DO NOT Wait for the Apple Watch Series 7! (NEW Leaks)
We just got the absolute WORST News for the Apple Watch Series 7, so in this video, we discuss all of the leaks to find out if you should or shouldn't wait for the Series 7!
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In this video, I go through the history of Apple Watch Series 7 leaks and then get into the brand new disappointing report that's making us recommend people to buy the Series 6 right now!

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  • Max Tech
    Max Tech

    Did you expect all of those awesome features to get delayed in that new report? Comment below! You should honestly just buy this Apple Watch on Amazon ➡ Subscribe to help us reach 1M subs! Best deals on Apple Watch models ⬇️ Apple Watch Series 6 40mm ($79 OFF) ➡ Apple Watch Series 6 44mm ($70 OFF) ➡ Apple Watch SE ($269) ➡ Apple Watch Series 3 ($30 OFF) ➡ Max Tech Wallpapers ➡

    • Mike Stezo
      Mike Stezo


    • The weird channel Amazement
      The weird channel Amazement

      @Spencer McIntosh oh of course it’s not confirmed. It will not be confirmed until Apple announces the new Apple Watch or Apple watches September or October.

    • Spencer McIntosh
      Spencer McIntosh

      Nothings confirmed mate

    • The weird channel Amazement
      The weird channel Amazement

      @Siya Singh maybe. Maybe it will come with Wi-Fi six. That’s probably not gonna happen though because the Apple Watch SE doesn’t even support Wi-Fi five. Maybe it will get the Apple S6 processor.

    • Siya Singh
      Siya Singh

      Do you think Apple Watch SE 2 will release this year?


    Just got the Series 6 Product Red edition for $285 from Amazon. I’d wait for sales on the 6 and get that. (What I did)

    • KELTS

      $80 off or so and then there was some $50 off coupon that was applied! I was like, ummm okay… Sure! Lol 🤷‍♂️

  • 7-Kevin

    i think the redesign comes in the apple watch series 8 and in the series 7 they ad a fingerprint scanner and in the series 9 something like a camera

  • Spopov

    never heard him say that the swim tracker is gone will it be gone? because that will be the deciding feature for me(ik this vid is old but eh)

  • bic101

    Reliable leaker 😂

  • Alejandro R
    Alejandro R

    U create false necesities of changing mobile every year

  • Alex Kowalczyk
    Alex Kowalczyk

    you should still wait... at least for the prices come down

    • Aiman Zaim
      Aiman Zaim


  • Leo Santa
    Leo Santa

    Right now there is absolutely no point buying s6, if you havent bought it yet, then wait till september and see what will be out. Of course s6 is on sale now so that they can get rid of the stock before the new arrival. That also suggest that the new model is expected to be the most popular apple watch ever which means the current s6 stock will be for sale for long time, the same way the s3 is still on apples page to this date.

  • SlayerofGiants

    Sometimes it it hard to justify buying an expensive watch that’s gives u 2 days of battery life 😉! Would be nice to have at least 5 solid days of battery life! blBuilt in solar would be cool 😀😬

  • Tyrisha Smith-Grady
    Tyrisha Smith-Grady

    I’m keeping my series as I just got it this year…..the series 5 is fine for me

  • L. Townsend
    L. Townsend

    People should wait to buy. Apple price drops older items once they release new ones. The series 6 will probably drop $50-$100 once the series 7 is released. No need to waste your money on a older series now. Especially so close to new one getting released in just a few short months.

  • Khoa Pham
    Khoa Pham

    If you’re wrong, will you delete your account?

  • Jonie Paclibar
    Jonie Paclibar

    I am not sure how it would make difference but I think Apple should add Apple watch orientations for lower limbs as some do wear Apple watch in their legs. (Medical professionals have to be bare below the elbow.)

  • Junsu Park
    Junsu Park

    How much would it cost?

  • Aditya Unni
    Aditya Unni

    Is it ok to buy Apple Watch se now or should i wait till September for the new model.

  • Thecooldude 45
    Thecooldude 45

    If polar, Fitbit, and Garmin can offer better battery life so should Apple at least for those of us who like to do a lot of outdoors activities I don’t mind if it’s big and bulky!

  • Teemu Vesala
    Teemu Vesala

    Or maybe Apple is putting out fake rumors about series 7 being boring so they clan clear out series 6 inventory before the launch of series 7...

  • Sam H
    Sam H

    Should I buy a series 6 or wait for the 7?

  • Robert Elkins
    Robert Elkins

    Is it just me or does this dude sound like a robot when he talks


    Well it looks like I might as well just upgrade to the six

  • 32poppa savage
    32poppa savage

    My sources tell me that Apple Watch 7 will indeed get a redesign. But Apple is up in the air between triangle, circle , or squared off.

  • J

    Why would you want a camera on your watch

  • Ocean Wave
    Ocean Wave

    A body temp sensor would be great for girls who want to keep their menstrual cycle in check :

  • Defiled Horror
    Defiled Horror

    Just got the Series 6. I had a Series 3.

  • Darth Lucious
    Darth Lucious

    I will wait for 7 better battery life is worth it.

  • Elbert Lee
    Elbert Lee

    I think AW3 or earlier (and even hose who dipped a toe in the water by trying and SE looking to upgrade and have a “hand me down” person), can easily be swayed with a ew design AMD battery life as the only major upgrade. I think that it’s not necessarily a bad thing to not include a new medical sensor EVERY YEAR. The BGM isn’t possible if a non invasive stand alone Blood Glucose monitor isn’t even available on the market. Why would Apple skip this step in validating the efficacy without a reference and existing technology validation? Cook is willing to use Apple as guinea pigs for supply chain component purchases, but not for experimental medical Tech Touch ID and a longer battery life are extremely compelling for power Apple users.

  • Richard Williams
    Richard Williams

    Don't like the look of the redesign.

  • Phukutube Always
    Phukutube Always

    Apple..expensive and boring..not good traits..

  • Blackhawks88

    Still rocking the series 2. Not sure what the point to upgrade to 6 is. Will check out the 7 though when it comes out.

  • Greg Sparkman
    Greg Sparkman

    This video sadly has the appearance of a hustle. Denigrate an unreleased Series 7 based on unsubstantiated rumors, and then recommend that we buy the Series 6 now… using your Amazon Partner link. (“You should honestly just buy this Apple Watch on Amazon…[link]”) As a subscriber I am disappointed. You are, by the nature of content you produce, are an advisor to those of us that watch. NOBODY should be advised to make a monetary transaction based on rumors. For you to do that is foolish. To attempt to profit by it is unethical.

  • Sichtbar für alle Nutzer
    Sichtbar für alle Nutzer

    Apple Watch 6 gets a panicattack Sensor….and today nobody Talks about it anymore 😓

  • kyle

    Loooks like I’ll be eating another year lol

  • Arif Ramzan
    Arif Ramzan

    I’m planning on buying the Apple Watch series 7. It will have something worthwhile to get it .

  • maxism

    I don't need all these features, IDGAF, I just want a basic smartwatch that's good.

  • Gashanovic D
    Gashanovic D

    I will be updating from my Apple Watch series 1 that finally died ! But waiting for series 7 to see if I buy the 7th or the 6th at a discount. So yes, you should wait for series 7, at least just for the discount on the Series 6 !

  • Kakka

    Usually when Apple release SE series, mean apple have change their design philosophy on product. For example, first iPhone SE as the last palm size display phone, second iPhone SE as the last Home button iPhone and now Apple watch SE may the end of 6 years design philosophy on apple watch. Just a thought though.

  • Jason Wilson
    Jason Wilson

    im coming from a series 3.... i think ill get the 7 tbh.

  • Chris Ragone
    Chris Ragone

    Every year Apple says “next year”. So sick of it.

  • tnprime

    I guess I should wait and keep my Series 1.....?

  • Flyboy Montana
    Flyboy Montana

    This boy is the master of click bait loö

  • D

    I just wait for the series 7 so it matches with my iPhone 12 Pro

  • MrRabbit550

    I just bought the 40mm apple watch series 6 with the same SE price tag (299€), so I’m pretty happy😂 What a killer deal I think⌚️

    • Glenn Temmerman
      Glenn Temmerman

      That’s indeed a good deal! Where did you buy it?

  • Grimes Music
    Grimes Music

    Okay my guy, but if no redesign and no other features, what’s gonna be new? They’ve got to redesign it. It just makes sense

  • Aiyesha Wijesinghe
    Aiyesha Wijesinghe

    or simply get the Apple Watch se

  • Razor Smith
    Razor Smith

    3 months out from a new watch release is precisely why you should wait it out. Even if you don't upgrade, you can get the 6 for a cheaper price once the 7 is released. Wait it out folks.

    • P V
      P V

      That’s good idea bro. They’ve been working on glucomètre since 2019. Series 6 is better buy.

  • Maro Vok
    Maro Vok

    Would wait much longer until they change this super ugly design ..

  • StalU

    Glucose + temp sensors = cop, otherwise pass

  • zarbdesign

    I’ve seen little machines with sensors that tells blood sugar with sensors.... it is not that hard.

  • Inspector Void
    Inspector Void

    Meh this is all still speculation

  • Universal Chat
    Universal Chat

    Keeping my series 3 for 3-4 more years

    • TheTangent Show
      TheTangent Show

      It still works haha but I do enjoy the slow meme the series 3 is becoming

  • Sarah Miller
    Sarah Miller

    The tech does exist already for glucose monitoring

  • TerminallyUnique95

    I've never bought an Apple product, but as a Type 1 diabetic the infrared glucose monitor will be a major game changer.

  • Jayme Nelson
    Jayme Nelson

    This video is excellent! Thanks for doing such a tremendous job of condensing all of this interesting news for us, Max!

    • Max Tech
      Max Tech

      Glad to help! :)

  • Saint Kenny
    Saint Kenny

    Are those the same leakers that gave all this info regarding the M1 IPad Pro 2021 possibly getting the software upgrades that you all found out later that was pretty much bogus that have you and many others returning your IPad Pro 21 for a down grade? Take it all with a grain of salt.

  • Tanveer Khan
    Tanveer Khan

    According to my experience with Apple support they are pathetic In Apple Dubai Mall , Apple Mall of the Emirates, Apple Chat and Apple call support. Apple chat- They actually are not technically educated. Apple stores in Dubai - They would try to sell and shell out the money from your pocket. Apple Calling - They just keeps you running from here and there. I have a very bad experience with Apple . I really would not recommend Apple to anybody.

  • Palash Kale
    Palash Kale

    I don't know y I watch these... 😂 I love tech, ios, android, windows, Mac, traditional cars, bikes, electric cars,, everything... Except for smart watches... Because I also love mechanical watches.... ♥️

  • Denis Lippert
    Denis Lippert

    I got the 6 today for a killer deal, not scared of the 7.

    • Denis Lippert
      Denis Lippert

      @Chase Lancaster I got it in Helsinki for 300€, from a shop called ”power”. It was 400-430€ in all the other resellers. This is the 40mm aluminium white version! :)

    • Chase Lancaster
      Chase Lancaster

      Where did you get it?

  • Turtleneck Sweater
    Turtleneck Sweater

    I just got the 6 2 weeks ago, it’s great

    • Turtleneck Sweater
      Turtleneck Sweater

      @Inspector Void it’s okay, it 100% lasts an entire day. Sometimes I work out twice a day for around 2.5 hours and I still end the day around 20% or so. You’ll definitely need to charge it at night

    • Inspector Void
      Inspector Void

      How’s your battery life?

  • twitchster77

    I'm actually kinda hoping the new 7 isn't a huge upgrade. I don't want to regret my recent series 6 splurge haha

  • Jordan Kevin
    Jordan Kevin

    Seems like this whole video was a set up to promote your discount link at the end 😂

    • Aiman Zaim
      Aiman Zaim

      @Wael so don’t watch the videos, and you rather buy a new watch at full price rather than a watch with a cheaper price ?

    • Wael

      EXACTLY, I am getting sick of this type of videos all over the place.

    • Corey The Great
      Corey The Great


  • P T
    P T

    Looks like I’ll retire my series 4 for a good old fashioned Swiss automatic. Sounds like series 7’s going to be a big flop.

    • Mari

      If you haven’t all ready, you should look into the Apple Watch SE. That’s the one I’m thinking of getting.

  • Frederick Lawson
    Frederick Lawson

    Apple ought to ditch the guts of the series 3 and turn it into a iPod mini watch with a marketing campaign geared toward kids that will bring younger customers into Apples ecosystem. Adults and children will use it with WiFi enjoy watch OS, use the watch faces, and get messages. In addition it will still make a great WiFi phone and of course still be a great music device. This will also allow Apple to cancel the iPod and to see how many people want a watch that is truly free of an iphone.

  • Shoe String
    Shoe String

    I’m still using the series 3 lol

    • Grimes Music
      Grimes Music

      Me too

  • Taj Ansari
    Taj Ansari

    Wats wrong in waiting?

  • The SemperFiGuy
    The SemperFiGuy

    The sole reason that I would consider spending another $400 on a new Apple Watch would be to get the glucose monitor. My fingers are sore and tired from being stuck twice a day. If Apple can't deliver on that, then I'll be riding out the wait with my Apple Watch Series 4. Thanks for the great video. Kind of confirms what we already suspected. Keep up the great work.

  • Ashraf Hussain
    Ashraf Hussain

    I think it might be wise to keep my series 5 for another year. I do like the new renders showing similarities with the iPhone 12 but meh

  • T K
    T K

    Im thinking off not buying a Apple Watch anymore - beside environment it’s also always a loss for the wallet. I bought a SS each 2 years which is around 750€….after 10 years you can buy already a Rolex from that money which will not only last forever it will also rise in value!!

  • Wam A.
    Wam A.

    will there be an hermes edition?

  • LURA93

    I want a display like a AW but functionalities and battery life like a Garmin


    Apple Watches are just AMAZINGLY brilliant. A device that helps U be your best U. mobeleash

  • Kenneth Pocasangre
    Kenneth Pocasangre

    Why can’t Apple just update the watch every 2-3 years!!! SMH!

  • Gryphon Ronas
    Gryphon Ronas

    Are these the same highly reliable sources that have been telling us something different all along? Seems to be a familiar theme these days, eh? Making a buying decision based on rumors is not a sign of intelligence. After all, the rumors change frequently.

  • Dan Vin
    Dan Vin

    Not so shure about thickness if they want it to last more then 22 hours battery long.... Think about it...

  • Jon

    If apple made some crazy battery in the Apple Watch, I think that it would kill the market. Most people don't care to have a watch check your health or whatever. Most people just want notifications on the watch and we could get something that has crazy good battery life, more people would buy.

  • Zena Anderson
    Zena Anderson

    Great video coverage! Thanks! If there’s no new features and battery life in series 7 then there’s no need to update. For me.🤷‍♀️

  • Christian B.
    Christian B.

    my apple watch se with s5 chips still has regular stutters, my moms s6 doesnt. So i do feel like the s6 chip is an actuall noticable upgrade.

  • Bboy rosski
    Bboy rosski

    You actually seem surprised by this?? Apple I fucking letdown

  • Sean Segel
    Sean Segel

    The most exciting feature for me would be the embedded screen camera for FaceTime. I think this should have been implemented a long time ago , but of course Apple is milking us with each series.

  • Tet

    i want to listen to music with spatial audio on an apple watch.

  • seriouslysupersonic

    I have a crazy ideia. I'll wait for the launch event and decide afterwards what to buy and what not to buy 🤔

    • Nelson Nelson
      Nelson Nelson

      but then this guy won't have a CNhave channel to speculate a company he doesn't work for products misleading consumers

    • Gryphon Ronas
      Gryphon Ronas

      Exactly this

  • Mike B.
    Mike B.

    Still rocking my series 3 😮

  • tonny sutanto
    tonny sutanto

    The blood sugar monitoring are dream this the real one can make thermometer are the near one apple can make i think that shuld apple make it in use in era pandemic

  • Kiara Mendez
    Kiara Mendez

    i have a question. i’m a high student and i’m not sure what laptop to get. i want something that will last for a while and that has a lot of storage. i’m thinking about getting the macbook pro but i’m not really sure if it’s going to last or be good enough. do you have any recommendations to which laptop i should get or if the macbook pro is good enough?

    • Gryphon Ronas
      Gryphon Ronas

      First thing you should learn is that there is no such thing as obsolescence in the way it's presented to us. It's a marketing ploy that has been in use since computers entered the mainstream. More now than ever, the power in our devices is significant overkill anyway for what most of us do with them. Unless you spend all your time running benchmarks, you won't see any difference. Oh, and I am guessing you meant "I am a high [school] student" but if you meant what you wrote, rest assured, all of my Apple devices perform equally well regardless of if I am high at the time. That said, they are often more entertaining if I am... *chuckles*

  • r ano
    r ano

    I just want a watch that works without the a phone, this is still oldskool hightech 😌

    • r ano
      r ano

      @Jasminfinity I am gone check it out

    • Jasminfinity

      There is already that feature but you need the CELLULAR version of the Apple Watch which is more expensive

  • Edgar Garcia
    Edgar Garcia

    I have a series 3 should I buy the 6 now or maybe wait for the 7 ?

    • Chris King
      Chris King

      In less than 90 days, the S7 will be out. If you can hang till then, that would be my suggestion

  • Autel Evo
    Autel Evo

    Please do a vid on the hp envy 15 ryzen 7 2021 model

  • Rezza

    Those series 7 flat design would look nice with bracelets from the AP Royal Oak and PP Nautilus. Apple should make better bracelet / straps and comes in bundle with the watch. Silicone straps should be considered as an extra straps provided for free.

  • Steve Matousek
    Steve Matousek

    I think we’ll get the redesign this year and all those sensors next year, personally I don’t care at all about new health sensors so if it gets redesigned this year I’m getting the S7

  • Károly Bánfai
    Károly Bánfai

    Don’t buy this, wait for the M1X Apple Watch

  • Mikey Moran
    Mikey Moran

    I bought series 6 when it came out and upgraded from a 2. Apple watches will last a long time, and the 6 is a solid watch. I dont really see the big deal about the 7 other than a new look. I’d say get it now instead of waiting.

  • ArturoBandiniWannabe

    It's probably that Apple Watch sales dropped in anticipation of the next model - so now you are doing your thing, influencing people to buy :) I've been waiting for the right next model for years - and it never came. Until they make the battery last couple of days (instead of charging my watch daily), it's a no go for me...

    • Chris King
      Chris King

      I agree, I’ve had a series 0 and 4. Now that I’ve taken up marathon running, I am growing frustrated with AW’a battery life.

  • Vedansh Chauhan
    Vedansh Chauhan

    OMG Apple Watch S6 costs less than half of the cost in your country!

  • Arif Ramzan
    Arif Ramzan

    Don’t we all expect some amazing features in the I phone / Apple Watch but when Apple announce it then it’s not as many as we were hoping .

    • Gryphon Ronas
      Gryphon Ronas

      We only "expect" these features because someone passed on a rumor. Want to know what the next big iThing is? Watch the event when it's announced. Till then, it's just ever-changing speculation.

  • André François Barneond Paredes
    André François Barneond Paredes

    Diving computer features is all I want

  • Anthony Craig
    Anthony Craig

    Series 7 will be the same as series 6 but a design change with a very minor bump.

  • Ger -
    Ger -

    This year I will be buying my first ever Apple Watch but will it be series 6 or 7? I’m excited to find out

  • jj

    We won't know until we know, but wouldn't the series 6 be cheaper after the series 7 drops. The series 6 is discounted now, but based on history, that is how this stuff plays out.

    • Gryphon Ronas
      Gryphon Ronas

      Yeah, exactly. If you are going to get a 6, now is not the time to do it

  • Hey Serg
    Hey Serg

    I’m cool with the 6 🤷🏿‍♂️😂

  • Zenik Torres
    Zenik Torres

    Glucose monitoring will not be happening this year. But you will get new colours. That should keep fans happy for another year.

  • hackberry64

    No need to launch new iPhone and Apple Watch models every year. Make it every two years and there would be a lot more reasons and incentives to upgrade.