Beats Studio Buds Review after 1 Week of Use: INCREDIBLE
My Honest Review of the Beats Studio buds after using the AirPods Pro for over a year!
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  • Max Tech
    Max Tech

    Would you buy Beats or still go with AirPods Pro? Let me know below! Best Bang for the Buck ANC Earbuds of 2021 ➡ Amazon Links to the BEST Deals on these Buds ⬇️ Beats Studio Buds ➡ Apple AirPods Pro ➡ Apple AirPods 2 with Regular case ➡ AirPods 2 with Wireless charging case (ON SALE) ➡

    • Canturk Civelek
      Canturk Civelek

      @Original T I think they will be release next Friday all over Europe.

    • Original T
      Original T

      @Canturk Civelek 🤞🏾anymore waiting and I will just buy the pros

    • Canturk Civelek
      Canturk Civelek

      @Original T Let's hope so! Thanx 🙏🏻

    • Original T
      Original T

      @Canturk Civelek it’s meant to be released on the 21st of this month

    • Canturk Civelek
      Canturk Civelek

      @Original T Did you find out about UK release date?

  • mario Martinez
    mario Martinez

    I love everything about these beats except making phone calls people on the other side complain about not being able to understand me. But with that said I’m more of a text person anyways 😁 and I bought these to listen to music at work anyways.

  • I Say My Good Sir
    I Say My Good Sir

    I love the beats haven't had a problem with them they are a great style and fit all around a great purchase for the price

  • Elin Grome
    Elin Grome

    for this old man...imo all these buds suck compared to "proper ear phones"

  • Drop the Chalupa!
    Drop the Chalupa!

    The biggest positive about these is that they are USB C charged and not lightning cable. Noise cancellation is eh. Not as great as the AirPods Pro but the sound is good enough.

    • WaddupQ

      You really thought Apple would make the noise cancellation better than the Pros?! 😂

  • Jude Bautista
    Jude Bautista

    I have the Studio 3 and I need this!!!

  • spirocz34

    I'm more with call quality with this be better than a airpods2 or google buds A series?

    • Lol

      Nah these have worse call quality than airpods 2. Idk about the pixel buds tho

  • 2SlowRado

    I went ahead and ordered them. I’m still on the first gen air pods and got tired of how quick the battery dies

    • Techfax

      @2SlowRado I wasn’t trying to be rude I was just trying to tell you if you thought it were their fault

    • Techfax

      @2SlowRado ok

    • 2SlowRado

      Techfax i’m aware of that. Ive had them since 2018 i just thought it was time for an upgrade

    • Techfax

      Is not their fault because battery’s wear over time it’s called battery degradation

  • Kennedy Cruz
    Kennedy Cruz

    The mic is a big deal breaker great video saved me money and a headache

  • Hideki Gomi
    Hideki Gomi

    Because of the Buds' release, the Pro's price went down to $189 at most retailors, it looks like. $40 is small enough to go with the Pro?

    • WaddupQ

      $189 vs 250 is a great deal. If they were this price when I bought them over a year ago, I would’ve bought them but I paid full price 😭 but the Beats are LEGIT. I love them


    i pre ordered these i immediately wrote these of as trash especially the transparency mode. I will buy these again and try them out. Still my go to is the new sony and the galaxy buds and of course the airpod pros

    • PTMGO

      Nope they’re still trash!!!!

  • Anthony Saldana
    Anthony Saldana

    I feel like I messed up my NC on my pros in the machine shop noise environment

  • Vincent Foronda
    Vincent Foronda

    i like this one over the other guy..

  • 0 oo0
    0 oo0

    Does they have multipoint Bluetooth connection?

  • raks

    Should have directly compared it to the powerbeats pro and and 4

  • StoutishHippo

    Video was almost perfect but…… these do have spacial audio, you don’t get head tracking. Almost had it bud !

  • Eric Rickman
    Eric Rickman

    Lawnmowing and airplane noise... I need these. Thanks!


    I’ll stick to my Air pods pro, Thanks

  • Hugo Vigil
    Hugo Vigil

    As a Samsung user, I didn't buy these for every day use. More for the sound for working out. I hope they don't disappoint like the Samsung buds pro as far as fitness. Those things would fall out on the moon.

    • WaddupQ

      These have the best fit of any earbud I have ever owned.

  • Leo Contreras
    Leo Contreras

    Worth it or should I stick with my AirPod pros

    • WaddupQ

      Get them

  • Raja Afifi
    Raja Afifi

    How is the latency compare to airpods?

  • M, El mouner
    M, El mouner

    LIKE ...for microfone quality test👍👍👍

  • Miguel Lee
    Miguel Lee

    I’ve taken a few phone calls with these and haven’t had complaints about it 🤞. I do like them quite a bit and prefer simplistic look.

  • James McCullough
    James McCullough

    But are they better than Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro?? Those are the best sounding headset ever so far for me. Talk about bass.

  • Orrin

    Had these for 2 days and returned em. Has that classic "Beats" sound(not good). Idk why reviewers don't call em out on it.

    • Lol

      They’re mostly for ppl w taste in heavy rock music or hiphop/rap music due to heavy bass

    • Kenny Lai
      Kenny Lai

      Yeah same. I thought they sounded like trash cans

  • David Brackett
    David Brackett

    You know damn well these things are shit.

  • Jo Poiss
    Jo Poiss

    Do the beats transit between the mac, iphone and ipad like the air pod pro?

    • Lol

      No cuz they don’t have the H1 chip

    • Phil Biha
      Phil Biha

      No they don't

  • Kayode Sule
    Kayode Sule

    I have the normal AirPods 2 . Wanted to get AirPods Pro but I will rather get this instead . Great review

  • wIl clark
    wIl clark

    Beats pro wireless is awesome and still sell like crazy

  • Odelljeff 21
    Odelljeff 21

    Can you use the i phone listening thing? Like the eavesdrop thingy

  • Edward Ruelas
    Edward Ruelas

    Just bought these today at Costco. After watching your review about the microphone not being so well, I was bummed. I had my wife call me but she said I sounded muffled. I do use my headphones A LOT at work and bullshit with my fellow co workers. Music sounds great but oh well. Good thing costco has a 90 day return policy.

  • Natalie Luli Weiss
    Natalie Luli Weiss

    Can you recommend in ear or over the ear headphones that have GOOD microphone? [for Apple user - iPhone] I’ve been looking for so long! Even Bose are terrible with Mic support. The wind and surrounding noise always leak into the conversation… thank you!

    • Natalie Luli Weiss
      Natalie Luli Weiss

      @Nathan Kornowski Yes, I have AirPods. Thought there were other options out there for Over The Ear…? I tried Bose but people could not hear me well

    • Nathan Kornowski
      Nathan Kornowski

      AirPod pros have a great mic

  • ffadams

    Working out with the beats buds,you can hear your damn heart beating crazy when you activate the noise cancelation mode,shits scary lol.

    • Jordan Wilson
      Jordan Wilson

      Dude same!

  • SnappishMonkey

    For people buying expensive earbuds to use for phone calls really need to rethink their choices. They make earbuds specifically for phone calls…

    • Lol

      @SnappishMonkey no shit but they should at least have decent call quality

    • SnappishMonkey

      @Lol thats the point. why would it make since that 149$ beats be on par with the 250$ air pod pros? you wont both calls and music then get the pros. but dont bash something that it was not marketed to do. beats has always been primarily music quality and they do it quite well.

    • Lol

      Nah if you’re gonna buy expensive earbuds they better have good sound quality for both music and calls. Literally not everybody wants to disconnect your phone from your earbuds when a phone call comes in

  • Jose Figueredo
    Jose Figueredo

    I picked up a pair today the the local Apple store, I am rocking them all day, so far I love them with my Moto G Power, seamless pairing, nice overall sound, sleek design and fast USB C charging, I'll keep these for my Android device and the AirPods Pro for all the Cupertino ones.

  • "D" Hill, II
    "D" Hill, II

    I agreed until you said they’re better than the Powerbeats Pro. They sound better than the AirPods Pro but not nearly as well as the Powerbeats Pro. The ANC and transparency is better on the AirPods Pro for me. I will have to do more testing with the ANC between the 2. I do miss the auto connection and Siri reading my messages that’s needed from the H1 chip. I’m still giving up my AirPods Pro for the Studio Beats.

  • theawkwardlp

    I feel like I’m going crazy seeing all these reviews from people saying the sound quality is good, because I got a pair and they sound muddy to me. Will probably return them.

    • Lol

      @Casey D. Campbell Plus I plan on either getting some replacement AirPods Pro or waiting for airpods 3 that will release later this year

    • Lol

      @Casey D. Campbell tbf I haven’t bought them and I probably never will due to it having mediocre phone call quality. Anyways I said that cuz of flossy Carter’s review he said it was dope. So id assume they’re good. A lot of ppl here in the comments say the same thing

    • Casey D. Campbell
      Casey D. Campbell

      @Lol I listen to 99% rap, they’re still shit. And I’m usually a big advocate to the Beats brand. I’ll stick with my Power Beats

    • Lol

      These are mostly good for rock or rap music, music with heavy bass, but especially rap since the beats brand was always targeted towards hiphop/rap fans. If you don’t like either genre then these aren’t for you

    • StoutishHippo

      FAT CAP

  • chiptaker1099

    I Like these beats earbuds, I haven’t used my Apple AirPod Pros the last 2 weeks, they may not have all the features as the AirPods but sound amazing listening to rock, they don’t feel like they’re going to fall out, I use at the gym with no problem. I personally don’t like the ANC or transparency modes so I don’t use and by not using I’m getting 7-7 1/2 hours per bud, and I have at lease one in my ear all day at work without any discomfort. Phone calls could be better but I’m getting used to the different sound and nobody really hasn’t complained, come to think about it even before these using my AirPods the only time my calls sounded good were when the other side was using AirPods.

  • James

    I agree with you. Finally someone with my same ears. I think these beats sound better than my AirPods Pro. Louder, better bass, and still a great sound stage, plus with the better seal in your ear you hear the music clearer as well since to me the ANC works better for that same seal reason. Not sure why people think ANC on the AirPods Pro are so amazing. I think it’s better on the Beats. But still neither are as good as my over the ear Sony WH-1000XM3’s, but that’s to be expected. The only reason I’m not selling my AirPods Pro at this point is because their mic is the best and I use that for work almost everyday. But for the gym the Beats are hands down the best headphones I’ve owned (previously I gave that crown to the jabra 75T’s and that’s even after owning the Beats Powerbeats pro before those). P.S. I recommend replacing the tips on these with comply tips. Eve better sound, bass, and ANC

  • DatBoiJavon

    I returned mines I really like them but there’s some adjustments that need to be made so maybe the beats airbuds 2 will be better

    • Jkerns79

      What didn't you like..just curious

  • Mark Moore
    Mark Moore

    I do all my headphone stuff at home so QC35ii still working perfect for me.

  • Shao Jimmy
    Shao Jimmy

    I have tried all three sizes and they keep falling off :( is there something im missing

  • Bobby Donaby
    Bobby Donaby

    What I can say is though with my old AirPods pros I don't know if it was my model. The microphone hardly worked, Had connectivity issues, and the touch controls was inconsistent. I was struggling honestly and it didn't make it no better that one of the AirPods stopped working it was like very weak in sound I couldn't hear anything. I wish I had AirPods pro that truly worked to see how they stack up

    • Lol

      It was definitely your specific model, my airpods 2 and AirPods Pro work great for music and calling and connectivity issues

  • Bobby Donaby
    Bobby Donaby

    After so many problems with my AirPods pros I went and picked these up today and so far I enjoy them

  • james tanona
    james tanona

    I love mine

  • Deetroiter

    I wonder if the beats use the same eartips as the AirPods Pro? I know a lot of people were having some bad allergic reactions to the pro eartips.

  • Elliott Ware
    Elliott Ware

    For a more comfortable fit, get some Comply memory foam eartips. Worth every penny.

  • Zach Mackenzie
    Zach Mackenzie

    Love these buds they sound amazing and look really clean too

  • cappachino78

    What happened with the W1chip Beats? Better to get the airpods pro

  • Kevin Beardslee
    Kevin Beardslee

    Silencio Bruno

  • Alastair Archibald
    Alastair Archibald

    I use my APPs for running, cycling, gym, pubs, coffee shops and general walking about. However, for long train journeys or long oversea plane journeys (routine part of my job, or at least it will be again eventually), I use my Bose QC II. Not the least because a lot of airliners still have the old dual plug and don't allow Bluetooth, and the Bose can also be used wired.

  • Gadget Love
    Gadget Love

    They are good at quality

  • Khaldon Evans
    Khaldon Evans

    What is the name of those white speakers you have on your desk?

  • Jamal Dumaka
    Jamal Dumaka

    I looove my beats buds, but I’m still considering returning them based solely on the poor call quality. They have been unusable walking around a store because the elevator music has been drowning me out. It’s also slightly annoying that the beats will give only one low battery warning before just shutting down.

  • PortableMediaReviews

    What’s strikes me a lot is the spectrum on which different people have graded these beats studio buds. Some people say they sound better than AirPods Pro, yet some people say they sound really similar to the OG AirPods which are pretty terrible. It’s really quite bizarre. One thing that appeals to me about these is it appears these don’t go very deep into your ears compared to some other buds. Can anyone confirm this for me?

  • Sleepy Head
    Sleepy Head

    Does anyone else get a static in one ear? I just bought these yesterday and my right bud makes a static sound

    • horseflypro

      I’ve heard this is a reoccurring problem in some cases. It might be a defective pair. Try and return them and see if it’s just that pair.

  • warren gaskin
    warren gaskin

    I tried AirPods Pro that I purchased July 5 for first time today and I’m quite impressed. They stay in my ear unlike my AirPods 2 and they are very comfortable to wear for long periods of time, NC is absolutely incredible for such small ear buds and the hear through sounds totally natural unlike my Jabra 65 and 75T Actives

    • Michelle Elizabeth Butler
      Michelle Elizabeth Butler

      @Kevo Mack you saying that air pods pro is better than than a over the eat beats pro solo I think not you do not get that same sound experience with a over the ear than in the ear headphone I have to beg the different in air pods pro. I’m not a big fan of air pods because the sound quality is not there like beats solo pro.

    • Kevo Mack
      Kevo Mack

      @Michelle Elizabeth Butler how are beats better if Apple produce them? Arguing over two Apple products when we all know “Apple” AirPods Pro is a lot better. Why would they produce something that would put their “Apple” AirPods out the market

    • Michelle Elizabeth Butler
      Michelle Elizabeth Butler

      This has nothing to do with AirPods lol this is a video about beats. Beats are way better than air pods anyways. And what’s better than beats is Bose😁 I have them both I will never own Air-pods did once took them back

  • Robin Babu
    Robin Babu

    I’m confused AirPods or beats studio,What do you guys prefer?

    • Lol

      What do you prioritize? Sound quality Or bass. Do you want good Phone call/FaceTime call quality or do u not care. Do you care for ANC or transparency mode or no. Do u care for auto device switching (iPad, iPhone, mac, etc) or no. Do u care for music pausing when u take it out or Siri support or no?

  • ffadams

    Apple picked up the ball where monster dropped it.

  • HDdh Dhxhxb
    HDdh Dhxhxb

    Next week’s video: WhY I SwItcH BaCk tO aIRPoDs pRo!!1!

    • Dez 305
      Dez 305

      @Jackson Farmer I’ve got both the AirPods pro and just got the studio beats today, and by FAR the studio beats are WAY better for bass and loudness. To be honest they are the best air buds on the market in you like loud music with bass (I’ve tried a ton of others). The noise canceling on the studios are also really really good. Will give the AirPods Pro a very slight advantage for noise cancellation, but it’s basically unnoticeable…at least with me. Phone wise the studios are also really good. But like the noise canceling I give a razor thin edge to the AirPods Pro ( in my opinion) but it is hardly noticeable. Both are great but it just depends on what you’re looking for. When I got the studios today I was going to return them the same day as I was assuming they weren’t going to be that good. I was wrong. They blew me away.

    • Ruben vb
      Ruben vb

      @Jackson Farmer I'm on android though are still worth it?

    • Jackson Farmer
      Jackson Farmer

      @Ruben vb bro just get the AirPods Pro. They’re worth the money by far.

    • Ruben vb
      Ruben vb

      @Nelson Mendes oh OK .I was deciding on multiple earbuds and I was looking around for studio buds reviews and this video was one of the first videos when I searched that came up. Thanks for the heads up

    • Nelson Mendes
      Nelson Mendes

      @Ruben vb you have to remember also in a previous video he preferred the sound to the airpods pro and not so much the the Samsung buds pro...this video magically has the Samsung was better sound than the airpods. Take this guy with the grain of salt I've tried these myself and when I tried them I had a pair of soundpeats T2....the soundpeats T2 were better overall sound, calls, ANC touch controls.wete better on the beats. The soundpeats T2 are half the price of the beats.

  • Message in MY Bottles
    Message in MY Bottles

    ***I just ordered them in black. 😎👌

  • Acrest

    I’m probably going to return mine because of the numerous issues I have had. They randomly connect to my phone while they are in the case, the left bud only charges when the case is open, and they cut in and out when I move around. I’ve had similar issues with my other beats products, and this is really frustrating me. (This is not an issue with my phone, as other headphones do work)

  • Jake Flo
    Jake Flo

    I have this, it's not balance, more base and not balance, airpod pro is still king, you can tell why this is cheaper than airpod pro because if you have both this sounds cheaper that's why airpod pro is more money.

  • Albert Mitchell
    Albert Mitchell

    Have not had an issue with the mic but transparency mode is useless. Best for the money though in my opinion! Also I think you are wrong in the “does not pause when you take one out”. Mine pause every time I take an earbud out

    • Albert Mitchell
      Albert Mitchell

      @Kelly Ragasa there really is no how to it. I didn’t change any settings, they just pause when I take one of the earbuds out

    • Kelly Ragasa
      Kelly Ragasa

      Really how ?

  • Canturk Civelek
    Canturk Civelek

    Somepeople say they sound better than Airpods Pro, others say they don't. 😔 very subjective topic, I guess..

    • Canturk Civelek
      Canturk Civelek

      @Max Tech Any information about when it will be released in Europe?

    • Canturk Civelek
      Canturk Civelek

      @Max Tech thank you 🙏🏻

    • Max Tech
      Max Tech

      Yes. Sound is very subjectives. If your prefer very sharp highs and less bass then AirPods Pro, if slightly more bass and lower highs then beats. I do like highs but AirPods Pro can be too much some times. With that, everyone agrees that beats pro sounds good and better than other beats.

  • Shubham Arora
    Shubham Arora

    Do you have any idea of these getting launched in india?

  • ElPaciente


  • Minecraft Lilac
    Minecraft Lilac

    I want to by headphones ,, my budget is tight on 50$ can anybody suggest me one

    • Lol

      Beats flex

  • Otto Harshbarger
    Otto Harshbarger

    I won’t buy them because that 🤡 LeBron James wears them!!!

  • musek

    What happened at 10:21? :) If I hadn't subscribed to this channel long ago I would do it instantly after seeing that you're listening to a live Muse concert at 2:55 :)

  • dhilin thomas
    dhilin thomas

    Hi brother Can u guide me which is the best iPad for air navigation (for pilots)

  • Mickey Garcia
    Mickey Garcia

    I might get these and sell my AirPods. Sometimes it’s better to be open minded.

    • Lol

      @Chris Linsin Airpods 3 are gonna arrive later this year in 2021, id wait

    • Chris Linsin
      Chris Linsin

      @Streamlined they actually do support spatial audio and Dolby atmos just not head tracking. I’m still on the original AirPods so deciding between upgrading to either these or AirPods Pro since AirPods Pro 2 won’t arrive until 2022.

    • Mickey Garcia
      Mickey Garcia

      @Streamlined I hardly ever use any of these bro, which really wouldn’t bother me one bit giving them up.

    • Streamlined

      Good luck. You give up the H1 chip so no device switching, spatial audio, or Siri support.

  • Johannes Davidsen
    Johannes Davidsen

    I would choose airpods even if i have Android phone. Btw can i use on Samsung phone ?

  • T Mar
    T Mar

    I don't agree at all, I could not stand them from the get go. Quality of the case and the buds are pretty apparent. If you have an Android phone, perhaps you should use these. But for any Apple device not the greatest. I hate the buttons on the side of the earbuds. I had to push these in more than I did the Pro's. I have an iPhone and a Pro iPad, I don't want to have to connect them each and every time I switch devices. The biggest deal breaker for me is the call quality, it SUCKS!! My wife could tell the difference instantly. The ANC is inferior and I did not like the transparency mode. Pro's are worth the difference in price. I took the these Beats Buds back and bought the Pro's since my old ones got run over.

    • Donte Dupree
      Donte Dupree

      @T Mar I feel you. They don't have great base. The battery isn't great. They sound much better when paired to an ios device over android. I have the soundpeats t2s and earfun free pros that sound great across all my devices and have stellar battery. I paid $90 for airpod pro through my student purchase with my iPad pro so I'm going to stop complaining 😂.

    • T Mar
      T Mar

      @Donte Dupree based on what comparisons? I tired a lot myself and very few would compare in my opinion. Are they perfect, no. But nothing will be.

    • Streamlined

      I agree. The Beats are a one trick pony. There are too many other factors nowadays besides bass.

    • Donte Dupree
      Donte Dupree

      The airpod pros are overhyped. It's so many better earbuds at a much lower price. I use mines strictly with my iPad pro

  • Davis Lawrence
    Davis Lawrence

    Went for the galaxy buds pro and pretty satisfied overall.

  • Shy Army
    Shy Army

    reviewers overhyping Apple products for clicks!! HAHAHA

  • Streamlined

    The lack of H1 auto device switching for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch is a huge negative. Most AirPod users won’t even think about buying these. And no spatial audio or Siri support? PASS

    • Lol

      There is spatial audio but idk about Siri support tho.

  • 29kalel

    AirPods Pro are better. There I said it

  • TM Tech
    TM Tech

    10:20 xD i love FCPX

  • Harshvardhan

    Why are your videos, not 4K anymore?😒😒...It was better that way😒😒

  • Hitesh Karingula
    Hitesh Karingula

    Nice video man just bought mine today and watched your vid about these from before I am happy with this purchase

  • Anonymous

    I don’t give a shit about mic I care about the sound,fit,battery. I love my red beats👌

    • Cheeken

      also they're stylish as hell

    • chiptaker1099

      My big 3 also….I love them, haven’t picked up my AirPod Pro’s the last 2 weeks 👍🏼

    • Andrew Blackop
      Andrew Blackop

      Fax. All that extra stuff is just a bonus.

    • Lovefires52

      For real

    • Mrhandsome27


  • Matthew EverythingGaming
    Matthew EverythingGaming

    My dog stole my AirPod pros and hid them from me to never been seen again. So I bought these in black, I must say I don’t miss my AirPod pros one bit now.

    • Lol


    • Alastair Archibald
      Alastair Archibald

      I really like my APPs since I started using Spatial Audio. It doesn't work on most websites but I hope it'll catch on more since the release of the AirPods Max.

    • Bootyclap69k

      @Matthew EverythingGaming I don’t think you should let your dog eat them

    • Toaster

      Do you miss the 250 you spent on them though? Lol

    • Matthew EverythingGaming
      Matthew EverythingGaming

      @Bootyclap69k Lol I have a yorkie so it’s not hard to believe.

  • Al Ur
    Al Ur

    Samsung buds live vs Beats, who sound better?


    Beats are good but the volume quality is trash

  • Kerry Cooper
    Kerry Cooper

    Returning mine due to the horrible call quality. Unusable unless I’m in a silent closed room. I’m so angry because I really like these earbuds in every other way. But I often work in an open office and 100% of callers have said they couldn’t hear me.

    • Lol

      @Kerry Cooper try some jabra elites or the Sony xm4 wireless earbuds they have great call quality if that’s ur biggest want

    • FuzeMute

      @Kerry Cooper if your using a pc/laptop you can connect a microphone to your pc/laptop and you can still hear the audio from the beats studio buds. you just have to go to sound settings and make sure that you using the microphone to talk and not the beats studio buds. You can also do this with airpods

    • Kerry Cooper
      Kerry Cooper

      @DreadFORCE I would have stuck with the AirPods Pro but my ear shape made the right one painful and the left one would fall out. I wish there was an earphone store where I could try on several (with alcohol wipes handy!) and decide instead of buying online and returning.

    • Kerry Cooper
      Kerry Cooper

      @SnappishMonkey As I said, I loved them I n every other way! Vey comfortable and sounded fantastic. But if I’m wearing them all day at work, it’s not gonna work if I can’t even take a 2 min phone call.

    • SnappishMonkey

      @Kerry Cooper I’m not offended, I just don’t understand why people are saying they are garbage just because the call quality isn’t there. But to each their own. I enjoy mine

  • trenitty81

    Mine won’t stay in my ear😞 probably gonna return em!

  • Anatoly Litvak
    Anatoly Litvak

    Hi there ) thanks for a good job! What charger do you use on a table?

  • Maramind Entertainment
    Maramind Entertainment

    I just want to know how well do they stay in. Could I run with them or will they fall out too easy. The Powerbeats Pro's don't stay connected well nor charge well either. So want something else that true wireless that works with Siri.

    • Maramind Entertainment
      Maramind Entertainment

      @Lol for sure.

    • Lol

      It really depends on your ears everybodies ears are different

    • Maramind Entertainment
      Maramind Entertainment

      @Siock Aaron Sounds good. No pun intended. I hoping for the Powerbeats Pro true wireless will fix the version one problems with connection and charging.

    • Siock Aaron
      Siock Aaron

      @Maramind Entertainment I don't personally have that problem. I'm only running about 12 miles a week so I'm no elite runner but Ive been really impressed with the fit so far. You can only adjust the volume with your phone or holding the button on the earbuds and asking your assistant. When you push the button I've heard you can end up pushing them further into your ear but i haven't had mine move yet. 4 miles 3 times a week and I've had them about a week so far.

    • Maramind Entertainment
      Maramind Entertainment

      @Siock Aaron Really? They don't fall or get loose. What about when you adjust volume?

  • Ace

    Does anyone else have the problem with Siri and message announcements

  • s lewins
    s lewins

    Review Bose mate would love to see them compared to others

  • Mark Snider
    Mark Snider

    I’m just curious whether they would stay in my ears or not. AirPods and AirPods Pro fall out every few minutes. Currently using the galaxy buds live as they stay put

    • Mikey G
      Mikey G

      100%. I was shocked at how well these fit in my ear vs the pros I have. Honestly the sub par microphone is a non issue because these actually stay in my ears vs the pros. Also not sure if it’s because the pros silicone degrades at all but they fit better when I first got them but they quickly got worse and worse for me

  • riggs_ nation
    riggs_ nation

    Love the ones I have now. I have an android and it works fairly well. 60% improvements compared tomy beats pro on an android functionality. The case is freaking amazing. I don't understand what other streamers are talking about. The beats pro was HUGE, the apple pros were to small. The beats buds fits amazing in my jeans and my cargo shorts. I sit in a van with 6 people for aboutb3 hours a day, before these the noise cancelation is amazing. And in gas stations the ambient sound i could here the lady at wawa 7 customers away and heard tickets being called from the food area. This is the best investment I have made in a while...

  • Aliaswave

    If Airpods go rid the stupid stem I would get them

  • Imatechguy

    No good mics for phone calls 😩 that sealed it for me I can’t use them 👎🏾 Thx for this review 💯

  • Ron Hedges
    Ron Hedges

    Have you had a chance to compare with the Bose quiet comfort buds. If so what ones are better??? Mostly in sound

  • Jorje Chaley
    Jorje Chaley

    Lmao stfu you just getting paid. Worst earbuds not even worth it. Sounds is weak, they aren’t comfortable, just overall beats buds are not even worth $50

  • Ulysses Cuevas
    Ulysses Cuevas

    My AirPods pro’s stopped turning on, wouldn’t even charge anymore so I just bought these.

    • Ulysses Cuevas
      Ulysses Cuevas

      @Jma nah bro my AirPods deadass don’t charge anymore I’ve cleaned them and everything

    • Jma

      @Ulysses Cuevas idk bro just seems like 🧢

    • Ulysses Cuevas
      Ulysses Cuevas

      @Jma bro why would I lie about that 😂

    • Jma

      👃🏻 🧢

    • Jma


  • Mats van der Zee
    Mats van der Zee

    Your mom: Are you sick?? You should do a covid test. You: No mom. I'm using the beats studio buds

  • Art Altman
    Art Altman

    Does iPhone allow us to use the Beats for output while using the builtin iphone microphone? Crucial question.

    • Noah K
      Noah K

      No, but this would be a great idea.

    • Ahanu Casey
      Ahanu Casey

      Not entirely sure, but I've had beats, Airpods, and other types of earbuds and I have never come across an option to choose the speaker/microphone devices seperately from one another. Just my personal experience, I may have missed it but I don't think that's a thing.