iPhone 12 Pro 9 Month Review: New Features & Reliability Issues..
My Real-World Honest Long-Term Review of the iPhone 12 Pro Max after nearly 9 Month of use!
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  • Max Tech
    Max Tech

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    • John Sterling
      John Sterling

      With the the screen dimming I’m having a lot of issues with that. I have the new DJI Air 2S drone and just like you the screen dims to nearly black when flying my drone. I actually had set my RTH up to an altitude high enough where it wouldn’t crash coming back to me. That was the only safe way to get my drone back to me without crashing because I had so little vision on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. I literally was saved by the RTH feature on my drone.

    • ⚬Mellow Michelle⚬
      ⚬Mellow Michelle⚬

      When are you going to make another M1 iPad Pro video );

    • Sassi Idriss
      Sassi Idriss

      It is my fist time with iPhone (12 pro), and I always been an android user specifically pixel. I mess the intelligence of google to make a lot of think when I drive or when I want to wrote a long message using may voice

    • Ramon Leynes
      Ramon Leynes

      no im playing cod staright 4-5 hours maxed out settings and no time that the screen dimmed

    • George Hua
      George Hua

      We just have to wait for the new iphones to come out with 120hz and cooling for the chip.

  • rotimi kayode
    rotimi kayode

    My 12 pro max has been one of the best and most useful phones I’ve owned , it was a little rocky with 5g when it first came out and some minored issues which I had to take into get fix like my power button getting stuck and staying stuck . But I can relate to some of these things on. The video lie the screen dining thing I had that on my 11 pro max last year but the 12 pro ,ax gets really hot when doing any gaming with high graphics or internet use . So I don’t know how dim the display will get but it is annoying though.

  • rotimi kayode
    rotimi kayode

    I don’t know why the zoom is a thing , like most photographers say the best zoom is your feet

  • KD9

    Maybe your title should call out the iPhone 12 Pro "MAX" instead of the iPhone 12 Pro, not really that difficult.

  • Matt Halpain
    Matt Halpain

    I think the Samsung phone takes better photos and has bettter HDR video. I use an iPhone 8. Good to know the screen dims on the iPhone 12 Pro Max, so frequently when in heat or under load.

  • zylan tate
    zylan tate

    My phone has never dimmed

  • Shaz Mahboob
    Shaz Mahboob

    Without any extreme use my battery health is 92

    • Sereyvisal Eang
      Sereyvisal Eang


  • Karen C
    Karen C

    When Iphone 13 is released, how much do you think iphone 12 pro and 12 pro max cost? Will apple stop selling them?

  • Leonardo Ramon
    Leonardo Ramon

    Where did you purchase the MagSafe car mount?

  • Jaymar Liquigan
    Jaymar Liquigan

    I can confirm, screen dimming on iPhone 12 Pro Max is really bad. At times it can barely hold on for 1 game in CODM and it’s really annoying.


    All good for me


    My iphone xs have dimming issue as well. Not just the latest iphones. Maybe its an software issue?

  • Adedotun Campos
    Adedotun Campos

    Mine also dims. It’s so annoying. Actually thought I had a defective too lol

  • Aight :
    Aight :

    Is the 12 pro max worth it? Im getting mine next month

    • luna taeeev
      luna taeeev

      @Aight : yeah okay thats fair !! just wanted to hear, since i've been waiting for the 13 since april😅 and yeah same, my galaxy s8 is seriously struggling the battery is so fried

    • Aight :
      Aight :

      @luna taeeev im getting it for bank installment and it would be more expensive and plus my iphone 6s is hanginf by a thread rn lmao

    • luna taeeev
      luna taeeev

      Why not wait for the 13? It's only two months away

  • T-CATT

    Yeah, the scream dimming is the worst thing. I hate it, it needs to be fixed.

  • Ian Coleman
    Ian Coleman

    On my 7 the screen dims after 2-5 mins of normal use

  • Laid_Back_Media

    Screen dimming, and peak brightness has been my biggest problem with apple for years.

  • Justin

    My iPhone 12 mini was getting darker also when it was warm outside and I played a Video-game so it's not just yours.

  • Alejandro Santana
    Alejandro Santana

    That dimming I thought it was happening just to some random people but i experienced that the other way when I was out playing Pokémon Go and suddenly the screen got dimmer and it was so annoying

  • jonathan leong
    jonathan leong

    Yes I have this issue and I’m having whole year long

  • oscar contreras
    oscar contreras

    Same issue I’m having, iPhone 12 Pro Max screen dimming is very annoying. Especially here in Vegas where it’s really hot!

  • Aakash Singh
    Aakash Singh

    1. Screen dimming 2. Thermal Throttling Two big problems with iPhone 12 Pro Max

  • Sj M
    Sj M


  • Anil Nemani
    Anil Nemani

    even I have the same issue with my iPhone 12 pro it gets really dim in the bright sunlight that I can't even see the screen with the full brightness turned up and it's surprising that my iPhone 11 is much brighter than my 12 pro in direct sunlight which disappoints me

  • Giomar Ruiz
    Giomar Ruiz

    Thank you for video review. But DIM issue with display is true it happens to me a lot when i am working out outside or using my apps. Something the did not happen on my iphone 11 pro max.

  • karoluscamilius

    Got my iPhone 12 in December, andy battery health is at 95pct. I’m not even a heavy gamer nor on videosn 😭


    0:01 It's been almost 9 months since I've been trying to get a 12 Pro

  • Ryan Fraley
    Ryan Fraley

    I would get it replaced. Not even the 12 Max should be doing that.

  • JohnTube2K

    yeah mine was dimming within the first month… it is very annoying

  • Youtube Channel
    Youtube Channel

    I totally regret buying the 12 Pro. Wish I had waited for the mini

  • Jason Vincent
    Jason Vincent

    Hey Max what’s the name of the car mount please

  • GeeStArNZ 1
    GeeStArNZ 1

    Samsumg s20 ultra way better never heats up or dims, battery lasts almost 3days with heavy use. I Will never go back to iPhone. 😆👌🏾

  • daniel_960_

    Display dimming and thermals have been an issue forever. It only got worse?! Wtf apple. That’s a real dealbreaker.

  • Bardhok Ndoji
    Bardhok Ndoji

    Just to touch on one of your points, the display dimming. It is not exclusive issue with 12 Pro Max. It is also on the 11 Pro Max, which I am using, and just like yourself, I was abroad on vacation using it on the DJI fly app with the Air 2S and it dimmed so much I could not see a thing. Had to press the H button on the drone remote the automatically return the drone, to then figure out what the heck was going on. Weather being extremely hot and sun so bright did not help. It kind of become regular issue on my flights to the point I stuck with morning and sunset flying which is really not a bad thing if video recording is what you are after.

  • REBurnR

    After 9month it's battery health came to 99%,

  • Tyler Villeneuve
    Tyler Villeneuve

    Yes I have the same problem with my phone dimming.

  • RHeidenreich572

    My iPhone 11 max pro 512GB is having the same drone issues. You have a much better drone but it dims beyond viewable. Is it the software…

  • Jeremy Griego
    Jeremy Griego

    Have had screen dimming on my iPhone 12 Pro Max as well. Got the Razer cooling case which has helped significantly.

  • Lennart van Dam
    Lennart van Dam

    No battery issues here. After extensively using maps and gaming no dimming of the screen. European model iPhone 12 pro max. So maybe only mmwave antenna models have this problem with dimming screen

    • james y
      james y

      Not true. All models do. I’ve had several iPhones. Even before mm wave

  • Kobe Lowery
    Kobe Lowery

    iPhone SE 2020 has same dimming issue!

  • Ng Daniel
    Ng Daniel

    Hi Max, could you please do a video for iphone 12 pro with filmic pro 10bit log v3 (can just use the luts provided by filmic) vs Sony a7s3. appreciated.

  • Mia Lai
    Mia Lai

    Screen dimming is such a pain. The worst thing is that there is nothing you can do about it. You just have to wait for the temp to come down...

  • Arjun Annamalai.M
    Arjun Annamalai.M

    Can you put iphone 12 pro max vs ipad pro m1 camera comparison

  • Nikita Razinkov
    Nikita Razinkov

    I have the same issue with my iPhone XS, the screen will dim significantly when I’m outside or when the phone gets hot.

  • Alan Young
    Alan Young

    My 12 pro max also dims a lot when warm or wireless charging.

  • Sergey H.
    Sergey H.

    I have the same issue with my display dimming even when the phone is not so warm. It is so frustrating! You're not alone.

  • Felix Osmanczyk
    Felix Osmanczyk

    I hope they fix the dimming problem. I am switching from a note 10+ ( Android) to an iphone 12s pro max this September. Hope they fix this.

    • james y
      james y

      Nah they ain’t fixing it. Beginning to believe it’s a characteristic/feature of the iPhone. 😂. Just gotta accept it or don’t buy. Apple is a stubborn company unfortunately

  • Dangerdan

    My iPhone 12 Pro back cracked from a small drop

  • Chung Swee Kit
    Chung Swee Kit

    I am having some serious OLED green hue issue around the edge of the screen ( not elevated black level with / yellow tint issue) with my 12 , not sure if apple will replace it or not :(

    • Thomas Clever
      Thomas Clever

      All thanks to sim_hacks on Instagram for giving me iPhone 12 pro max for my online studies with no delay

  • Niclas

    Still green tint and raised blacks. The apple support can’t help me. I send it two times to them and they ‘can’t reproduce the issue. It should be a software bug…’ really really annoying for a device this expensive.. 😩

    • Thomas Clever
      Thomas Clever

      All thanks to sim_hacks on Instagram for giving me iPhone 12 pro max for my online studies with no delay

  • angie


  • iam- Sudad
    iam- Sudad

    I’m facing issues with charging, it gets so fucking hot

  • Bac Asable
    Bac Asable

    Last week, i saw the battery health of the mini from my wife and it is 90% for 9 months, i was shocked ! i guess she had to change the battery in one year.

    • Thomas Clever
      Thomas Clever

      All thanks to sim_hacks on Instagram for giving me iPhone 12 pro max for my online studies with no delay

  • semgil1

    I also crashed my drone… to low light

  • Alex

    I have had the display dim one time on my 12 pro a few weeks after I first got it while using it in direct sunlight, I was not even doing anything graphic intensive and only browsing the web. Other than that one time I have not had it happen again even when doing more intensive tasks and in warmer temperatures so not sure what caused it that one time.

  • Clay .T
    Clay .T

    You should turn off iPhones set the light it’s self

    • Thomas Clever
      Thomas Clever

      All thanks to sim_hacks on Instagram for giving me iPhone 12 pro max for my online studies with no delay

  • Clay .T
    Clay .T

    Appel will always be more superior to any android phone . If Appel has one problem adroid had 10 more 😂😂😂 but Android don’t give a fuck about that because they don’t support with updates like 6 years like Appel 😌

  • Saul Slowik
    Saul Slowik

    I've had a similar issue with the screen dimming. It happens when I'm using the car mounted to the Belkin magsafe mount and driving in bright sunlight.

  • Flamethrower2169

    Max, my iPhone 12 Pro Max takes around an 1 hour and a half for it to dim and it don’t even dim that much, more like barely…… until I use 5G. That s*** sucks with 5G. It was up to a point that I was charging and gaming on 5G, and my phone restricted itself. I would have been on WiFi if it wasn’t for the router to screw up.

  • JohnDoe Lifestyle
    JohnDoe Lifestyle

    definitely having the screen dimming problem i thought it was like power saving feature that I didn't know how to toggle off I'm glad/disappointed to know its out of my control

  • Watchandlearn91

    Wow I had no idea about the screen dimming issues being that bad. I didn't upgrade from my XR this year because honestly I didn't see any reason (I don't even use my camera) and now i'm glad I didn't. I'm sure the OLED looks better than the LCD on my XR but at least my XR doesn't do that. If they come out with a mini led model this year I may go to that just for the extra performance as some of the intensive games like Genshin Impact may play better.

  • Alex c
    Alex c

    I currently have the XR and I’m contemplating upgrading to the 12. I’m currently debating between the 12, 12 max, and 12 max pro? Any advice would be highly appreciated.


    The maximum battery capacity in my iPhone 12 Pro Max have dropped to 89%. I bought my device Nov’20 during the launch. I don’t play games, and i charge my phone regularly. I don’t wait for the battery to drop below 40% to 50% and I don’t charge overnight. I only use cable charging using Apple 20W original charger. In general, lithium ion battery lifespan is about 2 years. Not sure what’s wrong with my iPhone battery max capacity that have dropped to 89% in 9 months. Is this something normal as I’ve never used an iPhone before? Other than that, its a very reliable, great phone.

  • Kim Fischer
    Kim Fischer

    Great update. I wonder something about battery health. Did Apple change the algorithm to make it look like the battery is healthier than it is? My wife’s 11 pro use to say about 90% health but after the most recent update it now says 100%. I doubt that the battery actually improved. My 11 Pro Max was in the 80s and now it is 90%. Something has definitely changed.

    • IljasCustoms

      no, Apple just completely fucked up the calibration. My girlfriend has been using her 11 (non pro) a little less than my 11 Pro Max. Her battery health reported 88% before the calibration, mine reported 90. Although my phone has started to do weird shit with battery health, sometimes it drops to 89%, then goes back up to 90. I checked the battery cycles (i have access to AST2) and have actually about 50 LESS cycles than my gf‘s 11, but still have around 6% less battery health (her‘s sitting at 95% now). Yeah, it‘s totally crooked.

  • tipico809

    I hope they fix those issues with the new iphones line up its coming up can't wait

  • Wan

    Blue iPhone 12 Pro looks beautiful If only I wasn't in Iran I would love to get one :( Edit:Also 12 Pro is perfect in my opinion

  • Tuna Can İmece
    Tuna Can İmece

    I’ve been using a iphone 12 pro and I have never seen it dim more than 80% and it hasn’t been a very big issue except for gaming

  • Kenneth Kwok
    Kenneth Kwok

    You can’t swap out the camera lens cover. You’ll have to change the entire back which cost like $700. It’s ridiculous.

    • IljasCustoms

      if you do it yourself or via 3rd party repair - yes you can. We do these repairs on a regular and it‘s really easy to just swap the lens cover. Apple‘s techs are sadly too stupid to fix this, hence Apple doesn‘t give the option.

  • Edmond Loo
    Edmond Loo

    I use casing. Unlike you, so I don't have any issues. You should too. I just don't understand why you wouldn't use a case?

  • Saleh A. Naami
    Saleh A. Naami

    yes my iPhone 12 pro max is dimming

  • Kiron Kirsch-Posner
    Kiron Kirsch-Posner

    I haven’t experienced the dimming to that degree

  • Don Flamingo
    Don Flamingo

    My absolute favorite phone right now

  • Johnny Maldonado
    Johnny Maldonado

    I got my 12 Pro Max on launch day in November and my battery health is down to 93%. I was only charging it with the MagSafe charger, but changed back to charging with the lightning cable after it dropped to 95% battery health. Should I contact Apple about this or is this normal. What is your all battery health at?

  • Andres Rivera
    Andres Rivera

    Hmmm I don't think the screen dimming is an iPhone 12 Pro Max exclusive issue. I'm on an iPhone 8 still (haven't upgraded cuz I need that home button/fingerprint sensor), but my screen definitely doesn't dim down THAT excessively! I live in Puerto Rico, so when you guys say it's summer and it's hot out now so you're having issues, well that's how it is here all year and probably even hotter lol. My screen dims down just from watching CNhave outside in the heat, but definitely not to the extent to where I can't see the screen. It's always just dim enough for me to notice it and tick me off. Low battery and wanna plug in a powerbank to watch YT in full brightness? ha! Think again! That phone's gonna get so hot, it's gonna throttle that screen down significantly. But hey, it is what it is, and apart from that, I've had absolutely no issues since I got the phone in 2017. Most reliable phone I've ever had, can't complain. MIGHT get this year's version (12s likely), depending on whether they add the fingerprint scanner or not.

  • Toemanfoo

    I’m having the the same issue on brightness. Every evening I have to brighten my screen or I will not see anything. I don’t play games only videos

  • Vincent Huang
    Vincent Huang

    Didn’t you get scratches on the edges without using a case🤔🤔🤔

  • A D
    A D

    Go to Settings>Accessibility>Display&Text size>Auto brightness This is on by default. Turn it off.

    • A D
      A D

      @Symbiote1070 oh i see. Thats bad. Wonder why thats happening then. I hope it can be fixed via software

    • Symbiote1070

      That’s not the issue people are having. The phone screen dims because the phone gets hot… not because of the accessibility settings

  • Romain Provost
    Romain Provost

    One pays a phone more than 1400E in Europe, and Apple is not even able to offer a better cooling solution than other android phones have? But what a shame!! Apple should move its ass, they no longer innovate and only think about accumulating money! If Steve Jobs were still alive, we would have better products!!

  • Whitney M.
    Whitney M.

    My phone dims and gets so hot it will not charge. Thank you for this video thinking about switching back to my Note 20U

  • Mohammad Witwit
    Mohammad Witwit

    My battery health dropped 8% within one month, plus minus. And it’s frustrating since I’m taking a very good care of it

    • Ohh Bradley
      Ohh Bradley

      You’re on it too much ….

  • Vezuvius

    Still having an iPhone X purchased in the launch year, 92% with the original battery. Secret? Always using original charger and cable and charging over night. All my phones are using only original or 1.5A Sony chargers(for non Apple devices), never fast/wireless charge.

  • MyTechTalks

    Wish I had your iPhone battery health my iPhone 12 is on 93% lol

  • burqa

    How do you do to maintain your battery health still at 100% !!!???? … do you use the 20whats charger???, is it true that you shouldn’t let your daily battery life drop below 20%???, do you charge it till 100% ??? Please tell me 🙏🏽

    • james y
      james y

      Best way to charge your battery for optimal health. Don’t let it drop below 40. Don’t go above 80 percent if possible. And especially don’t go to 100. Lithium battery does not like being full. And don’t keep it plugged in on the charger for long periods of time. Trickle charging isn’t good. And always try and keep battery cool. Doesn’t like heat. There you have it all in a nutshell.

  • Burgundy Only 2
    Burgundy Only 2

    I have that display issue with my 12 Pro Max and its truly annoying

  • Mark Burrows
    Mark Burrows

    Get dim issues with my iphone 12 pro as well

  • Matthias Knorr
    Matthias Knorr

    I‘m thinking of getting my first iPhone ever. After using an HTC10 for 6 years 😅 I may get the iPhone 13 pro when it comes out.

  • Jay White
    Jay White

    Ive got the iPhone 12 Pro I’ve loved it I can’t wait for the iPhone 13 in a few months

  • Richaell Ribeiro
    Richaell Ribeiro

    I lower the white-point so I never had this display issue


      How did you do it ?

  • Amir Waqiuddin
    Amir Waqiuddin

    Such a shame for expensive piece of device doesn't have advanced cooling system like Pocophone

  • Tech Tips USA
    Tech Tips USA

    @Mrwhostheboss haha hear that square edges are no a regret

  • max wise
    max wise

    Dji fly app makes all iPhone to overheat

    • max wise
      max wise

      I have iPhone 8 Plus and it dose the same

  • Wesley Becknal
    Wesley Becknal

    Not being able to focus the camera on a close object is horrible. Experience that all the time. Telephoto lens is garbage. I have an issue with my screen not taking touch input a lot. 12 pro max here.

  • ⚬Mellow Michelle⚬
    ⚬Mellow Michelle⚬

    When are you going to make another M1 iPad Pro video come on please 😾

  • Arengeta's Hideout
    Arengeta's Hideout

    I constantly get the screen dimmed whenever I use my phone in the sun, it sure gets quite annoying. Haven't had that issue with my Samsung previously. Also that you cannot take close-up shots gets quite annoying sometimes when you need to quickly take a photo of some text. I too have 100% Battery Health, had the phone since day 1.

  • Anonymous Boy
    Anonymous Boy

    “What’s keeping me from using this device instead of a really great android alternative” quit tripping my G you’re just an Apple fanboy😂

  • amalur

    pixel 6..😀

  • Abhiram Kwaza KIDDO
    Abhiram Kwaza KIDDO

    Max, go and open your phone notifications. What you doing to your home bois?

  • Adil Mohammed
    Adil Mohammed

    Mine gets hot af while gaming,using camera,outdoors

  • Я_я

    100% battery after 9 months is bullshit :) It can't be true.

  • Dhruv Kumar
    Dhruv Kumar

    And I thought Exynos had heating issues