Sony WF-1000XM4 vs AirPods Pro - We DIDN'T Expect THIS!
Sony's long-awaited WF-1000XM4 fully wireless earbuds are FINALLY here, so we compared them to Apple's AirPods Pro to see if they can dethrone the KING! You'll be surprised by this..
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In this video, we compare everything between the Sony WF-1000XM4's and Apple's AirPods Pro including the cases, designs, comfort, battery life, noise cancellation, microphones, sound quality, and MORE to find out which pair of fully wireless earbuds YOU should Buy in 2021!

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Timestamps ⬇️
Sony WF-1000XM4 vs AirPods Pro - 00:00
Case Differences & Battery Life - 01:21
Comparing Design & Comfort - 02:53
Active Noise Cancellation Test - 05:41
Ambient/Transparency Mode Test - 07:01
Speak to Chat Feature Tested - 07:49
EDM Music Comparison - 08:53
Modern Classical Comparison - 10:39
Rock Music Comparison - 12:32
Microphone Quality Comparison - 13:40
Which Earbuds Should YOU Buy? - 14:04

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  • Max Tech
    Max Tech

    Were you surprised by the ANC and Microphone Quality Differences? Let us know which you would buy below! This set of earbuds is the CLEAR winner! (Amazon) ➡ Sony WF-1000XM4 Earbuds ➡ AirPods Pro ($52 OFF SALE) ➡

    • Shane Trenkner
      Shane Trenkner

      @Joe3D Totally agree

    • Corey Phillips
      Corey Phillips

      The Airpods Pro voice sounded more natural while the Sony sounded tinny to me

    • Gamerlingual

      I was surprised you guys didn’t show enough knowledge of audio to test the Sony buds outside of the AAC codec. It would make a huge difference if you have a source that outputs LDAC Bluetooth codec. Please cover all the important details more thoroughly. This was a poorly done comparison, especially since you’re so biased to Apple

    • Joe3D

      @Thecooldude 45 that's because earbuds having the mic closer to the mouth are the better, son those having a tip like the airpods can be better.

    • Thecooldude 45
      Thecooldude 45

      @Joe3D they do that’s the only reason I still have them but the xm4’s are all about sound quality. It’s a shame Sony hasn’t solved the calling issue.

  • maximiliano ochi
    maximiliano ochi

    Apple fanboy....

  • MasterJake1012

    Honestly, looking at your channel and the 99% Apple product reviews, I can't take this as a serious review from a consumer POV.

  • Depth Nos
    Depth Nos

    Ok. An Apple channel Bashing Sony Earbuds over the AirPods Pro.😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏

  • kronzprinz

    i just picked them up yesterday, and they sound much better (even on iOS) than airpods pro. it's warmer and clearer, i'm happy. Even with movies they sound great.

  • Robert R
    Robert R

    Apple paid and staged fan boy.

  • djdjdkdjdjdn

    Your Definition of classic music is frightening

  • chamade166

    Totally agree, these are mostly for people stuck with Android. They sound muffled from the heavy bass and low resolution. LDAC doesn’t change that fact.

  • Markus Scott
    Markus Scott

    I want the Sony’s so bad, but I’m just scared to leave the ecosystem behind since I like switching between my iPhone and iPad instantly

  • Dime

    Unbiased review !!! Respect!!!!!

  • sbowesuk

    Please do everyone a favour and actually learn how audio codecs work, before touching a premium audio device ever again. Your sound quality test was complete garbage.

  • No perkele
    No perkele

    Do the sony ones have a similar feeling of pressure in your ears as regular foam earplugs do? Cause I definitely don’t want that. I’m trying to decide between these two

    • Shawn

      i have the AirPod Pro’s and im considering selling them for the sony’s. might have to just pick some up and try them out

  • mziwenduku ntsele
    mziwenduku ntsele

    This review is disappointing. You lose credibility.

  • אלי פרץ
    אלי פרץ

    How is the quality of the conversations with them? The previous model made me a sea of ​​problems

  • Paul Yau Yau
    Paul Yau Yau

    I think the major upgrade on xm4 is 1. The case size. 2. LDAC support 3. Better anc. So there is not much favour to the iOS user with AirPod pro, the different is just the design and tuning style. But on android, there is nothing can override the benefit of LDAC support. I think peoples paid that much for a pair of ear buds most of them will look for better audio quality.

  • william wan
    william wan

    Easy, if you have an iphone, then just buy the airpods pro

  • rydmerlin

    Please take both when you fly so you can compare how they feel in an airplane.

  • Isiah Reza
    Isiah Reza

    I love my AirPod pros but the mic on the Samsung’s I feel we’re just a tad better

  • notTuJu

    I will jump into discussion as i tested both on iPhone. For me sound>>>anything else. Sound of XM4 compared to Pros is on another lvl. Even without sony app installed. Most fanboys wont agree but its the truth. I am apple user since ever, but cannot walk by when i hear real difference. If you are buying earphones to listen to music - sony is better. If you are buying earphones because of feeling that you have next apples hardware - go for pros. Only thing that is better in pros is that pairing is easier and you can switch between other apple hardware - but cmon how really hard is to switch in normal way. Earphones should be all about sound and here XM4 wins for me. BTW they are also comfortable - those foam endings are really good idea.

  • Ghilman Fatih
    Ghilman Fatih

    Bruh i feel like this too on wh1000xm4, but after tuning the EQ (boosting the treble a loottt) , it sounds AMAZING (still a slightly boosted bass of course) but it still great! The treble sounds clear. The clarity, soundstage, are great. The detail is one of the best, especially if you turn the dsee feature on. Didn't expect you still disappointed even after tuning the EQ

  • TheLillee00723

    Being that this is obviously a Apple channel, I’d like to see a blind listening test. That would be interesting. LOL!

  • hidazip

    You can use one earbud while the other one is charging on the xm4.

  • hidazip

    I switched from the samsungs to the sony wf1000xm4, it sounds way better.

  • Vikas Singh
    Vikas Singh

    Watching this video on Sony Wh-1000xm4😅😅

  • Z S
    Z S

    You have tinnitus?! How do you deal with it?

  • Ruthless Freak
    Ruthless Freak

    Which buds are best to escape thunder bold sounds😏

  • Rhys L
    Rhys L

    Haha who is paying this guy ? Is this acomedy review?

  • Gullible skeptic
    Gullible skeptic

    if you think these are not loud enough you are either deaf or going to be. i dont get how people can listen that loud.

  • C. P.
    C. P.

    I feel like The airpods are a bit better

  • Polarpwnage

    The Sony ones are better when you're travelling. On planes especially I don't hear the plane at all and easy to sleep in

  • lives in a lazy wonderland
    lives in a lazy wonderland

    AirPods Pro still the king is disappointing, I love ‘em but the competitors can’t keep up

  • Christian Olivera
    Christian Olivera

    That Apple Watch ring 🔥🔥🔥🔥🤣

  • gle gle
    gle gle

    your IPhone Please turn off the Dolby sound effect to hear normal χμ4

  • Corey Phillips
    Corey Phillips

    Every new pair of bud that come out I consider but nothing compares to the Airpods Pro to me. I'll be sticking with them until the Airpods Pro 2 comeout.

  • Dennis W
    Dennis W

    I just picked up some airpods pro this week when Amazon had them for $190

  • Dennis W
    Dennis W

    Are those Sony ear buds in your pocket or are you happy to see me? The thing I didn't like about the Beats is there is no wireless charging

  • RaVaGer

    Damn u got a dislike,just because u were being biased, and please don't reply to me with that word "made for iphone" thing, you're being ridiculous in replays with that word.

  • Abhishek Benny
    Abhishek Benny

    I don't know what you are telling i think sony sound is better

  • A Mac
    A Mac

    The fact that you are the first and only reviewer to complain about the sound quality suggests either some bias, or you have no ear.

    • robert pottage
      robert pottage

      @Patrick Pressler you lose a lot of the features, including the method for controlling eq. On top of that Airpod Pros don’t support LDAC which the Sony’s do. So when you compare them on a Sony device you’re comparing them using different codecs.

    • Patrick Pressler
      Patrick Pressler

      @robert pottage why?? You mean that airpods pro sounds better on iphone then on android?

    • Kio Auto
      Kio Auto

      He’s the type that likes his ear hole licked

    • robert pottage
      robert pottage

      Most reviewers test it on an Samsung phone. Which is ultimately the thing. If you have Samsung then get Samsung, if you have an iPhone then get AirPods.

  • Neurochrom

    Wait - before there was a positive review of them on the same channel (!?) -

  • Faith Mack
    Faith Mack

    clean ur hears dude... they sound dirty to me...

  • ʝamie

    Would love to see the new beats vs xm4

  • Alex

    Strange, other reviewers are saying very positive sound quality about with xm4s. Maybe yours are defected?

  • Haunted

    I have to disagree. The AirPods Pro arent best for sound quality. It’s great for calls but Sony’s win

  • yes_senpai

    Everyone blowing up about LDAC, but the fact is you are extremely unlikely to be producing the full 990kbps without a Sony device that has line of sight within 1m and minimal interference. You're more than likely streaming at 660 or 330kbps. Let's be honest, if you want superior sound at this form factor... get a good pair of wired IEMs. Sure, the signature sounds different between the XM3/4 and AirPods Pro. But the actual quality of audio is similar enough to where it shouldn't be a large factor. Maybe it's just me, but I rate ANC Bluetooth earbuds far heavier on usability, mic quality, comfort, ANC levels and size. I'd argue they can satisfy me equally in just about all aspects. But I want to have near zero issues when performing tasks such as switching from playing music from my phone with ANC enabled, to switching to my Mac and disabling ANC when it's time to hop into a meeting. Without having to do a thing. This type of seamless functionality is why the AirPod Pros are favored among so many people. They just work. I'll throw on some cans when it's time to listen to music in HiFi. Don't get me wrong though, the XM4s seem like an easy choice for someone not in the Apple ecosystem.

  • Derek Mandy
    Derek Mandy

    Please also compared Jabra 85T

  • Tito Zamora
    Tito Zamora

    Sorry but I’m just a simple man , but not a dumb one . You can have all the specs and design and all that added stuff but I will always decide on one factor and that is the actual quality of the sound meaning when playing my music. In this case apple AirPods win. Sure better specs on the Sony but that doesn’t matter to me .

  • Shawn G
    Shawn G

    Interesting… I still might check out the Sony’s because I just got the AirPods Pro the other day and the battery life is abysmal. I’m lucky to get 4 hours! That’s pretty unacceptable to me especially when my work days are 10-14 hours…. Seems that the Sony’s just need some heavy tweaking to get the correct sound…

  • Tauqeer Ahmad
    Tauqeer Ahmad

    You’re the Only person who tells about negative things on Sony xm4 sounds. Ridiculous bro, you’re being so biased when it comes to Apple ( From Music streaming service to earbuds). What hifi, Cnet, linus tech and many top reviewers praised Sony’s sounds, noise cancellations and charging capacity over AirPod pro.

  • Yvan XOXO
    Yvan XOXO

    My EQ for my Wf-XM3 is 0,5,6,7,8 then +10 bass. Enjoy! 😊

  • Spotify Forever
    Spotify Forever

    You are an apple fanboy.

  • Steve M
    Steve M

    He obviously biased. The top critics are saying just the opposite of what he is saying

  • Mikael Rehnstrand
    Mikael Rehnstrand

    I got my Sonys today and comparing these with Airpods pro . Well... 🤣!!! When it comes to sound quality it's not fair to Airpods to put them up against the Sonys since the latter are clearly superior! The only things I like better with the Airpods pro are that they're lighter and therefore more comfortable. If you want great audio and ANC - go for the Sonys!

    • Adam

      Do you have iPhone or android?

    • Tauqeer Ahmad
      Tauqeer Ahmad

      Right, these type reviewers are responsible who impact negative images on a company who doesn’t pay for reviews.

  • Valor 1
    Valor 1


  • Aniket Gupta
    Aniket Gupta

    Such a stupid Review! At a tangent from the industry. Strange.

  • John Catral
    John Catral

    One word. LDAC

  • Julian Ryan
    Julian Ryan

    For sound and a cheap pair of wireless buds don't sleep on the new echo buds. Don't buy them for the anc but they sound super good and you can nab them for 80 on prime day.

  • DJ-RocketMan

    Case alone is a no go for Sony. AirPods just work better with iPhone mabye the sound is better or worse but if not that noticeable I’ll go AirPods Pro all day long.

  • allride

    Thank you. The only guy I saw warning about ruined sound due to too much bass, not enough clarity

  • Alex C
    Alex C

    I have owned a number of Sony headphones and have usually been very pleased with them. One thing I have noticed is that very much like Apple, Sony makes their products shine when you’re listening to them under the right circumstances. Sony’s mindset is somewhat proprietary and they count on phone manufacturers adding the right codec support to their products. A Sony product will sound much better on a device that supports LDAC than on an Apple device. Problem for Sony is that there are A LOT of people out there who own Apple devices. This product will probably not be the best choice for them

  • Amrinder Thind
    Amrinder Thind

    SOUND QUALITY: COMPARE THEM ON AN ANDROID PHONE OR SONY PHONE OR A PHONE THAT SUPPORTS CODECS, because airpods have an advantage when connected to iphone but doesn’t support all the codecs, my sennheiser momentum sounds way lower on Iphone as compared to any android phone or even when connected to macbook because macbook supports aptx.

    • Albert Bolanos
      Albert Bolanos

      I’ll agree. I had my original AirPods sound louder on my note 10 than my iPhone. Apple to Apple has advantages

  • forty inches
    forty inches

    Should redo this with the new update on the apple music app.

  • BigBudde & BooBoo
    BigBudde & BooBoo

    Thumbs up for the NINE LASHES song!! God bless you brother =)

  • Tang chueng khai
    Tang chueng khai

    Basically, you just don't like the boomy and warm sound signature produced by Sony - Audio tech, JVC. Just a matter of personal preference.

  • TheAnitdote

    CNhave beats and instrumentals lol

  • Markus

    My Sony mdr1000x had rattle noise but only when Anc was on. With anc off the sound quality sucked. I got the neckband wi 1000mx2 version which broke after barely year use. Then i got the predecessor to this one and it hisses terribly loud in my ears like old hearing aids, And the ANC is non existent. All it does is enhance wind noise. I don't think I'm gonna buy another sony. No matter the raving reviews. remember the previous models also got perfect "reviews" Edit: btw the ambient feature is a non feature. It makes all noises sound digital and too loud. This was the case on all previous models. Sound quality on all previous was decent. Good for wireless. This is the only positive thing about Sony. You saying that sound quality is bad in the new version and i absolutely dont want these

  • Daniel a
    Daniel a

    Sony sounded better

  • Lachs-TV

    these things are huge in the ears. i dont like that look no matter how good they are. the airpods pro look way more elegant.

  • supersaiyan310

    The air pods pro call quality takes the crown, but its audio playback sux the big, in a nutshell, im still going with the sony's b'cause i hate apple.

  • FlyAtNight -
    FlyAtNight -

    Btw this was exactly my reaction with the Sony xm4 headphones when switching from beats solo 3. Vocals felt muddled and bass needlessly rumbly. Almost thought it was a product malfunction called for support. After about a month of using I finally tweaked it to a level I can say is slightly better than the beats although I cannot say it is a huge increase. You won’t suddenly hear the music of the gods but it sounds a bit more full of frequencies and higher quality. Although I do enjoy the noise cancelling and it’s now my favourite feature.

  • Anthony S
    Anthony S

    appreciate the review, yall saved me 280

    • Tauqeer Ahmad
      Tauqeer Ahmad

      It’s biased review bro. These Sony sounds way better than AirPod pro and has several anc features. You have to need check more review. And go “what HiFi” page for review

  • 1k challenge with 0 video
    1k challenge with 0 video

    Fucking bias

  • St1c

    wau, I had a feeling in the past videos, that these guys know shit about what they post about...after this one I'm totally convinced :)


    Sony can't lose sound quality


    Sony wins apples are garbage



  • Richard Cowan
    Richard Cowan

    Using these on iPhone doesn’t bring out the best. Test on something likr s21 ultra. It’ll make a huge difference. I have these, I have AirPods Pro, the echo buds, galaxy buds plus and pro, the melomania 1plus, the melomania touch and senheisser momentum 2. Out of all these headphones the Sony are by far the best over everything accept the senheisser where they’re on a par. People these smash the AirPods Pro on sound quality it’s not even remotely close. Out of all the above mentioned phones the AirPods Pro have the worst sound quality. Noise cancellation etc etc is superb on the pods pro, they just lack badly on sound quality. iPhones lack on Bluetooth codecs and don’t bring the best out of some headphones hence why you should try with android if you have it. However these Sony’s still sound phenomenal even on iPhone. Of sound is your main concern, forget the AirPods Pro. They’re honestly no even close to the others.

  • harshitha karredla
    harshitha karredla

    Please compare with the Samsung galaxy buds pro

  • samapatti1

    why are shouting to my face man? calm down dude

  • Fariz Wan
    Fariz Wan

    bro.. iphone dint support LDAC.. use android phone that support LDAC and u will listen to the different

  • Amber

    vs Bose qc earbuds ??

  • Anant Sharma
    Anant Sharma

    Beats are nothing compared to sony

  • ruthagood

    Freebuds pro?

  • ਅਮਰਿੰਦਰ ਸਿੰਘ ਧਾਲੀਵਾਲ
    ਅਮਰਿੰਦਰ ਸਿੰਘ ਧਾਲੀਵਾਲ

    Airpods has so much detail and clarity compared to last sonyxm3 so i can understand why airpods sounds better because even sony xm4 headphones are muddy compared to airpods pro so I don’t know why everbody saying sony sound is better.

  • scott

    Enjoyed the comparison, subscribed!

  • Justin Phelps
    Justin Phelps

    I do not like the look of the Sonys looks heavy and easy to fall out. Hearing aid vibes to me

  • P

    Any earphones which makes my head ache, by creating a seal is not good

  • Rubén Rodríguez Arvizu
    Rubén Rodríguez Arvizu

    Are you testing Hi-Res audio with an iPhone? iPhone is for housewives. You need to man up.

  • J D
    J D

    For the best audio quality, I'm looking at over-the-ear, hard-wired headphones. That being said for Bluetooth wireless earbuds I'm looking for decent to good quality audio and the best possible call quality. I currently have the airpod pros which have excellent call quality and it seems these sony buds are right there if not better. While the airpod pros are currently being sold at $149 I wouldn't say the xm4's are over $100 better than the airpod pros.

  • Safety Freedom
    Safety Freedom

    It looks ugly in the ears comparing to apple ones

  • Randall C
    Randall C

    I appreciate your sound assessment of the new XM4's. So many reviewers have commented on the heavy bass and lack of clarity of the XM3's in the past so I probably shouldn't be surprised that those traits carry over to the new models. I like EDM but I mostly listen to jazz, classical..pretty much anything depending on my mood. I almost pulled the trigger on the XM3's a long time ago but I decided to wait for the XM4's. I'm so glad I waited...not to buy them. The AirPod Pro will most likely give me the balanced and clean sound I'm looking for.

  • 74beef

    Yikes. Fan boy much? All airpods sound like wet poop, terrible review!

  • Sahil Afroz
    Sahil Afroz

    Biased Review :(


    Tu es sponsorisé par apple ? Très mauvais parce que trop de basse ? Si tu arrives à influencer ceux qui te suivent alors bravo ! Des vrais moutons baee, baeee 👏 pardon my French

  • Isak Mølster
    Isak Mølster

    Why would you use an iPhone to test these?

  • Amr Nabeel
    Amr Nabeel

    Max you have to try the largest eartips on the Airpods pro, It will change the sound quality and noise cancellation dramatically. Please try it and make a video on it

  • YouTube Member
    YouTube Member

    What about of Jabra 80s much better call quality in noisy. Apple has crap call quality in noise environments..

  • Robbie Fernandez
    Robbie Fernandez

    Use another device (not an apple device) that supports LDAC for comparison

  • Gamerlingual

    Sold my AirPods Pro after I sampled these in Sony Ginza. They slaughter the AirPods Pro in sound quality EASILY. And this was both with my iPhone 11 Pro and my Sony 1Z Walkman

    • Gamerlingual

      The NW-WM1Z Walkman is the model I have and yup, plus many other kinds of Bluetooth codecs

    • Yandere chan
      Yandere chan

      @Valor 1 1z walkman yes. If you talk about z1 phone its nope

    • Valor 1
      Valor 1

      the sony z1 has LDAC right?

  • thisisgame

    Why did he test these on a iphone with their basic audio codec? Its like playing a PS5 on 1080p instead of 4k