M1 iPad Pro 11" - Honest Review after iPadOS 15..
It's pretty clear that people are DISAPPOINTED in the M1 iPad Pro's new iPadOS 15 software, which is obviously limiting the massive performance, but I think some people are overreacting..
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In this review, we talk about exactly WHY people are so upset about the new M1 iPad Pro, and then we take a look at it from realistic expectations.

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  • Max Tech
    Max Tech

    Do you agree with my thoughts on the new M1 chip? What about my take on the value of the 2021 iPad Pro? Comment below! DEFINITELY Buy this iPad Pro model (Amazon link) ➡ geni.us/gCuX Best Deals on M1 iPad Pros and MacBooks on Amazon ⬇️ M1 iPad Pro 11" ➡ geni.us/2FHY3Xz M1 iPad Pro 12.9" ➡ geni.us/7qQN9 Best SSD for iPads and iPad Pro's ➡ geni.us/RPAnFUb

    • James Oren
      James Oren

      I completely agree, although the high expectations is 100% on apple - from the keynote to their advertising to their sales page, they’re marketing it as a laptop replacement and the new OS as closer to Mac OS without any caveats that it’s still at its core just ios

    • stefano giovannini
      stefano giovannini

      The basic Macbook Air is more Pro than an iPad Pro. Much better value. Cheaper if you consider the keyboard. I love LumaFusion, but I am so much faster at importing video files in Final Cut Pro on a Macbook. The iPad OS is so limited. Adobe Lightroom works better in a pinch on a Google Pixel phone than on my iPad. Lightroom on iPad does not allow me to paste captions to multiple photos at once, or any metadata. Only one by one. I suspect it may be due to a limitation of iPad OS as it has been implemented on Android for a long time. Dealbreaker.

    • Hacker No?
      Hacker No?

      Until apple want replacement for mac ipad pro m1 will not be improved

    • coldsun1187

      Not really. I need a new tablet as my iPad Air 2 is almost gone - battery barely holds a charge now since I use it so much for years. So this is great for me. I'll grab the iPad Pro 11 inch. I see all you reviewers out here saying the same thing: "I have an iPad Pro blah blah already." Well of course you do. I wouldn't upgrade either if I had an iPad Pro already. My Air is many generations old now though so this makes perfect sense.

    • Man Man
      Man Man


  • mariofan VIDEOS
    mariofan VIDEOS

    You: people returned their iPads because of iPadOS 15 Me: that’s what convinced me to upgrade my iPad mini 2 er well the last thing that convinced me

  • MrCoffis

    Don't buy the M1 iPad Pro. Just buy a used 2020 and when apple sometime down the line does eventually unlocks the iPads software to use its hardware then buy the a new one.

  • Kevin - 6Y8
    Kevin - 6Y8

    I"m waiting for my 11"M1 to be delivered today. 1st iPad ever. It will replace my aging 1st gen Microsoft Surface Go. I will be Purchasing the Logitech Combo Touch because I really enjoy having a detachable keyboard. ⌨️✌🏼🧔🏻✌🏼

  • Kevin - 6Y8
    Kevin - 6Y8

    I can see a version of the M1 chip coming to the iPhone. Not because of performance, but for manufacturing and economics for Apple. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Peter Porker
    Peter Porker

    Well it will be nice to 1. Add ability to sideload Mac OS apps 2. Multiple User(s)

  • Ryno Opperman
    Ryno Opperman

    I mainly use VDI with Windows 10, so none of the software limitations applies to me…

  • Wise Young
    Wise Young

    For the past 3 weeks, I have been using the 2021 M1 iPad Pro. I still use my 2018 iPad Pro, which is only half as fast. This time around, I decided to save some money and only buy 512 Gb SSD. Even though the 2018 iPad Pro 11” works well enough, I must say that the M1 is worth the $1100 investment. The Geekscores for the two are as follows: iPad Pro 11” M1 iPad13,6; ARM, 1 processor 8 cores @3.2GHz, RAM 7.24 Gb, iOS 14.6 Geekbench 5.4.1 Pro score: single-core 1716, multi-core 7299, metal 20439 IPad Pro 11” 2018 iPad 8,4; A12X Bionic @2.49 GHz; RAM 5.57 Gb; iOS 14.6 Geekbench 5.4.1 Pro score: single-core 1123, multicore 4648, metal 11383

  • Nathan Micallef
    Nathan Micallef

    I want an ipad a tablet not a laptop/pc I want the ipad as it is if you want a laptop just buy a macbook.. jessussss.....

  • TheDecree93

    I bought for thunderbolt and m1 since works for my workflow better than iPad Air 4. They will update software and make it better and people are just mad cause it can’t do everything and that apple is being choosy by not Canbilizimg sales. What do u expect people. I’m not even a fan boy but I can still see through advertising and make a decision and not whine about the money I spent on internet

  • Kris B
    Kris B

    It makes sense. Think about it. It's a tablet. Why would Apple convert their successful (and expensive) tablet into a laptop to compete against their successful (and expensive) MacBook Air/Pro laptops? And yes, I know that Apple mentioned that they would allow iOS apps on their newer computers. For me, that's about getting more money for their apps

  • Lord Vader
    Lord Vader

    “People are literally returning iPads” Joe the Hipster and his one eyed wife who was in Mumford and Sons for a couple of years before losing his place in the band after becoming an alcoholic, are the only ones rioting and lining up to return their ipadsS

  • Peacecraft

    11:22 The 11" is not a "regular LCD", the screens perform the same outside of HDR compatible content like a movie.

  • Content for Fun
    Content for Fun

    How about from a first gen iPad Air. cuz that's what I am using rn lmaooo

  • James Scoop
    James Scoop

    One chip to rule them all

  • James Scoop
    James Scoop

    Battery life sucks ass!!!

  • Damien Doorgen
    Damien Doorgen

    His point is...dont be expecting much from Apple but if you keep to their Low Bar of Expectations and gimmicky trickled updated devices and software for the ipad and ipados then you should definitley get the M1 ipad pro. and "years from now when the apps and software are optimised for the M1, you'll be glad you had bought an ipad pro M1" although there will be like 50 newer ipad models by then. great job at being unbiased.

  • Kalpana Rajkumar
    Kalpana Rajkumar

    What is the use of putting an m1 processor in the iPad Pro if we can’t take full advantage of it. I wish in the future apple releases some updates where we can take full advantage of it

  • Peter Kyrkos
    Peter Kyrkos

    When I hold an iPad, I feel like Im holding the future, albeit a very limited one.

  • Nox Vega
    Nox Vega

    Thanks for helping me decide to buy Galaxy Tab S7+ instead of an 11" iPad Pro. it's €50 cheaper but includes S-pen, an AMOLED screen and is a larger size. I'm sure the iPad Pro is an excellent device, and that M1 chip is a monster, but if you can't use it, then there's no point in having it. IF iPad Pro 12.9" was closer to S7+ in price, then yeah, I might consider it. But the price difference is nearly TWO TIMES. And it is two times if you purchase the Apple Pen.

  • Kreemp A.I.
    Kreemp A.I.

    Listen Apple, all you need to do is enable hypervisor and rosetta in ipad OS so we can run Mac OS 11 in a virtual machine with full hardware acceleration. That way, if there is a task that cannot be done on iPad OS, we just open MacOS and do it there. It is literally that simple. I know it is possible because the M1 supports all these features. They can even make this an "M1 ipad exclusive" to incentivize people to upgrade from older ipads. It can even be used as leverage against the Appstore antitrust suit; "if you don't like the appstore, just use a different OS with a virtual machine". They don't have to unlock the boot-loader, they don't have to open up ios or allow side-loading, all they need to do is allow virtual machines with hardware acceleration on the appstore. That is all. It will not compromise security, and ios will fundamentally still be the same, just more useful.

  • Joe Edwards
    Joe Edwards

    It’s simple, economies of scale and One Chip to Rule Them All. If you can put the same chip in everything, you save money and Apple doesn’t care if you don’t fully use all the power. Excess power does equal a longer usable life as well. I bought this model as an upgrade to my 10.5 iPad Pro and don’t regret it one bit. My computing needs are handled by my 2018 Mac Mini.

  • Naveen Kumar
    Naveen Kumar

    Apple: Do you think an a fool? Who will buy our mac line of products, if I give you everything. 😃

  • oldtimer

    So, you spend a lot of money on a product that has too few good apps. that it can use? When are you dumb Apple users going to wake up? You are just dumb cash cows for a greedy company that does not care about it's customers just their cash. Apple just recently got fined for slowing down older Apple mobiles so do you really think they will improve the present Ipad pro when they can release another instead, conning people into believing the newer version is better than the old?

  • Robot One
    Robot One

    *reviewer overreacts also reviewer: "Hey CNhave, the reason YOU overreacted is because..."

  • Jesse6749

    I did not believe the apple hype I only see the iPad as a tablet period and I got the 2020 11” iPad pro , with 256 Gigs only because Micro Center had it for $650 and also because my 2017 12.9” iPad pro got too heavy to carry around. I am perfectly happy with the 11” it is perfect for my needs.

  • Madhu

    Hi, hope you are doing good... Kindly help me decide between 128gb wifi+cellular or 256gb only wifi ? Love from India ❤️

  • Zach Miller
    Zach Miller

    I think that if people want computer like features then buy a MAC… the iPad has its place. Personally I don’t need a laptop for games, paying bills, and media consumption. I think it’s perfect for typing emails and catching up on articles too.. I can get a lot of work done on it. That’s where the IPad comes in for me. Just my opinion.


    You just make too much sense…

  • Mad Max
    Mad Max

    Apple likes to trick people, and people still keep buying their products. Don't expect too much innovation from Apple. They always make it to where the consumer wants more.

  • John Stanley
    John Stanley

    Thank you…

  • ISpyaLie Max
    ISpyaLie Max

    The truth is the HDR even on the 13 inch.Is entirely underwhelming. By my assessment when I played in HDR video the whites were maybe 5% brighter then my third generation iPad ProWhich had a tiny bit of sparkle but did not amaze me in anyway. It was not like seeing an OLED TV next to a LCD. There’s no obvious sense of dynamics. And for every day use there is absolutely no difference visually between the liquid retina display and my old M3 display. It performs exactly the same the colors look exactly the same. I was looking at a clone of my own GEN three iPad on the iPad fifth GEN. No difference at all. It does not give it to snappier web browsing experience that’s a lie. It doesn’t matter if the chip is faster if it doesn’t result in real world differences. It’s not even a great difference between the third generation let alone the fourth. My third generation iPad Pro performs just like this one does. The Apple Pencil is a tremendous disappointment. They were supposed to be a rumor Apple Pencil three. So the pencil performance is exactly the same it’s not better in any way shape or form. Knock it off. There are so many things that could be done to make the pencil more useful especially to artists who are the people who are most attracted to having a pencil. Nothing in the software made the experience of operating this new iPad superior for creative people. There will be no pro apps Made for this iPad because it’s still an iPad. It is not a computer. It is still basically and entertainment consumption device. Not a workhorse tool. Arnold Schwarzenegger famously said it’s not a tumah the iPad is not a computah. This tablet me and DB the best and fastest spec wise but it performs like it’s grandparents. And it always will. Because let’s take the most optimistic scenario that they improve the software and make it possible to take advantage of the greater memory, They will just come out with another iPad at that time. Why wouldn’t you want the newer iPad to run the new software rather than hope that this fifth generation iPad will eventually run it even though it doesn’t exist now. Why would you ever think the software would come. We were promised a fullpro photo shop for the iPad which has never materialized three years later. This article started off correct. Apple will make the iPad work like a pro device when it wants to. But it’s clear they didn’t want to.

  • C H I L L . V I B E S M U S I C
    C H I L L . V I B E S M U S I C

    Hoping the next ios will have an dex like mode on ipads

  • Dong Nguyen
    Dong Nguyen

    Should have put M1 in their iPhone's and call it a day.

  • Alastair Archibald
    Alastair Archibald

    I am staying with my 2020 11" iPad Pro. I use it for the constant long-haul business travel that I will (hopefully) soon be resuming. I have a work laptop that is just used for work. The iPad is for my hobbies such as photography and video editing and writing novels, that I can still do while I'm abroad. I have it in a form-fitting Tomtoc shoulder bag with a separate padded tablet compartment. The outside pockets hold all my accessories such as BT mouse, 20,000 mAh power bank, 1TB SSD. Basically, it carries all the wherewithal to cope with everything staying charged, even in a hotel room in Istanbul with a single wall socket. It's also great for media consumption. However, AAA games are off the table. I have a huge upgradeable Alienware gaming laptop for that and the full Adobe experience (I prefer Premiere Pro to Luma Fusion). However, portable it ain't.

  • Alastair Archibald
    Alastair Archibald

    It's a cost-cutting exercise, so Apple don't have to produce or purchase multiple types of CPU.

  • Andrew Leventis
    Andrew Leventis

    its works perfectly for business users eg mainly office 365, especially with the magic keyboard, but then again a lower spec iPad will also work, I think the creative users are disappointed...

  • Sam


  • Umb O
    Umb O

    No, I'm not overreacting. It's messed up to the point of being false advertising. Here's how an honest iPad Pro advertisement would have gone: "Brilliant Liquid Retina display with TrueColor... that you won't be able to enjoy at all cause you'll be watching CNhave videos in 1080p, just like your mom does!" Get it? Cause mom doesn't know how to switch to a higher resolution... just like Apple is selling a flipping tablet that theoretically "can" get a higher resolution but won't. What good does that do me? And for anyone thinking of upgrading: Get the regular iPad. The straight up 10.2". It's a brick to hold, but as far as the picture goes, I see no noticeable difference in the Pro and the regular iPad except the bezels are smaller. The thicker regular iPad gives an appearance of depth to color that the thinner pro doesn't. If you're looking for just a beautiful color quality, I actually enjoyed the significantly cheaper regular iPad more and am seriously considering sending the pro back and getting the regular one.

  • You know me...
    You know me...

    Apple will never replace the iPad pro with the MacBook. Never. So, forget a fantasy. What I disagree with this guy is the speakers. They are terrible. I don't know about 12inch. But the 11inch sounds boxy and does not sound clear on the top end. Simply not accurate. Probably the Air sounds better, although duo speakers.

  • TheAdventuresOfGaming

    I’m in love with my m1 iPad Pro. I have 11 inch for a few weeks now

  • sam Love
    sam Love

    naa your trapping backing up ppl clipping for free lol


    I would like to see external monitor support and better multitascing on ipad pro and it would be the best computer for me.

  • Rolfin Pascual
    Rolfin Pascual

    The ipad should have something like samsung dex at least , that way you can use the tru power on multitasking at least

    • Bryeet Sonny
      Bryeet Sonny

      Exactly what I have been people are over complicating wanting Mac os on the iPad all Apple has to do is give some Mac OS apps to the iPad and make a dex software.

  • id deegee
    id deegee

    "Thunderbolt ports work great" you say... 10:59 But in every Max's video he literally needed to repair the SSD on his Macbook Pro in order to make it readable after unsafe eject... and still then it works it copies 3 times slower than the macbook pro m1 So in conclusion we have better chip on the paper, but most of its advantages you cant use in the current generation of the iOS or hardware an app cant use more than 5GB of ram, video output does not support HDR neither 16:9 scaling nor "second monitor space" Many software still lacks of m1 compatibility that's not a honest review... Hence M1 gives you less for the buck comparing to the 2020 version If you already have 2018/20 version don't upgrade wait for m2 or ios 16 if you don't ... well I would buy a discounted 2020 model

  • Chris Delgado
    Chris Delgado

    yeah whatever!!! not buying their propaganda!!!

  • rumors19892005

    You didn’t mention 5G

  • Soham Mallick
    Soham Mallick

    Upgraded to M1 ipad pro, battery life is better than ipad air 4.

  • Soham Mallick
    Soham Mallick

    From where I can get this red wallpaper in full resolution? anybody ?


    Apple wanted you to buy all their products as much as possible!! ‘Money greed timmy cooocky! The fact that ipad sale declined in the past years they wanted to bait people for sales!! Nice marketing! LoL this channel soon be banned by timmys money!

  • Silenus Ankh
    Silenus Ankh

    Apple has said it more than once: Your next computer is "not" a computer.

    • Sam 93
      Sam 93

      Thank you

  • konjecture

    Why does he talk like a kindergarten teacher?

  • Harry Wild
    Harry Wild

    In order to fix the iPad software, they would have to get some programmers from Android! LOL! It going take Apple a good 10+ years to do it too! By that time the M1 and iPad will be long forgotten!

  • P a N D a . C o C o
    P a N D a . C o C o

    Is it worth it? This might be my first ipad

  • Steve Hagen
    Steve Hagen

    Not mad they didn’t add final cut or whatever, just mad they built in limits via software to throttle back its abilities.

  • Wyatt Splatts
    Wyatt Splatts

    Tab s7+ is complete trash

  • jomsart

    Now This is just dumb pandering to apple. Linus actually REVIEWS stuff.

  • stefano giovannini
    stefano giovannini

    The basic Macbook Air is more Pro than an iPad Pro. Much better value. Cheaper if you consider the keyboard. I love LumaFusion, but I am so much faster at importing video files in Final Cut Pro on a Macbook. The iPad OS is so limited. Adobe Lightroom works better in a pinch on a Google Pixel phone than on my iPad. Lightroom on iPad does not allow me to paste captions to multiple photos at once, or any metadata. Only one by one. I suspect it may be due to a limitation of iPad OS as it has been implemented on Android for a long time. Dealbreaker.

  • Bruther

    I realized your at 666k subscribers right now

  • Ron Brown
    Ron Brown

    I loved the way you thought about this product outside of box, and went against the tide of people telling you not to buy.Iit still is a great product despite the disappoints from WWDC. I think I'm going to pull the trigger on one. And Apple has them on sale for Fathers' Day. Great video, and thanks for sharing.

  • Shivam Shukla
    Shivam Shukla

    Enjoying my ipad 8 it is best at price range ☺️☺️

  • Loki

    in short, they want your money

  • Leon Francis
    Leon Francis

    Much like the M1 in Macs and the A series in iPhones, the latest iPad is an absolute beast for showing off benchmarks to your friends. All three of these products have less functionality and features than competition that didn't put all its budgeting into winning the benchmark sheets. All of this from a fanbase that was claiming "software matters" just years ago.

  • Alex Chesser
    Alex Chesser

    Click bait garbage.

  • Jim M
    Jim M

    11-in M1 Pro 256 gb is on its way! My iPad Air 2 (2014?) is end of life. The 2020 Air makes no financial sense unless you’re sure you’ll be ok with the base 64 gb memory. Incidentially, delivery time from Apple is still running 2 full weeks.

  • rahul dubey
    rahul dubey

    Name your channel as APPLE TECH

  • Neth BT
    Neth BT

    Apple still wants you to buy their Macbooks

  • Martin Bolha
    Martin Bolha

    I do really feel that we had been lied to no matter how you look at it. Putting an M1 laptop grade processor into the tablet and then limiting its potential by the OS. Presenting a 16gb version, yet apps can only use 5gb. Another limitation of the os. Marketing it as a laptop replacement, yet getting a limited selection of basic function apps because limiting by the OS. Presenting the XDR display as something groundbreaking, yet together with all the embargo reviews failed mentioning the big, undeniable disadvantage - blooming, caused by using the cheapest technology. Of course without mentioning beforehand by anybody. Even the tech channels. But the worst part: hyping everyone about the M1 and how your next laptop wont be a laptop and then, very convienently AFTER the guaranteed free return period unveiling the IPad OS 15 which gave us last year functionalities of a Phone. Like, how blind you must be to all of this to not feel disappointed. It’s a fact that we’ve been lied to on so many fronts and if by reading this at least one more pro user expecting pro functions that are in the PRO name of the product decides to avoid this product, I will be happy for him and in the end, he will also be happy. Just because you see super positive reviews everywhere (mostly by people associating themselves with the cult, light users or sponsored tech channels) and my opinion is therefore on the edge doesn’t make it less true. It is all about what we want to believe in the end. I am just being honest which is a problem when confronted with a product and a brand that people decided to believe is good.

  • John Lu
    John Lu

    Anyone knows what is the cable that is used to connect the dock to the ipad at 10:50?

  • Wise Young
    Wise Young

    I am currently looking at your youtube video with a 2018 11-inch iPad Pro with 1 Tb SSD. It does everything that I expect the iPad to do and with more than sufficient speed. It has a good camera, good screen, better performance, and sufficient storage. It still has many of the deficiencies of the iPad, including the limitations of Files access to data stored on the iPad, the absence of a Finder-like program to organize that data, and inability of the iPad Pro to run multiple screens. I did not and do not expect that to change with iPadOS 15. In my opinion, the notion that Apple was going to bring the MacOS to the 2021 M1 iPad Pro was created by reviewers and not by Apple or even the users themselves. For artists and other creative users, the 2021 iPad Pro 12.9 inch provides a better screen for drawing and painting, better camera, and higher speeds. For programmers or video editors, the M1 Macbook Air is still the better primary computer because of Finder and better available programs, as well as ability to use multiple screens. Although the 2021 iPad Pros can do both program coding and video editing, it simply does not have enough tools and flexibility of an M1 Mac. For people that do not have a pre-2018 iPad Pro, however, an upgrade to the M1 iPad is worthwhile.

  • mike salvato
    mike salvato

    Two weeks ago: everyone buy the ipad pro its the new best value! Now: ipad pro is garbage, all that power for what? Might as well get the air!

  • Edrick Seth
    Edrick Seth

    1:09 people are so upset and returning their new m1 ipad pro 1:12 vote result, 29.6% said yes and 62.9% said no.. hmm it's not majority, yet u call it people 🤔😏

  • nova scheller
    nova scheller

    The budget air dock for the iPad Pro 11” does NOT fit!

  • Vincent Lee
    Vincent Lee

    Does the M1 chip makes iPad’s battery life longer than the previous generation iPad ?

    • kijo podcasttv
      kijo podcasttv

      Not from experience but from what I’ve seen on CNhave it looks like the M1 drains the battery a little faster so hopefully os 15 can optimize it

  • JoePonji

    Imagine Apple making iPad useful

  • A A
    A A

    serious comment here, it wouldve make more sense to not give 16gb ram option because it feels like baiting us since we are paying high premium real dollars for a hardware we cant use. You couldve gotten away with these stunt back in the 90's but nowadays the quipment to test these machines is relatively inexpensive so makes no sense to do this. I agree with saving costs equalizing all devices to use same chip...soon even the iphone will have an M1 i bet

  • A A
    A A

    here's the MAIN QUESTION we need to be asking: How can we jailbreak the new ipadOS to yield max capacity? i would never update my ipadpro if could do that

  • Talha Hanefioğlu
    Talha Hanefioğlu

    I'm gonna buy the 12z model.

  • Tom Zeimet
    Tom Zeimet

    The move to M1 has nothing to do with MacOS imo, it's just a way of making the M1 chip cheaper by economies of scale. The more devices use it, the cheaper it will be to produce.

  • Yannis Chong
    Yannis Chong

    Genshin impact overheats like crazy in 2020 iPad Pro Yep but I don’t give a flying ____ to upgrade

  • _aandreii 18
    _aandreii 18

    Samsung tab s7 and s7+ is better

    • Kay J
      Kay J

      More useful with DeX. You actually can be more PC like. Slower, but you won't see it in typical work

  • C. R.
    C. R.

    Just buy the 12.9 inch and be happy for the next 6 years

  • TR Hall
    TR Hall

    Awsome review🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  • Jeff

    it;s that stupid jon prosser hyping up.

  • BoneThroneTriumph

    Kind of glad I didn't upgrade from my 2020 pro. I guess there's not much point yet. Regardless, I'm bummed for those that were looking forward to the M1 hitting its stride. Odd design choices, tbh.

  • Ravi Kalwani
    Ravi Kalwani

    The Vlog is good, but literally, there are too many "literally" in it.

  • Decki Kwok
    Decki Kwok

    get a mac

  • End db Sndndn
    End db Sndndn

    What’s that wallpaper ?

  • Spaghetti Meatballs
    Spaghetti Meatballs

    Well I guess now we know what they meant by "Your next computer is not a computer."

  • Kyaw Siesein
    Kyaw Siesein

    How can u say people are so upset based on 186 people votes? 🥲

  • Nguyen Thi Thu Hong
    Nguyen Thi Thu Hong

    I am comment 1000

  • Jaysmellsbad

    Oh…I always thought you were Max.. 🥴

  • eugeny44

    Which dock was on a video? Was hoping for link in description

  • Peter Bonham
    Peter Bonham

    It is not a laptop. They never said it would replace a laptop. Only sites like yours THOUGHT they should.

  • 7531monkey

    And next year there will be some new feature or gadget that only works with the M1 and all these fanboys will be shouting ‘so glad I got the M1 ipad!’ 😑

  • J Johnson
    J Johnson

    Why does Apple have to make the video and audio software for this to be a real computer when there are already apps to do so in the App Store. Y’all not made it’s not a computer, you’re mad that final cut isn’t on the iPad. That’s it.

    • Tech guy
      Tech guy

      I know I have actually heard some say the M1 iPad Pro is useless because it can’t use all that power, It puzzles me because there’s 1000s of high quality apps on the AppStore that can be run faster than ever before. This is why I do iPad and not android tablets.

  • popukon

    Honestly, think about it. People seem to have wanted a touch screen Mac (me included). What Apple should have done is call the M1 chip the A14X or A14X Bionic, just change the name, It shouldn't take that much money to change the silk screen, no need to change anything beyond the name, no R&D no retooling at TSMC. So, it would still have the M1 under a different name. Think about Bruce Jenner vs. Caitlin Jenner. Same person inside but modified outside.

  • Ded Ede
    Ded Ede

    You guys forget ask the first question… why would Apple want to create a laptop replacement when they are selling laptops and desktop computers?

  • Leslie Curtis
    Leslie Curtis

    Your analogy is BS. The average user doesn’t know the difference in those specs. You guys are the reason people ran out and purchased a M1 IPad Pro thinking Apple would be stupid enough to make a Ipad better than its laptops. How were you guys performing all your daily task prior to the M1 chip? I run a 4th gen IPad Air with 500 GB sad and Magic Keyboard and I’m a tech professional with over 20 years experience and me myself don’t require anymore power than the Air provides.

  • anass ezzahi
    anass ezzahi

    You dont want it to replace a laptop u want to become a laptop , because for the majority of people ipad already replaced their laptop . Ipad os is great because it have the ease of use of a mobile OS and thats what we want .