M1X MacBook Pros: The Leaks FINALLY make sense! (UPDATE)
We JUST got some brand new leaks from various sources concerning the release date of Apple's 14/16" MacBook Pros, and this time.. They're all starting to match up and make sense!
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In this video, I discuss what happened with Apple not releasing the new M1X 14 and 16" MacBook Pros at their WWDC event in June.

I then go through some of the brand new leaks from Mark Gurman at Bloomberg, the economic daily news, and DigiTimes, which all point to a specific time frame for these new MacBooks to get released.

Unfortunately, it seems to be later than we previously expected, but actually a bit earlier than the worst-case scenario!

I then talk about how these new leaks actually match up to the old leaks, with everyone agreeing with each other.

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  • Max Tech
    Max Tech

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    • Wolff Weber
      Wolff Weber

      @azan faisal Get an ipad air and enjoy, even the 3rd gen.

    • Trey miller
      Trey miller

      All this chips use the same cores it would be weird for Apple to make a super high end chip on old tech. I think it would be more likely the m2x would be what we are waiting for. M1x makes no sense as going by apples past record of nice jumps in processing power the m2 with 8 cpu cores would Be more powerful then a m1x with 10.

    • Greg

      Hopefully at the iPhone 📲 event but I’d not probably Oct or Nov

    • azan faisal
      azan faisal

      PLZ HELP ME. i need a ipad for mainly content consumption and web browsing im trying to save money for the ps5 and because of that my budget allows me to get either the 2020 ipad pro 12.9 or the 2021 ipad pro 11 m1. Plz help which one should i get i just want the best display. There are two more options. 1. That i can get the tab s7 plus that has the oled display or should i just not buy a ps5 and get the m1 12.9 ipad pro 2021 but i really want the ps5. Plz help.

    • Jake

      What about the M1X/M2 Mac Mini??? :(

  • Yourixf

    i need the new 14 inch for ma schooooooool

  • Max Klein
    Max Klein

    Hope they also ship their new MacBook with a crooked screen like they do with the new iMac.

  • Manuel Schär
    Manuel Schär

    i would like to buy a macbook pro already this week now i just don't know whether to wait or not because i would actually need it in 4 weeks (to work) and it is not sure whether one will actually come out.

  • Kanev05

    Plot twist! the new macbooks still have the M1 chip because M1 is in everything and it will stay that way. Also M1 airpods pro.

  • Eric Roberson
    Eric Roberson

    I’m reaching out for some advice on a quick question as a photographer. Getting the MacBook Pro 13” M1 or iPad Pro 12.9 M1. I still have time to cancel my 2021 iPad Pro M1. I own a iMac 27” 2019. I something for on the go tethering photo and editing photos and videos

  • Notacet

    They will for sure announce everything at iphone event. It strenghtens the idea that macs are part of their yearly cycle now

  • Rahul Salwan
    Rahul Salwan

    I wonder if Tim Cook watches these

  • Greg Deocampo
    Greg Deocampo

    so.... you don't know what's going to happen but you're very excited :). i'm a fan of your channel and would love to hear your personal stories.

  • bnugs11

    Bruh, I know you are not calling those cookie crumbs on your chin a beard ! 😂😂

  • Adipose Rex
    Adipose Rex

    Why do the MacBooks have to get so large?

  • eucVibes

    I think the alienware x17 may be my choice I Can't wait forever

  • Vex

    I will bet the MacBook air will have m1 with new body redesign

  • Vex

    This guy actually annoys me now.

  • fangirl whoworld
    fangirl whoworld

    i wanna buy mbp m1 but should i wait for the new macbook pro or buy the ither one already?

    • Kai Ng
      Kai Ng

      If you can wait and have the money, do so. Of you really need it as soon as possible and have a budget not above 1.8k, you should purchase whenever you can / during the education sale

  • Charles Edwards
    Charles Edwards


  • Susan Pratt
    Susan Pratt

    I think the M1X Macs should have their own event, in August or July, so they will be hopefully ready for Students who will need the in the Fall.

  • Roger

    Maybe there is hesitancy from Apple because remember 2020 and how this has affected the chip industry. However, I am sure that Apple is having production problems due to a lack of supplies. Careful what you say Mr. Max Tech you may be putting your foot in your mouth again come the 3rd quarter.

  • Rey Miami
    Rey Miami

    When new 27" Imac?

  • dadan irsyada
    dadan irsyada

    hi dude.. i have a problem. how to connect RJ45 for internet, since i cannot find any other setting in my M1 MBA based model. Any idea??

  • Liu Frank
    Liu Frank

    Apple definitely would like to launch the MacBook Pro before the new semester and rob the students really hard.

  • wanderer

    that beard shaving was disappointing given its already back

  • Aiman Aizat
    Aiman Aizat

    I don't wanna see you go bald bro. 😂

  • Syntaac

    mac airs: m1x pros:m2

  • Bernard Baltazar
    Bernard Baltazar

    next time, bet "shave beard and keep it for a month" X)))))))

  • Priyam Tahabilder
    Priyam Tahabilder

    I own a M1 MacBook Air which I got in February 2021. After only 5 months of usage, the maximum battery capacity (given in the Battery Health Section) has dropped to 95%. Is this something I need to be concerned about?

  • Zach Chadwick
    Zach Chadwick

    What if ‘M’ is just a Monkier for Architecture and Design. Although there would be a family subset with different CPU Core #’s, and GPU core #’s… For example: MacBook Air 2022 would have M2, but with 8 CPU cores, and 7GPU cores. MacBook Pro w/ M2 would have 8-12 CPU cores, and 8-16GPU cores.

  • Doug Theriault
    Doug Theriault

    I don’t trust the mini leds in these first versions. Waiting until next year

  • Phil Gedarovich
    Phil Gedarovich

    Seriously STFU with these BS leak videos. You guys know NOTHING. Your "sources" know NOTHING. Shut up and make actual meaningful content.

    • MadEzra64

      You're not wrong.

  • Nícollas Dias
    Nícollas Dias

    Any reason why this video is not in 4k?

  • A. S.
    A. S.

    Any updates on Apple Pencil?

  • Zhan Zhan's Jian Guo
    Zhan Zhan's Jian Guo

    Literally these types of prediction came out when I made up my mind to get a current MBA M1 and made me hesitate again. 😂🤣 Edit: I've gotten my M1.

    • MadEzra64

      @Zhan Zhan's Jian Guo I wasn't saying you shut up, I'm referring to others.

    • Zhan Zhan's Jian Guo
      Zhan Zhan's Jian Guo

      @MadEzra64 I get your point but is telling people to shut up really necessary?

    • MadEzra64

      @fangirl whoworld 16GB. It's worth the extra money. Even getting the bigger 512GB SSD would be beneficial too if you're going to be doing video editing. You can of course use an external SSD if though so it's not that big of a deal. But deifnitinely get 16GB RAM.

    • fangirl whoworld
      fangirl whoworld

      @MadEzra64 also i have one more question im a student so i dont have much money but i also wanna edit videos so should i buy 16gb RAM or 8gb is enough?

    • fangirl whoworld
      fangirl whoworld

      @MadEzra64 thank you so much! im definitely gonna buy it :)

  • Tommy Mai
    Tommy Mai

    I’m ready to drop 8k. Just release it already

  • Jamie Coats
    Jamie Coats

    Max and co-, I’ll give you this freebie, get an Intel MacBook Pro, top of the range and then do the following against an M1 MacBook. Use Davinci Resolve and do an export on both of exactly the same project, then while it’s exporting try and use other applications. You will see that the Intel completely grinds to a halt and that you can’t do anything else while it’s doing that but the M1 Mac you can carry on working away and being productive. I’ve done this in several different ways and applications in my 16 inch 2019 fully speced MacBook Pro grinds to a halt. This would make a very good video and truly show the power over and above just simple deep bench type stuff. With the M1 chip you do not need to walk away and let it run that you can carry on working.

  • Crawford Rhoderick
    Crawford Rhoderick

    I want a l pad .

  • Clara Phillips
    Clara Phillips

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  • Ramin Rahnema
    Ramin Rahnema

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  • Michael Hall
    Michael Hall

    So potentially: September: 4 new iPhones 2 new Apple Watches October: 2 MBP Mac Mini iMac Pro 🤔

  • but bunwin
    but bunwin

    Waiting for 2023 or 2024. M chip is not good because covid.

  • Rupak Poddar
    Rupak Poddar

    What will you shave if MacBook Pros are not launched in the third quarter?

  • Jason Chamberlain
    Jason Chamberlain

    am i the only one that only today found out that this channel has two hosts

  • MondoTV

    The Doldrums were originally an often windless part of the ocean about 5 deg North and South of the equator where sailors used to get becalmed for days on end. It has since slipped into general usage as a term where nothing happens, often associated with depression.

  • Bernd Kiltz
    Bernd Kiltz

    If you are wrong: Shave the whole head ;) LOL

  • 60 beats
    60 beats

    It really is bewildering how you are dancing around these rumors, quoting all kind of equally unreliable 'leakers'. I guess anything to keep your chanel going. 👎

  • RUMO

    how much do you think the mac books will cost?


    I hope it îs not launching untul december,becalisme Noe i font have money

  • Cristian Baluta
    Cristian Baluta

    This is hilarious, the only disappointed part is this kind of videos.

  • T Gordon
    T Gordon

    Any news on new M1 Mac mini update / new M2 Mac mini ?

  • charles southerton
    charles southerton

    I hope they do the technicolour sets for the MacBooks like they did with the iMacs

  • Pranav Bhasin
    Pranav Bhasin

    Apple needs to make the R&D costs after releasing a redesign. For the same, the laptops are usually released either well before the back to school offers or after them. Now that the free airpods deals have started this year, I don't think it would be released until the end of the back-to-school period i.e. end of October or early November.

  • Emmy

    I just really hope i can buy one of the new macbooks before school starts butttt i’ve got a feeling i wont be seeing them till next year

  • Hariyanto Deng
    Hariyanto Deng

    I rather M2 than M1x

  • suresh vempati
    suresh vempati

    Are there any monitors with True Tone display and Any monitors similar to new iMac displays??

  • Hareesh Krishnaa
    Hareesh Krishnaa

    Since there is a apple tech news drought, please cover Windows, chrome OS, android, wear OS etc!

  • ViciousLand

    Had to hit like and subscribe because seeing you, a man of your word, shave your beard put a smile on my face lol thank you

  • Mukuka Kondowe
    Mukuka Kondowe

    Expecting apple to have an all mac event in Q4

  • Mukuka Kondowe
    Mukuka Kondowe

    I don't believe that any mac will come before October.

  • Terminator

    10 mins of this guy rambling about speculation

  • Justin Cowgill
    Justin Cowgill

    Damn, needed a new computer to get a project done by September… Looks like I’m skipping the MacBook.

  • jordan Higgs
    jordan Higgs

    1:19 - 'Beard' 🙄

  • TheGreatWent1

    apple will dress up a turd and call it an ipad pro

  • k1zMyf4ze

    We’ll all get redesigned MacBooks before the end of 2022 that’s for sure. That’s what I keep telling myself while I see CNhavers doing epic fails by predicting stuff.

  • Wycliff Studios
    Wycliff Studios

    I was super bored at WWDC

  • Ilgar Alizada
    Ilgar Alizada

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    Jeonghun Song

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  • Lawrence Yeo
    Lawrence Yeo

    Banning this channel. Sick of these I predict! I bet! I believe! MacBook Pro coming based on 1/2/3! I’ve made my purchase based on your prediction and it screwed me.

  • Commentary Talk
    Commentary Talk

    M1X this fall. M2 next year Q2 earliest.

  • tommy tommeleyn
    tommy tommeleyn

    Hope they also upgrade wifi. M1 wifi is only half speed on 5Ghz ac compared to 2017 model.

  • His Royal highness
    His Royal highness

    😂😂😂....Apple is trolling all leakers and youtubers it's funny


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    Jawad Eloufir

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    Sanjeev Tyagi

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    Joseph Vasquez

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  • Steven P
    Steven P

    I was disappointed in Apple with the 24. The needless neuter of the base model just to create a price tier. There’s no reason to not have the port options of the mini. If they want to play with ports how about run a integrated TB hub. They’d create a clean useful and profitable option as they would charge their usual tax.

  • Manuel Di Criscito  ♪
    Manuel Di Criscito ♪

    Actually they won't call it iPhone 13 because that's an unlucky number in a lot of countries

  • OB

    It will come sometime before the October event with shipping in the worst case before Xmas.

  • Mohsin Javed Cheema
    Mohsin Javed Cheema

    Your videos are actually very relaxing

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    Rama Mishra

    Noone really cares about this overpriced ARM and Unix based computer... Lol ! Windows all the way baby!

  • rohit

    M1x 10 core at least....followed by m2 still 8 core 💓

  • thomas666

    So Apple is going to announce a MacBook Air with a more powerful chip (M2) than the MacBook Pro (M1X) within a month or so???

  • rkbtex

    Psssst. M1 MacBook Air 8-core/512GB SSD/8GB RAM at $1099.99 at checkout: www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08N5LFLC3?pf_rd_r=MQFH5PEV5Q7837K7PYJV&pf_rd_p=5ae2c7f8-e0c6-4f35-9071-dc3240e894a8&pd_rd_r=caf8d5a3-3205-4394-9daf-caf86d030b08&pd_rd_w=1gpMk&pd_rd_wg=eFdBM&ref_=pd_gw_unk&th=1

  • Michael Lima
    Michael Lima

    Not this again. Tell us when you actually know.

  • Parth Oomphy
    Parth Oomphy

    Couldn't wait any longer for the 14" MBP so I Just ordered MBP M1 (upgrading from my Trusty 2015 MBP 13"). Firstly, I have a biasness towards MBP (over MBA) for obvious reasons, my oldie has served me so well for 6 yr! Secondly, I'm actually fascinated by the touch bar and I believe that it can make me actually productive and help in my Onenote workflow (as a student, controls for highlighting, changing colour of selected text, etc can come on the touchbar itself which can be a boon for me). Let's see how it goes, can't wait for it to arrive! PS: I upgraded the Ram to 16gb to be futureproof as I'll grill it hopefully for 6 yr like I did with my previous machine!

  • Lewis Tsalis
    Lewis Tsalis

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  • Hi-Fi Insider
    Hi-Fi Insider

    new MacBooks will likely come after September 27, 2021 because Back to School promotion will run until this date.

  • Spodlude

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  • Sotirios P.
    Sotirios P.

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  • Dinkar Fowkar
    Dinkar Fowkar

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  • Doug Scott
    Doug Scott

    I thought for sure the MacBook pros would come at WWDC and the iMac Pro in October. It sounds like they are building up inventory of the mini LED so they can meet demand. But I think we will see the MacBooks, then iMac Pro and then Mac Pro as the last to switch and that will come in their 24 month transition time frame.

  • Random storm
    Random storm

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  • Rohit Kumar
    Rohit Kumar

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  • Goallapavan Kumar
    Goallapavan Kumar

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  • Mr. Caps
    Mr. Caps

    Everyone should be patience because it takes time and M1 hasn't been out for a full year yet. Apple decides when the new MacBooks come out, not speculation. We have to wait, until then, no new things for now.