeb

      Plz make short videoss

    • That Gamer Lad
      That Gamer Lad

      @Mina H. that's exactly what i am thinking.. 2020 model is still crazy good device and will do the job for me and i am also finding good deals on it.

    • Mina H.
      Mina H.

      @That Gamer Lad my opinion is the M1 is a straight up rip off, the older one is okay if u find it at a good price, me personally I would get a cheap but usable one until the next iPad comes out hoping for more bang for my $$

    • Mina H.
      Mina H.

      @Traveler videos 23 🎥 I would wait for the next one or get a very cheap one to hold u over if it’s that bad till the next one comes out, absolutely NOT worth the money it costs right now in ANY way..

  • LandscapeInMotion

    I share your disappointments!

  • JanMG

    I have upgraded from my iPad First gen. I am pretty happy with my purchase!

  • Alejandro Tineo
    Alejandro Tineo

    It’s 2021 and you just figured it out? That’s why Apple keeps on doing it cause people are buying products blindly

  • jtrinipapi—•—J-Trinidad

    It would be amazing in my unimportant opinion, that maybe you have a raffle only to subscribers for like $1 per entry but a maximum of 1 entry. And number of entrees CANNOT exceeded the value of the iPad PRO, or all future raffles of Apple products. Hell u already got the views and ad revenue. You may as well sell items at zero loss zero gain other than off the videos but keep you’re subscriber happy and wanting to be watching and One of the first 200 -3000 people to buy entries depending on the item. Thank u Or a flat out give a way to a broke subscriber with a great idea I’m sorry to be rude if this is rude but as a huge fan of this channel someone that has been supportive Apple since it made it come back with the guy pod in the early 2000s some of that is on a very fixed very minimal income and often cannot afford How many of the products put out by Apple do you to very small budget oh I think that it would be amazing

  • ChreaKeNa

    If you can't return it, this is an honest review.

  • Dan Dela Cruz
    Dan Dela Cruz

    spot on

  • Guilherme Guimarães
    Guilherme Guimarães

    its for me? i dont have a ipad.

  • Johan J
    Johan J

    iPad need Samsung Dex mode

  • Johan J
    Johan J

    I remember what Steve Jobs said when he released the first iPad. Mobile software is like baby software. iPad Pro m1 is no longer a baby it’s a full grown hardware now but still in its core there is a baby software

  • Ahmed A
    Ahmed A

    I think Apple should listen to the song you play in your videos when testing speakers of a device, it says “Bring me back to where we started out’’

  • Daryl Davis
    Daryl Davis

    "Listen to these speakers!" (Plays atonal, formulaic pop song)

  • mustang607

    Apple devices corrupting solid state drives because they don't have an eject option is inexcusable. It doesn't "just work."

  • orver1

    I didn’t understand most of this.

  • Mick

    Can jailbreaking overcome these issues? Is jailbreaking still a thing? Lol

  • Andre Aboite
    Andre Aboite

    To be very honest, I was just looking for a large/ the largest ipad. mainly for calendars, notes and facetime. so nothing special. any recommendation on a cheap, but large ipad preferably under 1k after taxes and stuff. Not too concerned about gb storage either

  • Donovan Patrick Mahoney
    Donovan Patrick Mahoney

    I wish all the big content creators had done this video… maybe… just maybe Cooksey would’ve actually done something… but as it stands I was on my to grab this tablet today and won’t be now.

  • romeokilo

    Your video change my mind thank you 😊

  • Switch TV
    Switch TV

    Question: do you prefer m1 ipad pro or m1 MacBook Pro

  • Mario Rodríguez Quezada
    Mario Rodríguez Quezada

    I wanted to buy an ipad pro for editing 4k video, but after seen this video I prefer to save my money

  • walter

    Today another youtuber cautions that running two samsung ssds broke his!

  • Jason Coulls
    Jason Coulls

    I did a video last night, explaining what many Tech CNhavers totally missed about the M1 iPad Pro, causing it to get a lot of unwarranted flak. cnhave.info/limo/fLKsqo2nurChk4I/sh-p-n

  • Berated

    I think you, like most that pre-ordered the new ipad pro, are more disappointed at the over "promise" apple advertised. While this "promise" was inherently assumed, it was still just that; assumed. Even say this time next year if you can use more than 5GB of RAM on a single app or format a hard drive through the IOS, the M1 iPad overall value will only increase. Of course Apple is throttling back the iPad Pro capabilities. If they opened up the software to Mackbook level it would completely wipe out the bottom end of their laptop market.


    My butho itches

  • yessir ri
    yessir ri

    Same thing just different name ipad vs iMac 🤣🤣

  • yahya gatea
    yahya gatea

    You sound like lines tech tips

  • Vicious-Gaymer

    I completely agree! This is exactly why I sold my iPad Pro last year and I refuse to buy one until the software is way better or runs mac OS!

  • maddie the cripsy memes
    maddie the cripsy memes

    Can i have the tablet if your gonna sell it how much

  • Chris Yongchu
    Chris Yongchu

    Apple isn’t dumb. Why would they make one of their devices eliminate one of their other devices? It’s why MacBooks will never have touch screens when the technology is available.

  • Chad Coleman
    Chad Coleman

    You have to love how this iPad gets deemed a $2000 computer? I just got one $1400 with the trackpad and keyboard. Also, all of these issues described in this video are severely edge case. It does everything that 90% of its users would want. All of those things mentioned, sure are better on the Mac. But the iPad Pro is so much better then the Mac at so many other things. I’d much rather browse the web, play music, do social media, photography, games, watch videos, follow sports, and work on documents with the iPad.

  • cha Leo
    cha Leo

    Need help so which one should i get the ipad pro 2020 or 2021? Im still looking fo answers on which one should i get 😫

  • Patrick Anderson
    Patrick Anderson

    You’re only returning it to squeeze a couple more click bait videos out of it. Let’s see that return label.


      Exactly lol

  • Ignacio Otegui Pèrez
    Ignacio Otegui Pèrez

    Thank you for your honest review, and you are completely on point. The lush walled garden is not without it’s issues. At this point, I worry at what Apple will be willing to enforce on its users once they strengthen their position even more (m2, graphic performance, etc).

  • Tom Morter-Laing
    Tom Morter-Laing

    The video described by the title starts at 6.40

  • louise jimenez
    louise jimenez

    i was wondering why people after getting the ipad pro would sell it in few months.

  • kenneth williams
    kenneth williams

    Damn son you just spit the truth…my apologies I watch your videos all the time. I just now subscribed but I thought I already was😬

  • gameDEV beauty
    gameDEV beauty

    Totally viable reason to me! Only reason I plan to still make the upgrade is because I’m a full time artist and I love using Procreate and this m1 chip makes a huge difference in layer count for me. 🙂. But I couldn’t agree more that apple decides what works and doesn’t want to work on purpose. It’s sad to be honest.

  • Mellow Maci
    Mellow Maci

    I have never had a iPad so it wouldn’t be a upgrade so do you think this would be a good purchase or no plz help thank you

  • Anthony charles
    Anthony charles

    Everyone knows what Apple are like, they fetch out a feature that the competition has been doing for years and their customers are in a frenzy of excitement. Apple will continue to do tricks like this, and let's face it you can't blame them, if their sales went down they may change their strategy, until then, they won't, so you have to keep putting your hand in your pocket, or bite the bullet and change to Android or Windows.

  • William Schmidt
    William Schmidt

    As an artist my needs are so completely different it’s wild! I use mine almost exclusively as a drawing tablet, and so the large size is really vital. And it’s far better value than a dedicated drawing tablet, because the pencil is more accurate, it doesn’t need to be plugged into a wall and a computer to function, and it can do all kinds of other things that aren’t even art related!

  • Eye on art
    Eye on art

    I will not buy untill they enclude sd card, period

  • A nurse and her dogs
    A nurse and her dogs

    Great review! I’m so glad I watched this first

  • SH DMD
    SH DMD

    I got my iPad after you said sell. You are dead wrong man, this speed and screen is incredible

  • Scott Davis
    Scott Davis

    I really do hate the fact that Apple is basically the only competitor for high grade tablets. Basically means they have zero reason to not do this kinda crap. We've gone past programmed obsellence and straight into physically crippling a products potential straight out of gate to try make even more money

  • Antonov Marius
    Antonov Marius

    I begged my parents to buy me a half of this tablet price + the accessories but when i celebrated my birthday my mum gave me 600 $ to buy a electric scooter but my dad got all the money from me :(

  • creative_minds r'us
    creative_minds r'us

    If I cant have layers after layers on procreate I dont want it

  • More Art Than Human
    More Art Than Human

    Looks like my 10.5 “pro” is still perfect lmfao!

  • Ashraf Al-Hashmy
    Ashraf Al-Hashmy

    Very careful wording . iPad haters loves you iPad lovers loves you This tablet like someone bought a macbook to play solitaire. Waste of money and potential.

  • Trevor Adams
    Trevor Adams

    Was considering getting back onto the apple wagon. Clearly years later they still haven’t learned. Back to PC I go.

  • Allen Monroe
    Allen Monroe

    Why did you have footage of Spokane? lol

  • vonjuergen

    #polluterapple I won't buy pro iphones or pro ipads until they offer a desktop mode with a dock. Pro Models cost as much as MacBooks and that's crazy. It is unnecessary to have 2 processors and RAM memory and SSD in a iphone and MacBook at the same time. And that is a environmental issue as well. Most people don't really need Mac os and use their MacBooks and iMacs as a typewriter / surf / media device. People would love to upgrade their iphones with desktop mode more often to have the latest and greatest instead of having a iphone and a MAC OS device at the same time. A MacBook like display + keyboard and backup drive with a slot for iphones would be a great seller for the education market as well. Apple is unfriendly to the environment by limiting the functions of ios on purpose. #mostpeopledontneedmacos

  • Greg McNamara
    Greg McNamara

    The logic behind the main assumption here has a flaw. If the restrictions are artificial that relies on the idea there’s some significant number of people who need to make the choice to have both a large Pad and a MacBook. Seriously - why? They are both equally portable. Why are you carrying around both? That’s nuts. If you want MacBook experience, get a MacBook - why stuff two things in your bag in the first place? So, “if” this was some intention, rather than a software engineering issue (keep in mind Apple is trying to have Pads run cool and thus avoid the Surface Pro’s fate - and how software is working on and using a device matters to how hot hardware gets) then they are assuming what you are assuming - lots of people would decide to have both (for some specific reason I personally can’t wrap my head around) So - Ya, the critique is valid in the sense of what you and some peoples want - but to say “this shows Apple’s true colors” is a step into assumption far beyond what you really know about decision making at Apple - There’s a more than equal chance, if you represent some significant number of people, such a mind set hurts Apple sales more than it helps. Maybe you should keep to judging hardware and software performance vs how gear is used, and keep your assumptions about nefarious intent to yourself - unless, of course you can prove what you say -

  • Frank Davis
    Frank Davis

    Geeks are never satisfied anyway. Even if the iPad could pilot a space rocket. I’m happy with iPad Air as I care about what it can do, not what it can’t.

  • Mitch Mekulsia
    Mitch Mekulsia

    So, did you return it?

  • tiestofalljays

    I’ve had a 2018 Pro 11” since release. I then purchased the Magic keyboard case thing released in 2020. If this thing had an OLED or Mini LED display, it would literally be the perfect device for me. I don’t need to do real editing/work on this. I can type, be on zoom calls, etc. I’m not a professional who needs any specific programs for coding or whatever. I have never used a better device for media consumption - the speakers have never left me wanting to grab headphones. It’s an insanely awesome device and if I got rid of it, I’d be left wanting another device that is as portable but still as good for media consumption. This kind of device simply doesn’t exist anywhere else.

  • burgerpatty

    Apple is marketing widgets and split screen like it's something new in 2021.

  • Юлия Гредяева
    Юлия Гредяева


  • Paul Joseph
    Paul Joseph

    Got an early big 13 iPad. Works great. Great sound. Not so portable. Actually more expensive than good tv. Oh well

  • Jonathan

    I currently have the 12.9 model with the keyboard and pencil for school. This device makes me excited to learn and can use to for that purpose in a lot of different aspects than on a Mac or other laptop. I am using it as my full laptop replacement and I don’t have any issues so far. I enjoy using it and if i need to use more than one display i have a desktop anyways. I love this device especially since the amount of different ways i can use it motivates me to be more productive, its a lot of fun to use. But I understand the frustrations with the cap on apps like pro create and how other apps like photoshop are being held back at the moment. I’m not an extremely skilled artist or editor but i enjoy using it for that purpose and have heard positives about it from others. Basically i respect this guys opinion and can see why people who want to do things with this device other than what i do are frustrated and i am kind of annoyed at it since i spent this money and can’t even use all the power of it if i wanted to. But if you are a student that likes to do other things on the side like artwork and productivity work along with it then i HIGHLY recommend this device over a MacBook or anything else. I do all my schoolwork on this device, invest, draw, edit photos and stream stuff on this device as well as social media. I personally also recommend you get the 12.9 inch version even if you get an older one just because the typing experience with the magic keyboard is significantly better when i tried it at the apple store. I hope this helps for people still deciding! Sorry for the long comment just figured ppl should know as much as they can from others.

  • Clinical Tutor
    Clinical Tutor

    Fantastic video. Thanks.

  • Photonic Cannon
    Photonic Cannon

    I have felt the exact same way with my brand new iPhone 12. Fastest phone ever made, but in the end, I still can’t do anything new on it that I couldn’t do on my 8. It just feels artificially held back at this point.

  • Qura1shY

    If you disagree with them they just assume that you are haters.

  • Mina H.
    Mina H.

    100% on the mark!! Thank you!

  • Jurgen Traude
    Jurgen Traude

    agree 100%! Thanks!

  • Bryan S
    Bryan S

    Yes. I agree with this 100%. I recently got the new m1 iPad thinking I would be able to replace my laptop. Nope. Can’t run any of the apps that I need not because of the hardware but because of apples restrictions. So frustrating. So I am returning it. I don’t need a $1000 Netflix machine. Apple needs to listen to their consumers. But I doubt they will. They never have.

  • Dark Soul ÚwÙ
    Dark Soul ÚwÙ

    I’m thinking of getting a iPad Pro m1 2TB 2021 or the 16 in. With Touch Bar for digital design and digital art for college and idk which one to buy. Anyone pls help

  • Justine-Paula Robilliard
    Justine-Paula Robilliard

    I am so confused, maybe not confused, concerned, Apple or someone at Apple is given Tim Cook very bad advice, from the 1980's and into the early 200's Apple was this creative orientated company, they "cared" about creatives in filmmaking, with final cut pro, and songmakers, with logic.. The hardware reflected this, and all was bright, the birds chirped and then Steve died.. Ms American Pie,... The day the music died... Since then the product range has tanked, it is a cesspool of confusing terms and misaligned strategies, the "pro" in macbook pro, ipad pro means what exactly? In the mid 2000's you had 2 ranges of laptops, the child/student option, in white plastic, and for the adults, you had the silver version, the "pro" as in macbook pro.. The plastic cases sucked, so innovation, the macbook air, for students/kids, basically an ipad with a fixed keyboard, lightweight, with all the internals soldered on, you bought what you could afford/to your needs.. BTO.. Then everything went this route, now it is all BTO, you run what you bring.. There is no inflight/post-purchase upgrading..from the air to the pro, is there a real difference? It is all just basically all the colors of the rainbow blended into a offputting shade of the color of the 70's... [Kids ask your grandparents what was the color of the 70's..] There is no 1 product for 1 market, where is the Premiere Pro killer laptop [macbook pro 17 inch, with 32/64/128GB RAM, that is inflight upgradeable, with 2 SSD slots, 8 ports, and 64GB gpu, with eGPU support and the replaceable battery..] In fact why is there no "Apple" branded battery?? No Apple branded NAS? Um.... oh well...anyway, what is the best laptop? I guess the best you can afford.. Apple drone on and on about being "eco" yet you have to throw in the landfill a almost brand new laptop every time Apple updates the OS and FCPX is no longer viable on 8GB of RAM...Why not future proof upgrading, by building on the logic board 4 empty RAM slots, so that you can upgrade from 16 to 32 or 4x 128GB RAM??? Must be a reason... a good one..[hard to believe them if they Apple explained why no empty slots...] They did it before and could do it again...I am sure it would prove popular.. Even if you paud 200% Apple tax on the RAM... It would sell out in 30 seconds... Just a confused Apple user..

  • veespa

    Hey I recognize that footage being in Spokane, WA! That’s where I’m from, born & raised. Awesome to see that. 😅

  • Super Garza
    Super Garza

    This dude knows nothing about business or hardware/firmware/software development Saying a corporation does not release feature just because they want to hold it, as if it’s easy to do

  • Alex Ling
    Alex Ling

    4:51 i know no one probably wants to know but that on screen is Nauyaca Waterfalls in costa rica, and i believe the video is Costa rica in 4k by Katie and Jacob Schwarz

  • durba -
    durba -

    Looking to sell your 12.9 inch piad pro? Buyer available here... Please contact😄

  • Travis Caddie
    Travis Caddie

    Was going to buy one after the software update, but we see how that went…

  • muckleech

    Apple is and always have been control freaks. They don’t want you to have 3.5mm headphones, they don’t want you to upgrade your storage with micro SD, and now they don’t want you to own one device from them. They want you to own all of them…

  • Farouq Alsalih
    Farouq Alsalih

    Apple is anti-consumerist

  • kazuki nakamura
    kazuki nakamura

    Sound test was very helpful.

  • Haryoso Riyadhi
    Haryoso Riyadhi

    Just buy a galaxy tab s7+.

  • Face less
    Face less

    I can buy it.. seriously I will

  • recycle, save the  Earth
    recycle, save the Earth

    Should I get an m1 imac, wait for a new air,get the air 4,or m1 imac..but the problem with getting the m1 imac is that I would have to get a new desk,however I also want an ipad.

  • ibrahim Saraçoğlu Uygur
    ibrahim Saraçoğlu Uygur

    it is not just updated calm down Karen

  • Jacques Ford
    Jacques Ford

    This is probably the most balanced video on the M1 iPad I have yet seen. Nice bro

  • Alexander

    iPad is good for travel. Like watching Netflix on the plane.

    • Alexander

      @Alex Vega Netflix and most streaming platforms don’t allow downloading movies for offline viewing on a laptop. Only phones and iPads/tablets.

    • Alex Vega
      Alex Vega

      I think that you can do that on a more cheaper device than an ipad pro

  • Keeping Modern
    Keeping Modern

    Like a hot girl who wears non form fitting clothes and covers up so no one can see the hotness. It's just very disappointing.

  • Dagmar

    I really like your honesty and i kinda feared you will make me choose another one, but the things which are a problem for you are none for me. Of course, some would be great, but i (for example) dont really care for connecting it to a macbook because i dont have one

    • Farouq Alsalih
      Farouq Alsalih

      Yea, he's critiquing the ipad more from a creative/productivity standpoint and not from the everyday use of a usual apple consumer.

  • therealrickytan

    The people that really benefit from the iPad Pro are digital artists. It’s the best touchscreen/stylist combo available. Only thing is there is no significant improvement over the 2018 or 2020 models to get artists to want to upgrade, other than the screen is a bit better. People are so focused on wanting it to be a laptop replacement, they forget that its a STYLIST experience that can do SOME other things. If I’m not drawing on it, it’s a media consumption device. 90% of the population do all their work on Microsoft programs.

  • Brian Taylor
    Brian Taylor

    Bought a 2020 iPad Pro last week thinking I was buying an M1 iPad Pro. Best mistake I’ve ever made apparently. This feels like the little brother that gets criticized for not being like his big brother. You CAN blame Apple for not wanting to cannibalize the MacBook line-which they could have done this go’round, but I think these are two separate products that really fill a need in the market. A tablet should be tablet, and a laptop should be a laptop. The hardware may be ready to blur the line, but the apps🤷🏽‍♂️ not so much. Take for instance an app like Lumafusion-it’s extremely capable as a video editor and miles ahead of Adobe Rush, but there’s still a lot Lumafusion can’t do and may never be able to do when compared to Premiere. Even just physically, it’s no fun editing on a 13” screen but it’s when made possible on a device that is all screen, it becomes more than tolerable and perhaps even enjoyable. Trade-offs🤷🏽‍♂️

  • ThatOnePerson

    Thank you for the excellent video. I wanted to buy an ipad to do exatcly the things you tell me it can't do lmao. Seriously THANK YOU, I'll be opting for the previous model

  • SeanPatrickGreat

    In a few years from now every pad will be 5x faster than the M1 chip, but everyone is holding on to how much money they make from multiple devices. Heck give it a few years and entry level phones will be more powerful than any device that exists today.

  • Tino

    Just don't buy the new iPad, the only way they will learn is with damage to their bottom line

  • rolcar islew
    rolcar islew

    Once again revealing the whole Apple ecosystem thing is a big e-con game. For these and other reasons (e.g. restricting user self-repair and upgrade), I abandoned Apple altogether. It harkens back to an old Apple ad, where a woman (of course playing the feminine stereotype) was asked what was so appealing about a Mac. Her reply? "It's so pretty."

  • T HOFF
    T HOFF

    this is apple for you. very closed, controlling and infuriating. love their hardware but can't live inside their walled garden. the M1 is amazing, but overkill on IOS / iPad

  • Gordon Pelto
    Gordon Pelto

    CrApple is greedy, and have always been that way. I'll stick with my Samsung galaxy tab 7 plus. And samsung give you a pen.

  • N Gordon
    N Gordon

    It’s the best ever tablet I’ve ever used, it gives me joy every time I use it so I’m going to sell it. What an absolute tool 😂

  • ꈤꀤꀘ

    I'm selling my too

  • Breiner Leal
    Breiner Leal

    Finally a honest video about apple on this channel. Sometimes the content here looks like apple promotion. Don’t get me wrong, i love this channel and i love my ipad air and my iphone buuuuut, apple is slowly disappointing us year by year, it’s nice to feel represented

  • Hector Gomez
    Hector Gomez

    Apples wet dream, now selling tablet hardware for a full price, but limited by the software. Just put macos to the iPad Pro.

  • MrSefaa

    A Mac/laptop usually does not have a good of a touchscreen as the iPad Pro. Don't look at the iPad to replace your laptop (while it 100% can for a handful of users). Rather look at it as a tablet...

  • Jiajun

    Because you want more views

  • Dumble Dont
    Dumble Dont

    Never trust someone with a credit score above 800

  • Sonny

    I really can’t stand these type of videos. All tech CNhave reviewers spew the same clickbaity crap.

  • Brinstar

    What how dare you! Wait… what? Haters should step back and watch? Ok! Will do! Haha 😂 😛

    • Brinstar

      Just kidding I love this channel