M1 24" iMac vs Best 24" All-in-one PC - RIP Windows AIO?
Do Windows AIO's offer more bang for the buck than M1 iMacs? We Compare EVERYTHING!
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Apple's M1 iMac comes with Apple's brand new thin and light redesign that has been shocking the tech world!

In this video, we compare the 24" M1 iMac to HP's Pavillion AIO in everything including features like usb-c ports, ethernet jack, touch-id, Graphics for gaming, SSD Speeds, Displays, Speakers, webcams, and of course performance in real-world tasks like photo and video editing and other apps and more between the 24" M1 iMac and the best rated 24" windows All in one!

In terms of performance, we tested the AJA Disk Speed test, Geekbench 5 CPU, 3DMark Wildlife Extreme, Speedometer 2.0 web browsing, Lightroom photo editing, Premiere Video editing, and more!

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Timestamps ⬇️
M1 24" iMac vs Best 24" AI PC - 00:00
Price Differences - 00:27
Included Peripherals - 1:00
Design Differences - 01:57
Ports and Extra - 03:40
Speaker Quality Test - 05:36
Webcam & Mic Comparison - 07:52
Full Display Comparison - 08:46
Web Browsing Performance - 10:35
SSD Disk Speed Test - 11:25
GeekBench 5 CPU Test - 12:33
Gaming 3D Mark Wildlife - 14:01
Lightroom Photo Editing - 15:34
Premiere 4K Video Editing - 18:34
Final Verdict - 20:25

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    • Peter Suwara
      Peter Suwara

      iMac has an incredible cam / mic and beats the HP hands down. Actually surprised.

    • Baby yoda
      Baby yoda

      @pasindu wickramasinghe wow great hope you enjoy it’s a great Mac

    • pasindu wickramasinghe
      pasindu wickramasinghe

      I baught the imac

    • Tech4All

      I still don’t understand why there’s not an Apple logo on that chin it just looks like a generic cheap Chinese knock off. I know this sounds sheepish but I’m paying that much for a computer I want my damn Apple logo!

    • Colin L
      Colin L

      Lightroom classic is now m1 optimized


    Keepit up guys love your content

  • Kalpana Rajkumar
    Kalpana Rajkumar

    just got m1 imac with 1tb ssd and 16gb ram in blue

  • MondoTV

    My personal opinion is - for a video editor at least, don't buy the M1 iMac or the HP. Wait for the new M1x models or buy an M1 Mac Mini to fill in the gaps. The 23.5" (It's not 24" - bad Apple) iMac is too small for professional video editing work. I currently have a 27" iMac with a second 27" monitor sitting beside it and often wish I had more screen real estate. YMMV

  • Addison Huy
    Addison Huy

    I really like this video it shows you that Apple’s quality of computers are very high compared to the Windows PCs. Apple has computers that have better processors that are custom designed and they also use better materials. The performance is also a lot better on these M1 Macs. These videos make me want to get an M series processor in the future. Just waiting for the larger iMac to become available.

  • Erbil forever
    Erbil forever

    iMac would've benn even greater if it had battery

  • Lily's New Playmate
    Lily's New Playmate

    Ok apple shill

  • Michelle Williams
    Michelle Williams

    I got tha iMac in red pink,don’t get that hp

  • Turtle Feet
    Turtle Feet

    Louder is better….?

  • Turtle Feet
    Turtle Feet

    HP looks shit ugly

  • wasIs

    Yes. It is.

  • Puneet Khanna
    Puneet Khanna

    That is one expensive charging mat

  • Ray The Video Guy - Video Marketing For All
    Ray The Video Guy - Video Marketing For All

    iMac web cam looked MUCH better

  • Robert and Grapes
    Robert and Grapes

    Wow the iMac Webcam and Mic is astoundingly better.

  • Daniel Vieira
    Daniel Vieira

    AIO? Who buys these... Why does this kind of concept even exist in 2021... Either Mac or windows its a stupid concept

  • Jay Horace Black
    Jay Horace Black

    Sound better on the HP . However the camera is mic is a ton better on the IMAC . Overall IMAC would be my choice! 😊 Nice, well put together presentation! Keep doing what you do!

  • ok.

    These videos make me laugh all these windows machines look so tacky and cheap compared to the Mac atm and thanks to M1 they don’t even perform as well yet cost the same it’s actually embarrassing lol

  • Hector Gomez
    Hector Gomez

    Now Apple sells iPad hardware as "PC" but you are stuck witn macos.

  • mfitz1997

    Why does the weight of these matter? Who's going to he carrying it around 🤣

  • Shiftqr

    This is possibly the best m1 match breakdown yet

  • Michael S
    Michael S

    😂My iPhone 11 Pro Max has higher geek bench scores than HP computer.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Question i used the 8gb ram mac m1 at the apple store and when splitting windows i immediately saw a lag when sliding the resizing pane back and forth. This did not happen on the 27 inch i9 they had next to it with 32gb ram. Do you have this specific issue with the mac with 16 gig ram?

  • Anri Erikanov
    Anri Erikanov

    Windows vs Mac: Battle of The Chins

  • Nicolas Lozaw
    Nicolas Lozaw

    this too mainstream for me sheesh. im too tech literate cool products none the less

  • Punrawee Ketyungyuengwong
    Punrawee Ketyungyuengwong

    You wrong you should compare this mac with Microsoft surface studio2

  • S'ymone Ranea
    S'ymone Ranea

    Wait which on is better?, so I should vet imac?

  • A bD
    A bD

    Why don't they have like an option to remove the magic keyboard and mouse then it would be in my buget

  • Malsdn

    4 min 39 secs on the hp i guess?

  • christofinb

    What is the model number of the HP can’t find that one anywhere ?

  • Must

    14:04 "real world tests on photo and video editing" 😂🤣

  • O_O

    apple need boot camp for windows on arm ,then i am born ready for i mac

  • Dhiraj Kuldeep Ekanayake
    Dhiraj Kuldeep Ekanayake

    I have to say that my m1 MacBook air screen looks better.

  • V C T
    V C T

    HP: We have a computer with louder speakers, wireless charging base, and a webcam with a bigger resolution than the Imac! Apple: But how about the performance? HP: the what?

  • lazerbeam

    Sound: HP sound was harsh; the iMac was sort of mumbled. Neither one impressed. The iMac camera was better than the HP, but he HP mic had better sound. The iMac display blows away the HP. I assemble my own PCs and own several Apple computers as well. I will have to say the my M1 Macbook Air with 16Gb/ 512Gb SSD running Rosetta II can actually run several M$ apps faster than my Ryzen 7 (3700X/32Gb/w 3 1TB SSDs)! I don't overclock the Ryzen but I do have the memory XPM turned on. I don't know how Apple does it, but it works...

  • Chris Gonzalez
    Chris Gonzalez

    Ordered M1 iMac...to replace my late 2013 iMac 21.5 .. should play nice with my iPhone 12 mini.. pictures and videos

  • 2phil4u

    You are so biased. It is just add for Apple. If this computer would be so hood, I had buyed it. For example you say a comparable monitor cost 700, maybe, but it is worth 700? Of course not, it's to small. Only if you need just this small Form factor for whatever reason, it is great. Again if I discount 700 from the price, the price is good But then if you want 1 TB or more ram, you are at 2k And for 2k you get the 5950x plus high end graphic card. So all in all, it is just for people with money as 2. computer.

  • Артур Бережной
    Артур Бережной

    iMac 💪!

  • Adipose Rex
    Adipose Rex

    I wish I had a space for the iMac.

  • nobodynemoq

    I didn't expect M1 webcam to be that dramatically better than quite a massive HP's webcam. Actually, when after webcam comparison you switch to the studio camera, it looks and sounds worse than M1 iMac 😮

  • Saint Kenny
    Saint Kenny

    What can be upgraded on the IMac Pro in terms of graphic card, ram and SSD? Thanks! HP’s are crap in the PC world. They are good for office work, and small projects. Alien Ware is king of the hill, but way overly priced. Still on my IPad Pro 2020 since ATT still hasn’t received my IPad Pro 2021. I should have just gone Apple direct and saved $200 bucks for this long of a wait. Guessing I will end up waiting another month or 2 for my IPad.

  • Saint Kenny
    Saint Kenny

    Hi. On the IMac can you use any wireless speaker you want? Even though HP uses bigger speakers, their system is so cheaply made and you can obviously tell all the short cuts they take. I normally build my own PC where you get the best price. After this video, should you at minimal be dishing out the $1300 bucks for that unit and you can upgrade the SSD with your own? Will it allow you to do that? Thanks for the video! I think the IMac just killed it!

  • Skyler Enola
    Skyler Enola

    Are you sure this hp is the best AIO PC? And what is the price difference between the 2? You mentioned your imac is the more expensive one but failed to tell how much exactly yet you directly compare them as if they both cost 1299. Do a fairer comparison again with the best AIO PC of same price point. Best AIO PC: cnhave.info/limo/gXnOz3rRmc2QhJg/sh-p-n www.hp.com/hk-en/shop/hp-pavilion-all-in-one-24-k0123hk-180y0aa.html 10th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor Windows 10 Home 64 16 GB DDR4-2933 SDRAM (1 x 16 GB) 2 TB 5400 rpm SATA 512 GB PCIe® NVMe™ TLC M.2 SSD NVIDIA® GeForce® MX350 (4 GB GDDR5 dedicated) 6.9 kg 23.8" diagonal, FHD (1920 x 1080, 2K for 27" model), touch, IPS, three-sided micro-edge, BrightView, 250 nits, 72% NTSC

  • Sion Benjamin
    Sion Benjamin

    The iMac is much better, note the white textured background behind you, it gets lost in the HP, the camera seems to be a bit off focus? Skintones are better on the iMac. This is a no competition between the two, even the base model iMac. Life is different with a iMac.

  • I Love the Nation of Israel!
    I Love the Nation of Israel!

    Thickness definitely matters! Trust me kid

  • Ryan Malone
    Ryan Malone

    MSFT should start engineering Windows for M1.

  • Ryan Malone
    Ryan Malone

    It’s not even close.

  • Ryan Malone
    Ryan Malone

    I was surprised the iMac image and sound on the web cam was better.

  • Matt

    2 things so far: 1. Louder speakers doesn’t = better quality speakers. HP’s speakers are LOUDER. The iMac’s speakers are BETTER. 2. The iMac’s camera is far superior than the HP’s.

  • Matt

    What Max Tech (and every other tech reviewer) fails to mention is that you can add the full sized keyboard to the iMac for $20 USD ($30 CAD)

  • s lewins
    s lewins

    IMAC DESTROYS THE HP !👍🏻 just got my iMac m1 16gm ram last week after a 8 week wait in the uk and it’s a beast absolutely love it and it is also gorgeous so premium !!- a mind blowing piece of tech with killer looks 👍🏻❤️

  • Olegs Jankovs
    Olegs Jankovs

    I Mac soundd and video quality is amazing compared to hp-all-in-one

  • Al Rayyan Arshad
    Al Rayyan Arshad

    iMac recored sound and video better


    Mac M1

  • Aadi Malhotra
    Aadi Malhotra

    i feel like this video was made to annoy windows computer makers by saying screens shit cameras shit ssd is shit etc lmao 😭✋✋

  • Yaroslav

    P.s. never open the activity monitor or task bar during the testing... export speed or Geekbench. They uses a lot of CPU... on my intel mac or pc when I'm opens, then it load my cpu up to 30-40% and you lose the performance.

  • Ahsanul Hasan
    Ahsanul Hasan

    Hp AIO is better, Cuz it's a windows pc which is better in gaming perfomance & also premiere pro video editing.

    • BoxHead 42
      BoxHead 42

      Keep telling yourself that and you will truly believe it. 😭🥴

  • Ktryn Dschrs
    Ktryn Dschrs

    For web test, that would be amazing to test with ressource heavy stuffs like Vectary or professional ones that need more power such as Figma. This HP model would probably burn on Vectary

  • Christopher Pederson
    Christopher Pederson

    This imac is a beast from hell

  • Biswarup Guha
    Biswarup Guha


  • James Royce-Dawson
    James Royce-Dawson

    It amazes me that they didn't bother to put FaceID and a wireless charger into the iMac. They're all about that integration

  • Maxx Browning
    Maxx Browning

    Specs: apple . . . I guess that's more than enough¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • The Driver
    The Driver

    The bottom chin on the HP is the only thing that’s making me not buy it

  • mr. fux
    mr. fux

    M1 and HP is mismatch get a monster PC then battle it with Mac bias review

  • Rat

    lol the iMac with M1 knocks pretty much anything x86 has out of the water. I'd say that m1 is not only making macs better for non gaming tasks, but is also making them a steal of a deal in their own right. I don't wanna spend too much money on a computer I don't need, especially when the next generation of apple silicon is right around the corner. But honestly for the price they're selling these things, its highway robbery.

  • baran kilic
    baran kilic


  • Akemi Matara
    Akemi Matara

    windows aio is a joke, no ones gonna buy it except for end users

  • moonman9j9

    But hey, you can save a couple hundred bucks on a cheap plastic HP! Apple is so overpriced!!!!111 Not to mention you can sell your iMac in a few years and actually recoup money from it while the HP will be worthless.

    • BoxHead 42
      BoxHead 42

      The Apple product resell value is always so underrated in most arguments.

  • Thomas Kelly
    Thomas Kelly

    I just bought my wife an iMac for her birthday and this video really sealed my confidence in the purchase. Even at $1949 for Trackpad, double RAM (16GB), and double SSD(512GB) price increases, it’s a great value.

  • MajorPickleSwag

    The only reason I'd buy the HP is if it were half the price and my dad's HP AIO stopped working. Plus, it would just be easier for him to continue using windows rather than a completely new OS.

  • Matt D
    Matt D

    This review was so sloppy is was not funny. 80% slower (basic math says otherwise) and the shock of cpu power compared to the 15k machine... you literally were disappointed from the hp compared to this. Hmmmm

  • Ilestun

    I don't see the point of non upgradable PC. Especially with a mere core i5 CPU. And be it in Mac or those AIO PC's, thermals are meh and it throttles. The AOI PC is really not a good buy.

    • Xbox and Windows Gamer
      Xbox and Windows Gamer

      better off just getting a desktop

  • Gurnoor singh
    Gurnoor singh

    hp is not a good pc / laptop to choose I recommend buying dell or apple they both companies are great

  • Daniel Gonzalez
    Daniel Gonzalez

    If it's overpriced new, IMAGINE WHAT IT WILL BE TO REPAIR WHEN (not if) 1 of the 4 main components (CPU, GPU, MOTHERBOARD, or RAM) goes BADDD! COMPLETELY NEW SYSTEM because they'll just swap and replace, not actually repair. If you're considering going with an M-chip based iMac, please everyone, look up Louis Rossman's "The more things change, the more things stay the same" regarding Apple's impossible-to-repair M-chip based computers. Right around 4:30 mark he really drives it home.

  • John Matthews
    John Matthews

    Adobe is practically unusable on both compared to photos + affinity on the m1 mac.

  • Happe CJ
    Happe CJ

    a lot of windows AIOs cost too much and they are worse than the IMac, i recommend getting a NUC or build a custom pc if you want Windows

  • Tony Nicklow
    Tony Nicklow

    This guy is a joke. He takes one All-in-one Windows PC and says RIP WIndows. 🤣There are many many to choose from he takes one and declares the Mac better. Not too bright is he?

  • Fran K
    Fran K

    hp sounds better!

  • Tor

    An overpriced Apple product? Naah, You must be dreaming..

  • Super Profitable Jobs
    Super Profitable Jobs

    never buy HP

  • EpicGamer AK
    EpicGamer AK

    I did this web test on my laptop and got a score of 53.1 xD

  • Clay Asbury
    Clay Asbury

    PCs are cheaper only if your time is worthless.

  • Eulehund99

    not a fair comparison. There are a lot of All in One Devices which are better at that price.

  • Arturas Arm
    Arturas Arm

    Pc fans: Macs are over priced junk.. Hp cost as much as iMac, but made out of plastic, worse display, worse pull out camera, and much slower lol

    • Gomelify

      Which PC fan really uses an all in one PC?

  • Ya Hu
    Ya Hu

    The hp is like plastic trash

  • Stacey Ayodele
    Stacey Ayodele

    Mac all the way. Windows computers are and always will be garbage!

  • Mohammad Kurdia
    Mohammad Kurdia

    Windows devices are becoming a very funny joke.

  • pooyahimself

    12 gigs... how did that happen?

  • Sevenfeet0

    How loud the speakers are is only part of the story. You guys never test for the frequency response of the speakers which would also tell a good story. You guys have enough studio mics and computers to run the tests that most audio website do every day.

  • Matheus Martins
    Matheus Martins

    This iMac is so ugly with this white bezels

  • K. W.
    K. W.

    Nice comparison. I bet if you had made a guessing game out of the camera and microphone comparison (which you should do in future videos), lots of people would have guessed wrong this time including me.

  • Paul B
    Paul B

    For an Apple fanboy, you presented a fair fight, the HP looks so much classier, but the M1 chip blows away the competition.

  • Zonge

    12GB of RAM really isn’t rare. I daily drive 12GBs on my main PC using Flex Mode

  • Sandeep Adhikari
    Sandeep Adhikari

    4:55 That's what my girl says. Do you happen to know her??

  • Caden Churchill
    Caden Churchill

    The HP doesn’t look too bad, but I strongly prefer the look of the iMac. Unpopular opinion: I wouldn’t complain if the new 32” iMac had the same design and also came in a bunch of colours including Space Grey>

  • pafalzon

    This just proves that Apples obsession with thin devices can limit the possibilities of an amazing product. Ports and speakers have suffered on the new iMac because of this.

  • Wayne Stuart
    Wayne Stuart

    You missed a big difference; the HP has a touchscreen. Subjective usefulness, but if it matters to you, no Mac has it.

  • adir abu
    adir abu

    Loud worth nothing, what’s sounds better?! One of the reasons I hate today’s recorded music is the loudness wars.

  • ahsan galib
    ahsan galib

    Hp is sitting with Apple...kind of a shame

  • I’m Cool
    I’m Cool


  • Susan Pratt
    Susan Pratt

    I hope they improve the speakers on the larger I-Mac, and I like that the HP has an HDMI In and an HDMI out, I would love for the next I-Macs and Mac Minis to have that feature as well. The quality of the I-Mac display is much better. My HP ENVY laptop only has 12 GB of Ram and only 2 GB of Video Ram. It does have 16 GB of Octane memory on the drive, that it says is a HD but my system says it is Solid State and it would not let me fragment it. It is also 1 TB. It is 17 inch and has HDMI, 3 USB-A, 1 USB-C, an Ethernet, SD Card reader and a DVD/CD writer/reader. Comes in handy for installing my printer/scanner drivers and software. It has an 8th Generation processor, so it can run Windows 11 when it comes out. Funny, my new 12.9 I-Pad Pro with 1 TB SSD, comes with more ram than my HP Laptop. I love that you can get more ram and higher capacity SSD, more CPU & GPU cores, where as my HP only has 4 cores. No wonder I want an Apple computer. I would get the I-Mac and a docking station, for the extra ports. It would be worth it. I would rather have an Apple I-Mac than a PC. With Parallels you can run Windows 10. I don’t know about Windows 11 yet, if you need Windows at all. I have a Windows HP I can always run Windows 10 or 11 on that for Access and Publisher. (Don’t know why these applications are not included in Mac’s Office 365. Between those two computers, I would get the I-Mac, with 2TB, and 16GB of Ram. Probably in the Blue.