Why Intel x86 will DIE sooner than you think! (RIP 1978-2022)
We just had some Major Announcements about ARM Development that changes Intels X86 future! Here's what we found out!
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  • Max Tech
    Max Tech

    What do you think about these new developments? Will Intel Survive? The best Value ARM-based Laptop right now.. (Amazon) ➡ geni.us/1mJ41T Best deals on M1 Macs & Accessories on Amazon ⬇️ M1 MacBook Pro (ON SALE) ➡ geni.us/7lb3Gn M1 MacBook Air ➡ geni.us/1mJ41T M1 Mac Mini 2020 ➡ geni.us/Atm1 OWC Thunderbolt Hub exclusively for M1 Macs ➡ bhpho.to/37SIff7 Thunderbolt 3 SSD that we use ($100 OFF) ➡ geni.us/zWdO

    • benygh911

      @2ndtonone1000 True, But. Other Specialists had also observed that ARM, PowerPC and others Once Real "RISC" Architectures have gotten more Complex instructions "CISC Like" over the passing years, Techniques and Designs used have gotten to the point where there is NO CLEAR distinction between *CISC and RISC ANYMORE.....* ;) GreeTs an GOD Bless you ALL...†

    • Pankaj Doharey
      Pankaj Doharey

      @2ndtonone1000 RISC isnt a serious threat, the GPU/CPU game is way behind ARM, no large CPU Design firm is behind RISC atleast now. The Price of ARM COre licensing and prepetual licensing terms are so reasonable that no serious company worth its salt really considers the price as a big enough impediment. RISC V may be open and free doesnt mean anything atthe scale these companies are operating. NVIDIA isnt a threat to most companies Neither Qualcomm, Nor Apple and others because all of them have perpetual core licenses which give them ideally infinite legroom to keep expanding the ISA and Core deisgn as they see fit without any licensing requirements from ARM. All Nvidia can realistically do is create really competent chip designs to sell in the market. But be rest assured AMD , Apple or Qualcomm are not sitting on their asses no it wont be that easy for Nvidia. Considering it is Nvidia that has a lot of catching up to do in terms of 3D packaing , 3 nm designs, Chiplet architecture, Embedded Memory and memory controllers. And Neural Engine like tech. Nvidia has traditionally sold its GPU's for AI acceleration, But Apple devised its own Neural Engine (Not a GPU), Nvidia has to catch up to such innovation.

    • 2ndtonone1000

      @Evan Rodgers Also, Intel will be adopting their big/ little architecture, so they are not out of the game just yet.

    • 2ndtonone1000

      Someone mentioned that AMD is thinking about making a RISC/CISC chip, or bridging them in the future. So, you are going to get a hybrid type chip. Also, X86 has a lot of RISC instruction sets, so on the outside it looks like CISC but internally it looks more of a RISC chip. The Pentium MMX was the last CPU that executed x86 CISC. Everything up until today's current CPU is CISC on the front-end but gets decoded to RISC on the back end. So, this RISC vs CISC argument isn't very valid. If anything ARM is taking off, but in the next seven years it will have an even bigger adversary to worry about and that is RISC V. People are not going to want to watch NVIDA screw them over once they take over ARM licensing.

    • Pankaj Doharey
      Pankaj Doharey

      Even though x86 is a shut architecture it is not gonna die for many reasons, but most importantly all the great games are made for x86 that will not be recompiled. Emulating it on windows running ARM will invite real consequences and litigations. Intels shit architectire isnt gonna go away without a last bang and i am counting on it.

  • Gyan Prabhakar
    Gyan Prabhakar

    Intel well deserved

  • Sobat Medhok
    Sobat Medhok

    X86 not gonna die soon IF developers still use X86 code for their base program, especially game. And because no PCIe interface on ARM means there's no dedicated GPU acceleration, unless they made solution for this. Also most people still prefer windows over Mac OS. But i'm excited if windows can properly use ARM especially on mobile. For desktop? Uhhh.... Do you ever think about electricity bill for your PC?

  • XUL

    Intel is fine as long as Windows won't run on ARM faster then on Intel. And as long as hardware producers won't produce faster ARMs. Which they won't (except for Apple and in-house server-grade ARMs). Microsoft is trying hard to make Windows on ARM worse then on Intel, Qualcomm is going to use Intel's fabs to produce own chips = no war (they will focus on modems and whatnot, but not CPU performance), Samsung scrapped good ARM notebook out of fear (and presumably price cuts from Intel), Nvidia does not want to complicate the merger with ARM ... so nobody is really interested to make chips faster then Intel. And if you have no choice (not everybody wants Apple) then you are left with Intel and optionally AMD. For me the only hope is that Linux will run on Apple well. There is no hope for Windows users though. I am sure that Intel will use all its (unfair) influence (they did it many times already) to stall the consumer PC-category ARM chips until it integrates RISC-V.

  • Marco Cruz
    Marco Cruz

    Intel is dead, it's time for Nvidia to step in on cpu manufacturing.

  • ColonelPanic

    Just like how everyone went to PowerPC, because Apple was on PowerPC, right?

  • Rudy Raito
    Rudy Raito

    I don't agree that Intel X86 will die at 2022. I used to think like you, when Apple M1 launched, I also think Apple will dominate the whole world and ARM will take over. But then, I realize something, things I believe you miss big time. I agree the world will still switch to ARM, but not suddenly in 2022 like you claim, but rather in its own steady pace. And why X86 will still relevant? Here the things you missed, you forget that the whole world is not only consist of developed countries, but also developing and third world countries, and not everyone can afford Apple's M1. For you, $999 is cheap, but not for most of people. Most people in developing countries can only afford between $300-$500 laptop. And that's why Intel or AMD X86 will still endure in the market for quite long time, because they have laptop in that price range, and that market with that range is still the biggest market share for laptop.

  • Child OfGod
    Child OfGod

    All comes back to existing ecosystem. Windows has successfully port itself to arm based processors with windows 10 on arm since 4 years ago. But why not popular yrt even now? Ecosystem. No printer drivers for windows on arm, is one example. 2020 windows rolled out x86 emulation successfully but the market did not respond, most likely because who would want to switch to arm and have to run most apps under emulation? You get speed and efficiency but you loose even more speed for the emulation.

  • Damdin Batbaatar
    Damdin Batbaatar

    Good explanation about everything going around

  • Yusuf yusuf
    Yusuf yusuf

    If you know intels naming convention, your wont talk about Horse creek as a new CPU product. A new CPU will always be called Lake not Creek. Creeks are always name of test chips that Intel designs for testing various aspects of IP or process node. Intel's planning to purchase SiFive not because its going to ditch X86 and move to SiFive's RISC processors. SiFive chips are simple and low power and good for very small footprint devices which X86 cannot. SiFive's processors dont perform anywhere close to X86 so ditching X86 is not going to happen anytime soon

  • Geo1310

    2:30 bruh its a laptop proccesor ,do you know how hot it gets, especially in a stupidly thin enclosure like in the macbook , and how little power it gets instead of the desktop version of the chip

  • Dr Peter jones
    Dr Peter jones

    Flawd journalistic thinkng,20 % facts 80 % interpredtation based on what ? You never considered intel undercutting the competition,producing arm and x86 for data centres in the new more cost effective foundry. The very change in the market you dont understand is that costs of production will decline with increased effecency and market growth in chips. Intels mistake was to build industry monpolies with ailing companies like microsoft.A very poor management like boeing is the main problem here. If Apple makes M2 chips successful they will top slice the consumer market and new entrance from the east will undercut intel leaving intel in the server market and apple not participating in free market behaviour.

  • Holton 345
    Holton 345

    @ 0:52 - "All this has happened before." Roll out those BSG quotes, Ars Technica. Bravo.

  • Ken Smith
    Ken Smith

    Either ARM or RISC-V will turn out to be better than the other. When that happens those who backed the wrong horse will be in trouble. I expect x86 to hold on for a while but I too have been predicting it will be in trouble. RISC gets more done with less energy. This thermally limited CPUs that are RISC will win.

  • tadams587

    I will never buy apple

  • Vikas Kaintura
    Vikas Kaintura

    Intel rules the server market so it's curious to watch the ARM in that space too

  • Frank S
    Frank S

    Go Apple!!!

  • Frank S
    Frank S

    It’s that winning tik-tok strategy-lol!

  • NSG650

    Will x86 die? At some point. To ARM? Probably not.

  • Eky Arrizal Hmzh
    Eky Arrizal Hmzh

    Very Clear analysis explanation.. 👍

  • Justice Forall
    Justice Forall

    That’s the problem…. ….When you RUSH something,.. it’s bound to have problems.

  • Wet Werd
    Wet Werd

    The arm chips you love are designed on x86 by AMD in Taiwan

  • Inwe David
    Inwe David

    So now we have some test with Ryzen: The 2600 is an older model, 2 years old, and 7nm on an old architecture that is a cheap mid range PC CPU. Half the speed of the m1 on geek bench but when we look at the other tests things are different. gadgetversus.com/processor/amd-ryzen-5-2600-vs-apple-m1/ The M1 is a slower in many application tested and the 2600 is not the top of the line CPU, series 3000 and 5000 are also available. So M1 is a good mid range low consumption CPU but not a PC killer in any way.

  • Warwick Wright
    Warwick Wright

    Based on your facts being true I totally agree with you. If your facts aren't true it's time that Intel scrapped x86 anyway as it is a bloddy dinosour. I know Intel tried doing this before and it was a market failure, but that's because they tried to change it without the forethought of developer support.

  • Nikato Muirhead
    Nikato Muirhead

    Apple is working on a Risc-v architecture for 20 years frome now. They will include the Arm instruction set.

  • Vamsi Subhash Achanta
    Vamsi Subhash Achanta

    This is a joke -> x86 is not just used in Apple systems. None of the software developers are writing server software yet for ARM/RISC-V. It will take decades for ARM to gain half the x86 market share at this rate assuming that Intel/AMD will not be able to take on ARM.

  • Roberto Civinelli
    Roberto Civinelli

    With all these conpanies developing theit own chip (Samsung, Microsoft, Nvidia, Qualcomm, Apple) I am wondering what Is gonna be the future of software compatibility... Every different processor with its own proprietary os? A lot of works for third part software companies... It doesn't look like a so bright future to me ...

  • MrSkyTown

    Intel is shuffling papers around over and over and over and over…………….

  • Older Grump
    Older Grump

    Why do you think Microsoft is Preventing old pc from Windows 11? To streamline windows code Base and also for Intel to be able Get rid of legacy code and squeeze Performance from x86. Intel and Microsoft knows what's coming. They won't spend money and time On Arm if they can control it.

  • KTBL Gaming
    KTBL Gaming

    Nvidia using the gamer money well i see..

  • Winter Coder
    Winter Coder

    Ramblings of an apple fan-boy. Will never own another Apple product.

  • B. Navaneeth Bhat
    B. Navaneeth Bhat

    There will be another video expaining why Intel's x86 is a success in 2022... lol... hardly anyone buys Macbook here in India. And it is the same pathetic situation in the Asian continent too. Overpriced experimental shit!

  • GrumpyWiseGuy

    You have no idea how large the internal bureaucracy is within Intel, how deeply ingrained the X86 culture is within that bureaucracy and how many careers and money it has made the managers within Intel. Intel has had at one time or another every architecture processor on the planet, I know i worked on all of them at one time or another. The retail business is minuscule compared to the cloud/storage/server business that is Intel's bread and butter. Apple was more of a pain in the butt than anything. More of a marketing ploy than anything really serious. The big money these days in processors is the cloud based server business. Your problem is that you have no visibility into that space and therefore cannot make money talking about it.

  • youcantata

    I won't believe early demise of x86. Rumors of x86's death have been greatly exaggerated. For laptop and battery-powered application, yes, x86 will die soon. But many line-powered computers and servers will run x86 in foreseeable future.

  • swwei

    Hmmm, Better keep my TSMC stocks...


    huge price and shitty processors

  • VRforAll

    x86 getting kicked in the pants once in a while is a good thing. Intel got a wake up call in 2017 with AMD Zen. Apple M1 while impressive will be stuck on the Apple pond. Intel/AMD should take note of Windows 11 ARM support. That being said Intel/AMD aren't standing still and are improving. Most software development are still done on x86 PCs. This won't be changing in the near future. Seems every few years the x86 doom and gloom narrative gets resurrected. Last time was ARM taking over the server space back in 2013-2015. Before ZEN AMD was all-in on ARM server for about 3 years. That ended pretty quickly www.pcworld.com/article/3106852/amd-turns-back-to-x86-for-server-reboot-as-it-downgrades-arm.html

  • Hector Gomez
    Hector Gomez

    Prepare tour wallet to spend $2,000 each year to ditch your Mn laptop, throttle down your "old" to push the purchase, more waste, more programed obsolescence Apple style.

  • lolo mo
    lolo mo

    All we need is a game console that runs on ARM. If that happens, we can finally start digging x86's grave

    • Max Tech
      Max Tech

      We’ll see if Apple does it this year!

  • Gaspard De Coligny
    Gaspard De Coligny

    If only Intel processors didn’t need as much cooling as a nukular power plant… anyone with a windows gaming laptop know the pain…

  • Mr L D
    Mr L D

    I remember when they said, Intel will die with Power PC, with IBM Cell, with G1, G2, G3, G4... g5>? LOL

  • David Grisez
    David Grisez

    It is true that the use of the Intel x86 cpu's and cpu's based on the x86 architecture will decline. However the x86 architecture is likely to be around for several more years, if not longer. The reason for this is legacy software. This includes Microsoft Windows, which is primarily an x86 operating system. Also it includes a lot of Microsoft Software that is in use and a lot of other software coded for x86 based Microsoft Windows. A transition to an ARM based architecture will require that all this software be rewritten and compiled for an ARM based architecture. This will likely be a slow process that will take a few years.

  • GaLaXie GaLaXie
    GaLaXie GaLaXie

    I don't care about who is winning this cpu game, but i want these company to sell their product in low cost instead of huge profit so other developing country can run,develop apps etc

  • Sean Sinclair
    Sean Sinclair

    Idiotic comments, and nothing but sensationalism...something or someone's gonna fall by the wayside and die...Morons, it's called progress, innovation and competition, which is nothing but good news because in the end it inevitably means better/faster and less battery consuming products. Nothing new here, just the same same blown way out of proportion as usual.

  • Newtube

    You better believe it.

  • Ian Mitchell
    Ian Mitchell

    Intel can only compete with Apple using RISC-V if there is a desktop OS to go with it. The only option for now is Linux. Will W11 support RISC-V? Will Apple move into the server market? Interesting!

  • Daniel Ho
    Daniel Ho

    I've hated x86 for 4 decades now. There are only 2 reasons why it's still around: Windows support and legacy apps. Intel needs to separate its foundry business from its CPU IP in order to get a better focus on both businesses. RISC-V is the dark horse here. It has the potential to beat ARM and x86, but it will take time to transition. Intel's real secret weapon is its ability to make standardized designs -- think LGAxxxx, chipsets, PCIe, DDR, etc. etc. If Intel can standardize a RISC-V PC/Server architecture w/ chipsets and features of a standard x86, then it can rule the next generation of PC design. Let's not forget software support in OSs. Windows is committed to x86 first, and ARM 2nd. Linux supports all 3 ISAs, but x86 still rules and ARM is a close 2nd. Linux RISC-V support is poor for now.

  • Prashanth B
    Prashanth B

    Good analysis. Good bye x86 ! All companies used lockdowns very well to build next gen products.

  • allen christian
    allen christian

    I don't think x86 will die in 2022. That's just pure speculation

  • Aybars Meric
    Aybars Meric

    Any chaos cannot be evaluated independently of the purpose behind it. RISC, CISC, Elbrus, Risc-V, A, B, C, X, Y, Z... Now it is much easier to develop a brand new microprocessor architecture, instruction set, processor logic and produce and use it for a special purpose. But making it general purpose is not easy. X86 architecture and legendary backward compatibility, developer ecosystem, enterprise customer base don't die easily. In this era of disruptive technologies where individualization and specialization increase, ARM and Risc-V will of course find a wider usage area. So what will be the future of Intel and X86 architecture? At this point, I think you are totally mistaken. In your opinion, how long does it take for countries with Far East origins and large production power to develop their own architectures? Processors with their own versions of RISC or CISC. There is no obstacle to this. Of course, after the controlled chaos process, we've been witnessing for years, if the X86 architecture comes out of the monopoly of Intel and AMD. It would not make sense for anyone to pursue a new microprocessor architecture. In other words, the current-controlled small chaos prevents much greater chaos and possible ground slippage. Artificial intelligence, neural networks, machine learning, and deep learning, big data, etc. Great revolutions are waiting at the door. A proverb says: A horse is not changed when crossing a river. The architectural foundation - the ground cannot be changed in order to walk towards great goals with healthy processes. The US had prevented Saddam from buying a PlayStation at the time. Because Saddam wanted to develop missile guidance systems with these effective chips. Now hundreds of times the capacity chips can be bought and sold in every corner of the world soon after they are announced. Why is that? Because it is aimed to create a global dependence on information technologies and internet infrastructure. Those who have such great goals have a saying that I love very much. Order born out of chaos. We have difficulty perceiving this. Best regards.

  • Boon Tee
    Boon Tee

    Great content! Everything looks so much clearer after you piece the information together!

  • Piotr Masłowski
    Piotr Masłowski

    Microsoft will mess that up - like every single time before Intel and others _could_ try to switch people to Linux (the only serious competitor besides MacOS) but I doubt it will happen…

    • Piotr Masłowski
      Piotr Masłowski

      @Max Tech The problem is Microsoft tries and keeps failing again and again. Also we won't see Windows on RISC-V anytime soon. (Embedded and servers may be sufficient market for it though.)

    • Max Tech
      Max Tech

      Windows 11 on ARM is key.

  • Tech TV usa
    Tech TV usa

    We will be getting the Alder Lake CPUs soon. Will they offer a better bang for the buck than Apple's M1 chip? Only time will tell.

  • Drop the Chalupa!
    Drop the Chalupa!

    Intel can go screw. Overpriced junk.

  • Randomtuber 96
    Randomtuber 96

    I don't think so people keep buying Intel products so I don't think Intel will die anytime soon

  • Kirsch Mackey
    Kirsch Mackey

    Lol omg the title and thumbnail

  • Kay J
    Kay J

    Intel won't lose "too much market share to M1", because Apple won't farm out their chips like Samsung or others (Qualcomm). Apple's systems aren't sufficient for Enterprise yet

  • Kay J
    Kay J

    CPU performance per watt matters for servers. At a stage, consumer won't notice (note the increasing "are we at peak smartphone?" commentary). This discussion is still on fanboy status and misses a piece of the consumer. The biggest drop in Windows use is coming from Chrome OS rise and less from Apples switching. Apple switch happened more a few years ago and will increase at a slight pace, but the biggest drop for Windows is vs ChromeOS. The sad part is that reviewers have panned WoA, which only reflects their Final Cut pro, etc, bent, even though it's perfect for consumers and is more than enough relative to ChromeOS usage

  • Shaun Mitchell
    Shaun Mitchell

    Intel will probably make ARM chips. its unlikely RISK-V will be a competitor to ARM or x86 anytime soon. Intel will use RISK-V for controllers and other types of accelerator chips.

  • Steven Techno
    Steven Techno

    I suppose now if x86 will become high performance niche, one may argue it’s now the new PPC. But again, x86 likely isn’t going away anytime soon (on the desktop) as long as all ARM-based systems are locked down and lack modularity.

  • 12 Villages
    12 Villages

    Intel gone. Arm will eventually kill amd and apple.

  • Hans

    Such BS! Unless Apple takes over majority of the PC market share, OR there's another chip maker specifically designing RISC processors for windows and it's backward compatible for most x86 programs, x86 isn't going any where soon. This channel is only good for leak hypes and speculations.

  • uwowowowow

    i just bought myself an x86 laptop... but, if my everyday programs can run on apple's m1, i would've switch over. its performance and efficiency is just... amazing right now.

  • Manish Kumar
    Manish Kumar

    well what do you guys think? will this arm processors will remain as processor or come as SOC's and also will they come in desktop market at the same time as laptop market?

  • John Henderson
    John Henderson

    You are forgetting one major thing. There is billions upon billions of dollars in x86 code out there. Do you have any idea how much it will cost to redesign all that custom code for arm? Incalculable.

  • J Scott Upton
    J Scott Upton

    I won't buy Apple products. I'll wait for their competitors to catch up and make something better than M1.

  • Carloskeeper

    Honestly, I would love to see an Intel ARM chip. I am genuinely curious to see what Intel can do with the architecture.

  • Mayibongwe N'cube
    Mayibongwe N'cube

    It's crazy how fast technology is progressing these days 🙆

  • nick levi
    nick levi

    Your "but wait" felt like a series of unblockable combo attack...! Each time with harder punch man! 😎🤘

  • Aitor Bleda
    Aitor Bleda

    As good as the M1 is, it does not beat top of the line AMD processors at all, it gets beaten, and it is very limited in connection and memory. By the time M1x comes, new x86 cored will be available that beat M1 even more.. except in power efficiency. Also, AMD cores are not that far from Apple in efficiency.

  • Mr. Ed
    Mr. Ed

    Your kidding right? More manufacturers use Intel CPU's than any other CPU. Not dying anytime soon. I do Applaud Apple's innovative M1 line of CPU's. Well done. But I still use my Intel 2017 iMac.

  • Juzu Juzu
    Juzu Juzu

    M1 is done on 5nm with massive L2 cache, and with integrated RAM thus much smaller latency. Obviously it's going to beat 14nm CPU that doesn't have integrated RAM on single thread performance. The smaller the node, the more transistors we use, the less x86 decoding process to micro-ops uses energy. ARM's power is in heterogeneous compute experience, so having multi tier CPU cores would allow to attack against Amdahl's law and against power/heat density. Though I would hope RISC-V would be the ISA that AMD & Intel use to compete against ARM.

  • Botond Bertalan
    Botond Bertalan

    Thank you for your research on this topic. As a developer, I myself have to get be aware of what is happening industry-wide. Both for coding perspective and in ling term machine investing as well. You just saved me a couple thousand dollars, making me patiently waiting for the ARM Windows 11.

  • Laurent de backer
    Laurent de backer

    You know, i find it funny. Everybody is always against Apple. "Oh, they're in a closed walled garden". or, "they're too expensive". Or, "The iPhone X looks so ugly with that notch", "oh look, they removed the cd/dvd-rom", "they removed the headphone jack", but every time Apple does something, the market is following. I remember Samsung making funny of these things like the notch with people's hair cut that way in a commercial or the removing of the headphone jack. And later on, they did exactly the same. Look at where Apple is today. Mind you, i'm not saying they're perfect, that's a completely different thing. But they sure do make some great moves, i don't think anyone can deny that. I mean, sure. Look at what they did wrong is easy, the butterfly keyboards on the Macbook Pro's was a big thing! The stupid way we have to charge the magic mouse 2, the iPad Pro that is very pro (and capable) in hardware but lacks in software (pro apps), The 2013 Mac Pro (which i bought) and was very capable for awhile, but was only that: "Capable for awhile". I mean there are a lot of things that can be said about Apple. But a lot of people who use Windows mostly ignore the good moves which is a bit sad imo. I personally think having both options available is great. And if you have the money, having a Macbook Pro for example and a desktop Windows pc is the best of both worlds. Personally, i'm complete in to the Mac eco-system since 2009. I have always build my own computers after having bought my first HP Pavilion (pre-build) in a store and learned this wasn't the way to go. Specially not in those times. Right now you can have perfectly pre-build pc's from reputable company's. (MainGear being one of them!) In 2009, i bought a Macbook Pro and i never looked back once! Even though i had a very capable machine (for that time). I bought myself a 27" Apple LED Cinema display and i was so happy i sold my €4000 Windows desktop. Now i have a 16-core Mac Pro, and that combined with my 2012 (yes 2012) Macbook Pro and iPhone X is just such a powerful combination, from features like handoff and Air Drop. It's just so nice to have it, once you get in, it is very difficult to leave again. Which might be a good or bad thing depending on how you see it i guess. Now i still have an iPhone X because it's perfectly capable as well as my 15" Macbook Pro from 2012. Which i only use for my hospital visits. In the end, i'm very happy with what i have and i think that is the endgoal! If you're happy and your products help you in your day to day life, you are set with what you have! 😎

  • Peter Karlsson
    Peter Karlsson

    Been there done that, we thought the same back in the 90ies. With Mips, Alpha, Power and SPARC outperforming X86. But the reciliance of the X86 architecture was underestimated. Sure Arm will grab a slice of the market, but my guess is that X86 will be the market leader for the forseable future. One thing that is important when you look at the performance of the M1 chip, is the tight integration of OSX that Apple can achieve.

  • NitrousX Productions
    NitrousX Productions

    Coretek and Moores Law is Dead called this already last year. What I'm interested in is these hybrid big and little Cores that Intel and AMD will be using on the desktop platforms. I'm a workstation enthusiastic. So the tech for arm will likely be going into laptops and 2 in ones first before migrating into Windows based devices

    • JustALawnGnome7

      I dunno, you can generally fit more RISC cores (ARM or RISC-V) on a die than you can fit x86 cores in the same space. For workstations that leverage multi-core performance, I could really see RISC CPUs running the show fairly soon. Similarly to you, I suspect RISC CPUs will start in laptops (and servers to reduce power consumption), then migrate to workstations and ultimately gaming PCs.

  • itkwon33

    I don't think x86 CPUs are not going to die sooner or later completely because of some demands from businesses, which sometimes need to use legacy x86-based softwares. Surprisingly, executives and managers (who especially are not technically knowledgeable) are so reluctant to apply newer technology, so they just want to keep old software without recompiling. They even just don't want to upgrade the computer due to the potential compatibility problem and possible delay. Even small changes in their system might require extensive testing because someone wants to avoid blaming if some unexpected problems or because any regulation needs that. Especially, some government or banks are using old legacy x86 softwares with legacy programming language for stability and reliability. (they sometimes suffers lack of developers because they are using legacy programming languages, which many people are not learning anymore.) However, if MS finally develop the solution of running x86 codes on ARM-based processors, then the cost of migration might be eased. Thus, x86 systems are not gone forever, but it will have higher price tag for businesses and high-end gamers. It will become a thing for niche-market. It will incur higher technical supporting cost because x86 systems will be faded out from mainstream consumer market. In addition, x86 systems may have some demands from professional computing-intensive works because it is cheaper than Mac Pro with same performance. I think your verdict/estimation is valid on mainstream consumer market especially on mobile computing. Surely, the laptops will equip ARM-based processors in any form because of its advantage in performance and low power consumption. I am also thinking about purchasing new MacBook Pro with ARM-based processors to use main laptop. (my brand new budget x86 gaming laptop is just a supplementary.)

  • Ryan Anderson
    Ryan Anderson

    my Mac mini with a intel chip plays games better with a eGPU with bootcamp Windows 10 better than my M1 Mac Mini i actually returned the M1 Mac Mini since it didnt game

  • 冷月

    this is shit

  • Buffwannabe

    Damn you are so handsome!!!! 🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️


    Intel is superb at manufacturing SC in USA. Probably the best in USA. Wjixh is a massive advantage for an economy that wants to abandon China. So Intel Cud manufacture for other companies or other licenses designs and mint money.

  • D

    I just wish mac's had better gaming capabilities. I'd happily purchase the new mac's including the mac mini for productivity and gaming alike.

  • Darth Awar
    Darth Awar

    You got a few things very wrong; 1. M1 only beats x86 due to one performance focused single thread core and utilisation something AMD & Intel will soon rectify! 2. M1 needs many more cores to best a x86 chip with fewer cores in multi-core performance! 3. Intel & AMD are both working on Big/Little Core Technology to give better battery life! 4. With 3D Stacking & Chiplets Technology will kill anything based on ARM! (Nevermind Infinity Fabric, Navi2 & Direct Storage!). 5. Intel & AMD both are looking too remove Legacy Microcode & Features in coming years!

  • a4e69636b

    Loved the thumbnail picture.

  • Swaraj Kothekar
    Swaraj Kothekar

    it will be interesting to see AMDs arm or risc v chips

  • João Henrique Da Silva Nunes Jales Ribeiro
    João Henrique Da Silva Nunes Jales Ribeiro

    Until ARM wins the datacenter this will not be true.

  • j anderson
    j anderson

    another video hating on intel thats so cringe.

  • Lester

    x86 won't really die before ARM could run most old PC games.

  • CJ Bain
    CJ Bain

    If Intel will be releasing a 7nm "ARM" chip first being a "tell tale sign" isn't a sign whatsoever. Intel has been having issues for YEARS trying to go further than 14nm while AMD has basically said "Screw you guys I'm going home" Intel also just acquired a new CEO and creating a new X86 processor takes years, I mean look at the "dark days" of AMD where EVERYONE in the tech space was counting the days until AMD went under and claimed bankruptcy. On top of that, everyone hops on a bandwagon to acquire market share of anything new that Apple, Samsung (included them because they are the "Apple" of Android phones), Google, and Amazon do. I mean why wouldn't they, if the big four of software and hardware and anything that anyone thinks could be worthwhile is going to try to get their slice of the pie. Mac Os, Ipad OS, etc. also have a VERY distinct advantage over software/hardware integration that Intel/AMD and Windows don't. Now don't get me wrong many PC's EASILY outshine many Macs and the M1s are no exception but when you have vertical integration like that of course your battery life, performance, etc are going to blow everything else out of the water. Now Intel and Mac especially these last couple of years...Intel is not on top anymore, IF apple decided to throw Ryzen or Threadripper into any of their systems things could have turned out very different, not just because of Ryzen now being faster than Intel but the crazy low thermals of the chips compared to anything Intel has in their lineup currently. All together I do believe if certain things are changed with ARM based systems and other systems like it (Risc V) - mostly being able to swap CPUs, Ram, etc like we have in X86 based systems (which is a HUGE deal not just for consumers but for the planet as well - there is no point in throwing away a whole system with good ram and storage just because you "need" a better processor which could have been "easily" swapped out if everything else was compatible.

  • My Reviews
    My Reviews

    I'm very excited for this. We will finally have some laptops without fans and longer battery life. I can't wait for the end of x86. Just garbage.

  • Pankaj Doharey
    Pankaj Doharey

    Someone (MS) has to port the OS (Windows) to RISC. I doubt Microsoft will do that because they have plans to use their own ARM Based Chip Design. Without an Usable OS, RISC based Intel chips will probably be running industrial robots on Linux.

  • Alan

    Nope. Because of Software. x86 is far from dying especially in business and big organization

  • André Jaccon
    André Jaccon

    hey man, please less Apple kill Intel ?

  • Ride, Fly and Walk
    Ride, Fly and Walk

    M1 is not the same thing as Arm. It is a version of Arm heavily optimized for a closed platform. That optimization won't flow back to ARM IP, b/c Apple won't let it happen.

  • ITCHYisVegeta

    Has anyone done any Final Cut Pro benchmarks and comparisons with the M1? Cause I don't care until that comes out.

    • ITCHYisVegeta

      @Max Tech I'll have to check them out then. Thanks

    • Max Tech
      Max Tech

      We’ve done many of them in our comparisons.

  • Charles Edwards
    Charles Edwards


  • Alan Tan
    Alan Tan

    Intel will still be around, just like how Intel was dominating the industry and AMD was near bankruptcy.

  • Manuel Suazo
    Manuel Suazo

    at work we use 64-core threadryper, as long as ARM doesn't compete with that performance, we won't switch.

  • panathaninf

    For non-youtubers and Facebook users the rest of the world needs x86. Consoles etc are x86, scientific libraries are x86 , servers are x86. The reason we have x86 is because it’s the highest performance option for certain workloads, the fact that youtubers benchmark codecs without understanding that they benchmark one hardware accelerator against another and not the performance of x86 vs ARM is why you can sell anything these days as long as it looks cool. Arm’s innate benefit is efficiency and x86 is performance, try a simple for loop with an addition in an M1 and a 5.1 ghz x86... we don’t all need laptops, tablets or monitor wannabe computers

  • Saša Ćetković
    Saša Ćetković

    Stick to the reviews, please. You're just damaging your reputation with these fake predictions