How Apple Silicon M1X Chiplets will DOMINATE the Market!
Apple is about to TAKE OVER the entire PC market from laptops to high-end server systems using TSMC's new 3D Chiplet architecture along with a GENIUS & unique cost-savings solution!
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In this video, I cover various topics like how Apple is able to price their M1 Macs so low compared to how powerful and efficient they are.

I then get into the rumored chips going into the 14 and 16" M1X MacBook Pros and why they're gonna be so special and important for Apple.

I then finish off with how Apple will utilize the 3D Fabric chiplet technology to make the best value chips out there!

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  • Max Tech
    Max Tech

    Do you think that Apple's Windows PC competitors can keep up? Comment your thoughts below! The best Value ARM-based Laptop right now.. (Amazon) ➡ Best deals on M1 Macs & Accessories on Amazon ⬇️ M1 MacBook Pro (ON SALE) ➡ M1 MacBook Air ➡ M1 Mac Mini 2020 ➡ Max tech wallpapers ➡

    • KORBER Claude
      KORBER Claude

      Yes, I can agree with you for mid to high end computers; but not for mainstream users who cannot afford to buy a PC for more than 500/600$. A lot of my friends do not understand that we buy a mac for 1500/2000 $. For them a 600$ PC does the same job ; buying a Mac is as buying a Rolex watch. What do you think ?

    • Alex Dubois
      Alex Dubois

      3D chips need 4D fans for the cooling?

    • John Henderson
      John Henderson

      @no name a synthetic benchmark yeah.

    • John Henderson
      John Henderson

      @Wolf Angel games and all the in house custom game engine moving over to arm? And all the custom business applications too? Switching to ARM? Enormous amount of development cost on an unproven platform? I dont see that happening.

    • Michael Khalsa
      Michael Khalsa

      Chiplets are not a new concept, and Intel has also been working with this for many years. There are pluses and minuses. If a chiplet fails then either the whole package fails, or it is working in a reduced mode. You cannot simply replace a ram stick. Heat is a challenge with so many components close together. Chiplets are not as performant as everything on same die, yet when you can bring ram, gpu, etc, that close together with separate chiplets, it is much better than with separate chips on a motherboard. Particularly for risc, chiplets are the future. For windows on arm, adoption will require a combined software and hardware emulation to bring in line with what Apple currently has. At that point, arm will be viable for windows, and will further incentivise developers to port software to native arm on windows because of increased market share. Intel is also coming out with new approaches, which are very promising. Nothing is standing still.

  • The Hammer
    The Hammer

    So I went ahead and purchased the M1 Mac. I found one that had been customized with 16GB or RAM and a 1TB drive. I must say I am thrilled with it. I realize now that I may have bought in a little early but I guess I can always upgrade later. The speed is fantastic, the graphics are great and the battery will last up 20 hours of actual use. I finally have a machine that can work longer than I can. So even the M1 is a huge step up from the old intel models (also no cooling fan is nice) Can't wait to see what the newer ones will do. Only down side there are still some apps that don't support the ARM architecture, even with Rosetta so make sure you do your research before you buy. It may be a Mac that you can't even use.

  • TheExard3k

    Is this some genuine channel or some apple marketing channel? can't fanboy any harder with this lack of reality.

  • Fatkul Nugroho P.
    Fatkul Nugroho P.

    Mindblowing information

  • FunLightFactory

    When bitcoin miners start buying up apple computers, that's when they dominated the market.

  • Shadow WSK
    Shadow WSK

    M1 is definitely the best chip on the market, but since its Apple, saying that it will dominate the market is a bit stretched

  • Roger Forsberg
    Roger Forsberg

    VERY helpful for someone not particularly knowledgable, but who wants to replace his 8-yo Mac desktop & 5-yo Mac Pro with new versions You've provided me with timeframes -- thank you!

  • Starbuck

    40 core iPhone please

  • johntheawe

    Your vocabulary screams incompetence.

  • johntheawe

    Where's your dodge durango and your jeep gladiator

  • johntheawe

    I just pulled out an algorithmic calculator to understand what the FUCK is so sus about your channel. Oh maybe it's the fact that you turned your fortnite graphics down to normal on 6k because "It looks better than on ultra in 4k" and the fact that you get like 30k views tops on some of your non click bait videos and under 3k likes and have over 600k subs. No need to use a calculator there bud you probably have your friends that you film with fooled too they probably don't know you're a fraud.

  • 陳冠廷

    Intel wants to discriminate their consumers with pricing strategy, and apple slammed on its face.

  • Tim Ypp
    Tim Ypp

    @4.50 It's not the manufacturing process that gives problem to the die. It's the very tiny impurity of the wafer that is randomly in the wafer, as well as others faults inherent in the wafer. Remember there are literally billions of transistors in a die. Each one have to work perfectly else the whole die is useless.

  • TruthBy Design
    TruthBy Design

    What if Apple created a Nintendo Switch-like handheld w/ the M1X chip? - 2K, 120 fps AAA gaming on the go would make Steam Deck look 2 generations behind in comparison. Between MacOS and iOS, there’s already plenty of native ARM games - plus Rosetta translation would fill in the gaps.

  • Michael Lenczewski
    Michael Lenczewski

    Fan boi beta male apple shill. Chiplets been around for awhile.

  • Michael Lenczewski
    Michael Lenczewski

    Too bad Mac books suck.

  • John Parkside
    John Parkside

    ok so Apple said Screw Intel and Amd, were making our own supply.. So the apple laptop that cost $1000 now will cost $1000 so what is the difference?.. Well since it cost apple $100 for the laptop now it cost $50..

  • np kellogg
    np kellogg

    What about iPhone with M1x chip? IF? When?

  • Paul Adrian Tanasa
    Paul Adrian Tanasa

    Are those facts that prove that Apple are not selling stupid products for more money? NHEAAAAAAAAA

  • Dead Mouse
    Dead Mouse

    sorry intel already did the 100 core and so have others :

  • dojohansen123

    Great analysis. Intel will struggle to respond. Should be fun to watch.

  • cr1m203

    Apple is going to take over because they finally found a way to use arm and they have a supplier that can meet the demands. arm is not new to apple as apple used arm in the early 90's. Apple controls their hardware and operating system. It's no longer going to be AMD VS INTEL but rather arm vs x86. Microsoft is the issue for x86 as they keep milking it. x86 is becoming bulky like the early 90's computers. The whole world is using arm in every device. Now that developers found a way to program with RISC aka ARM it has dominated the market. Microsoft tried going arm with their surface and failed. Apple went back to RISC because that is what the rest of the world is using. Apple finally has an operating system that can support RISC 100%. Arm was not a tech issue but a developer issue and they did not have enough programmers back in the early 90's like they do now. Microsoft will be AMD'S downfall since macOS is only for Apple hardware. Until Microsoft can switch from x86 to RISC 100% like Apple did then AMD will suffer like intel. Those who hold the hardware and operating system holds all the power. Apple holds both.


    I demand the world’s fastest shit so I can can comment on CNhave with my 2 fucking fangers 🤘🤘🤘

  • Arstan

    Thanks for the insights.

  • Torr HTHC
    Torr HTHC

    Whats the use if i cannot play pc games on it

  • Advait yerragunta
    Advait yerragunta

    if they start to dominate the market then they will raise the prices

  • Joshua Gutzeit
    Joshua Gutzeit

    When does the mcbook pros are comming?

  • 1.5 Doggos
    1.5 Doggos

    Now all Apple has to do is manufacture 3 chips a year. The a series, the s series, and the m series

  • Vaxtro

    Imagine Mac pro 2022

  • Zento Ki
    Zento Ki

    the greedy intel money-making days are over

  • Zento Ki
    Zento Ki

    tsmc will be huge and intel will likely dies

  • Zento Ki
    Zento Ki

    agrees that intel and microsoft put themself into inefficiency compares to just one M1 chip

  • Zento Ki
    Zento Ki

    if apple instead lower their price ... they will dominate for the next 10 years instead of 3 years

  • Arpit Agarwal
    Arpit Agarwal

    I was one of the Max Tech subscriber and recently left the subscription. Max Tech is each day just proving that they are nothing more than apple fan boys. They have forgotten how to do neutral videos and talk on facts. Computers are way beyond just video editing. You use computers for productivity, gaming, creativity and other stuff. However, Max Tech just focuses on video editing. Try to learn from below link, on how to make a neutral video:


    How are we supposed to keep up?

  • Marvin Yoani 6B
    Marvin Yoani 6B

    Please apple, sell your m1x chips for pc builders

  • bert farry
    bert farry

    Apple will kill itself with there closed systems great for phones not for PCs. It will alway be Apple fan only computer.

  • Ich haiße ZV
    Ich haiße ZV

    apple is a marketing genius

  • Luciano Iacoletti
    Luciano Iacoletti

    Now we're waiting for Intel's attack

  • Sinwoo Yoo
    Sinwoo Yoo

    The market doesn't work in that simple way.

  • D K
    D K

    It won’t be long before no one is thinking about processing, it’s already outstripping many peoples needs. In 3 years, the trend of the importance of hardware inputs, innovative software, and the core interfacing elements (screen quality and flexibility, voice control, etc) will define the products you want to own. This is where Apple shines at delivering consistently with relatively few problems. As a technology professional, I am on iPad Pro, iPhone and MacBook….20+ years of DOS, Windows, Linux, Android…done. I’m not going back. Nice show Max

  • Hitesh Gavini
    Hitesh Gavini

    man if just us consumers are able to make this many variations image how much apple can do

  • Maciej Mozolewski
    Maciej Mozolewski

    That's interesting and fully reasonable. But my question is what special about Apple strategy? We see selling chips (CPUs, graphics) with disabled flowed cores for decades. Also AMD use chiplets for years now. So it seems that there is nothing new. I think the real advantage is going from x86 to ARM in desktops, laptops and servers.

  • Katie Scarlett
    Katie Scarlett

    Who cares!

  • Nine Sigma
    Nine Sigma

    To clarify... Apple did not invent this way of building chips, they just made their version, so there is nothing to prevent intel, amd, etc. from doing something similar. It is also worth clarifying that the ram of the m1 chip is soldered, so they can simply change the amount they have per module. To conclude this is good news but no matter how many cores you put on a chip if it does not have compatibility with the software or need an extra layer to work also do not forget that Apple does not give details of their chips just say they are faster and x laptop, and personally I doubt that lower prices because they more than a computer they sell you a brand and the “confidence” that everything will work out of the box.

  • Scary Bird
    Scary Bird

    The "only one chip" argument doesn't work in this market: yield is not perfect in this kind of manufacturing, you often end up with defects in the silicon which translate to defects in the chips, intel i3s are usually i7s with some defects which make some parts unusable and which have been disabled. Having more than one type of processor in this case is a huge advantage and reduces cost immensely. All this yield optimization has been done by everyone for decades, it's not apple exclusive or groundbreaking.

  • Thien Phuc
    Thien Phuc

    cant wait :))

  • Warwick Wright
    Warwick Wright

    I think what apple is doing is amazing, but I hope they understand how important developer support is for the success of any platform or new chip tech. I think apple should open up their developer platform and allow Mac development from any platform and to publish Mac apps from any platform. I understand the the exclusivity/identity model of sales and there's no problem with being exclusive with the users, but being exclusive with the developers is a very silly idea. Also I think Apple have a good chance of finally dominating the laptop market, but to do so I think apple need to invest in gaming. Persoanally the reason I've alway used PCs is because I'm an avid gamer. In closing I would like to say that, 'it's about time that x86 dinosour tech was scrapped'

  • Lior Tisson
    Lior Tisson

    Now take all your analytical skills and go study theology, brother. We need theologians with your king of gifts. BTW, what Bible program do you use on your Mac? Any tips?

    • beatlesfan

      Surely he uses the Bible program from the Book of (Steve) Jobs. If this guy became a theologian, he would be preaching to an Apple cult inside a weird church that looks oddly like an Apple store. "Those who live in glass stores should not throw stones."

  • Miloš Štefan
    Miloš Štefan

    Apple urgently needs more support for AAA games. Then I could finally forget about Windows, unfortunately I don't see much effort from Apple to change this.

  • MRr Joker
    MRr Joker

    M1 X? 🤔

  • Don. Timeless
    Don. Timeless

    Ughghgh if only the SSD not soldered

  • Tiago Jordao
    Tiago Jordao

    So, what's stopping Apple from overpricing these new chips, since there is no competition for them?

  • Yoesoef Cahyadi
    Yoesoef Cahyadi

    yeach i will want to see that streamers, 3d animators and otther creativ people switch to mac, but you know what ? they won't do that... because they need real performance and not overpriced, soldered SSD's. Fuck Apple. 😊

  • Steez

    Literally every chip manufacture just manufactures one chip and bins it down. Intels i3 and i5 are just an i7 or i9 with certain parts fused off to create a lower end sku. Its not something apple invented lol. Its been happening for 20 years

  • Denzil Peters
    Denzil Peters

    His videos are way better watched at 1.25x

    • Denzil Peters
      Denzil Peters

      @beatlesfan but still, his info is bang on

    • Denzil Peters
      Denzil Peters

      @beatlesfan lol you cringe at his voice too huh

    • beatlesfan

      His videos are way better watched when you turn off the sound.

  • PR200

    It's not about saving cash.

  • AyushTheHostage

    Apple is probably going to manufacture chips usable in custom PC's soon.

  • Noel Ohashi
    Noel Ohashi

    Now, Apple must move their OS into reintegrating the classic Mac OS platinum sounds theme to the OS.

  • ęndrjó

    that's so simple and so genius at the same time

  • ACRapid

    Oracles everywhere XD

  • Ross Hotard
    Ross Hotard

    Don't know why youtube seems to recommend your videos to me, you're the biggest Apple bias sheep I've ever witnessed, and you're so brainwashed. GEEEEEEEZ

  • ZED-PV

    Max, I'm sorry but you're misinformed. You clearly don't know how CPUs are designated. AMD has already been making chiplet based CPUs for a while now. Hence the market share increase. The only thing I agree with in this entire video is apples ability to place orders for massive amounts of chips, nothing else.

  • fbelard

    I don't get why you shoot your videos at 24p. It creates judder on all displays unless you have an expensive gaming monitor.

  • Gabe Tabor
    Gabe Tabor

    Unless u can upgrade graphics these aren't going to be dominating jack and shit. More throw away junk for throw away people. Thanks Apple who can't even handle 240hz displays.

  • Ivo Särak
    Ivo Särak

    I see no difference with the AMD model of operation here. What comes to chiplets then any party can implement it. Different thing is a chip shortage where the Apple has bought a bigger stake of it at the moment.

  • Hector Gomez
    Hector Gomez

    Best CPU ever that only run sh*t os.

  • Tom Corremans
    Tom Corremans

    Imagine a 300 USD upgrade, that would be cheap. Knowing apple it will surely be an extra 500 bucks at least for the 32 core.

  • Gabriel Vaquer
    Gabriel Vaquer

    Dude, impressive research

  • Christos Dimitriou
    Christos Dimitriou

    I disagree with you. Apple will dominate the next 10 to 20 years...

  • Beau Long
    Beau Long

    Let’s see if apple really subsidizes it’s products. Lol

  • Keith

    Apple aren't going to take over the entire PC market. Three reasons - 1) Windows rules the business world, 2) most people don't need any more power than is in their pocket calculator. Almost none of us need even the power of an M1, let alone an M1X, 3) like you already pointed out, every PC and chip manufacturer is already madly pumping massive resources into ARM chips, including Intel and MS

  • Med Mahogany
    Med Mahogany

    AMD is doing well, Apple is doing well Microsoft: - How to install windows 11 on an unsupported hardware? - which device? - my device... - Do you want to install win11 on a Mac? - No i have a PC - What?? ( we still there with Microsoft😏)

  • Wouter Wessels
    Wouter Wessels

    When gta 6 comes out intel wil make a "m1 killer"🤣😉

  • Flokaaki S.
    Flokaaki S.

    I really love your Videos Max Tech. Thanks to you I bought last year the MacBook Pro 16 with the 5600M and it’s the best Laptop I’ve ever had. To see the results of Apples Silicon I only see one problem. As a Gamer I need Windows. And as long the Most Videogames are not running on the New Apple laptops they will lose us, the Gamers. But maybe this problem will be solved someday. Greetings from Germany and Keep up with the good work ^^

  • Gerald Adamson
    Gerald Adamson

    Dominating the market with a current 10% computer market share? Alrighty.

  • Shashank Singh 19289
    Shashank Singh 19289

    It's hard to believe you now ..... unsubscribed

  • Mark

    Way too many ads to the point it gets annoying.

  • allen christian
    allen christian

    Let's not forget that Intel and Apple are the first to get Tsmc 3nm process next year. Yes! Intel is outsourcing their chip manufacturing to TSMC lol. What a time to be alive!!

  • allen christian
    allen christian

    Let's not forget that Intel and Apple are the first to get Tsmc 3nm process next year. Yes! Intel is outsourcing their chip manufacturing to TSMC lol. What a time to be alive!!

  • Bro&Bro TV
    Bro&Bro TV

    If you’re reading this Jesus Christ loves you!

  • Linkinii

    You’re the hotter tech brother.

  • J L
    J L

    Isn't that Pentium D already tried this kind of "glued" cores years ago? If you remember Pentium D 805/820 back in the years right before Core coming out.

  • tripleplonk

    Apple has still to prove that the M1 was not a local maximum.

  • Robert Pearmain
    Robert Pearmain

    Excellent video

  • Eng. Jorge Santana
    Eng. Jorge Santana

    They will save a ton of money but you won’t see it on the price. Apple over charges always.

  • TJ

    They will not update macbook air?

  • Muhannad Elmansuri
    Muhannad Elmansuri

    brilliant breakdown.

  • Mike Lima
    Mike Lima


  • James Walsh
    James Walsh

    M2 is coming

  • QuarioQuario54321

    Apple will certainly dominate the market once this comes out. I wonder if we'll then start seeing some cheap Macs later on.

  • Radoslav Ivanov
    Radoslav Ivanov

    This dude is so hyped every time, like He personally will be millionaire from the Apple success! Calm down cowboy and do not forget the time past so quickly these days and you cannot understand how and when you are already old and No Millioner!

  • Jeff Taylor
    Jeff Taylor

    Until they can run 1080p native resolution at a steady 70 FPS like the new G14 by Asus.. I’m not even interested.

  • David Marks
    David Marks

    All those cores 🤯🤯

  • Jonathan Connell
    Jonathan Connell

    insanely informative! you guys are the best 🤯💯

  • Vishwa

    In future.. RYZN > INTL > APPLE = QUALCOMM (both equal)

    • Vishwa

      @Vinis Bertalan maybe.. it's just my guess. Let's see what future will bring.

    • Vinis Bertalan
      Vinis Bertalan

      On another planet maybe, but not on this planet. First of all, Intel will manufacturing at TSMC in the next few years, so AMD will lose the advantage, what they have now with TSMC technolgy, and in equal fight Intel already beated AMD before.. TSMC is prefering Apple, always Apple will get the capacity, and the technology first, Qualcomm can only use the remain capacity/technology. Which will mean that, when Apple start to use the 3-4nm, Qualcomm still only can use the 5nm at TSMC. Qualcomm is behind Apple, Apple still not using everything to compete Qualcomm, it's still 6cores vs 8cores battle, and Qualcomm will fall even more in the next years.

  • Ravin Chandra
    Ravin Chandra

    Apple might not have to pay Intel any money for overpriced chips, but the consumer will still pay Apple for their Laptops and PC's the same amount or more than before. So, buying it will depend on usage entirely. A normal person needs a dual core cpu with 8GB RAM and Ubuntu or Mint, it will cost 1/5th of a MacBook. Outside US Apple products are really expensive. So it still is a difficult choice, even though the chips are amazing.

  • Penny H
    Penny H

    The 3DFabric family of technologies will be available on 7, 5 and 3nm silicon (at least). There has already been several tapeouts using the new SoIC chiplet 3D stacking and interconnect tech on N5 this year. And, as N5 reached high volume manufacture more than a year ago the interval between tapeout and full production will now be short (assuming the finished chips are free of design defects and there are no delays due to other factors). I don't know whether Vadim has got everything right but what he is saying is plausible.

  • jlebrech

    I bet they'll stick the m1 in the next iphone

  • Yoyok Adisetio Laksono
    Yoyok Adisetio Laksono

    I think it will not happen. Did you forget about Android and iPhone? Who is dominate? Android. Do you think Apple sells M1X to Dell, HP, Samsung, Toshiba etc and installed with Windows? Apple is closed system hardware and software, Windows and Linux open system hardware. I think open hardware is still the winner and dominate. But I agree ARM chips will dominate inspired by M1X.