Beats Studio Buds vs AirPods Pro/2: Ultimate Comparison!
The Brand new Beats Studio Buds are giving Apple's AirPods a run for their money, but are they actually good enough to buy instead of AirPods? We compare EVERYTHING to Find out!
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In this video, we compare everything between the new Beats Studio Buds, the AirPods Pro and the AirPods 2 to see which ones you should buy in 2021!

We test things out like the design, portability, comfort, battery life, microphone quality, sound quality and much more!

Timestamps ⬇️
Beats Studio Buds vs AirPods Pro vs AirPods 2 - 00:00
Case Design Differences - 00:55
Battery Life Comparison - 02:30
Bud Design Differences - 03:40
Comparing Controls - 04:19
In-Ear Comfort - 05:15
Active Noise Cancellation Test - 05:59
Transparency Mode Test - 07:45
Microphone Comparison - 08:34
EDM Music Comparison - 09:06
Modern Classical Comparison - 10:47
Rock Music Comparison - 12:32
Which Earbuds Should YOU Buy? - 15:10

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  • Beau Kennedy
    Beau Kennedy

    I have AirPods Pro for work, Powerbeats Pro for riding the Harley and just got the studio beats because the AirPods Pro couldn’t make it through a full work day and my power beats could make it every day easily so I wanted to try the new beats studio buds. Just my opinion the studio buds seal better than the air pods pro, the noise cancellation is better than the AirPods Pro but transparency mode is no where near the air pods pro. If I had to choose outta all 4 counting the original airpods which honestly are just on such a lower level than the others mentioned I would pay the money and get the AirPods Pro. The studio beats are a close second but you can just tell the quality is no where near the air pods pro they just look cheep made, case and all but preform really well. But the AirPods Pro look very nice and can tell a lot more goes into manufacturing them. Not to mention they have the H1 chip and wireless charge just spend the extra few bucks and get the best.


    I don’t care for wireless charging at all, I gotta say im very satisfied with my studio buds. They’re great when i’m at the gym and they stay in place extremely well 👍

  • Jared Pacheco
    Jared Pacheco

    Thats cap bro, the mic on my AirPods are horrible their garbage my voice sound deep then it fixes then it cuts out again, I would much rather by beats

  • Mark Leady
    Mark Leady

    You said the beats don’t have spatial audio or Dolby atmos. You are incorrect. They do in fact have this feature.

  • Stronger Back Then
    Stronger Back Then

    I bought a pair of those beats and I actually love them, I’ve used the pros multiple times and I honestly prefer the beats over the pros

  • Goat Honcho
    Goat Honcho

    Who tf begged for that trash ass song.

  • Mikael Alabbassi
    Mikael Alabbassi

    I love how he rates the case like it matters lol

  • ProdByMalo

    If u listen to artists like pop smoke definitely get the beats the base is good

    • Lol

      Or just rap in general. I like rap a lot but I’m finna wait for Airpods 3



  • Cody Laws
    Cody Laws

    Which one is better for working out in?

  • Curry Chapo
    Curry Chapo

    Better than AirPods in my opinion.

  • pxssive

    Let’s be honest who actually cares about wireless charging like I guess it’s ight but 99% of the Time ima use a charger so it’s just for show

  • Siock Aaron
    Siock Aaron

    Android user here and I really like the studio buds. I bought those and 2 other competing earbuds from best buy and the beats surprisingly came out my favorite. My first pair of beats in about 7 years

  • Liam

    I have airpods pro for 2 years and one is gone absolutely dog shite for the price you’d think they’d last

  • Nicholas Niemeyer
    Nicholas Niemeyer

    I use wireless charging all the time with mine

  • jonathan techaira
    jonathan techaira

    I just bought the beat by Dre Ear buds and they suck they have no bass at all and sound very tinny

  • prazuprazu

    It’s not for us- iSheep It’s for androidiots

  • ゴジラ

    The worst thing that Beats made is seling the company to Apple. Now every Beats products might good but it will never as good as Apple's earphones and stuffs. Apple made them cheap quality so their own pods and headphones can sell better. Beats deserves to have a betterpremium quality product.

  • Matt Syljuberget
    Matt Syljuberget

    Max is looking good 👀

  • Ross Hotard
    Ross Hotard

    Thats all fine unless you've tried real premium wireless earbuds, then beats or any Apple earbuds become garbage.

    • Daniel Pacheco
      Daniel Pacheco

      What is your definition of "premium wireless earbuds"? please don't tell me you're referring to garbage galaxy buds. samsung buds are trash

    • Ross Hotard
      Ross Hotard

      @prazuprazu And I used Apple earbuds, they sound like sh-t, Audio is for sound, I don't need nor want earbuds to take or make calls, I use a phone for that, so computational is for lazy people who are too stupid to pull a phone out of their pockets to take a call, or look up something on google, thats the problem this day and age, everyone is walking around talking in the air like morons, and yes, they look like morons.

    • Ross Hotard
      Ross Hotard

      @prazuprazu You are sooooo full of crap, I have Beats, I have Sony's, and I have Bose Audio all over my home, ear buds, and noise canceling headphones, so I've experienced all, confirming you don't know crap about true Audio sound buddy, so until you've experienced the best, don't call me out.

    • prazuprazu

      @Ross Hotard Hi traditionalism and love for nearly vintage brands don’t go well with electronics and computing. Bose is zero in Computational audio. Before commenting, I checked out the no. of patents Apple has in computational audio technology. Bose soundsport free I used and regretted. These brands are good at making speakers and to some extent headphones. Spatial audio of Apple is inimitable says all CNhavers. It’s technology vs classic brands.

    • Ross Hotard
      Ross Hotard

      @prazuprazu Here we go, another Crapple brainwashed kid, If you think Bose is worse than Crapple, you are nothing more than a poor peasant that can't afford norb enjoy the finer things in life

  • Blu Dew
    Blu Dew

    AirPod Pro Gang 🤙🏾💯

    • MrReject


  • Aroko 76
    Aroko 76

    It's definitely worth spending a bit more on airpods pro

  • Ry Young
    Ry Young

    i listen to twitch streams audio only with my airpods pro’s (i work for parks) from around 7:00 am to 11:30 am (lunch) with one earbud mostly and that earbud will be at around 20% by the time i eat so they have some pretty great battery life for someone who works 10 hours 4 days a week! i just ordered the airpods max’s so i’m excited to compare them!!!!!

  • 3LI PALM3R
    3LI PALM3R

    Man with these reviews I respect the full comparison, but at the end of the day I only care about the fit and the sound. The size of the case means nothing to me.

    • Titan


  • Darkness3600

    Mfs always talking about battery life when most people that buy ear buds only use them I. The car or at the gym, or when your in a crowd l, even then I would have them out cause I feel weird not being able to hear everything, basically what I’m saying is people use earbuds for short periods of time with few chances of using them cause nobody is gonna use them all damn day, definitely not at home

  • Aaron Challis
    Aaron Challis

    Did anyone else notice he has 5,535 freaking unread emails!?!?

  • Sandrea White
    Sandrea White

    I don’t think the beats go from device to device like the AirPods. Why do AirPods hurt so much? My ears have bled from them.

  • James Pangan
    James Pangan

    Had the beats studio, it was disappointing considering when I was watching a boxing video, right when the audience started clapping in the audio, it made a really annoying static on my ear beats studio, now I’m using the AirPods Pro and I’m currently loving it

  • Andreas

    Beats all the way

  • Kevin Tu
    Kevin Tu

    Personally I think Sony creates the best headphones and earphones 🤷🏻‍♂️😂

  • shadow _wolf_0130
    shadow _wolf_0130

    Si between AirPods2 and beats buds is better beats buds ?

  • xXTrapGod _xX
    xXTrapGod _xX

    Wait so does it have wireless chargering

  • isaiah Jones
    isaiah Jones

    I love the beats

  • Shao Jimmy
    Shao Jimmy

    I returned my buds and exchanged for Airpod Pro. That M1 chip has alot of quality of life features and just work better for iPhone. Beats are great for android but there are MANY better options for equal or less value

    • Yo

      @Lol ok thanks

    • Lol

      @Yo You can get them anywhere. Best Buy, Walmart, target, Amazon, or literally any other retailer that sells electronics

    • Yo

      Where did you get them?

    • Lol


  • Rick Gaming
    Rick Gaming

    The AirPods are cheaper than what you listed them as

  • Ckreyetif

    the single press to play feature on the beats means when you take one out to listen to someone and you put it back it, itll play soon as you do ^^

  • Ckreyetif

    just got them and own pros. put the beats on 'late night' eq to make em somethin to talk about (iphone). the circles tips are more comfortable then the pros tips ovals. and the transparency and isolation modes only work with the beat buttons and not the iphone volume interface. the color is banging. the lid seal isnt as clean. the bass is much bigger. but w a good eq thats more potential to refine it into something masterful.

  • Richard

    They are good for a budget earbuds but I will never trade my AirPods Pro for that. I like the call quality on my AirPods Pro much better wireless charging and all the extras you get with it. I don’t like that cheap feel of the case of the beats buds however if I was looking for a budget friendly pair of buds with decent sound I will get them but I’m too spoiled with AirPods Pro I don’t like the feel of the beats case. I do like my beats solo pro tho

  • Vlad G02
    Vlad G02

    Tip about the normal airpods: you can also tap on the stem for touch controls

  • Eli

    In my opinion, the Beats Studio Buds are no competition to the AirPods Pro. I don’t think the Beats Studio Buds are worth $150, if anything they should be sold for around $100. After I returned the Beats Studio Buds I went to buy the AirPods Pro since I needed an upgrade from my 3 year old AirPods. The noise cancellation is way better in the AirPods Pro, as well as sound. I’ve had no issues with them at all, plus I use them to workout and they don’t fall out or anything. If you are on a budget get the Beats Studio Buds, but don’t expect really good quality. I highly recommend getting the AirPods Pro at this time since Target is selling them for $200, the $50 difference is worth it.

  • Christian De La Cruz
    Christian De La Cruz

    Everyone got different ear or ear holes it might or might not fit snugged

  • David2142

    What was that rock song called?

  • cj buckets
    cj buckets

    Which are better AirPods or beats studio buds?

    • Mytakeonit K
      Mytakeonit K

      @cj buckets AirPods

    • cj buckets
      cj buckets

      @Rain Blub airpods or the new beasts studio buds?

    • Rain Blub
      Rain Blub

      Which AirPods ?

  • Johnathan Rutledge
    Johnathan Rutledge

    What was the name of that rock song

  • Lametric Hodges
    Lametric Hodges

    Pros are $197 at Walmart.

  • Jamari Blane
    Jamari Blane

    Does anyone know the background song at 11:35

  • MrDcrawfod

    All these headphones are over $100 so none of them should have horrible sound or audio quality

  • Will J Bailey
    Will J Bailey

    Take care of your ears Max, Tinnitus is no fun.

  • AmorClapz

    This guy is definitely bias

  • AmYourDadKid XD
    AmYourDadKid XD

    While watching this they came in the mail


    EARBuds are FABlisteners. Buds you're hEAR. mobeleash

  • Justin Campbell
    Justin Campbell

    Didnt care about the wireless charging until I upgraded to AirPods Pro now I love it

    • Y2K Savior
      Y2K Savior

      @Lol I'd recommend just comparing brands and quality say on Amazon or if you have an electronics shop do it in person. I'm not just saying bad things about airpods for no reason

    • Lol

      @Y2K Savior oh shut up

    • Y2K Savior
      Y2K Savior

      AirPods are really horrible, I'd recommend anything else. You can get better quality with 20 dollar value

  • N B
    N B

    They are ok I guess they keep falling out of my ear I rather have the air pods pro

  • Ruddawg

    BEATS DO NOT I REPEAT, do NOT BEAT pods pro !!! all my money in

  • This a podcast
    This a podcast

    As I am watching this I am using the new beats

  • tgritty98

    he has a really great voice!!!

  • RaMi LaiLa
    RaMi LaiLa

    If you think about it @ 4:05 when he talks about how strong the magnet is. That will ruin you in the future. In every way. AirPods are already bad enough, imagine now with the super magnet shi now. I have the airpods 3.0 & regret wearing them.

  • ilitesout


  • IIT aspirant
    IIT aspirant

    underrated channel

  • AntiHumor Playz
    AntiHumor Playz

    I got JBL Charge 2 they’re nice for working out just big

  • Tysheem Mcrae
    Tysheem Mcrae

    The beats suck

  • G G
    G G

    I love my pros but I would have definitely gotten the beats if I was looking to buy wireless earbuds.

  • Cosmic Noodles
    Cosmic Noodles

    Me listening to this with my new AirPods Pro 😮

  • 이영호

    If you love beat's design, go for beat studio buds. Other than that, there's no better than Airpods pro. Airpods pro gets price off very often so those two models don't have much of a price difference.

  • Anton Taylor
    Anton Taylor

    Galaxy buds>

  • Hernán Vionnet
    Hernán Vionnet

    can I use the Beats with my mac? How do they work with the apple ecosystem?

    • Rain Blub
      Rain Blub

      Yes they have not all features like the AirPods Pro

    • Justin Griffin
      Justin Griffin

      Yeh bro u can u can actually take a look on ur Apple phone go on the app since Apple bought beats awhile ago they’ve made it compatible

  • Zayboy108

    Ahh I see. Once I saw it was usb c. Apple is trying to sell a universal bud for android users as well. U can’t fool me apple 🧐

  • No Name
    No Name

    Best Buy Employees getting these for 50% off LMAO

  • Matt McKanna
    Matt McKanna

    thicker than a snicker

  • Samurai Ed
    Samurai Ed

    These Beats Studio Buds do spatial audio. You mention they do nit at the end of the video. Great review. They do not have accelerometers though like the AirPod Pros but I don’t see that as a big deal. We will see these probably in the Apple AirPod Pros 2 que n a similar form factor with accelerometers for exercise tracking, next year.


    Do one with Marshall mode II

  • Doan Trinh
    Doan Trinh

    I have the AirPod Pros and rarely use them. Not great.

  • Aspariansyah Aspariansyah
    Aspariansyah Aspariansyah

    galaxy Buds pro have better isolation...

  • Tommaso s
    Tommaso s

    What about the proximity sensors ? I can’t see any on them

  • MMQ

    Love my beats flex

  • Flu

    Is there any earbuds the dont plug ur ears like the AirPod1

  • evelec

    I like my new Beats Buds. Love the bass, the design, the ANC, and the physical button. I tried so hard to like the Air Pods Pros. But I hate the look of the stems so much. The Beats look way cleaner when wearing them.

  • Dbozgt

    I just picked up beats studio earbuds for $126 on open-box at bestbuy.

    • Arkham Saiyan
      Arkham Saiyan

      I'd get the unused one for 150 but im sure they're just as good

  • SSG Jelly
    SSG Jelly

    AirPods Pro 180$ AirPods 99$ beast studio pro 149$ why you got the prices so messed up

  • Michael Futterman
    Michael Futterman

    I just got the beats studio buds as my back up pair of headphones since I sent my fiancé my AirPods 2 and honestly they aren’t bad but they are not the pros

  • jay o.d
    jay o.d

    Ur very bias n fruity

  • Harry Canfield
    Harry Canfield

    This guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He said that you would save money getting AirPods, but the beats are the cheapest option. He said that the battery life would be five hours with ANC, but that is even better than the AirPods which have five hours without ANC. It also has better battery life than the AirPods Pro. I also think that any headphone fits better than AirPods. You wouldn’t believe how annoying it was when they fell out every other day.

  • Phoenix Playground
    Phoenix Playground

    But wireless charging is a deal breaker.

  • chiptaker1099

    Been using the new Beats for a week now and absolutely love them, the sound is awesome, wear one in my ear all day at work and never have they felt like they’re going to fall out of my ears, even while working out, very comfortable in my ears, they may not have all the features as the AirPod Pro’s, but for music especially rock I think they’re great!!

    • chiptaker1099

      With noise cancellation & transparency off I’m getting 7 1/2 hours on a charge, 5 if one of them is on, I usually keep off but sometimes it gets turned on by mistake by tapping on the earbud,l or maybe while setting in your ear by holding to long.

    • chiptaker1099

      @LOUIE Randall awesome, hope you like

    • LOUIE Randall
      LOUIE Randall

      Just got the beats thanks

    • Rampage_ X0
      Rampage_ X0

      Your review was exactly what I needed to make my decision gonna go with the beats

  • B9Bot 1
    B9Bot 1

    I bought a set with the Beats studio Buds and they have great sound and actually stay in my ears. Sync pops up just like AirPods. Noise cancelling works great as well.


      I can’t seem to get the pop up on mine, it kinda sucks too because i never know how much charge they have

  • Andy robles
    Andy robles

    Whoa thats way too expensive... I'll stick with my 10$ ones

  • Keith Smith
    Keith Smith

    Beats are the best I hate iPod AirPods there ugly. I love my black beats studio buds.

  • T Mar
    T Mar

    Sorry but the Beats were not great. The fit and finish was VERY cheap, for the case and ear buds. The Pros are definitely better and the features outweigh the cost IMO. ANC was not great on these buds. The stem was better to control. I think the sound is overall more rich in the Pros, too! This is highlighted if you pick up the Pros on sale.

  • Simon K.
    Simon K.

    I got Airpods Pro for 180 bucks (CHF). So only 30 bucks more compared to the new Beats is a very good deal I think. And the Beats are not even available yet.

  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe

    You should wear men’s pants…

  • Gilmour David
    Gilmour David

    Could you make a bone conduction headset comparison test video? Such as Naenka, AfterShokz plz

  • wolfgangman98

    The mic sucks

  • KhaeloTV

    Basically apple vs apple?

  • E Great
    E Great

    In the beats commercial they are targeting rap listeners more then your wack ass music bro

  • djsie6e

    Not sure why you didn’t compare them to the AirPods without wireless charging since they cost $159.

  • Carlos Herrera
    Carlos Herrera

    Who’s listening to this video using cheap Walmart gummies ear buds 😂😂😂

  • Eli E
    Eli E

    You are being dishonest. Apple was clear about their battery life with their beats.

  • Caden hartwick
    Caden hartwick

    Tf was dat music 🤣

  • Bryan Choisser Sō'zh-er
    Bryan Choisser Sō'zh-er

    What was the music?

  • Donald Goodheart
    Donald Goodheart

    What is the rock music track?