iPad mini 6 is BETTER than you think! (Brand New Leaks)
Apple's iPad mini hasn't been redesigned for 6 long years.. UNTIL NOW! We've just received a ton of exclusive 2020 iPad mini 6 leaks and rumors from Jon Prosser, so let's analyze them all!
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In this video, we go over the new leaks and renders by Jon Prosser and Ian Zelbo, which were created using a combination of various sources, CAD files, schematics, real leaked photos, and more!

We go over those leaked images and see what other pieces of interesting info we can pick out of them, helping us understand what to expect with this new iPad Mini 6 and when the release date will be.

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  • Max Tech
    Max Tech

    Do you agree with my speculations on what the Smart connector is for? What about the release date? Comment below! Can't wait for the new mini? Buy THIS iPad model (Amazon link) ➡ geni.us/gCuX Best deals on M1 Macs & iPad Pros on Amazon ⬇️ M1 iPad Pro 11" ➡ geni.us/sOrNb M1 MacBook Air ($950 SALE) ➡ geni.us/1mJ41T M1 24" iMac ➡ geni.us/UFPMx Max tech wallpapers ➡ bit.ly/2WNc6Qw

    • Jessie Wang
      Jessie Wang

      Hi Max Tech, would you PLEASE PLEASE do another comparison for the 8 core M1 moded MacBook Air Vs MacBook Pro?

    • Andy

      I expect the smart connector is to integrate the mini into a HomePod/Home kit control Centre as was maybe leaked months ago. HomePod iPad combo

    • Albin Joseph
      Albin Joseph

      2:07 Seriously Macbook Air ? Well I thought it was supposed to be iPad Air not Macbook Air what kinda Techie are you?

    • Alex Green
      Alex Green

      Вадим, ты просто молодец! Очень приятно смотреть ваш канал. Большое спасибо за контент! Так держать!

    • Alan Oveseika
      Alan Oveseika

      what about the 3.5 mm jack 😭😭

  • Gyan Prabhakar
    Gyan Prabhakar

    Straight targeting the gaming smartphone market.

  • Ravi Jha
    Ravi Jha

    How you know that he is sight.

  • Ravi Jha
    Ravi Jha

    How you know that he is sight.

  • thien tran
    thien tran

    6:06 Turn on the subtitles and read

  • Phone Min Thant
    Phone Min Thant

    There might be an apple pencil mini??

  • Spyros Fragos
    Spyros Fragos

    Is just a mini iPad Air, BUT iPad Air is still better


    Nice new apple pencil..hope have lower price 😀

  • Rohit K
    Rohit K

    there in the very first "leak" , a flaw ! the apple pencil 2 almost touches the volume buttons on the the ipad pro 11 and air. It barely fits on the smaller iPads itself. How the hell it is going to stay put on the mini ?? where it will clearly have to go over the volume rockers ? If they do decide to redo the mini into the modern design style, the pencil magnet will most definitely be on the opposite side of the volume rocker. Only possibility

  • Anshid Muhammed
    Anshid Muhammed

    I wish ipad mini has a lidar

  • Anshid Muhammed
    Anshid Muhammed

    2:06 he said macbook air instead of ipad air

  • Your Subconscious
    Your Subconscious

    these videos are sometimes more disappointing than helpful. My expectations for the mini 6 this year. I'll believe it when I buy it.

  • Connor C
    Connor C

    Jon should just f*** off at this point. The leak community can do without him

  • Bhokilaal

    I am still waiting for ipad 9th gen

  • Aqil Nafiz
    Aqil Nafiz

    Ughhh im waiting for this for so long

  • T T
    T T

    They better make a keyboard for the mini with the other bull they have been tossing out

  • darktennisball

    iPad mini magic keyboard with trackpad would be everything

  • Fear

    Ahh yes "real leaks” *def not just a iPad Air but scaled down and called a mini on a brand new website*

  • Arjun krishna
    Arjun krishna

    hii from India

  • Durwood Naman
    Durwood Naman


  • RAJ

    What about ipad 9th gen?

  • twitchster77

    This guy is acting like these are concrete facts...and for some reason that annoys the hell out of me.

  • twitchster77

    I just want it to come in green like the Air.

  • Arian Vazin
    Arian Vazin

    If this comes with a 90hz or 120hz refresh rate display and an a13 or a14 or a15 with 4gb of ram Then this is the one

  • Frederick Lawson
    Frederick Lawson

    It would be nice if Apple held a Mini event where the home pod, iPod, ipad, and Mac Mini’s all shared the stage and were the only products featured. As an upgraded photo/video device and e-reader I eagerly await the Mini 6’s arrival.

  • Monsiz

    Ah yes , MacBook air has a camera bump

  • john Paul
    john Paul

    Deal breaker, in general, I love my Ipad mini 5 but it would be perfect IF it had 4 speakers, if the 6 doesn't have 4 speakers I am not upgrading.

  • pantsuck11

    iPad smol

  • dbjungle

    Only Apple users will call this an edge to edge display. It seems a bit weird they would leave stereo speakers out, especially if they increase the price. I'm eying buying one of these, but I guess I should have measured expectations.

  • Winston Horn
    Winston Horn

    Why does anyone make a video off of Jon Prosser info??? How often does he have to be wrong?

  • Cloud Chaser
    Cloud Chaser

    2:07 *iPad

  • pubg girl
    pubg girl

    Please send me an iPad please help me 😳

    • pubg girl
      pubg girl

      @Daniel Pacheco please send me one of that

    • Daniel Pacheco
      Daniel Pacheco

      I have an ipad mini 5 and a ipad pro 11 2020. I bought them myself because I have a job.

  • orlybabe

    Same design as iPad Air 4th gen - goooood. Smart connector - gooood. Even Smaller bezels - EXCELLENT! Smaller pencil - oh yeaahhh (would be great if it also came in black!). Black color - oohhhh yeahhh I love the idea of a small device I can chuck in my handbag that is black and sleek. And so sick of space grey ugh. Touch ID - a must with masks these days, and personally I prefer it because you don’t have to be sitting up and facing the ipad. My only asks: 1- for the Mini 6 to be a bit thinner than the iPad Air 4th gen, would make it even more portable 2- a mini magic keyboard! But something different than the current keyboards, something sleeker, less chunky and super light. 3- if it also came in the same blue as the iPhone 12 Pro. I would buy that. 4- for the dimensions to be slightly more square-ish than portrait, like the earlier renders.

  • Arthur Simon
    Arthur Simon

    Can't wait to ditch my 12.9 for this! After WWDC, I don't think the extra bulk of the 12.9 is worth it for my use case anymore.

    • Arthur Simon
      Arthur Simon

      @Andro Stern Perhaps. But I pretty much only use my iPad right now for browsing or reading. The 11" is not bad. But I think my needs would be served better with a new Mini. That's why I wait.

    • Andro Stern
      Andro Stern

      @Arthur Simon Maybe you'd like to consider the 11inch Pro? Not the newest M1 chip, but last year's model. I have it and it's amazing in size, performance and overall design. It retails for 800 USD now :)

    • Arthur Simon
      Arthur Simon

      @Andro Stern It looked like a good decision at that time :)

    • Andro Stern
      Andro Stern

      Why did you buy it in the first place?

  • My playlist
    My playlist

    Apple is out of design and idea...

  • Benjamin A
    Benjamin A

    John Prosser and legit are two words that don't go together anymore..... he has been so wrong lately and even making up stuff. You really should stop making up stuff and just wait for Apple to actually release legit information insteak of all this made up stuff.

  • Maseh

    2:08 Macbook Air not iPad😅😅😅

  • Exotics YT
    Exotics YT

    does the ipad mini 6 have 120hz?

  • Ajoy Varghese
    Ajoy Varghese

    Whatever it may built in with, apple gonna limit it's function as is the norm.



  • Nick D
    Nick D

    If you were to use one of these as your main mobile device with a data plan would it be able to replace the iphone? a friend said a reason hes not an iphone user is they're too small for him. sure its way bigger than a smartphone, might not fit in your pocket, but for a mobile device it still is really portable. this is a huge upgrade too to make it a lot closer to the iPhone.

  • Ariel Glaze
    Ariel Glaze

    I feel like iPads are overpriced consumption devices with limited productivity capacity. It’s an accessory at this point.

  • Ariel Glaze
    Ariel Glaze

    Still shocked you’re not the same person.

  • T S
    T S

    you would think he would link to the article ==> instead his stupid affiliate links

  • living soul of time Studio
    living soul of time Studio

    You know how you change a company???? You don't but their stuff stop buying their greed and will see a change I guarantee

  • Toki Khan
    Toki Khan

    2:02 MacBook Air ???? iPad Air

  • Dragons in Genesis Podcast
    Dragons in Genesis Podcast

    I’ll probably get one of these to replace my kindle paper white. I need something compact to hold my books and kindles just don’t last very long. My paper white is only 3 years old and the battery is basically dead. Meanwhile I still have an iPad 3 that runs fine.

  • Frank Silvers
    Frank Silvers

    Yay, rounded display corners. That makes a lot of sense.🙄😣🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Sean Chen
    Sean Chen

    M1 iPad mini please 😁😁

  • luce tothebridge
    luce tothebridge

    with Headphone JACK please.

  • dani04

    When I saw the thumbnail, I was excited. Then I heard the name Jon Prosser.

  • Peter Lustig
    Peter Lustig

    Apple give it USB C already. That's the only reason why I didn't buy the last 2 iPad Minis. Lightning port would be way too annoying on a daily basis

  • PandorasCrate

    I miss the Incipio Clamcase + I had for my old iPad Mini and then Air. Waaaay better than the dumb magic keyboards Apple makes. Also far less expensive. Brydge is doing the good work now. RIP Incipio ClamCase.

  • 7531monkey

    I still use my old 12.9 ipad pro smart keyboard on my smaller tablets, its no big deal and you get the full size keyboard. Its not really a case anyhow.

  • RovexHD

    Very good nees

  • Mazakan TC
    Mazakan TC

    this is the dumbest tech to buy if it ever will come out.... ipad pro, or just get a iphone 12 max.. ipad mini makes literally no sense owning an 11 and 12.9 i can confirm you dont need ipados- its not much different than your iphone.. for those even considering this mini ipad... they should fix ipados first.

  • Vineeth Gollamudi
    Vineeth Gollamudi

    What about iPad 9th gen?

  • Eddy Horsky
    Eddy Horsky

    Apple pencil to ist too big for the mini 6 render (the volume buttons would be trapped under the Apple pencil) I think the apple pencil 2 charger will be at the opposite side of the device.

  • Johnny Apple
    Johnny Apple

    Y'all should stop.

  • Young Drake
    Young Drake

    The pain that you have feeling, cannot compare to the joy that's coming Romans 8:18 keep safe

  • Alvin Mudalige
    Alvin Mudalige

    2:08 should be iPad Air, not MacBook Air:)

  • Karl

    I’m hoping the iPad mini will come in more colours.

  • uttam shrestha
    uttam shrestha

    3.5mm jack there??

  • Paul N
    Paul N

    I don’t ever blame leakers, that would be silly. I believe these leaks are legit, though no leak can pin point the actual release date until the leaked products are officially released by the company. So, thanks for the information in this video!

  • Cresent OverLord
    Cresent OverLord

    There no way it’s 400 and has a new display. Either except it to be more money or the same design

  • themasudi

    My iPad 9 prediction: old iPad air 2019 body & screen with A13 bionic chip and apple pencil 2 support

  • Renders by Ian
    Renders by Ian

    Great video! Always love seeing my work on your channel! I completely agree with all of your speculations and am really excited for the mini's release. When I was modeling the iPad mini and was saw that it had the Apple Pencil connector, I was confused but then remembered that when I was making my own iPad mini concept I noticed that the Apple Pencil 3 was smaller in the leaked images. By matching the new pencil to the old one, I was able to see that it fits perfectly on the mini with barely any room to spare, just like on the 11 inch iPad Pro!

  • KombuchaBoi87

    I really would like if they kept the headphone jack because i have always thought of the ipad mini as a great device for music and movies

  • CF542

    There was a time when I thought the Mini was the ultimate iPad. Then the iPad Pro came out...

  • olbin cabrera
    olbin cabrera

    Dude says “MacBook Air” to the iPad Air 💻😭😭😭🤣🤣

  • Bruh Bruh
    Bruh Bruh

    I wish for an iPad mini pro

  • neel j
    neel j

    Just got an ipad 2020.... I'm just not gonna buy/upgrade for next 5 years....

  • Ilari Mäkiranta
    Ilari Mäkiranta

    You’re good at this. But do I trust you too much? I will see… 😂 I’m actually going to buy this iPad. Although the price. We’ll see 😅😂

  • Funny Skull
    Funny Skull

    I hope they do this with the budget iPad. That iPad has barely changed over the years

  • Ch Sarmad
    Ch Sarmad

    I paid mini 6 lanch date plz tell me

  • J C
    J C

    Lol more leaks videos, disappointment coming up soon!

  • Typhon Senpai
    Typhon Senpai

    How much

  • Shubham Gupta
    Shubham Gupta

    Is it for sure that iPad mini 6 will launch this year? I was planning to buy iPad Mini 5

  • 08tachitch

    I lost count of how many time the word same was repeat. Why should we buy new products with same same features of old with just a few tweaks.

  • Reece

    2:05 - ah, yes, the MacBook Air 😂

  • PokoTheDinosaur

    it’s more like the iPad air mini 1

  • Ambient Pedals
    Ambient Pedals

    Leaks and more leaks but not confirmed by Apple. I believe the Apple CNhave community are completely and utterly just copies of each others channel, one releases possible info and the rest jump to make content .. that could possibly be not true.. I mean where are those new Air laptops with M1x … no where! At the rate of these leaks Apple will need way more events to cover all these supposed new iterations.

  • Arjun Ambarnath
    Arjun Ambarnath

    I'm not buying the new budget iPad 9 Gen UNLESS there is a redesign. Because it doesn't make sense anymore to pay more coin for an old design! Faster processors alone aren't everything.

  • shekhar pandey
    shekhar pandey

    mini will be shit if didn't get 120 htz display..because many games suport 90 htz now,,,shit on mini 6

    • DChannel

      Mini and air should get 90hz

  • Niloy Tarofder
    Niloy Tarofder

    Price ? 💵💰

  • Alistair Collins
    Alistair Collins

    I really hope this design is fake. I just bought iPad Air 4 and now I could buy this for half the price

  • Tricks Tube
    Tricks Tube

    i can't wait for the next beard-shaving session!

  • Trashbean Soup
    Trashbean Soup

    "It makes total sense..." Translation: _"I'm making this all up based on wishful thinking"_ ...and have nailed it, ...just like WWDC.

  • ATIT Gaming
    ATIT Gaming

    Do u know the hz of the screen in the new mini . As is this will be the regular 60hz like air or it will be higher?

    • ATIT Gaming
      ATIT Gaming

      @Yeeted Mon I think it will be 60hz as air . Otherwise if it will have higher hz then no body will bought air and pro

    • Yeeted Mon
      Yeeted Mon

      Nobody knows

  • Aiswar P
    Aiswar P

    2:07 MacBook Air 🤣

  • PJ JD
    PJ JD

    2:07 Macbook Air???

  • PJ JD
    PJ JD

    This will definitely be my birthday gift if it comes! 😊

  • K Adran
    K Adran

    Bottom only speakers = no purchase

  • Wayne Summers
    Wayne Summers

    About damn time, gonna sell my mini 5 and get the 6. I hope in the future it gets the m1 chip. I have an 11 pro and a mini 5. I use the mini every day. I rarely use the pro, the mini is just easier to hold laying down sketching etc......

  • Jayr23s

    What the price for the mini 6?

  • Some guy on the internet
    Some guy on the internet

    I really hope they keep the headphone jack if this is real. Then again, they ditched it on the Air, and considering this redesign is meant to fall in line with the current iPad design language, it's very likely the Mini will ditch the jack too. I'm not gonna keep my hopes up but it'd be so cool if Apple left it in the Mini.

  • rcinematic

    Recently got an 2018 iPad Pro 12.9 inch. I also have a Mini 5 but the port is busted. I don’t think I’ll get a smaller size iPad again. The 12.9 size just suits my needs especially it’s just for home use.

  • James Kimble
    James Kimble

    Imagine an iPad Mini 7 screen size over a mini keyboard ⌨️ that’s an inch thick to house an M1. And imagine Logic X running smooth on that lil puppy 🐶


    They just added the smart connector so they can get profit when they sell their magic keyboards😂

  • British BroDog
    British BroDog

    Don't you dare grow that chin fluff back.