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  • Robert Chen
    Robert Chen

    Facebook is literally a filthy privacy theft.

  • Rahadil Pp
    Rahadil Pp

    I am using buds for many months i dont feel any issues only you have best earbud is Samsung you don't know comparing things

  • RCSlim

    Damn this guy is cute and hot

  • Rahadil Pp
    Rahadil Pp

    Only aipods

  • Rahadil Pp
    Rahadil Pp


  • Abhisek Kishor
    Abhisek Kishor

    One question: why would anyone buy a UHD instead of FHD until and unless they don't do some hardcore gaming or video editing? I have a YT channel but I don't shoot anything in 4k. It's too time consuming. Am I wrong here? Buying FHD will save me money, less heating and most importantly more battery life..!

  • Rahadil Pp
    Rahadil Pp

    You support only airpods what man🤬

  • Rahadil Pp
    Rahadil Pp

    Samsung best

  • jay Es
    jay Es

    also dont sleep on the lynx xr coming out

  • jay Es
    jay Es

    horizons sucks, theyd be better off buying out vrchat or neos and just adding the ability to launching apps from it

  • DJ Tumbao
    DJ Tumbao

    BYE bye big screens

  • Erwin Meisel
    Erwin Meisel

    If Sony’s VR headset will not be wireless nothing will change with the numbers.

  • FireFly Odyssey
    FireFly Odyssey

    Display cracks in Air/Pro's 😟 Apple is choosing when they will cover. Umm, yeah 🤔

  • Rahul Kumar
    Rahul Kumar

    Nobody hates Zuckerbucker or ads so much that they would pay $1000 instead of $299....

  • techmaester

    It is better to have 8K and 16 MP camera if Apple hopes to keep up with Samsung. Still Apple has the best battery life though Samsung is improving.

  • Michael Ceredon
    Michael Ceredon

    I’m actually about to purchase an intel version. I’m only purchasing so I can have a better newer model for a MacBook Air. Just daily things like CNhave, movies, Hulu, etc. would you say I should still get an M1 version??

  • David Hughes
    David Hughes

    Then once the ipad air 5 is out do we wait for the ipad air 6. as long as you are not literally very close like a month away then buy what you need now, because if your fine to wait then you need to be questioning why do you need to buy one at all.

  • TheVikingRaid

    As a developer that works for a company that gives macbook pros to workers, we usually get bottlenecks with 32GB of ram since we have a lot of projects open, docker containers running, etc. Especially when we have to test the software locally running all projects at once uses massive ram

  • Raja Afifi
    Raja Afifi

    seeing how apple handle gaming, I doubt they will be rival with the quest

  • Anthony Chavez
    Anthony Chavez

    Our only other hope is Valve since they are currently also are working on a standalone VR headset. Based on the announcement of the steam deck, it seems they also are willing to sell their products at a loss. I don’t they will be using a bunch of ads on their headset like Facebook but instead just relying on in game sells to counter the loss. This is probably the case since their steam deck is open to do anything the user wants. If their steam deck performs well in terms of profit then I predict that valve will also be selling an open source standalone VR headset

  • Hunter Reeves
    Hunter Reeves

    Well I’m happy with my quest 2 for now but I can’t wait to ditch Facebook for Apple as soon as I can (for a somewhat reasonable price)

  • obimk1

    Facistbook => criminals.

  • Sahil Dogra
    Sahil Dogra

    iPad Air 4 Quick unboxing

  • mohammad khakhsoor
    mohammad khakhsoor

    The only thing that I like to happen is laminated display with p3 wide color and USB TYPE C


    Just got the Series 6 Product Red edition for $285 from Amazon. I’d wait for sales on the 6 and get that. (What I did)

    • KELTS

      $80 off or so and then there was some $50 off coupon that was applied! I was like, ummm okay… Sure! Lol 🤷‍♂️

  • mohammad khakhsoor
    mohammad khakhsoor

    But in the 1st scenario, what would be the difference between ipad air 3 and ipad 9 ???

  • Thibault

    I will never buy something from fb, or use facebook apps, i hate their way of thinking

  • mohammad khakhsoor
    mohammad khakhsoor

    May be it is a break rule but I think every thing would be the same and just chip will change and everrrrry think will be the same

  • mohammad khakhsoor
    mohammad khakhsoor

    Both of your expectations are very nice But I think fully laminated display won't come out with budget ipad 9 , cuz its really a big deal even if nothing changes except fully laminated it would be so lovely

  • lenn55

    Zuckerberg has the worst hair piece ever. You'd think with all that money he could buy a decent rug. lol

  • Carlos R
    Carlos R

    With student code and Best Buy’s Apple event AND AFTER this video, I bought the M1 Air for 749.99 with no tax because student deals. ENDS TOMORROW SO GET ON IT!!!!

    • Carlos R
      Carlos R

      @Vizuboy literally all you have to do is type in your full name and maybe address and then type in a college. There’s no verification or anything it’s that simple. I’m sure you could say your John smith who goes to Harvard (make sure the name matches the account)

    • Vizuboy

      Where do you get student code?

  • Evan Rodgers
    Evan Rodgers

    FB sells Oculus 2 at a loss because the user is the product. Terrible company that has helped ruin western society.

  • Matthew Luna
    Matthew Luna

    I just want it with a better webcam.

  • JBird 10
    JBird 10

    Not like I got the money now so why not

  • Sahib Dadashev
    Sahib Dadashev


  • Kody

    Just picked one up, I built my own overkill Windows desktop and I have always had Windows machines. When it comes to laptops I've been very impressed with my Mac Air M1, I don't have any drawbacks to comparing the speed of my desktop to my little portable Mac. Definitely a prime option for an on the go machine even for Windows fan boys! My desktop has Ryzen 9 3900x, 32 gigs of 3200mhz ram for reference. I don't game on the Mac as that's not why I bought it so GPU comparison is not important to me, but I hear it can even render 4k videos. Solid little device. I have the entry level 8gb of ram and 256gb of storage, an external hard drive solved any draw backs I'd have with the Mac. If you can pick it up for ~$850 like I did (BestBuy sale) definitely do so! (Hell I'd even pay the grand flat after I've used this machine)

  • sun yoon
    sun yoon

    Apple died with Jobs. Gay man is ruining it

  • Kody

    Just picked one up, I built my own overkill Windows desktop and I have always had Windows machines. When it comes to laptops I've been very impressed with my Mac Air M1, I don't have any drawbacks to comparing the speed of my desktop to my little portable Mac. Definitely a prime option for an on the go machine even for Windows fan boys! My desktop has Ryzen 9 3900x, 32 gigs of 3200mhz ram for reference. I don't game on the Mac as that's not why I bought it so GPU comparison is not important to me, but I hear it's on par and can even render 4k videos. Solid little device.

    • Kody

      *I bought the entry level M1 with 8gb of ram and 256gb of storage* nothing an external harddrive can't fix, I can't find a single place where my Mac would be not ideal.

  • Mimi Mari
    Mimi Mari

    Tried the Apple Mag Safe Case for the ProMax12 Compared to Magnets 🧲 in 2other brands 🍎 brand worst 👎Mags don’t-hold as well at all & bottom of case is wide open not enclosed where ports & speakers not a fan.

  • Johnny Boy Soprano
    Johnny Boy Soprano

    Zuckerberg is a liar and has always been. How do you know when he is telling lies? When his fingers are on the keyboard! LOL

  • Greg Johnson
    Greg Johnson

    Will this work with my Ipad Pro 2018 that appears to have a USB-C connector slot?

  • Johnny Boy Soprano
    Johnny Boy Soprano

    Zuck reading too many comic books! He thinks he is Marvel. The good news is they have lots of comics in jail (which is where he ought to be).

  • Luca Di Felice
    Luca Di Felice

    I personally think that Apple will make a AR headset instead of a VR headset

    • Fala Ai
      Fala Ai

      They're making both. The displays for the AR glasses will take several more years.

  • Michael Kelly
    Michael Kelly

    so who has this port? Come on Man....Joe

  • K. Pai
    K. Pai

    Eventually neither Apple nor Facebook but Chinese OEMs will lead the market

    • Ian Nutter
      Ian Nutter

      Honestly might not be such a bad thing

  • Gourav Kumar Bala 10D ,19
    Gourav Kumar Bala 10D ,19

    The 12.9 inch sounds better

  • Mihir Bhoir
    Mihir Bhoir

    Is macbook compatible with android phones or are there challenges/issues

  • DJ Diskmachine
    DJ Diskmachine

    Apple claiming not to collect user data is as true as Facebook not selling user data. They may not collect it themselves but they’ve created an API for developers to take part of user data anyway, effectively outsourcing data collection to third parties.

  • The Hammer
    The Hammer

    So I went ahead and purchased the M1 Mac. I found one that had been customized with 16GB or RAM and a 1TB drive. I must say I am thrilled with it. I realize now that I may have bought in a little early but I guess I can always upgrade later. The speed is fantastic, the graphics are great and the battery will last up 20 hours of actual use. I finally have a machine that can work longer than I can. So even the M1 is a huge step up from the old intel models (also no cooling fan is nice) Can't wait to see what the newer ones will do. Only down side there are still some apps that don't support the ARM architecture, even with Rosetta so make sure you do your research before you buy. It may be a Mac that you can't even use.

  • Aditya Wagh
    Aditya Wagh

    How much did they pay you, huh? Haha.

  • Deepesh Singh
    Deepesh Singh

    watching these videos make me happy that I made the right choice :) :)

  • Franz Lyonheart
    Franz Lyonheart

    The "Glasshole" is back ... what about Google?

  • Ben Schreyer
    Ben Schreyer

    OORRRRR hear me out on this... dont buy a new laptop every year and dont worry about the sell price, 4 core cpus are not getting much better year by year anymore, and if you have 16gb of ram you can definetly survive 2 or 3 years with one laptop

  • Carlos R
    Carlos R

    It would make more sense if you need to own a few apple products to pull off VR with relatively cheap glasses that uses the other devices for computing what you see. The glasses by themselves do nothing, they would have to be paired with other devices. Then, spending $2,000 on vr doesn’t seem far fetched if you don’t already own any of the devices needed.

  • Ajay rahul
    Ajay rahul

    4:39 and 5:57 is when I realized people really don't care about privacy. That's sad!

  • Carlos Zavala
    Carlos Zavala

    I got this computer last week and I love it, watching this video just make me feel even better about the purchase

  • Tim C
    Tim C

    I stopped using Facebook six years ago and have never been happier

    • martyn randles
      martyn randles

      I was banned for life over 10x years ago, before you could upload videos on fakeMuck due to alledged copyright violation... it was a link to my own movie which I owned, produced, filmed, edited & scored the music too... ...took them 2x years to get back to me & I explained everything & I suggested the idea to imbed videos onto your stream... they still banned me for life for breaking the terms & conditions & copyright violation... ...then they allowed users to upload videos, which we all know the vast majority of users broke copyright on. thing that ever happened to me! I've never missed them one bit & I refuse to use anything they touch.

  • Eoghan Hynes
    Eoghan Hynes

    AR for the win

  • Jagraj Singh
    Jagraj Singh

    Can you do a video about nothing’s nothing ear (1).

  • Thomas Malton
    Thomas Malton

    Next video: DON'T BUY APPLE VR. The one after that: WHY WE BOUGHT APPLE VR

  • Ezekiel Ochieng
    Ezekiel Ochieng

    All that tracked info….


    vr is still a very niche market

  • Chiranjeeb Jena
    Chiranjeeb Jena

    Apple music app on Android is BAD

  • Kurros

    I would buy a standalone VR headset like Quest2 at higher price however the problem is there is no competing product on the market at all

  • Flex

    I don’t care about the price JUST GIVE ME MACOS

  • Jijumon M
    Jijumon M

    How are you a "tech reviewer" and then try to review the Samsung buds using an iPhone rather than a Samsung galaxy device? I wonder if you reviewed the airpods using a Samsung galaxy device instead of an iPhone.

  • Tristan N
    Tristan N

    Do you have the 16 or 8GB? -2:35

  • Ckim27

    Hard to justify these especially when you can get the xm4s for 200 these days. At $350 i would consider only bc im in the apple eco system.

  • Dinkar Fowkar
    Dinkar Fowkar

    Man I was watching this video and I got an ad for 'DO NOT ADVERTISE ON FACEBOOK' 😂😂😂

  • Stefan Lindbom
    Stefan Lindbom

    Another Apple shill

  • MrJuergen2009

    Hi guys, u have tested a lot of M1 Systems now. But have u some informations about health of the SSDs? I have Reed the m1 is not so great for long health of the SSD. Have u check ever ur systems…. Thx

  • LBee

    Totally bad...where is the competitive price? Apple needs to try again...

    • LBee

      @Fala Ai That is about the success for Apple as a company and nothing about the actual value to cost of their products, those are two different things. People are marketed to by Apple and that gives the company profits yes, but it does not define the actual value of what they sell to the consumer.

    • Fala Ai
      Fala Ai

      Wrong way to look at it. When Apple first came out with watches they were $400. Fitbit had devices for around $125. Where is Fitbit today? They gave up and got bought out by Google. Oh well, nice try. Apple has a billion actual customers. That is people that have actually purchased their hardware. Facebook on the other hand says they have several billion, but the truth is they are all using a free app. Facebook and Apple both have large revenue bases, both will be there over the long term. Apple will win this one too.

  • Lee Tamayo
    Lee Tamayo

    For someone who does photo editing this is a must . Its small and fast enough for Lightroom.

  • Alexander Ryzhov
    Alexander Ryzhov

    We need VR glasses, not a headset. A headset will never become mainstream.

  • VegasGuy1975

    When you see such cheap sales of complex new product, that should trigger your logic. The logical conclusion is simple: YOU are the product, and you were duped into paying the company for YOU to be their product that they sell to advertising companies. FB/Oculus can go pound sand. I’m not interested in paying them to take my biometric data.

  • YS L
    YS L

    The later Apple release their VR headset the more market share Facebook get.

    • John Doe
      John Doe

      Let’s be real, apple’s vr headset will have like 1 million sales at max. 1000$ is just too much for a technology (vr) that isn’t complete. Also take into consideration that the OS for apple’s vr headset will most likely not be compatible with steam vr since apple tends to trap their costumers and products into a very very closed ecosystem.

  • Arsh Shergill
    Arsh Shergill

    Ipad is just a tablet and can't replace the pc. So don't spend too much on ipad pro.

  • camilo8cheryl

    No Brainer for me! Got the M1 mbpro and an Air for my wife..will be a good price/performance until the M3 comes out in 4 - 5 years or so..

  • Eric Tyler
    Eric Tyler

    Does anyone else see an eerie similarity to boardroom scene in the movie Ready Player One, at time code at 29:40, where the villain Nolan Sorrento says "...ONCE WE ROLL BACK SOME OF THE ADD RESTRICTIONS, WE ESTIMATE WE CAN SELL UP TO 80% OF A PLAYERS VISUAL FILED [with ads] BEFORE INDUCING SEIZURES."?

  • Edgar Delovino Jr.
    Edgar Delovino Jr.

    or get the best iPad on 2023 and or 2024, or maybe the best ipad on 2025?.. maybe i'll wait the 2030 one for better iPad