Windows 11 LEAK proves that Apple's M1X Macs will REIGN!
Windows 11 has prematurely leaked, and based on what we're seeing in this new version.. Windows-based PCs are in a lot of trouble against Apple's upcoming M1X Macs!
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In this video, I take a look at the major issues with Windows 11 and discuss why this is going to be a major weak point for all Windows-based computers and laptops.

I then go through why Apple is doing so well, including being able to outperform much more expensive Windows-based computers simply with optimization and chip architecture alone.

I then explain how Apple is pushing even further into better optimization, while Microsoft is sitting and doing nothing for performance.

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Timestamps ⬇️
Windows 11 Has LEAKED! - 00:00
The BIGGEST Issue with Windows 11 - 1:08
Apple's M1 Macs vs Windows-based PCs - 2:26
How is Apple's M1 chip SO GOOD?! - 4:26
Apple's Unified Memory Architecture Explained - 5:46
Apple GPU Tile Memory in action! - 7:08
How Apple is optimizing the M1 chip! - 8:06
Why the M1 KILLS at video editing playback performance - 9:39
Why the M1 is insanely fast at encoding/export video - 10:59
Apple's MAJOR advantage versus Windows 11 - 12:12
New Apple Optimizations for Gaming/Ray tracing - 12:51
How Apple M1X Macs will DESTROY the PC Market - 13:56

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  • Max Tech
    Max Tech

    NOTE: All of the performance testing was done on Windows 10. Do you think PC's with Windows 11 will be able to compete with Monterey and M1X? Let us know below! Can't wait for the M1X? Here's the BEST value M1 Mac ➡ Support us by checking out our Merch! ➡ Max tech wallpapers ➡

    • Selvaraaju M
      Selvaraaju M

      @fourthtunz stomach burning for mac idiots

    • fourthtunz

      @Selvaraaju M boo hoo

    • fourthtunz

      @Mihail Burduja give it a couple of weeks

    • fourthtunz

      @super hero Yes the $850 MacBook air M1 will not beat an $800 dedicated Gpu card..oh but it slays all of the under $1200 Pcs

    • fourthtunz

      @26 - Deeptanshu Bhaskar Yes, we're all idiots and you're a genius. Ok

  • Andrey Koens
    Andrey Koens

    the video tries to dismiss windows using a leaked build, unreasonable to say the least

  • Jeffrey Photonboy
    Jeffrey Photonboy

    *GOOD and BAD video review...* The GOOD: Very good discussion of the Apple M1. The BAD: very biased and misleading discussion of Windows 11. Just a reskin? No. And very little testing of GAMES and other applications. At the end of the day a Windows x86 laptop is less efficient out of necessity to support a broader ecosystem and Apple is more of a walled garden so it can optimize. There are PROS and CONS to each. Not everybody can just jump to the Apple ecosystem so it being more efficient is a moot point if it doesn't do what you need it to. If it can then great.

  • André Gimenes Sant
    André Gimenes Sant

    Apple is awesome, they are doing something great, the shame is here in Brazil apple is so expensive!!!!!

  • André Gimenes Sant
    André Gimenes Sant

    Great informative video!!!!!!

  • fourthtunz

    windows 11 leaked all over the market all right! Oh listening to the crying pc users ;( I wonder how many actually watched this video? I guess not enough pc users watch often enough to see that max bashes macs too?

  • Unnat Biswal
    Unnat Biswal

    The comments seem like to be from people who bought Windows PC, and are too egoistic to regret. Everyone knows windows is handling a bigger market, but its clear Mac is better in many ways if not all and with less money, and its a wonder to use.

  • Vex

    Man's comparing an OS to a processor lmfao

  • Vex

    I completely discredit all of your videos now, lol.

  • Joe Marz
    Joe Marz

    "Apple is now the only company in the world that controls the software, the chip, and the will of those idiots, all at the same time!"

  • Parth Maliye 10th D
    Parth Maliye 10th D

    is there any mac of 499$

  • Charles Edwards
    Charles Edwards


  • Tobias Nielsen
    Tobias Nielsen

    I don't get any of these kind of videos, there is a reason for the massive size of the dedicated GPU on a pc (or older Mac pro). I'm trying to play Minecraft and other simple games on my MacBook pro m1, and there is no way I can compare it to my gaming desktop with rtx 2080. The fps may seems good, but still feels slow. And when I export my huge drone pictures, the MacBook pro took 2 min 35 sec, and my desktop only 30 sec (lightroom export to large jpg). The m1 is fast, for normal use and work (for me coding). The CPU part is great. But it can't take on a dedicated GPU, not in any of my tests. I'm not a windows or Apple fanboy, I just buy the stuff I like:)

  • Susan Pratt
    Susan Pratt

    I would rather they call it Windows 11, with this new look. I would get confused if they called it Windows 10 21H1, or 10 21h2. Some of those wallpapers, look similar to Apple's wallpaper, and the Icons in rolls and columns makes me think of the I-Pad. The rounded corners and centered Taskbar seems Apple like too. If they want to copy Apple, call it Windows 12 since may come out at the same time, and provide more privacy, and security, like hiding a person's computer from the web. I wonder if it will run on a Mac OS using Paralells. I did find a Dell Desktop and Laptop that actually has more power ram, video ram and Higher capacity SSDs than you normally find in the PC laptops and desktops, and that laptop had a big Trackpad, an SD card slot, 3.5mm port, and 4x Thunderbolt™ 4 (USB Type-C™) with DisplayPort and Power Delivery (two on each side) and a Wedge-shaped lock slot. Looks like it would be charging the same way the current MacBook Pro (16 inch), via one of the USB-C ports. I got a Mag safe that would work with that set up. It is so slim too. (Kind of like the MacBooks - but it is 17 inch with very slim bezels), it is the Dell XPS 17 Laptop, Silver on the outside and black on the inside. If I get a PC Laptop, that would be the one. Pretty awsome, but I still think the M1 and M1X Macs (MacBooks and Desktops will still beat the PC's, and Of course I would still get a Mac as well. Microsoft hasn't done a good job of explaining what computers will be able to run Windows 11, and don't seem to get it together, and rubbing people the wrong way. I much rather have a Mac.

  • MadFinnTech

    Finally found someone who actually explains from a technical standpoint why you should go from PC to Mac and not just "because it's better".

  • Jens Erik Bech
    Jens Erik Bech

    The M1 is still hot! You don't have to enter a time machine and go far into the future. I feel the revolution right now!


    Beebom India me to❤️

  • adrian balint
    adrian balint

    i'M thinkin to buy a to buy a mac mini m1 or a new pc when ddr5 will drop But to buy a computer from a company that sales a monitor stand for 1000€ its.. na. Also the most think that i can say that i'm "scared" is buy a apple product will force be lock down in their ecosystem. That's the reason i don't buy apple products, its because of the company itself.

  • Sarp Koç
    Sarp Koç

    Transition to diehard apple patriot..✓ Tear apart every other oem and software to the bones..✓ Asking for comments in the final to confess for all of those sins✓


    Bro.. Not Everyone buys a laptop or computer for Video Editing lol Working, Gaming, Live Streaming, Video Editing, Design etc... in Every Aspect Windows Operating System is more flexible than mac.

  • Alam Jim
    Alam Jim

    lol! Bruh!? Use the insider build. Don't judge on some leaked build. File Explorer and Settings app has changed.

  • iCrackr

    I used to enjoy watching your videos, but now as times gone on you’ve become more and more of an Apple sheep. I hate seeing you like this man it genuinely makes me sad that you chose this path.

  • Android Only
    Android Only

    Company that can make the cheapest product and reliable always have potential beat apple. Just like xiaomi and samsung... Also Microsoft

  • Simran Pal Singh
    Simran Pal Singh

    I guess it's now time to bid bye bye to your channel..this guy is becoming apple fanboy.. I need a good reviewer and not some fanboy..!!

  • Robby Elliott
    Robby Elliott

    Windows 11 has been lunched since June 24 2021. Can you make a video comparing windows 11 and macOS Monterey? What this is a video that shows a windows 11 LEAK and how the M1 chip works. This is the WORST video that you have made that I have seen.

  • Icybubba

    Aged like milk

  • Cesar EP
    Cesar EP

    Editing, coding and productivity: Apple M1 Gaming and others: Windows

  • Adam.75au

    but your also comparing ARM to x86

  • Remiel t.
    Remiel t.

    This isnt fair to compare yet. Windows 11 is beta not full like os.

  • Pedro Viegas
    Pedro Viegas

    Cringe video

  • Crimson Courage
    Crimson Courage

    That's why I use Linux. Linux is even more lightweight than mac os. So think of the awesome performance that you can get from a Linux laptop with only 4 gigabytes of ram.

  • Cámille

    Okay, numbers are cool, but only when they mean something. Premiere Pro lacks any real CUDA support. The RTX 3080 will just be a nice display monitor while you software encode on those razor blades. If you installed a custom exporter profile with CUDA support, that RTX would perform a lot better. Premiere Pro works natively when paired with a Metal capable GPU. That includes AMD and Apple Silicon.

  • Anubhav Tyagi
    Anubhav Tyagi

    Max tech is one of the dumbest channel on youtube these guys are crazy for apple They have been predicting the M1X since last 1 year And here we are I have started to hate them Because every time i wanted to buy a laptop these dumb asses would come up with a new video And asked us to wait Since last 1 year i am waiting because of them and loosing my efficiency on work

  • Ariez Azlan
    Ariez Azlan

    chill bro, both operating system is fine. to those uses windows are gamers anyway and apple like you uses for video editing

  • Arun Nagarajan
    Arun Nagarajan

    People who use windows in enterprise are busy producing softwares, application for their customer base, end users, govt. Organization, citizens and have no time to share their view and experience about windows operating which supports organisation to democratize technology and make video like video makers use OSX to edit videos and talk grandmother stories

  • Arun Nagarajan
    Arun Nagarajan

    This is problem when 1 - 10 user group who produce videos using OSX and comparing with windows which runs on million hardware combination and million users in enterprise environment when most of the policies are managed by organization.

  • Jonathan Odude
    Jonathan Odude

    um. windows 11 supports unified memory in the form of direct storage. this video debunked itself.

    • Jonathan Odude
      Jonathan Odude

      not to mention that you spent the entire video talking about how mac hardware is optimised and saying that a leaked build of an operating system is proof that the hardware is inferior.

  • Uart

    Hmmm, Not everything is as it seems, it is true that the new chip is great, but the reality is that Apple Silicon being as good as it is has its shortcomings, at least today, or look at this and draw conclusions

  • CE

    So... what games can you run on the new Macs? That's what half of us are asking.

    • Anand Raj
      Anand Raj

      And what os you can run other than MAC OS,

  • Tristan Daley
    Tristan Daley

    Today is day one of looking real stuuuuuupiddddd!

  • ashton lipscomb
    ashton lipscomb

    so you don't know direct x storage is on windows 11

  • Joh Cnly
    Joh Cnly

    Don't knock this guy, he is absolutely right - Apple will totally REIGN their 2% market share.

  • Capt.Avinash Kulshrestha
    Capt.Avinash Kulshrestha

    windows 11 Leaked version TORRENT :

  • Giggantic

    it just leaked version lol not full version xD

  • Tristan Daley
    Tristan Daley

    Ok, now you are just being ridiculous!

  • Fernando Marcos
    Fernando Marcos

    You completely forgot to mention that the M1 processor includes a dedicated H264/H265 hardware encoder. As I understand, Premiere Pro defaults to software encoding. Did you configure Premiere Pro to use hardware encoding on the graphics card on the Windows machine?

  • Marlon Subuyú
    Marlon Subuyú

    How do you compare a desktop against a laptop? Also you cannot play videogames on a Mac, that's the main sales point of gaming laptops.

  • Winter Coder
    Winter Coder

    We won't be installing W11 on any personal or corporate PC until the taskbar can be moved to the top edge of the desktop. Nystagmus.


    I just want to game on my laptop. What should I choose? Oh, windows.

  • Obinna Okafor
    Obinna Okafor

    This is the height of stupidity. What a shameful video.

  • Riddhiman Hazarika
    Riddhiman Hazarika

    I get it. Macs are no.1 in Cpu and they always will be. But it is not always about efficiency. Life ain't binary. I mean windows is clumsy and fraustrating when those foking crashes occur but that makes windows windows . Its always experimental. Going by the books ain't "fun" . Or in straight words: Windows gives those GPUs with raw P O W E R ........ For playing games.

  • donut

    why the fuck are you comparing a leaked os to a literal processor

  • C-17 Laxman Dhotre
    C-17 Laxman Dhotre

    You didn't even bother to use the leaked build and are trying to show how windows 11 sucks. Props to stupidity of isheeps

    • C-17 Laxman Dhotre
      C-17 Laxman Dhotre

      What's even more stupid is 5 k people felt nice about this and gave this stupidity a thumbs up

  • goyingus

    WHAT!? Apple computers are being optimized for VIDEO EDITING?! did NOT see this one coming!!!

  • Hato

    Stop talking and poison people with lies. There is some truth in what you said, but not everyone is using a PC for productivity. If I only produce music or editing videos, I would go for M1 without doubt, but if I do gaming too, then I don't have much of a choice. Windows 11 will bring improvements and that's a fact. Nobody likes click-baiting titles.

  • Rueagon Vyceratops
    Rueagon Vyceratops

    i do not give no shit for apple shit . i like Windows and android . they are both better.

  • Chris Wyett
    Chris Wyett

    Worst channel on CNhave!

  • theologos kalotrapezis
    theologos kalotrapezis

    Stop 🛑 comparing system on a chip "CPUs" with actual CPUs they are not the same things. There are special workflows that will be always faster on this kind of coputers because of the accelerators inside. They are not better or worse, they are different. That said i like different :)


    After the official event, this video didn't age well, in my view

  • Joshi Raghavan
    Joshi Raghavan

    As long as it run on cheapest 10 years old PC unlike Mac nothing to complain

  • P0IS0N

    You mean the Mac os actually runs games now?

  • SSKDev

    I don’t think it’s a fair comparison. Apple has control of over all the hardware and software which is why of course it would have a better performance. But windows is run on millions of different devices with different configurations which is why it has support of outdated devices. Not everyone is buying laptops every year, heck even I have family members who are still using windows laptop from 15 years ago and are perfectly fine with it .

  • Dhanushchess 2006
    Dhanushchess 2006

    guys this guy is just another apple fanboi ,don’t waste ur time with this guy.

  • Dhanushchess 2006
    Dhanushchess 2006

    listen up apple fanboi, just admit that apple is just eating and stealing ur money without providing proper service.

  • Selvaraaju M
    Selvaraaju M

    This guy lost his mind. Not everyone do video editing!!!!. Windows is best in new devices and accessories Windows is still best for corporate usage Windows is best for film production, editing, color grading and 3d vfx. Mac is just for small scale video editing Windows is best for gaming Windows is best for small, medium and large scale document management. Mac is for fancy companies Windows and Mac are both best for photography and production Windows is best for simulation, digging, server(linux too), mining, data sciences, data encryption(though Mac n linux being secured but windows majorly does the job) Windows is best for apps(Mac is best for app designs) Whatelse u work with computer for.. Don't be a silly Mac fanboy youtuber


    Watching this on my windows xp potato laptop 😂

  • The Real Talk
    The Real Talk

    Windows 11 looks like catalina TBH

  • Zycklacon

    All your content is right now is just you milking M1 Macbooks as much as possible to the point where even I don't want one this video is just you comparing Software to Hardware which makes absoloutely no sense, Neither Microsoft or Apple care about each other and the title ""Windows 11 LEAK proves that Apple's M1X Macs will REIGN!" is just so cringy and bad all you do is compare M1 to each other and other laptops for no reason and which nobody cares about it is a genuine joke and pathetic at this point

  • One Punch Man
    One Punch Man

    This guy should rename his channel to "Apple's Bitch" for such ass kissing behaviour trying to compare a leaked windows 11 OS to Apple's M1 chip🤦🏽‍♂️


    Dude get a better pc. Did you get it for free?

  • 90 emcee
    90 emcee

    Come on Max I need to see Windows 11 ran on an M1X in virtualization vs native install benchmarks.

  • Nhất Nguyễn
    Nhất Nguyễn

    LOL, if u wanna compare software and hard ware. Apple SoC is a shit on gaming, it’s just good with normal consumer and video editing. With professional soft such as CAD ..... Mac os have no way to compare with windows.

  • Wolverine AUS
    Wolverine AUS

    Thanks for sharing this. This is a fantastic video which requires lot’s of output of brain power

  • Classic Kid
    Classic Kid

    I understand your point but you should have compared the Mac to a desktop…. Not a gaming laptop…

  • Shaurya Pratap Singh
    Shaurya Pratap Singh

    Very Informative 👍🏻👍🏻

  • acQua_exp

    Lmao lots of hurt Windows fanboys in the comments. The point max is trying to make is that integrative product design ( apple ) has lots of advantages. When you own the entire stack you can optimize on a architecture level that is impossible compared to windows or Android.

  • Brian M
    Brian M

    I buy my computer for internet surfing and web based applications...

  • Drifter .Z
    Drifter .Z

    So ppl buy Mac just to edit videos and chk mails - very nice utility

  • mikeydiablo

    No they wont.

  • Rama Mishra
    Rama Mishra

    They don't update the code base from 30 years ago because of app compatibility reasons... you know nothing Vadim! LOL!

  • ms p
    ms p

    Earth to Max Tech. Earth to Max Tech. ChromeOS has a larger market share than

  • The Noob Macbook
    The Noob Macbook

    Apple needs to bring back Mac vs PC ads

  • ChataFahKop

    This was a consumer with creative interest POV. Enterprises will almost always use Windows client machines in conjunction with Windows Server to run their businesses. You mainly see Mac's in the Marketing dept with a few exceptions. When you work for several corporations, you'll know right away the title statement is far from true.

  • Loopy

    Hey Vadim I am from the future and I am here to tell you this video did NOT age well

  • Vishwa

    You can't compare Windows with Mac directly. Even if Apple makes Mac to the public, people will still prefer Windows and Linux. In terms of performance, it is just not possible to compare Macs with PCs, PCs are much more Powerful, meant for heavy loads with so many cores and threads. I'll take your video as a joke. Do not forget the market share of windows and macs.

  • Charlie Yap
    Charlie Yap

    Mac M1x is gonna reign. Windows 11 is simply disappointing users with its performance improvements, xbox gamepass integration, auto-hdr for games, new snap layouts, and Android apps compatibility. Also, it's a free upgrade... Just too disappointing. Just look at the performance comparisons presented in this video! It's vlear Mac will dominate Microsoft's software with it's superior hardware.

  • Max Powers
    Max Powers

    Too many adds it’s driving me crazy

  • erv king
    erv king

    The thing I love most about windows though it's not Apple

  • Bonbon Bens Goto
    Bonbon Bens Goto

    When you love a product and think it's perfect for your needs doesn't mean everyone else feels the same.

  • Gerard Talk
    Gerard Talk

    I love your contents, and you guys have definitely influenced my purchase decisions, but the way this video is structured makes little sense. Software (leak) VS Software + Hardware...? From personal experience, bought an M1 Mac recently, making the switch from Windows to Mac. And though I enjoy the performance and increase in productivity (in most cases) that came along with the Mac, it's ironic how many little things JUST WORK on Windows rather than on Macs. Software side of things, MacOS is optimized for insane performance, no doubt, but in a realistic world of professionals, that's not the only ball in play. Moving on to the hardware side of things (if we wish to go there for a discussion sparked by an OS), how Windows work is a collaboration with other manufacturers, catering to the larger markets and enterprises. In doing that, they lose out in performance for content creators, yes, but the convenience of having the opportunity to collaborate with just about everyone else still make them worthy machines. While on the Apple side of things, they are optimized and fast and all, that's great but when they make a wrong decision down the road, we all just have to suck it up and take it.

  • Miro Vida
    Miro Vida

    Sure apple's M1 beats Intel per Watt but not everybody does work on a laptop. Put a dedicated video card and cheap extra ram and the the Intel based PC will run circles around a Mac and cost less (although a bit warmer). Fanboy rant.

  • Broseph

    Man this guys bait titles and idiocy just made me unsub. Dude your channel is trash. Grow up!

  • Craig England
    Craig England

    Max I get your viewpoint and as an Apple fanboy myself, what is being offered in software, regardless of hardware, is in question. NOT the hardware. iPadOS should have been what Windows 11 offers in the 2021 Apple Keynote for the iPad. I was EXTREMELY impressed with the Surface Pro workflow when docking to an external monitor using Windows 11 software capabilities: remembering external monitor… what programs, window sizes and where. If I was at the office docked with my iPad to one or two external monitors, had a client meeting and undocked the iPad then returned to my dock, it should remember where I left off. IMPRESSIVE! Windows 11 is offering the possibility we were expecting in iPadOS.

  • Hashem Saleh
    Hashem Saleh

    I don’t understand the comparison (?).. Click Bait ?

  • SupremeCody

    We're almost at 1k dislikes boys, keep hitting that dislike button. Dislike goal is 1k

  • Filtiarn

    So people took this leak and ran with it and judged it. Microsoft just showed off Windows 11 with new Settings App and here you can see a new file explorer at 2:12 watch?v=g7y1S3wIysg&lc=Ugys4NGtgPCJ6c9LryZ4AaABAg.9OzCfJ78NRV9OzLeW7SNHD Samsung and Qualcomm both just hired Apple engineers that worked on Apple Silicon. Qualcomm's Nuvia is said to beat M1 in performance. I just want the competition. This is not to hate Apple.

  • Ayan Biswas
    Ayan Biswas

    This is the shittiest video i have ever seen in YT. Man is comparing Software with hardware. Man just compared x86 architecture with m1 and titled the video why windows 11 will cause m1 macs to reign. Bro, OS will just give instructions, how the instruction is being processed depends on the hardware architecture. Total shit. Kaha se ate hai ye log? Kon hai ye log?

  • Алексей Ярославцев
    Алексей Ярославцев

    Hey look, they still have old icons, one of hundred windows laptops is worse in video benchamark editing than mac, what clearly shows us that apple cpu is better. You are the lord of logic.

  • PROdotes

    I agree with all of your datapoints... I just fail to see how any of them relate to windows 11?

  • Ayaan Bari
    Ayaan Bari

    Make MacBooks affordable Make MacBooks for gamers... Make MacBooks support windows apps and games Make MacBooks easier to use by making the ui more like windows I will buy a macbook if these happens