Why iPhone 13 Pro WILL HAVE an Always-On Display!
We're only a couple of months away from Apple's September event, and the iPhone 13 Pro is gonna be PACKED with features, like the long-awaited Always-ON Display! Let me explain WHY!
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In this video, I go through all of the leaks and rumors that surround the always-on display for the iPhone 13 Pro as well as the leaks for a 120hz display.

I also explain how and why Apple gave the always-on display to the Apple Watch and why that matters so much for the iPhone.

I also explain how the technology works and what's required for it to come to the iPhone, before giving you the solid evidence that we should be expecting it to come to the iPhone 13 Pro models!

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  • Little Potato Pie
    Little Potato Pie

    It's funny how such feature need a video talking about it.

  • Rusty Chain
    Rusty Chain

    I can’t think of a feature I could care less about.

  • MrLoneeKriss

    What a useless battery drain

  • Barba Sou Eu
    Barba Sou Eu


  • Robby May-Sylianteng
    Robby May-Sylianteng

    Very informative video, but it’s also misleading. You also (or your researchers) also assumed that the M1 iPad Pros would have MacOS.

  • Pellude

    I love how Apple believes an always on display requires a new generation of phone even though they could literally implement it on the iPhone 12 via a software update

  • Kim Chau
    Kim Chau

    Wow I highly recommend #cybeerworker on Instagram for his good work his legit 💯

  • Sergio M.
    Sergio M.

    Why I won't be upgrading to iPhone 13..... Price!!!!

  • Seyi

    Is it really confirmed though? Care to follow Luke Miani's lead and make an OnlyFans wager?

  • Tan Chin Huat
    Tan Chin Huat

    Fighting over a 5 years old yesteryear features.So irony. LOL.

  • x x
    x x

    FINALLY Someone who got the mock-up looking right. Lmao everybody else is so lazy and show an iPhone 11 with a jailbreak tweak photoshopped on

  • Josh Bonner
    Josh Bonner

    I recon you’re right!

  • mark harold morados
    mark harold morados

    unsubed cuz he said confirmed and im sick of him putting it on his vids

  • HomerJ Simpson
    HomerJ Simpson

    apple pays for this videos i am sure... they make this feeling of waiting for the NEW IPHONE ... so..

  • Youtube User
    Youtube User

    Apple always copying android

  • Asif Yusoff
    Asif Yusoff

    This channel has "Always on Confirm".

  • Thomas Stok
    Thomas Stok

    What’s with the clickbait? Nothing is confirmed until Apple tells us during the event. Until then it’s a rumour.

  • supersolenoid

    If there's one thing that always upset me about Intel MacBooks it's been their operational temperature, often getting close to burning my fingers. I'm using a 2019 MBP 16" and I love it but I really can't wait to get my hands on a next gen Apple Silicon Mac.

  • idontknowjordan

    you aint confirming shit

  • Tony Nicklow
    Tony Nicklow

    OMG AN ALWAYS-ON DISPLAY!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe you are reporting on this tech. All phones have this. This is why reporting on Apple's "advancements" is the most worthless job. Everything Apple has been done for years. Why do you make people think this is exciting? You are just playing with their emotions. They listen to you think it's a big deal tell their Android friends the big news just to get laughed at for being an Apple sheep and not know anything about tech. You are getting people laughed at you should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Super Fly
    Super Fly

    No touch id. 👎

  • RozowyPatatajec

    What's your take on Right to repair? It looks like this movement is growing rapidly in US. Cheers

  • mf ka
    mf ka

    might have a doctor look at that thumb bro.

  • Yan kambo
    Yan kambo

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    Keighz Caberoy

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    Max Tech is full of crap 💩 CONFIRMED!!!!

  • Mustang GT
    Mustang GT

    Samsung is the best...

  • UltraKryptonian

    Microsoft: YAWN!! Hold my Windows Phone…

  • Kamerton Audiophile player
    Kamerton Audiophile player

    Another explanation is that Android has it for many years.

  • Den Sakai
    Den Sakai

    Man so many repetitive rambling to extend the video length

  • Raj Pawar
    Raj Pawar

    Let's see time will tell as always.

  • Matthew Stephenson
    Matthew Stephenson

    I’m so sick of so many apple rumors video. It’s overkill. It was embarrassing seeing how everybody got wwdc wrong. All of these crazy thumbnails and click bait titles. Just wait until the reveal EVERY September. Jeez it’s like no one is content with what they already have. The funny thing is as soon as iPhone 13 is revealed people will be already thinking about the 14. A new iPhone comes every single year. The fact that people need to know rumors just goes to show how impatient everybody is

  • chemical_eyes

    I know it might seem silly but this has been the biggest thing holding me back switching from my Samsung Galaxy to iphone. I've had the always on display for years now and I can't imagine not having it. My phone is my bedroom clock and the clock at my desk during the day. It's so nice being able to just look at it for the time or certain notifications without touching my phone, especially in the middle of the night. If this is a real thing for Apple (and not some 3rd party app) I might make the switch.

    • Xbox and Windows Gamer
      Xbox and Windows Gamer

      Aod shouldn’t be the biggest thing holding you back. Android had a good notification system, widgets etc years before android

  • CozyLifeStream

    Give me e-book with this display

  • Eurico Martins
    Eurico Martins

    You should be more careful before you use the word "CONFIRMED".

  • Sipho Khumalo
    Sipho Khumalo

    iPhone users will be gloating about About always on when it lands... such innovation after its been available on Android for donkey years.

  • daniel pennybaker
    daniel pennybaker

    I’m sorry but there’s no reason to have an always on display for a phone.

  • Oladotun Aboaba
    Oladotun Aboaba

    For sure????? Well ….. you finally get a dislike from me

  • r.k.lakshman sree nandha
    r.k.lakshman sree nandha

    Hey vadim pls do a video on macbook update

  • Calvin Kellams
    Calvin Kellams

    I zoned out like 90 times during this video

  • Calvin Kellams
    Calvin Kellams

    I like always-on for the apple watch, but I don't want that on my phone.

  • Sreenivas K V
    Sreenivas K V

    Why iPhones are always years behind every other smartphone in providing useful features !!!! I understand their perfection in quality, but Apple brought the revolution in smartphones with the first iPhone. Now they’re the last in the race !

  • Jens Erik Bech
    Jens Erik Bech

    I don't think that always on display is a customer wish! On the contrary always on display will always rob the unit of power. I think that they have difficulty finding new features for a phone. Maybe they should back down on features instead and make more decisive features instead? Who is going to look at your display, when you are occupied elsewhere-Duh!-

  • Hariom Kale
    Hariom Kale

    Hello am buying ipad pro 11 inch today, should i wait (i can) is new ipad coming any soon??? Plz reply

  • Hunter Tabz
    Hunter Tabz

    But why can't the regular iPhone 13 have it? Seems weird because other companies are now putting 120Hz and always-on displays in mid-range phones. Might as well wait for September if they're gonna do it.

  • perper ikis
    perper ikis

    Why are you referring to AoD as it is a h/w feature ? AoD is a software feature for any phone that has an OLED panel, so it has to be implemented in ios. It would be a huge scam to be presented as a feature specific to iPhone 13. All the previous iphones with OLED screen can have it as easily.

  • Leonardo Rocha Dias
    Leonardo Rocha Dias

    I was expecting this feature last year with iPhone 12 Pro, as all rumors was saying.

  • Steve D
    Steve D

    Weird - I feel like I’m always on display via my iPhone to 13….

  • maans le roux
    maans le roux

    Welcome to 2012 Apple. Not exactly a great year for iOS and iPadOS. Hopefully next year they will step on the grass especially with iPadOS to give it a much needed big update

  • Marcello Gonzalez
    Marcello Gonzalez

    I hope this is true. Though, since this will probably be an S year, we will more than likely get slightly better cameras, slight better magnets and 5G modem, and some software improvements. We have been “confirming” 120Hz Always on displays since the IPhone 8, and a smaller notch since the XS.

  • tipico809

    Plus m1 chip and micro SD slot most wanted and a tb3 capable and 16gb ram

  • Azhar pathan
    Azhar pathan

    i had it a decade ago Nokia N8

  • Connor C
    Connor C

    Can you guys go back to the way you guys used to make videos? Lately it kind of feels like you guys have been going for quantity rather than quality. I loved this channel because you’d have very interesting takes pre M1 Mac releases, but ever since then, there’s been like N number of videos talking about the same damn thing over and over with nothing new or fresh, and also the rumour bait is seriously getting on my nerves

    • MTMMF

      Glad someone else noticed… the quality of their content has gone down so much after they have been releasing a video a day. Some of their conclusions are rushed and information poorly researched or their reviews have been really questionable….


    People expecting all the Android features should come to iPhone..lol

  • Carlos M
    Carlos M

    Waiting for the “Why we were wrong about the iphone 13 display” video lol

    • Jordan Williams
      Jordan Williams


    • Seyi

      Lolllll. Gotta monetize to the max.

    • Jairo Hernandez
      Jairo Hernandez

      Yeah. He should be careful with how he words things. Nothing is confirmed or for sure until the product is revealed and this just digs a hole for them that is just too deep to get out of easily.

    • Sharma Kids Show
      Sharma Kids Show

      Yeah, bro😂😂😂

  • Daniel Springer
    Daniel Springer

    Is 1hz the minimum? What about 0.1hz? For videos made of images

  • Amy Carbajal
    Amy Carbajal

    Does anyone know if the iPhone 13 pro max will be the same size at 12 pro max?

  • GeniusUnleashed

    Cut off your eyebrows if you're wrong.

  • Jr Grimes
    Jr Grimes

    You guys used to be legit. Now your videos are just full of conspiracy’s.. I’ll be back for the hands on reviews & comparisons tho 😂

    • Johannes Lundberg
      Johannes Lundberg

      filler content while waiting for news from apple..

    • Scott M
      Scott M

      Literally, their content has gone downhill

  • Marko McLane
    Marko McLane

    Lmao only 1 hz refresh rate???? Android has 120hz

  • Dominic Tenorio
    Dominic Tenorio

    This is great for Apple fans but honestly the iPhone 14 will be a new generation of iPhones most likely be getting rid of the notch and will have 120hz refresh rate with 5G and also ditching the face id sensors for touch ID with an under display fingerprint sensor with a hole punch cut out for the front camera with a periscope lens that features 100X zoom on a iPhone for the first time to compete with Samsung that will debut to iPhones next year in 2022

  • Mark Moore
    Mark Moore

    Upload in HDR please ahhhh. Your channel is so great and I always watch on my new iPad Pro. The 9to5 Mac guys upload in HDR and it’s really great for b roll and the video tests.

  • billy fatbowe
    billy fatbowe

    Mark is below Kang...we can read😂

  • Ou8y2k2

    Queue all the "tech" reviewers typing "Why I'm switching back to the iPhone" for clicks on CNhave in September.

  • Shinta0SaINt

    Excellent reporting and analysis, keep up the great work!!!

  • Jasjeet Singh
    Jasjeet Singh

    I think every iPhone 13 will get always on. 1hz-60hz on non pro 13. And 1hz-120hz on pro models.

    • Siddhartha Gupta
      Siddhartha Gupta

      Yeah, lower end will have lg panel and higher end will have Samsung screens

  • William Cheung
    William Cheung

    This always on feature has been predicted using the same technologies as Apple Watch for a while.

  • Mo Nassar
    Mo Nassar

    Always on display? "Can't innovate anymore, my ass" 😂😂😂

  • slep low
    slep low

    If there is no always on display, then you are fake news.

  • Carlos luis Bobadilla
    Carlos luis Bobadilla

    Future Android phones

  • Spiros Sofianos
    Spiros Sofianos

    the rumors will continue until the phone is officially released. then we will get to the next rumor circle about iphone 14 😂

  • ComputerNerdInside

    Dude needs to chill with the word "confirmed".

  • joe doan
    joe doan

    why would anyone want a always-on display phone

  • Phoenix King
    Phoenix King

    Imagine having an always on display as one of the headline features...

    • Chris Johannsen
      Chris Johannsen

      @Joseph W lol I'm mocking shitty apple products not moaning. You're clearly butthurt about it.

    • Joseph W
      Joseph W

      @Chris Johannsen stop moaning about Apple being late. Just stop being selfish and actually be happy that Apple users are going to be able to enjoy it soon

    • ZAK

      They did the same about widgets.

    • Chris Johannsen
      Chris Johannsen

      Only 5 years behind android, they're catching up

    • Floyd Mphaka
      Floyd Mphaka

      Apple is taking us for shitheads. 😩

  • Dave

    nice haircut

  • Gabriel Méndez
    Gabriel Méndez

    iPhone 12s.

  • Gao

    Apple: We give you 6 years of system updates The updates: non-interactive widgets, focus mode, Always-on-Display and stuff that should have been on the phones 6 years ago

    • Shabbir Dharwala
      Shabbir Dharwala

      @Gašper Horvatič 👍👍

    • Gašper Horvatič
      Gašper Horvatič

      @Shabbir Dharwala true but that's why you have third party ones that actually look decent (kwgt and such)

    • Shabbir Dharwala
      Shabbir Dharwala

      @Gao andriods widgets are cartoonish and just sucks.

    • UltraKryptonian

      Apple: We came out with widgets and always on display! Microsoft: Hold my Nokia Windows Phone with Live Tiles and Always on Display…

    • ComputerNerdInside

      @Lum1n Otryc It's sometimes nicer to have it stable on release.

  • twolate2l00k

    Please don’t use the word „confirmed“ unless announced by the company.

  • The Centaur
    The Centaur

    I think they may well have an always on display if they are ready this year. It is not a massive feature on a phone. Just a cute little extra. It makes sense on a watch but for an item that spends 90% of the day in your pocket? I would prefer they set up display activation for a mix of light and angle change so that as you pull it out of your pocket it jumps to life and have an "In a meeting" mode that activates the always on feature so you can monitor time if you lay it on the table (it is pretty rude to jiggle your phone during a meeting to get the time display).

  • Marcel Chaloupka
    Marcel Chaloupka

    Always on display seems a strange feature to be pushing on a phone. Sue on a watch it makes a lot of sense as it’s part of the exploitation and experience of a watch. For a phone just seems like wasted effort that could be spent elsewhere

    • HLM EP
      HLM EP

      It isn’t strange. Yep, I agree with you, at least for me, I don’t see any significance using it. The only case scenario I see, is having your phone on its back or on a stand, thus you can see the time and get brief idea about some stuff.

  • TRZ0612

    Who Cares. I want TOUCH ID!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Julian Pawlowski
    Julian Pawlowski

    This is not what gets you 1 million subscribers, sorry kids.

  • Carlos Mencey
    Carlos Mencey

    The iPhone 13 will have 120hrz, touch id for those who do not have a watch can unlock with the muzzle, always active screen, larger focal aperture, larger battery, 120x zoom, better stabilizer, reversible charging and under-screen camera, usb C. If you do not have these things and you have to wait for 2030 better to use samsung, I recently bought the s21 ultra and saved my 12 pro max

    • Shadow IOS
      Shadow IOS

      Half your comment makes no sense.

  • Jiro Yamada
    Jiro Yamada

    Confirmed 🥴

  • Joe

    aNdrOid hAd tHis fOr yEars *yeah i know but that’s all they talk about lol*

  • almaybach

    I don’t mind rumor videos I just don’t like how you all always use the word “confirmed”. Nothing is confirmed until Apple releases the product

    • 이제윤

      Stupid click bait video

    • Nobody

      Couldn't agree more

    • John W
      John W


    • tinonn Loke
      tinonn Loke


    • Marcello Gonzalez
      Marcello Gonzalez

      Agreed. USB C and Always-On have been “confirmed” features since the IPhone 8.

  • chefchenko1

    Always on display exclusively on the pro would be a disgrace. iPhone 13 limited not even getting 90Hz while the Pro goes up to 120Hz would be too. These kind of basic features (already on almost every android) if not on the base iPhone would kind of strip it of its premium status. Pro models are fine when it’s about bonuses, or it’s just forcing people onto the more expensive Pros for basic quality of life features.

  • JonGCruz

    Here we go again with the PREDICTIONS…THERE IS NOT “WILL” with apple. Stop the guess game.

    • Drop the Chalupa!
      Drop the Chalupa!

      @Joshua Trono Yeah I hate always on. It's an Apple Watch battery killer for me. Turning it off made mine last so much longer throughout the day.

    • JonGCruz

      @Joshua Trono 💯

    • Joshua Trono
      Joshua Trono

      I always dislike these videos, just wait until september. also I will definitely turn off the always on display if it is a feature. I have the alway on apple watch. Cliams to not destroy the battery but it does.

  • Юрий Думанский
    Юрий Думанский

    As far as I know apple watch battery life is suck, and nothing help to avoid draining battery. 1 day of battery life is a maximum

  • Forest

    iPhone 13 Pro (or Pro Max) will not come with AOD for one reason…. BATTERY LIFE

  • Se7enity

    Stop stating theory as fact. You are only guessing.

  • Stefan-Cristian STOE
    Stefan-Cristian STOE

    This yesr iPhone should be refer as iPhone 2021 until the moment it will be launched, not 12S or 13

  • X Fire
    X Fire

    WHAT THE HECK? Apple did not have Always on display all that time? Pathetic

  • Dinkar Fowkar
    Dinkar Fowkar

    This is nothing new. Samsung did this on Note 20 Ultra

  • Dennis W
    Dennis W

    Always on an iPhone isn't a big deal for me. It is more useful on a watch

    • itspenguinplays5

      @DBE008 yea lol

    • DBE008

      Consider these things about Always On Displaying: 1. Where is the smartphone most of the time when your walking? 2. Where is the smartphone most of the time at work? Do you really want your boss thinking your playing games or chatting instead of working. Not practical using this function usually walking around people have it their backpack or purse or pocket or back pocket. At home many people use a watch or clock for the time or computer. Something else to consider is your boss is mad for you not replying to notifications and sees them listed on your Always On Display as it lays on your desk or sits in a smartphone holder.

    • itspenguinplays5

      Same I can understand a watch but on a phine it’s like why it won’t do nothing but use more battery and make light like I don’t understand why people want it on the iPhone

  • Pablo V
    Pablo V

    I'm curious if the new iPhone will have the M1 chip?

    • Max Tech
      Max Tech

      A15 of course.

    • musicbymason

      the new iPhone will have A15, phones can’t have the full powered M1, or they would overheat and thermal throttle

    • Gabriel Méndez
      Gabriel Méndez

      Probably the 12s Pro Max, but it would be a A14x.

    • Jump Error
      Jump Error


    • Nobody

      @Green Screen Effects And Sound Effects A15

  • Hareesh Krishnaa
    Hareesh Krishnaa

    Will Macbooks get Face id and 120Hz display

  • Andrew King
    Andrew King

    So confident about rumors…like you have a good track record lol

    • Nobody

      @J.D I agree, kinda annoying

    • GOKUL L
      GOKUL L


    • J.D

      Yeah this channel is pretty crap when there isn’t new Apple products out. They’ll spend 4 videos on the same rumors

  • Michael Hall
    Michael Hall

    An always on display doesn’t even excite me. Is this something that you can turn off?

  • Bharadwaj

    Stop these predictions man...or rumours.. lets talk when it releases

Dear Apple.